NORWEGIAN gunman wants a medal for bravery

Anders Behring Breivik charged with killing 77 people in twin attacks last summer told a court he deserved the country’s highest military medal and demanded he be freed immediately.

Herald Sun  The 32-year-old said his actions were necessary to “defend the ethnic Norwegian population” and “a preventive attack against state traitors” who supported a multicultural (Islamic-dominated) society.

“We, the Norwegian resistance movement, will not just stand by and watch while we are made a minority in our own country,” he said, adding that he had acted “to defend his people, his culture, his religion.”

He also asked to be decorated with a bravery medal, saying, “I want the Norwegian army to recommend me for a War Cross with three swords.”

In his interrogation, Breivik said he had planned  to rent the Oslo Spektrum arena, and organize an event for Muslims. He intended to gather 50,000 Muslims and then blow up the event. However, he said he plans weren’t very serious. He concluded that this was a bad strategic plan, since it will elicit massive sympathy for Muslims.

Breivik also told police that he thinks it would be wrong to focus on attacking Muslims, since they weren’t Norwegians and therefore he didn’t consider them traitors.