New Yorkers overwhelmingly support the NYPD, despite CAIR’s relentless demands that Ray Kelly resign as NYPD Commissioner over his anti-Islamic terrorism policies

The vast majority of New Yorkers support the NYPD’s efforts to combat terrorism and don’t think cops are unfairly targeting Muslims, according to a poll being issued today.

NY POST  Sixty percent of voters questioned by Quinnipiac University said the NYPD acted appropriately when it came to investigating Muslims, while 24 percent said it hadn’t. By a huge 77-16 percent margin, voters also said the Police Department has been effective in combating terrorism.

In what is sure to bring a huge sigh of relief at Police Headquarters, Commissioner Ray Kelly received a renewed vote of confidence with a robust 62-24 percent approval rating. Kelly has been on the defensive ever since being forced (by the Mayor) to admit it was a mistake to screen a film about radical Islam in a facility routinely visited by cops.

Asked whether the NYPD had unfairly targeted Muslims to combat terrorism, 60 percent said it had not, while 24 percent said it had.

Muslim leaders called for his resignation after Kelly’s chief spokesman, Paul Browne, initially told reporters that Kelly’s appearance in the movie had been inserted for a clip.  Kelly later described the film, “The Third Jihad,” as “inflammatory.” (Yes, that’s what happens when you tell the truth about Muslims, they get inflamed)

The NYPD lawfully protects the city from conventional crime and terrorism, and the poll appears to reflect that fact,” said Paul Browne, the chief NYPD spokesman.

Cyrus McGoldrick, the civil-rights manager for the New York chapter of (Terror-linked CAIR) the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said the poll doesn’t change anything. “The US Constitution is the highest law of the land and is not subject to public opinion,” McGoldrick said. (But CAIR thinks it should be subject to Sharia Law)

“Demands for the resignation of Commissioner Kelly and Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne are based on their very public lies and policies of religious and ethnic profiling, manifested in the ‘demographics unit’ and ‘stop-and-frisk.’ ”

By a 2-to-1 margin, New Yorkers said they approved of the way the police were doing their jobs.