Two can play the same ‘BOYCOTT’ game

Muslims and their dhimmi left wing allies are relentlessly calling for Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions of Israeli-owned businesses in America, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Its time to turn the tables and call for a boycott of all Muslim-owned businesses.

Just click on this link, insert your Zip Code or City and miles from it that you want listings and you will get a list of Mosques and Islamic Centers, Islamic Organizations and Services, Islamic Schools and Colleges, and  most importantly: MUSLIM-OWNED BUSINESSES: ISLAMIC FINDER

It works for any city in the U.S. or Canada and is supposed to work in any country but I had trouble connecting to anything outside the U.S. and Canada.

As I live in New York City, here is a list of all Muslim business within a 20-mile radius of Manhattan. (The list below is extensive)

Muslim Owned Businesses 

Bukhara Grill New York 0.0
Taibah Tours&Travel Inc New York 0.0
Dr. Mohajer Kambiz New York 0.0
Prince of Egypt Cart New York 0.0 Ltd New York 0.3
Al Bustan New York 0.5
Mariachi New York 0.5
Pooket Thai New York 0.5
Astrolight Films New York 0.5
Jaipur’s Indian Cuisine New York 0.5
Marrakesh New York 0.5
Al-Baraka Restaurant New York 0.5
Oxford University Press New York 0.6
Greenhouse Cafe New York 0.6
…click here for MORE


58 comments on “Two can play the same ‘BOYCOTT’ game

  1. I did but I think they got wind of what you posted. the link now takes me to a list of accurate prayer time. So I know when to take out a slingshot but don’t know where not to shop.

  2. I clicked the link to get Prayer times for my location not businesses. Please update the link as I could not find an easy way to get the businesses. They do not like the Boycott game when it is directed at them.

  3. I work in Australia and we have to go to Malaysia to pick up the gas pipes used for the Gorgon Project. Some of the food supplies we get are halal. I’ve done one hitch on the ship and if I find any more halal products upon my return, I’ll be filing a complaint with my union. I’m not a Muslim and I should not be having to eat halal food.

  4. In Canada, we send these killers to 25 years in prison, the mother, the father, and the son.

    See the Kingston Trial where the above family killed 4 of their own female family members.

    Hence, the above 3 Muslim Murderers got 25 years in jail.

    Canadians are asking for the Death Penalty for the above 3 killers.

    Unfortunately, the death penalty has been abolished some years ago.

    But, the above Muslim Killers are doing a good job of Canadians talking about bringing back the Death Penalty for special cases.

    Such as Muslim Murderers.

  5. Here in the Orlando area, I wanted to avoid buying Australian lamb, almost allnof which is halal. It is virtually impossible to find American lamb in the stores. I investigated trying to buy non-halal meat from small, local, organic ranchers. Turns out that in order to avoid having to comply with FDA slaughter facility requirements, the ranchers take their lambs and goats to the FDA certified halal butcher in Kissimmee for slaughter. There is only ONE local producer of lamb that has it’s own (non-halal) FDA compliant slaughter house, and the lamb is three times as expensive as Australian lamb. Non-halal goat meat is impossible to acquire in Central Florida unless you raise your own goats. My HOA won’t allow livestock.

    Please everyone, make sure you know who your lamb and oat is butchered by, even if it’s raised by non-

    I resent the heck out of Muslims for for keeping lamb and goat off my menu.

  6. Love it,tytyty!
    I’ve passed it in e-mails and am printing it up to hand out.

    1 to add: Subway Rt. 4 Lebanon ,IL ,they may be out of business soon though.Several people got sick after eating products with mayo there.Instead of an apology the owners screamed it was faked because of their race.

  7. OMG this is sooooooooooo cool!!
    Does anyone has something similar for the UK?
    This is very handy indeed.
    Not another penny to these monsters.

  8. But…but…Bonnie…boycott…that’s….not fair…how can the cairless be sued. Dontcha know, the Obuma can’t also force citizens to eat muslim cursed products. Good idea…you do the boycott and others will bless the crap out of the Halal stuff that Wegmans and others stock in their stores.

    • 😉 I recently contacted Wegman’s about a parcel of land for sale in a kind-of upscale community in the Houston area; asked them to take a gander, see about putting a Wegmans there {I MISS MY WEGMANS!!! :-( } – unfortunately, because of their wonderful quality control, they have no plans to have a warehouse within commuting distance …………………… SIGH! So, I’ll just have to wait & HOPE that someone else, with more horsepower/financial incentive-ability, is able to convince Wegmans moving here would be a GOOD thing …………………

      Semper Fi’

  9. Thanks for the webpage. There is only six businesses in my area but three are doctors. The only one I can boycott is a subway in a Sunoco station but I don’t go there anyway but will pass this on the my fellow employees or go in and as for bacon on my sandwich and see what happens..Peace to all non-muslims who can use this info.

    Offtopic..BNI..I know you have your own site now but down at the bottom it says..”Proudly powered by WordPress” Just wondering, maybe I missed the post..Kaafir

  10. Thank you so much for this list.

    There are no Indian owned gas stations listed.

    While a large number of Indians are Hindu, they are also Muslim, Sikh, Jain, Christian, Parsis and Jewish in the United States.

    We will need to do some investigating in our own areas.

  11. I am amazed at my friends willingness to eat at Lebanese Muslim restaurants that won’t even serve alcohol. I personally have trouble with eating food that is prepared by people that hate us.

  12. We showed them what happens when they mess with consumers — everyone contacted Lowe’s and they took their support away. We’ll continue this…and teach them that they CANNOT have the control over the $$ and “where we CHOOSE to spend it.”

  13. Boycott Halal Deka Foggo & Angela Prieto – There is a big difference between halal & kosher…
    * Kosher is an end in itself whereas Halal is a means to an end.
    * There is a vast Over-Production of Halal Meat and Kosher Meat production is minuscule in comparison… but notice how when muslims are losing the animal welfare argument, they always play the Kosher card to distract attention from what is by far the biggest problem in our Food Chain – Halal – which is being sold Unlabelled to consumers.
    * Jews are clearly wanting Kosher Foods for themselves and are not aiming to make us all eat it. Kosher is an end in itself.
    * Muslims have declared that their aim is take halal mainstream and bring the world into submission under Sharia Law. Halal is a means to an end the end being Islamic Rule in the west… and then the entire world. Swap around the letters in HALAL & you get ALLAH.
    * Halal is dedicated to a foreign god: Allah. It is considered ‘holy’ meat.
    * Kosher is not considered to be ‘holy’ – it is religiously slaughtered and in the UK now (where I’m living) the neck cut is immediately followed by a proper post stun – this has been confirmed by Licenced Veterinary Slaughtermen that are employed by Animal Health – a subsidiary of DEFRA (The Dept. of Food & Agriculture).
    * Halal is a Ritual Slaughter – Livestock & Poultry must be fully conscious throughout the process, until it bleeds to death – a post-stun is not allowed. To get past the WASK Regulations in UK, Muslims are allowing an ‘ultra-low amperage stun’ before the throat cut… but the animal must be fully conscious or the meat will be haram… So the animal is merely ‘stunned to immobilise’ which is arguably more cruel than no stun at all, because it is fully conscious throughtout, but is unable to move or vocalise its pain.
    If you want to oppose Kosher you are in the wrong place – there are other sites here on Facebook you may want to join –
    We at BOYCOTT HALAL oppose Halal Only and we aim to not buy any Halal Products, Halal Services or Financial Products. Animal suffering is unacceptable throughout the meat industry… and again there are many Animal Rights groups you can join. At BOYCOTT HALAL we will not be silent about animal welfare which is compromised by Halal Ritual Slaughter and we also oppose halal from many other perspectives including Human Rights on Freedom of Religion for all, Dishonesty & Transparency in Labelling, Marginalisation of Jobs, Halal Finance, etc. etc. etc..
    We who are members of BOYCOTT HALAL come from many different perspectives ourselves, we are of different religions or no religion, secularists & atheists; we are meat eaters, vegetarians & vegans, we are of many different political persuasions and the one thing we have in common is that we all agree to stand shoulder to shoulder against halal… we hope that you will stand with us.

  14. Boycott Halal
    Please publicise BOYCOTT HALAL – let us get our Membership over 5000!
    Use these words & this Link on your Wall & on the Pages & Groups you belong to…
    We need to wake people up… we must not be silent – JOIN US!
    Join Us at BOYCOTT HALAL here:
    Boycott Halal
    We aim to Boycott all companies and organisations that promote or use Halal products and services in order to reduce demand. We aim to avoid Halal Farm or Fork or Finance. We aim to support our own country’s economy by seeking out and buying mainstream traditional products and using our traditional national services. We will BOYCOTT HALAL!
    Page: 4,898 like this.

  15. Suggestion: Find the halal restaurants and take your service dog in – when they kick you out (and your video tape proves this) sue the ever loving SH*T out of them for discrimination and violation of the ADA and OWN their restaurant – turn it into a BBQ place!!

    I recently asked a gas station if it was Muslim owned – they asked why and I said because I was curious… he said yes and i turned and walked off saying, “I don’t do business with Muslims!” (I had my suspicions)

    • Great idea Kelly. Any well-behaved dog can double as a guide dog. But you’ll probably have to put a harness on him.
      Also, be sure to wear sunglasses so they can’t see your eyes.

      I try to buy all my gas from Korean-owned stations.

  16. BNI, that’s great, as far as it goes – there are THREE Muslim-owned ‘convenience stores’ in the town of <1,300 where I live that aren't listed – then there's the Masjid Ghouse Azam, in Humble …………….. just for sh#ts-&-giggles, in a mapping application, plug in the street address of 5511 FM 1960 West, Humble, TX 77338 ……………. now, ease "out" {giving you a view of more of the area} – take a look at what's JUST across FM 1960 from Masjid Ghouse Azam ……………………. why, it's IAH, better known as the George Bush Intercontinental Airport – you can stand in MGA's parking lot and get a GREAT view of all the aircraft taking off & landing ………………… from all over the world ……………….. doesn't THAT just give you warm-fuzzies?

    Semper Fi'

      • The Valero {14600 Hwy 59, Splendora TX 77372}, Chevron {14651 Highway 59
        Splendora, TX 77372}, Abby’s Mart {24381 Fm 2090 Rd, Splendora, TX 77372} are all gas stations/convenience stores, all owned by Muslims; also, the Tram Road store {intersection of FM 2090 & Tram Road} is Muslim owned – these are ALL listed as “Splendora, Texas” businesses. I won’t do business with the Valero or Chevron; Tram Road only if there’s no other choice, but Abby’s Market’s folks have ALWAYS treated me with courtesy & respect, with the exception of an {illegal?} Mexican woman employed there. These 4 businesses are in a ‘town’ of less than 1,300 – the Valero & Chevron are adjacent to US 59, but if one is REALLY needing gas/restrooms, there IS a Citgo {14717 Highway 59, Splendora, TX 77372} also adjacent to US 59, that’s owned by a local ……………….

        Semper Fi’

  17. I looked at mine and they are leaving a few out. why? because I know them personally.. I never go there anyway.
    Sometimes they have resturants, own cell phones, dont forget to go exclusively to gas stations owned by the east indians.

  18. BNI, this is great!
    It’s a universal reference online with maps, directions, and just about everything…wow!
    There are still some Muslim owned businesses we won’t be able to find unless we dig deep into their ownership incorporations. But I am sure with time we will uncover every business in N. America. We need audience participation in this project. Let’s make sure we keep it going.

    The boycott is on! Yahoo! Sharing on Facebook. Hope it goes viral.

      • I do patronize one muslim owned business; the local IHOP.
        I do so because they never charge me, and I get a little warm, happy feeling every time I think about what the reaction would be if the owners found out that their management and staff serve a rabbi for free.

        They even have things set aside so that they can prepare kosher meals for me.

        Sometimes you have to take joy in the little things that present themselves.

  19. Oh, I LOVE this! BNI you are TOO awesome! Use their own tool against them. LOL! YES! Boycott every Muslim owned business and producer. Boycott Campbell’s & KFC and other “Halal” compliant brands and tell your friends WHY! The the store owners why. Support stores that DO NOT offer “Halal” brands.

    Boycott Saudi oil and Iranian oil. (Believe it or not, USA is slowly becoming independent of terrorist oil!)

    Stop sending children to schools that teach Islamic whitewashing.

    Stop attending Churches that refuse to speak up clearly against the EVIL of Islam and TELL THE PASTOR & CONGREGATION WHY!

    Tell your elected representatives that if they want to keep their jobs they will support AMERICAN LAWS FOR AMERICAN COURTS.

    BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Jihad works both ways, kiddies!!


    PS: BNI! I like your new site even BETTER!

  20. I’m totally horrified that the throat-slitters have bought Oxford University Press!!!! Getting THAT organization to go bankrupt will be no mean feat, given its extreme influence on the English Language (both British and American plus other derivatives like Canadian, Indian, South-African) AND its holdings in music, literature, science, etc….

    • Truly, thank goodness that I didn’t know this earlier: it really could have crippled my morale relative to buying several very important books from them that have proven themselves indispensable otherwise!!!…

      • At least, I’m glad to know now how they’ve been ensnared – I’ll most certainly now try to ensure they’ll not get ANY profit from me in the future in any way whatsoever!!!

  21. LOL B! See? Something good came out of the chubby convert after all! I like this islam site cuz some businesses are so innocent sounding. Like Miller Place Wireless. Who would think that was a muslim owned business? Or pizza parlors! Insurance companies? Car parts? Who would know? Now I DO know and can make sure I never patronize those places. Thanks B and chubby convert!

  22. Once again, BNI, you’ve come through again. I’ll file this under NEWS I CAN USE! Guy, I join you! drive under, then drive them out!

    • CO… I have family in VA so I’ve sent them this link and message. I’m sure they haven’t heard a thing about this Bill. Thanks for the heads -up.

  23. Found one in the north end of the city. Its a finance company but wonder if the city knows its there. At the address given is only garages.

    But the people there do act funny. I got a friend in the city going in to see if its true. But its also funny they been having trouble in that area.

    People been assaulted. So I wonder what they are financing. But we have been getting a lot of weird people here. But its Spanish .

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