SPAIN UNDER SEIGE: The second Islamic conquest of Spain is underway

Muslims want to turn the most famous arena, the Coliseum, into a giant mosque.  In fact, some cities in Spain now look more like the Middle East. Muslims, who once ruled most of nation, are returning in large numbers.

CBN  In the city of Salt, Muslims already make up 40 percent of city residents and will soon be the majority. But the city government has pushed back, placing a one-year hold on a large mosque project funded by radical Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia. But the number of Muslims in Salt is increasing so rapidly, it is now only a matter of time before Muslims will be running the city.

Immigration or Invasion? In the 7th century, Muslim armies conquered most of Spain, calling it Al-Andulus. They would not be completely expelled for 700 years, the year Columbus discovered the new world.

Now Muslims are returning, and polls suggest they are not returning to be Spaniards. A Pew survey found that 7 out of 10 Muslims in Spain think of themselves as Muslim rather than Spaniards.

“Plataforma x Catalunya,” or Platform for Catalonia, was the first political party to take the Muslim surge seriously. But in politically correct Spain, Platform for Catalonia is denounced as racist and xenophobic.

Platform leader Joseph Anglada said his party is against uncontrolled immigration and what they say are immigrants who do not want to be a part of Spain. “Muslim immigrants are not here to adapt,” Anglada said. “They’re here to conquer.”

‘Mysterious’ Dog Poisonings: In the city of Lleida, someone is poisoning dogs. Before the poisonings, Muslims were trying to get city government to ban dogs from public transport and public areas because they consider dogs unclean. “What happened was, all of a sudden, one day, 12 to 14 animals showed up dead.

 Muslim Asslifters can be seen fouling the streets of Spain, too.

Spaniards Disappearing: There are reportedly more than 100 radical Wahhabi mosques in Spain.  And two radical Muslim TV channels from the Middle East are now broadcasting into Spain.

And just as Muslim immigration is surging, the native Spanish are slowly disappearing. Their birth rate is below the replacement number. Meanwhile, the Muslim birthrate is at least twice the native birthrate, and the number of Muslims has increased tenfold in the last 20 years.

“The greatest threat for Spain, Catalonia, and Europe is Muslim immigration,” Anglada told CBN News.



















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  2. In the 1960’s “Anti-racists” forced ALL and ONLY white countries to open their borders to non-white immigration. Then “Anti-racists” forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face consequences for being “naziswhowanttokill6millionjews.” Now “Anti-racists” are calculating that ALL and ONLY white children will become minorities and eventually EXTINCT. If “Anti-racists” did this to ALL and ONLY black countries, it would be called a genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

  3. They are eating us europian people. They are marrying with our christians and making them to be muslims as well. Only one muslim couple want to make more than 3 babys. And marrying that babys with another people when they have 18, and then that 3 persons would give birth to another 3, now they are not 2, now they are 12.

    They are making illegal marry, paying money to a woman for marry theyre muslim man and make them available for live in europe.
    what we europian should do? destroy all the mosque, as they burn our churchs in iran, arabia, pakistan,etc.

    If they doesnt want to be christians, then kill them or make them go back to theyre countrys. why should we respect them? do they respect us? NO NO AND NO.

    lets remember about the prophet that build that religion. when he have people that follow him, he started the “saint war”
    much more later, that muslims invade our spanish country, christian country.

    In the historys books, it says that a christian man have take that people who followed the muslims in theyre begin, and saved them from the jews.

    And this is how they had say thank you?
    If it was not becose of that christian that saved them, theyre religion could not even exist in the history books…

    and this is how they pay back. trying to invade our europe countrys, complaining all the time about our laws. when in theyre countrys they cannot even talk with freedom.

    and WE Europians should stop them, and don not never keep silence, becose the silence is what will kill us, and destroy what our ancestors have fight for, the actually freedom that this muslims want to destroy.

    plese lets start to fight them. I do not want to think that when i have a daughter she will have to dress in a burka. I want they to eat pork. I want to be in short clothes when is the summer times. I want to talk when i want.
    I want to live my life and enjoy it.
    as you people wwant the same right?

    (sorry for my poor english, have been studying it only 3 months, Im Spanish)

    • female, your English is wonderful, especially for studying such a short time. You Spanish people have a dark history with Muslims and we can’t understand why your leaders allow any of them into your country again. I know that Right wing parties
      are getting popular there and in your recent elections, you got rid of all the socialists which is great. You need to try to force them to put a halt to muslim immigration before it is too late. History must never repeat itself in Spain.

      PLease come back often and let is know what is happening there. I will be happy to post any stories you think are important.

      • I have to say you something very important . In Franco Era the marrocan king and Franco weren´t friends even with other muslims countries. Nowadays, the king of spain call marrocan king “my cousin” and Muslims kings “brothers” even being the cheapest king of spain in salary terms how can have so many fortune??. The socialists deals with marocco is so strong that marocco introduce 700.000 maroccans in Catalunya mostly illegal inmigrants. And when the socialists lose the government of catalunya, the nationalists instead of deal with PP government to kicked out these muslims, the nationalists decided to oppose. In catalunya the nationalists control the police, the tv`s, the justice etc… and they avoid to show catalans this serious problems about the muslims. The enormous debt created by socialists has put the nationalist govern in danger and instead of solve the real problem they oppose the PP government.
        In spain muslims knows how to avoid the spanish justice. They put their passports in the councils NOT govern by PP and they register. Later when the police wants the passports to expelled from spain the council don´t cooperate and the police release them because they can´t jail o expell without legal documents.

        • I have to say something that said me one partner at the university. In small village of the basque country the muslims were causing a lot of problems to the locals and instead of calling the police the local youth join forces and they pressure the muslims to go out of the village. The muslims couldn´t stay so much time with that strong pressure and they left the village.
          That is the northern spaniards pride. Thats why in the basque country live in the cities because is the only zone where they feel safe.
          So don´t think that spaniards has lost his crusade pride.

        • The spaniards are strong fighters and they can´t resist for years but without a leadership we can fight well. In history we have the napoleonic wars. The spaniards civilians fighting in each houses, in each cities…. that cost a lot of problems to the french army but until wellington didn´t arrive to spain the spanish army was divided and we can´t fight correctly. The spanish king had abandoned the spaniards and the spanish army was disband.
          If the spanish leaders don´t take control correctly of the government these problems happens.

  4. Just think of all the farts coming out of these asses — Mohammed said that anyone who farted during prayers had to stop and start all over again — even this small part of human activity was regulated by his rules and regulations.

  5. when they become the majority, Christians and other non muslims will be slaughtered. It isn’t a phobia when you see muslim countries murdering non muslims and liberals making excuses for them.

  6. I knew it, they fail to conqeur by military means, so now they use stealth tactis. Islam will dominate Europe without a shot fired or a bomb dropped.

  7. I cant believe te spaniards have left this happen. One of the few countries that are not PC has fallen now. They call “moro” anyone who is darkskin and are really racists, not giving them jobs, and bothering them. How on earth they let this happen? Maybe the socialist goverment wanted it, like all the commies and leftards everywhere.
    We need to do with the muzzies what china did: compulsory birth control, they cant have more than 2 kids. Period.

  8. If there is ever a revolutionary backlash against Islamification of Europe the first group of people to be disposed of would be Europes treasonous ruling elite. The greatest issue Europe has to deal with today is not our finances but our cultural, social, racial and religious extinction.

  9. George Santayana is quoted saying: “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Also quoted as:
    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
    Muslims ruled Spain until about the time Columbus landed in the Americas, and were finally driven out, with the Mother of Bo Abdul, last Caliph of Grenada telling her son: “Do not weep like a woman for that which you cannot defend like a man!” (from the DVD documentary: “When the Moors Ruled in Europe”)
    And the Spaniards had no clue of their past humilities, just when we thought our education system was bad!

  10. It is never to late to lift the sword against the vile muslim rats that feed off the welfare system of their host countries. They never integrate and they breed like rabbits for one reason to overtake the host. Rise up and fight like you have never fought before. When they threaten you, you threaten back with equal and greater force. Force them off your streets and deny them the Mosques (Nerve Centers of Hate) picket petition protest band together you must not take this lightly, you have to get involve and be prepared to protect each other against their goons. If you don’t make a stand you will lose and you will die a slow death figuratively and literally. You either convert or die!

  11. Europe’s political elites will soon have blood on their hands when this gets totally out of control. It already is out of control, but it is not yet beyond fixing if only these people would demonstrate some courage and shrugg off their much cherished multi-culti notions that got them into this mess in the first place.

    This is a disease, a western cultural/political disease with the attributes of the HIV virus. The virus (leftists) weakens the society’s immune system thereby allowing secondary infections (muslims) to wreck havoc upon the body politic. The only difference is that there is still time to effect a cure, but that window is closing fast.

    The longer they wait, the more painful the cure will be and at this point, it will already be bloody, just much bloodier down the road.

    As the video describes, Spain is losing her best and brightest and her political elites are ultimately putting themselves out of a job. How? By losing their tax base with the exodus, while the ever increasing muslim demographic breeds ever more welfare dependents. Now who is going to bail Spain out of this mess? The wealthier EU nations? The same dynamic is happening to them as well.

    If something isn’t done and done quickly, Europe is finished.

  12. Always thought of Spain as primarily a very devout Catholic Nation.
    Sad to see such a beautiful County infected with the muslime filth.
    As for the poor puppies, I would rather have a junkyard dog in my home than a muslime within a thousand miles of my yard – opps, I guess that means I will have to move farther from DC !!

    • I had a Junk Yard dog, best dog in the world. Smart and loyal to the family. Weighed 150 lbs, all German Shepard.
      No body but no body ever bothered me, my family, my possessions. And people stayed very polite when in his presence. He showed me who to trust and who was going to be trouble. Worked great.
      Spain needs thousands of these dogs. to run eat or crap on the mohommedists.

  13. This has come about because it was not policed right from the very beginning of the muslim colonisation ,as is happening in all parts of the world ,England ,France,Europe etc.and in my country -Australia,their first objective is to stifle -freedom of speech-blasphemy,stopping any criticism of their pedaphile prophet and of Islam and it’s cruel laws of Sharia,it is sanctioned by those who kowtow to Islam for their own reasons -politicians for the ethnic vote,too late in some instances are we waking up to this evil ideology as it has got a stong foothold in some countries ,but as they say -it is never too late ,so we all have to start resisting this scourge on humanity -Islam ,there is not one thing about this revolting poor excuse for a religion that any one could emulate, this horrific poisoning of the dogs,must be stopped ,as [they -muslims are-in the main] the only ones who would stoop to such filthy tactics,I would start penalising them in some way ,for every dog found poisoned ,take away some of their privileges -such as praying in the street etc.-send them all back to -mecca.

  14. Spain needs to fully drive Islam out of the region, just as it did in the past.

    The historically-ignorant Leftists be damned. None of their solutions have worked, they’ve only thrown wood into the fire.

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