Hey Europe, this is what you get for supporting the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak

So much for the Arab Spring. Now that Egypt has elected radical Islamists to run its government, tourism already is down by one-third and almost all foreign investment has stopped. Get ready, Europe, the flood of refugees from Egypt will be even bigger than the one from Tunisia and Libya. Just what the Muslim-in-Chief of America was hoping for.


16 comments on “Hey Europe, this is what you get for supporting the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak

    • Bombs would be of more use than bomb shelters.
      It is the incompetence of the mislims that keeps them where they are and acts as an insurance policy against the possibility of an islamic victory; even with modern weapons, firing multiple rockets into Israel every day at targets they can see with the naked eye, they rarely hit anything.
      That said, a deaf, blind, severely retarded madman swinging a hatchet is still swinging a hatchet and needs to be stopped.
      1.8 billion deaf, blind, severely retarded madmen swinging hatchets is a problem indeed.

  1. I think you are right Annie, 1/3 does sound like a B.S. figure. What sane westerner would want to go to Egypt after seeing white women raped in the streets of Cairo. The solution to the coming Egyptian exodus is torpedoes.

  2. “Marvelous”;now the Arselifter-in-Chief can gear up to campaign for the votes of newly arrived arselifters on American soil, as well as those arriving in Europe! Well, shit, here comes that NWO (New World Order) you’ve been wishing for…but remember the saying, ” Be careful what you wish for….”?!

  3. The 1/3rd comment struck me as very odd. I would imagine tourism would have dropped off the charts totally. Unless people are going there to see what chaos is all about.

    • Shalom,
      While it has probably dropped by more than 1/3, I would be suprised if tourism dropped by more than 50-60%. There are still plenty of idiot liberals with money (like the ones who just got kidnapped, or the morons imprisoned last year for going hiking in a war zone), and an Islamist government is no deterrent to muslim tourists.
      After the grand history of the pre-islamic civilization has been erased, that might change; even a brain dead liberal might not want to spend thousands of dollars to see where “the pyramids once stood”, or “the rubble that was once a cultural museum”.
      Give them time; I am certain they can make Egypt as appealing for tourists as Afghanistan.

  4. Any and all leaders are “expendable” if they don not serve the purposes of the more powerful countries. Mubarak just wasn’t as valuable to us any more.

  5. I had mentioned about one month ago that tourism had dropped by 60%, and that was then. Egyptian business owners were talking about it on French websites.

    They were also saying that there was almost no liquidities left in the banks because all the money was being transfered out of the country.

    Now, if 70% voted for the muslim brotherhood and the islamists, let them all suffer the consequences.

  6. YES…that’s what was clearly the PLAN…, but many did NOT see it, many did NOT WANT to see it..Now too late, the plan worked well,and when the sharia will be applied, those thugs will be peaceful and under control again and they will say ‘we miss Mubarak’ But too late and they deserve what will be going on

  7. Arabs think that if Islam was dysfunctional at the moderate level, it will be just PEACHY at the intense level!

    OK, boys, get those pyramids down…too much pre-Islamic culture polluting the view of the minarets!

  8. Well if they start to leave Egypt, we can expect our Muslim in Chief to accept thousands of these scum here to our shores just as he continues to bring thousands of Somali’s here. Obama needs to be sent packing and fast. Four more years of that Muslim in control and the west is finished.

  9. We need rational leadership capable of thinking three moves ahead and projecting outcomes. Not obamination. Not Willard.

    The electorate had better pull its head out of its ass and grow up fast, before Super Tuesday.

  10. i’m really surprised that tourism dropped by a third. you would think it would drop by at least 75% with all the violence and chaos going on. if food shortages start, coptic christians will be the first to starve. the muslim monsters will probably start cannibalizing them.

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