“ALLAH IS SHIT!” More self-inflicted Muslim hate graffiti?

BROOKLYN: A hate-filled vandal scrawled anti-Muslim graffiti on a business in Kensington over the weekend, stoking fears that the usually diverse neighborhood would explode in race-fueled retaliation. (Islam is not a race)

(Not to worry, Muslims usually do this themselves to evoke sympathy from liberal politicians, liberal Jews, and the liberal media. Notice how these so-called attacks invariably cause little damage beyond cosmetic)

NY DAILY NEWS “We don’t want religious conflict around here,” said Mamun Ur Rashid, the owner of TDS Insurance, where someone wrote “Allah is shit,” in black marker. “This is something that’s bringing up very upsetting emotions.”

Bangladeshis in Kensington said they are living in fear after Muslim hate graffiti was found on a storefront in the neighborhood’s bustling shopping strip. (Yeah, sure they are)

Although the hateful message was erased hours later, Bangladeshis said the sight left them emotionally scarred. (Oh, woe is me!)

“It is just shocking,” said Mamnunul Haq, a Bangladeshi community leader. “No one wants to see anything like that.”“We are a very peaceful people,” Haq added. (Until you get an attack of Sudden Jihad Syndrome)

POLICE from the 66th Precinct say the vandalism is being investigated as a potential bias crime — a rarity in Kensington, residents say — but would not say if they had any leads.

More than 40 people gathered in the swirling snow on Wednesday for a candlelight vigil decrying the incident — a multi-faith show of solidarity organized by Democrat councilman Brad Lander. (Ah yes, the requisite pity party)



62 comments on ““ALLAH IS SHIT!” More self-inflicted Muslim hate graffiti?

  1. The solution to stop war and have peace is to eradicate the whole Islam religion itself. Most of the islamic people are the roots of wars and terrorism. My point is.
    A religion is created to teach people good things.

    -Muslim people are violent.
    -Their religion promotes wars and killings.
    -If we eradicate them, then we can achieve peace.
    -I say, bombing muslim countries would be good.

  2. hahaha nothing good ever came from islam

    any good inventions from that part of the world were made by arabs (an ancient people who were muslims like Saladin)
    eventho they belived the wrong religion (ie islam) they had advancement in math, physics and astronomy.
    todays muslims are nothing but inbred ottomans and seljuks, with not a spittle of arab blood in them – just filthy degenerate inbreeds

  3. this was already prophesised by Prophet Muhammed(a.s) that there will be a time when people from my ummah will use violance to spread the message of peace…and to those criticizing islam go learn about it from A to Z to fully understand islam instead of just reading some few verses from anti islamic site…learn from an authentic sources…

    • Here are some of the things I learned about Islamists A-Z or, call it, the “a,b,c’s of Islamism”:

      Apostasy, appeasement, acid attacks, anti-semitism, beheadings, bombings, brainwashing,burkas (health and security risks), burying alive, beastiality, clitorectomy, crucifying, child brides, censoring, cult, dhimmitude, executions, electrocutions, fire-bombings, fatwas, garroting, genital mutilations, genocide of non-muslims as well as muslims,hangings, infidel branding, infanticide,incivism, incest rampant throughout islam, isolationism,illiteracy throughout islam, iman islands of control unto themselves, jihadist fanaticism, jizya tax, kaffir branding, lashing, mangling, mutilation, murder, mob mentality, no-go zones,nazi sympathizing, oochlocracy, pedophiles, plagiarisim of many western inventions, polls showing moderates true feelings about terrorism, pluralism, etc, quran bipolar verses of contradiction mecca versus medina, raping, rockets,revenge killing, stoning, slavery, submission to islamic god or else, starvation, sharia, science muslim style (make it up), taqiyya (sacred deception), torturing in general, terror cells, uterus purification, virgins 72 (why not 73?), verses of violence, whipping wives, xenophobia (as in Islamic jihadist hatred for western culture), you tube (all those “workplace violence” terrorists screaming allahu akbar and all those wonderfully miserable muslim moderates gone jihadist to perpetrate hell upon the world past, present and future), zabh (as in cutting throats).

  4. Wow! From toothpaste to quilt, airplane to your three course meal all came from Islam. How nasty and ignorant people you are having no sense and education. Go to any university before you talk about any religion. Read more to educate yourself first to talk in manners. Cannot imagine someone can insult other religion. Look into yourself first to say something. Shall I tell you who you are? Nasty stuff drunkard maniac and having no sense of life the dirtiest creature on the earth who even don’t go to churches and the churches being converted into Mosques. That is the reality 20,000 Americans are becoming Muslims every year. How the hell you will understand life, you are maniac creatures on the earth who believe in 22/12/2012 the end of the world. You nasty stuff change your dirty brains.
    You are the society of threesome or foursome living like animals and pigs with full nasty smell on the earth eating pigs and fucking people like pigs, we Muslim are the minaret of the world who gave you everything you needed just like the sun that gives you light everyday but don’t demand anything. Fuckers who invented airplane? Your toothpaste deodorant perfumes cars. windmills electricity and so on? All came from Islam! Remember you filthy shit Islam is the only pillar to hold and beg for blessing.

    • You muzturd moron! You and your psycho kind have been totally incapable to give the world anything positive and productive in any way and you know it! It’s the CIVILIZED world that gave YOU everything, for without us YOU ARE NOTHING, and bullying ans foaming at the mouth will change nothing to that fact.

      Want to talk about deodorant? Well learn how to use it first, because frankly the way the likes of you are smelling, it seems you have no clue as to its use.

      Want to bring in the misreading of the Mayan calendar? So some mistook end of cycle with end of world, so what? That crappy book of yours is filled with idiocies a kid would laugh at!

      As for the rest of that nonsense spewing of yours just goes towards confirming, once more, what a bunch of degenerate you all are.

    • say what? islam invented toothpaste and 3 course meals thats news to me! , wikipedia says otherwise the first race to invent a toothpaste recipe was the greeks and romans , what you guys supposedly invented was Miswak which is teeth cleaning twig , also
      rabbi’s say that they first found out about the Miswak before muhammad (Shit be upon him) but then again 97% of muslims hate jews so why would you believe them, also islam never invented 3course meals , the idea of 3 course meals has been around for century’s nobody invented it

  5. I don’t understand all the “liberals” sympathy for muslims. Have they ever live in a Muslim country?? Well, i live in one. A farking so called “liberal Muslim country”. Compared to most other muslim countries, Malaysia (where i came from) is probably a “liberal muslim country”. Rest assure, the physical violence is minimal (basically, islam is just a tool used by the controlling goverment and the extremist opposition to try to out islam one another and fool all the stupid muslim in the country), but it’s getting worst with tension rising with hidden threats by the controlling goverment to the non-muslim almost on a daily basis in goverment controlled media.

    On the other side, the extremist is trying to impose their version of hudud laws to the country (applicable to non-muslim as well). Muslim is never peaceful. They are simply taking their time until their numbers grows (very rapidlly) and then they’ll force their religion and perspective into your throat. And by then it’s too late. Islam is fucking nutballs. I live with it daily. So the liberals can shut the fuck up and go live in a Muslim country before they open their mouth to have anything to say about it.

  6. Cool! I really like what you do. I am very tired of the people saying that we are intolerant, racist or xenophobe because we talk about Islam. Islam is a funken shit! Let’s fight by saying the truth about it and by using reason. Thank you.

  7. When a group of people consistently belat that they are goign to dominate you and kill your unless you convert, then it is no wonder these kinds of things happens. And they get all upset over what is done. Are they so stupid that they can’t see that they are causing it? Islam be damned

  8. It is only a thought. I think the KKK has been quiet not just because everyone finally came down on them; but, because much of what they feared and raised hell about has come true.

  9. Well! IF they keep this up…setting fires, etc., on their own property — if they have insurance — surely, the insurance company will investigate. I WANT this to be true! What kind of bozo(s) would allow them to continue doing this.

    It just ticks me off to no end.

  10. I was a mechanic and the squeaky wheel meant it needed to be replaced, because it was broken.
    Next replace mohommedism with Life, Happiness, Courage,Love and the FATHER, THE SON and HOLY GHOST.

  11. Oh boo hoo, “we are soooo discriminated against and persecuted!”…STFU, asslifters; crawl back in your holes!! Where the hell are the Italian mobsters that used to rule Brooklyn when we need them?! We could sure use them now to eliminate some obnoxious asslifters!!

  12. And when it’s determined that it was a Muslim who did this for the insurance money and sympathy, the liberals and their friends at Ku Klux Kair will be silent.

  13. The second Letter “a” has been written just like a Number “9”,looks like somebody got their Languages kinnda mixed up.!!

  14. whenis the last time you saw on the news some muslim physically attacked by a non muslim? i can’t remember one. this is sheep crying wolf when there is no wolf. if they keep taking away our freedoms for the sake of creeping sharia i can see it really happening some day.

  15. Perhaps the muslim who wrote it meant Allah is Shi’it and as is often the case didn’t know how to spell properly? lol – Rene

  16. And so ???? when they walked thru London with placards saying Chop of the heads of christians,,no one took alot of notice,,,Allah is shit,,,true

  17. BAHAHAHAHA!!! 40 people gathered for a vigil??? what a bunch of cry baby pussies!! Sheesh!! Oh, boooooo hoooooo someone said a bad word!!! I’m soooooo scared!!! I’m emotionally scared for life!! (oh, maybe I can sue someone!) HATE CRIME HATE CRIME!!!

  18. Shalom,
    A quick survey of the local graffiti in my immediate area (the men’s room here at the IHOP, the men’s room at the truck stop next door, and the exterior walls/fences) reveals 9 anti-semetic comments, 4 anti right-wing (including one anti “cunservitive”), 5 anti-black, 3 anti-Mexican and one pro-kkk along with one that appears to be a referrence of some sort to Germans and numerous other ambiguous expressions of hate.
    The police are diligently drinking their coffee.
    The press has not been notified.
    The people in the area include all of the afore-mentioned groups; none appear to be shaking in their boots despite several of the comments promoting their killing, and one claiming that “I kill n*****!”; a reference to blacks.

    Next week they will be washed off, or painted over, as they always are.

    Soap and paint will clense these comments, these actions of hate, and all will be restored.

    Nothing can restore the lives destroyed by islam.

  19. Allah is a lot of things…misogynistic, genocidal, semi-literate, dopey, capricious, self-contradictory, unscientific, sadistic, heinous.

    • No, perceptor. Allah is none of those things, but is an unreal diety, once a moon-god of the Arabs. It is easy, however, to mistake Allah for Mohammed, as they are/were one and the same, with “Allah” sanctioning everything Mohammed wanted to do when he wanted to do it. Ali Sina, an Iranian ex-Muslim has offered $50,000 to the first person who can show Mohammed was not a narcissist, a pedophile, a mass murderer, a terrorist, a misogynist, a lecher, a cult leader, a madman, a rapist, a torturer, an assassin and a looter. No takers. Enuf sed?

    • How horrible. And she was just doing her job to the best of her abilities. A 15 year old punk-assed muzturd. Allah really is shit!

      Thanks for the link.

  20. What on earth would calling Allah shit do to make Bangladeshi Muslims fearful? They are afraid of self inflicted spray paint jihad?

  21. This guy is sucking up to losers on the city counsel and the councilor is loving it. He does nothing but tells the cop to do something.

    In our counsel we got a child molester a drug dealer and a real-estate agent selling polluted land that people buy then the city tears down the new house because people are sick because of the land.

    So the cops here spends more time protecting them. Our sheriff was caught having sex in the city hall. Use to be a cop but he took something from evidence room and decided he could run and be rich.

    Maybe that’s why in this state these rag heads can be happy.

  22. If they want real sympathy they need to burn down a few hundred of their own mosques. This defacing with erasable sharpies is a disgrace. We’re not falling for it, Mohamed!

    Muslim barrows get out there and burn baby burn!

  23. Why would a real grafitti artist mis-spell allqh instead of allah ? Whoever you are get the spelling right !! Truth hurts don’t it?

  24. Maldives mob smashes Buddhist statues in national museum

    In an interview with AFP on Wednesday, Nasheed said a mob including Islamist hardliners had attacked the museum because they believed some of the statues inside were “idolatrous.”

    Islamist radicals had been used as part of the attack on his record in office, he said, referring to public statements alleging he was under the influence of Jews and was trying to bring Christianity to the Muslim nation.


  25. This crap makes me sick…….I see graffiti every where I go. All kinds of crap. All these idiots do is cry to the far-left fools that are ignorant enough to fall for this shit.

  26. AsLhLiAtH I must prefer this, it reminds me that allah is full of shit and so there for the muslims are too with their limited brain thinking power. Any intelligent person (muslimes excluded) can see by the world news that Muslimes are hell bent on killing not only their own kind but us infidels. This killing mode definitely belongs to a sub brain powered human that is found in the Islamic Korananimal retarded world.

  27. No kidding! Allah is shit!

    If a Muslim actually wrote it (attempting to evoke sympathy), it would be refreshingly honest, instead of the usual taquiyya.

  28. What an act. Complete with knee-jerk vigil organised by local Dhimmicrat councilman as if on cue, while no doubt the mosque leadership is laughing themselves in stitches over this Pavlovian coup de etat.

    What an embarrassment and a waste of good candlewax.

  29. They’re living in fear! Shit. They should pretend to be Jewish, Christian or homosexual and they’ll know what it is to live in fear.

    • Even the Obama mouth piece Newsweek published an article by Ayan Hirsi Ali this month about the worldwide genocide of Christians by Muslims. The idiot left thinks it’s a good thing to get rid of Christians but they are gonna be the first to lose their heads when the muslim swords start swinging in the US.

  30. I think they did it themselves. OF course, the police will investigate but I think that will they find could possibly get the Muslim who did it either put in jail for filing a false complaint; and or a fine.

    I just looked it up — it IS a Crime to do that; and they will go to jail.

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