GERMANY: Left Wing politician thinks a ‘little sharia law’ is a good thing

And in saying so, has just boosted the careers of more right wing politicians than ever before.

The LOCAL  Jochen Hartloff, a member of the centre-left Social Democrat Party (SPD) and  justice minister in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate has sparked outrage after proposing that Germany could permit Sharia courts, which operate according to Islamic law.

He told the BZ newspaper that he was open to allowing civil suits to be brought before Sharia arbitration courts if both parties agreed.  Hartloff also said he would only accept a modern form of Sharia law. “We won’t tolerate the Stone Age,” he added. “Stoning is a violation of human rights.”

Hartloff’s comments have triggered calls for his resignation from conservative politicians. In an interview with Germany’s Bild daily, the legal expert for the centre-right Christian Social Union (CSU) party, Stephan Mayer, called Sharia law “cruel and inhuman in every form.” “It is unthinkable that a justice minister would have those ideas,” he said.

The Federal Justice Ministry also responded. It warned against the notion of “parallel justice in Germany,” saying the state bears sole judicial responsibility. Hartloff’s remarks were met with puzzlement across the political spectrum, with representatives of the Free Democrats (FDP) and the Greens voicing their disagreement.

The Central Council of Muslims in Germany, however, praised Hartloff’s suggestion, with the head of the organisation, Aiman Mazyek, calling it a way to better “pacify parties to a dispute long-term.” 

RT  Another German politician, Wolfgang Bosbach, a member of the Christian Democratic Union Party which is part of Germany’s leading coalition, said, “Society does not have to adopt cultural traditions and the laws of immigrants. There can be no compromise between the German rule of law and Sharia law, which has no place in Germany.” “The problem with the integration of immigrants into German life is that newcomers want society to adopt their culture – and not vice versa.”

Angela Merkel stated that “multikulti” has failed because in Germany we have too much co-existence rather than togetherness and there are only a few examples of successful integration. There are [actually] millions of examples of successful integration but there are too many examples of refusals and failures. Integration is so important for the improvement of life perspectives of immigrants in Germany. That’s why we should not live separately next to each other, so to speak “multikulti”, but together.