HAPPY BIRTHDAY MO! Have a sugar doll

FEBRUARY 4TH is the Paedophile Prophet Muhammad’s birthday and brightly decorated sugar dolls are given out in celebration. How fitting!

al-Arabiya  During this time of the year, traditional dolls made of sugar are carefully crafted especially to mark Mawlid. Mawlid is the Arabic word for birth, colloquially used as the name for the Prophet’s birthday. All over the country street carnivals are held, where you can find children enjoying gifts of these brightly decorated sugar-dolls and sweets.

The dolls are a tradition dating back to the Fatimid period (909 – 1171). The origin of the dolls has many interpretations. One interpretation is that soldiers were promised the most beautiful women on earth as a reward for their bravery in war. Another is that the dolls signify beauty, kindness, fertility and youth.