Two can play the same ‘BOYCOTT’ game

Muslims and their dhimmi left wing allies are relentlessly calling for Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions of Israeli-owned businesses in America, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Its time to turn the tables and call for a boycott of all Muslim-owned businesses.

Just click on this link, insert your Zip Code or City and miles from it that you want listings and you will get a list of Mosques and Islamic Centers, Islamic Organizations and Services, Islamic Schools and Colleges, and  most importantly: MUSLIM-OWNED BUSINESSES: ISLAMIC FINDER

It works for any city in the U.S. or Canada and is supposed to work in any country but I had trouble connecting to anything outside the U.S. and Canada.

As I live in New York City, here is a list of all Muslim business within a 20-mile radius of Manhattan. (The list below is extensive)

Muslim Owned Businesses 

Bukhara Grill New York 0.0
Taibah Tours&Travel Inc New York 0.0
Dr. Mohajer Kambiz New York 0.0
Prince of Egypt Cart New York 0.0 Ltd New York 0.3
Al Bustan New York 0.5
Mariachi New York 0.5
Pooket Thai New York 0.5
Astrolight Films New York 0.5
Jaipur’s Indian Cuisine New York 0.5
Marrakesh New York 0.5
Al-Baraka Restaurant New York 0.5
Oxford University Press New York 0.6
Greenhouse Cafe New York 0.6
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