“ALLAH IS SHIT!” More self-inflicted Muslim hate graffiti?

BROOKLYN: A hate-filled vandal scrawled anti-Muslim graffiti on a business in Kensington over the weekend, stoking fears that the usually diverse neighborhood would explode in race-fueled retaliation. (Islam is not a race)

(Not to worry, Muslims usually do this themselves to evoke sympathy from liberal politicians, liberal Jews, and the liberal media. Notice how these so-called attacks invariably cause little damage beyond cosmetic)

NY DAILY NEWS “We don’t want religious conflict around here,” said Mamun Ur Rashid, the owner of TDS Insurance, where someone wrote “Allah is shit,” in black marker. “This is something that’s bringing up very upsetting emotions.”

Bangladeshis in Kensington said they are living in fear after Muslim hate graffiti was found on a storefront in the neighborhood’s bustling shopping strip. (Yeah, sure they are)

Although the hateful message was erased hours later, Bangladeshis said the sight left them emotionally scarred. (Oh, woe is me!)

“It is just shocking,” said Mamnunul Haq, a Bangladeshi community leader. “No one wants to see anything like that.”“We are a very peaceful people,” Haq added. (Until you get an attack of Sudden Jihad Syndrome)

POLICE from the 66th Precinct say the vandalism is being investigated as a potential bias crime — a rarity in Kensington, residents say — but would not say if they had any leads.

More than 40 people gathered in the swirling snow on Wednesday for a candlelight vigil decrying the incident — a multi-faith show of solidarity organized by Democrat councilman Brad Lander. (Ah yes, the requisite pity party)