‘DEAD MAN WALKING’ – Saudi blogger must flee country because of Tweets about the Paedophile Prophet Muhammad

What are the consequences of just three tweets? For Hamza Kashgari, a Saudi blogger who tweeted about the Islamic prophet Mohammad on his birthday, the result was more than 30,000 responses in one day, death threats and a call by the king of Saudi Arabia for his arrest.

THE BLAZE  The Daily Beast reports that Kashgari removed the tweets posted last week, apologized and asked for forgiveness. But it was too late. He has since had to flee the country for his safety.

Here is what Kashgari originally tweeted, according to the Daily Beast:

“On your birthday, I will say that I have loved the rebel in you, that you’ve always been a source of inspiration to me, and that I do not like the halos of divinity around you. I shall not pray for you,” he wrote in one tweet.

“On your birthday, I find you wherever I turn. I will say that I have loved aspects of you, hated others, and could not understand many more,” he wrote in a second.

“On your birthday, I shall not bow to you. I shall not kiss your hand. Rather, I shall shake it as equals do, and smile at you as you smile at me. I shall speak to you as a friend, no more,” he concluded in a third.

Since leaving for Southeast Asia yesterday, Kashgari told the Daily Beast that he will never go home, saying “It is impossible. There is no way.”

International Business Times reports that some have placed a 10,000 riyals (about $2,666) reward on Kashgari’s head with others saying he was a “dead man walking.”

Ahmed Al Omran, who writes the blog Saudi Jeans, as saying that more conservative Saudi’s often watch social media sites for controversial statements, such as Kashgari’s. He says he believes they are using Kashgari’s statement to “take advantage of the situation, make an example out of him, and show their strength.”

According to the Daily Beast, even though Kashgari retracted his statement and deleted his Twitter account, he still says he sees these events playing out in the “process toward freedom,“ considering himself a ”scapegoat for a larger conflict.”

Watch as Islamic cleric Sheikh Nasser Al Omar breaks down in tears during a speech while asking the king to have Kashgari arrested and charged with apostasy, which is punishable by death:



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  1. The aposatae was found hiding out in malaysia the pigs of arabia are in the final stages of having him returned to the kingdom of sand and shit were moohamheads black stone moon god resides shame on those malay monkeys for handing this boy over to one of the biggest human rights abusing countries on the planet

  2. Just who the hell does this old fuck think he’s fooling?! Just like his paedophile, murderius, lying thieving “prophet” before him, he IS a hater of ALL that is right and pure and uses this BS he spews to try to justify the fact that he is just another f—ing killer who enjoys killing just like Mahound!!

  3. O WEH!!!

    Those tweets hardly seem like they HAVE to be taken as pointing to that Antichrist Mohammed and absolutely nobody else – notably the first where it said “I shall not pray for you.” If they kill him for THAT, then truly Saudi Arabia will be shown as the totalitarian zoo that it truly is, such as to rival Stáljin’s USSR…

  4. Hamza Kashgari fled to Malaysia but was arrested after the King of Saudi Arabia called for his arrest and is now waiting for extradition back to Saudi Arabia to face execution. I contacted the American Embassy in Malaysia to learn if there is anyway the US can intervene.

  5. Wait, tell again, “Death Sentence for Apostasy”? That’s really odd. CAIR and many other Muslim groups SWEAR there is no compulsion in Islam. Yet the guy wearing the tablecloth is demanding it? Tell me again Mr. Muslim, exactly what IS the truth. Or does the truth change on a whim? If so, that would indicate that Islam has no integrity. But then, we Kafir knew that already. At what point do YOU, Muslims admit you just can’t keep lying to yourselves? This isn’t an attack from the Outsiders, more importantly, it is an attack from within. Surely, you must doubt the validity of Islam. Are you mere robots of the Muslim Elite? How else can you not be deeply troublrd by the obvious flaws, inconsistencies and outright falsehoods that Islam embodies? Now, before you lash out at someone else’s faith for falsehoods and inconsistencies, realize that no matter how badly you may want to another faith as false, that in no way makes Islam any more credible.

  6. No scrutiny allowed in mohommedist controlled countries.
    Only death, death, death, and more death with a few chopped limbs and stoning’s, just for a change up.

  7. Can we get him knighted like the other muslim saint, who wrote the satanic verses? SIR Salman Rushdie, is my personal hero. Anybody that can piss off that many headbangers in such a short time should be knighted at least twice. It does appear that this gentleman has achieved HERO status in one Swell Foop! Now the burning question is what can we do to help keep him out of the clutches of mo’s faggots specifically including the Royal Family… I personally am training my dog to sneak into the mosque and shit on the prayer rug to celebrate..

    • CW Orange,

      You might want to reconsider training your
      best friend as a Canine Commando; God alone
      knows to what sorts of disease and vileness such a mission might expose him/her.

      If it’s “Mosque o menos”, lets
      make it “menos”.
      Z. Nelom

  8. I don’t what the big deal is what he tweeted???

    Hey saudi shiek, I see you brought the picnic table cloth, but you might want to consider these items below next time.

    Cooler or insulated picnic tote, picnic basket, or picnic backpack
    __ Utensils and tools (can opener, corkscrew, serving spoons, etc.)
    __ Cutting board
    __ Flatware and Silverware
    __ Cups for beverages
    __ Wine Glasses
    __ Napkins
    __ Table cloth
    __ Picnic Blanket
    __ A plastic tarp to put under your blanket if the ground is wet
    __ Extra layers of clothing if the weather changes
    __ Wet naps for clean up
    __ Outdoor games
    __ Insect Repellant
    __ Sunscreen
    __ Garbage bags
    __ Plenty of Water

  9. Kashgari’s comments is probably the most sensible I have heard/read from a Muslim. The man is a HERO.
    Would be interested to hear what pro islamic western governments have to say.

  10. Oh, Kashgari, now you will know how dangerous
    is the islamic (with a small i) ideology is.
    muhammad will always be a miss guided
    camel driver who thought he could fool the world. When an ideology needs a sword to
    spread its message out, there has to be something wrong for sure.

  11. The prison walls are cracking and crumbling.

    Soon the ENORMOUS PRISON of Islam (the Death Cult for Men) will collapse.

    The prisoners are in revolt. Where there is one open rebel, there are ten thousand hidden ones.

    • Per1, no they aren’t, they are too afraid to do anything. Look at the uprisings in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia. They may have thought they were getting more freedom and democracy, but they will be living under far more oppression and tyranny than they ever were before, now that the IslamoNazis have been voted in. They deserve the government they get.

  12. Ah, the religion of peace, tweet that you would only treat the so called “prophet” as an equal and you get 30,000 death threats and a call for your government to kill you. I want to hear a response from some of the muzscum that monitor this site, or those idiots in that earlier story about how islam is misunderstood, or even some liberal dhimmi idiots. Come on cowards let us hear your response.

  13. Boo-hoo-hoo! He’s been taking crying lessons from the N. Korean ‘mourners’. His glasses haven’t even fogged up.

  14. Meanwhile back in the U.S. the same bunch that demands ALL respect their pedophile pile of filth have had their demands almost fully met in ridding America of any symbol, reference, mention, music, writing, our laws, Constitution, Bill of Rights and anything else pertaining to the One God Almighty because that offends them !!
    Well, THEY OFFEND me but the same freedom I have has granted them the right to smash, trash and grab whatever they can even remotely claim as their right to practice their death-cult “religion” even as they and so many of our politicians and so-called court justices daily restrict my American freedoms but I can not call for their arrests much less say or do anything like they do around the world lest thye proclaim I deny them freedom of expression, call me intolerant and racist !!
    Tell me what is wrong with this picture ???

  15. [If the first time made it through, please delete this repeat – this is only in case of things not going right due to computer trouble…]

    Nice B-movie false-acting: going from such crocodile tears to what appear to be statements of rage and mercilessness – and so suddenly. [Just listening to the inflections is enough to tell you that much.]

    What a crock of manure!!!! All my sympathies lie with the one who has had to flee his country: now, may he truly learn that it’s Islâm which is to blame!!! When he renounces it (which he may as well, as they’ve made it very clear that they’ve already convicted him in such a way that no repentance can EVER win him any mercy whatsoever!!!!), then he’ll be a happier and a better man – especially if he then gets called by the Lord to convert to Christianity!!!!

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