Israel believes Iran was behind latest attacks on its embassies in India and Georgia

PM Benjamin Netanyahu said that Iran, and its proxy Hezbollah, are responsible for a string of attempted attacks against Israeli and Jewish targets abroad in recent months, including in Thailand and Azerbaijan.

 Hindustan Times  The cloak-and-dagger war between Iran and Israel arrived in India on Monday afternoon. An Israeli embassy vehicle was bombed, less than 300 meters from the Prime Minister’s residence, injuring an embassy official, the driver of the car as well as two occupants of the car right behind.

Though Delhi Police chief B K Gupta didn’t confirm it as a terror attack, Tel Aviv immediately pointed its finger at long-time enemy Iran and said the attack won’t be taken “lying down”. A similar plot was foiled hours before the Delhi blast in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, where a bomb attached to an Israeli embassy vehicle was defused.

Investigators, quoting eyewitnesses, say that a biker is suspected to have used a magnetic device to stick the explosive to the rear of the embassy car waiting at a red light and sped away. The explosive went off seconds later, setting the vehicle on fire and seriously injuring Talyeshova Koren, who works for the defence section of the embassy and is also the defence attache’s wife. 

There is no closed-circuit camera coverage in the area either, making it even more difficult for police to track down the motorcycle’s number. The attack comes a day after after the fourth anniversary of the assassination of Hezbollah deputy leader, Imad Mughniyah, who was killed in a car bomb attack. Hizbullah, with who Israeli has a running battle, blamed Tel Aviv for Mughniyah’s killing.

Iran and Israel have been waging an increasingly bloody covert war over the former’s nuclear weapons programme. At least five Iranian nuclear scientists have been assassinated over the past two years. Tehran has blamed Israel for the deaths and sworn retaliation.

The head of Israel’s internal intelligence service, Shin Bet, had said last month his agency had over the past year thwarted Iranian terror attacks on Israeli targets in Thailand, Turkey and Azerbaijan.