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    • Gail, too bad your relatives in the UK are not. And too bad there are not many more groups like the EDL fighting against the Islamic plague that is destroying the country.

  1. So when are the citizens going to give a darn? We care more about it than the British care. They let a few deal with the problem and then will bash the leader of the EDL. So what if he has personal problems! He at least cares more about his country than the ones sitting on their behinds and just accepting the crap from their politicians, academia, and medias. Oh and I should not forget the useful idiots who are the religious leaders.

    We have the same problem, and all should be ashamed of themselves for defending what they do not know – ESPECIALLY our religious leaders!

  2. Well, I didn’t think I could be any more scared than I already am…but that video did it! Geez, wake up people! We must quit being politically correct and act NOW to stop this insanity!!!!

  3. 2029?!…THAT is waaay too optimistic!…I see the asslifters and their asshole liberal dhimmi supporters taking over much sooner!… Quite possibly by the end of THIS year 2012, as has been predicted by many before!…No doubt, when the Christian believers are removed from Planet Earth…THEN, the Arselifters of Satan’s forces will be free to move in and rule the world!!…But be ready ASSLIFTERS, you WILL go down with your Mahdi (aka. the Anti-Christ) at Armageddon!!

  4. as long as liberals keep importing these lowlife’s into western countries and protecting them as much as they can it will only get worse. thank god for our second amendment and the right to use it in self defense.

  5. This ia happening because we have allowed it to happen and are still allowing it to happen,the doors of our Western countries should never have been thrown open to let in all the riff raff,uneducated barbarians whose culture and religion? is so foreign to ours,the picture painted of what is and will -come if not stopped -now ,is very frightening,I fear for my dear little great grandaughters for the horrific life they will inherit-a world of blackness ,mayhem and anarchy,no love ,music ,a life of misery and hate-especially for women ,one consolation only ,in time there will be only muslims on the earth and they won’t be living in -paradise ,they will be living in -hell.

  6. The equivalent Arabic saying to our old English: “Give them an inch, and they take a mile” translated is “If you allow the camel’s nose in the tent, the rest of him is sure to follow”. Thus it is with sharia creep. The headgear denotes not a moderate but a very devout Muslim. And a very devout Muslim is signed on to the Islamic project of promoting sharia law wherever they live, with the ultimate goal of replacing the legal systems of the host country.They have NO RESPECT whatsoever for anybody. Filthy people and an even filthier “religion” / cult of death and feckin misery.

  7. and turkey still deny the armenian genocide make no mistake turkey is as much a totalitarian state as iran and they want to join the e u as if we haven’ enough muslim scum already not to mention the occupation of parts of cyprus

  8. There is so little time left before the native peoples of Western Europe and those of Non Islamic ancestry are engaged in a fight for their lives, and the continuation of humanity as an enlightened species.

    None one should doubt that this battle has begun. Every aspect of our lives is affected by the blight of ignorant, medieval minded immigrants; terrorism, dominance crime, positive discrimination against native peoples of Europe, erosion of the rule of law versus sharia law, decline of christianity as a national religion, removal of christian prayer from the public domain due to muslims complaints, stealth introduction of halal foods.

    And our leaders are ignorant, self centred, myopic fools in their disregard of this cultural threat. The alarm bell has long since sounded. It appears that the battle for enlightened humanity will be fought by those whose eyes are open to this threat. To keep the peace – prepare for war.

  9. How the bloody hell can these idiots think they can feed their people if the

    Israel is showing them how to make the desert bloom for years and years now. They just cant do it. So they must be imbiciles. A little child could tell them this.

  10. Fortunately the US still has the right to bear arms (the historic badge of a free man versus the unarmed slave). Hitler and a number or other despots demonstrated that unarmed people can be herded like cattle, put in cattle cars and delivered to slaughter facilities. The Armenian and Greek Christians in turkey were unarmed until the days Turkey became over 99% Muslim some 90n years ago. Allied warships in harbor brought their brass bands on deck to drown out the screaming. Be VERY afraid!

    • “Fortunately the U.S. still has the right to bear arms” Yeah we’ll see. If this thug claiming to be someone’s pResident, gets away at stomping on the First Rights of ours, Religious, then it only serves to be the course set up to claim, a gun is a very dangerous item and anyone who is in posession of thes dangerous items will be denied health insurance, see where this is going. Every one must understand, if he is allow to stomp on our first right, and these criminals calling themselves our Representatives, I call them whores myself, do nothing but sit there with their conforts of being protected by armed services, do not tell this thug in no uncertain terms, back off right the hell now or else, it is not a stretch to think they will come for our right to bear arms as well. Anyone but obama’s bin ly’n, is the only solution, otherwise, expect a serious fight coming our way, get ready, because it seems to me, the republican are going to throw another one, trying to force romney on us, is not going to cut it. Their fear of us, We the “ARMED and WILLING” Patriots is begining to show. Look no further than the ADAA.

  11. Europe,Australia,Canada,Israel and the US are all unique,individualistic countries but they all have something in common.
    They are the product of a bold,courageous experiment called democracy.

    Millions have sacrificed everything to establish,defend and protect our evolving concepts of equality and human rights.
    Freedom is our inheritance and guardianship.

    Look hard at the pictures and videos BNI provides us with.

    Is this our future ?

    In 1000 yrs will the greatest civilizations in history just be rumors and fairytales.
    Our countries a sidenote about barbarian apes and pigs ?

    How do we stop the invasion,cruelty,violence and destruction?

    Deaf girl, 10, ‘trafficked to UK and kept as sex slave in cellar by elderly couple for almost 10 YEARS’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2098871/Deaf-girl-10-trafficked-UK-kept-sex-slave-cellar-elderly-couple-10-YEARS.html#ixzz1mEOmTUTP

    sigh,sry for rambling.Watching the muslim horrorshow spread like a plague across Britain and the world is depressing.

    • this is why we have to elect people who will stand up to islam like allen west. if we don’t then the people has the right and obligation to do it ourselves. that is a last option but it is an option.

  12. Indeed it is. A picture is worth a thousand words, and the picture is bleak, very bleak.

    Socialism is suicide, and a slow death it is.

  13. Grimm ! we all look at this dis’pach and think first of our family and freinds , the threat is all to real the action to answer will be bloody . There is no middle ground.

  14. This scares the sh!! out of me. Seriously, if people do not believe this is happening, they are fools, tools, and stools…

  15. And if this 2029 war does happen, i’ve been saving up money to buy a Austrian Bofors LH60 Anti
    Aircraft gun and I will move to Eastern Europe or whatever.

  16. That big green patch in the north west, I live there in a small town. I was waiting in a parking lot near the town centre, and it was roughly 10:30 am. I felt like I was living in a foreign country, I saw two large groups of muslims; one made up of adult females and one full of male muslims in their late teens. I saw a white man in his late 60’s go by, then three more muslims. The a young white woman crossing the road and seven muslims crossing in the opposite direction. I could see two churches in the background, but up the road near my local supermarket there is a very big muslim community and a very big mosque with two towering minarets and a large dome thing on top. The mosque is hideous and not yet complete. Funding issues? I don’t know. And I remember in 6th year (grade) visiting a nearby town called Nelson. Nelson has a huge muslim community, three times as large as the one in my town. For some multicult, (yes I spelt that wrong on purpose)experiment we went to see the local mosque. I’m not sure how many mosques there are in Nelson, but I have seen atleast two, and the mosque we went to see is larger than the one in my town.

  17. I view this as a totally accurate video of what Islam will do to the world. The entire WORLD must stand together UNITED against Islam.

  18. What if Englishmen decided enough was enough? The government could not put everyone in jail. If I were a Muslim (thank God, I’m not), I would start to worry that Englishmen are beginning to feel threatened.

      • Using CCTV footage from two separate incidents, Vlad Tepes illustrates the two-tier system in action. In the first sequence you’ll see young Muslim women in Leicester beating up a native British girl while calling her a “white slag” and other racially-charged epithets. In the second you’ll see a group of whites in Carlisle hurling racial insults — but using no violence — against the proprietor of a kebab shop.

        First case: The girls walked out of court with NO PRISON TIME.

        Second case: The people shouting insults were sentenced to [cumulative] fifteen years in prison. [eighteen mos. longest]

        This is the reality of “justice” in Modern Multicultural Briton [SeeThe Cumberland News for the source of the Carlisle video.]

        source: Gates of Vienna

  19. The old saying that east is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet needs to be modified to bring home the danger that Islam poses to us. It should now be “East is East and West is West and never the twain should meet”.

  20. YES. I was reading today how Egypt will be suffering from hunger very soon since more than half of their basic food, including wheat, is imported. There’s going to be a major devaluation of the egyptian currency by this summer.

    And Syria, well, it’s Al Qaeda that running the rebel show, so more hunger to come.

    The domino effect will be seen everywhere and all these muslims will be coming to our countries as refugees.

    It is high time to stop feeding them (humanitarian aid) since, even when they have no water, they keep on reproducing like rabbits.

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