Norway has learned nothing from the Anders Behring Breivik massacre

Norway has paid a bitter price for its  policies of massive Muslim immigration. Norwegian blonde-haired girls have to dye their hair brown, and children can’t carry salami in their lunch boxes for fear of being beaten up. Yet far from taking emergency steps to scale back the Muslim invasion, the prime minister has vowed to make Norway more “open to immigrants.” 

In Norway, to speak negatively about any aspect of the Muslim faith has always been a touchy matter, inviting charges of “Islamophobia” and racism. It will be a great deal more difficult to broach these issues now that this murderous madman has become the poster boy for the criticism of Islam.

CBN  No one had any idea that a crazed gunman would start killing people over the issue of Muslim immigration.

Several weeks before the massacre in Norway, CBN News travelled to Oslo to investigate reports that that nation’s experiment with Muslim immigration and multiculturalism had gone terribly wrong, that Muslim radicalism was growing along with violence and intimidation against non-Muslims.

Something else that Muslim immigration appears to have brought to Norway is what some here call “a rape epidemic.” Recent police statistics showed that in the capital city of Oslo, 100 percent of assault rapes between strangers were committed by immigrant, non-Western males. And nine out of 10 of their victims were native Norwegian women. To protect themselves, some blonde Norwegian women have reportedly begun dying their hair black, and many travel only in groups. 

 Norway’s left-wing establishment has engaged in blaming the rape victims because the whole notion that Islamic culture is dangerous to women is very politically incorrect here.  One is attacked in the Norwegian media for saying what many will not: that the assault rape problem is primarily Muslim men raping non-Muslim women. And any woman who does not dress modestly and wear the Muslim headscarf could be considered by some Muslim men to be “fair game.”

As in other European cities, parts of Oslo are now Muslim zones and may be subject to Sharia law or to the rule of local imams. “Most of the areas where the Muslim is the majority, the Norwegian feels that they are not in their country, that they’re not in Norway. They feel like a Muslim country,” al-Kubaisi said.

Some on the left in Europe are using the Oslo massacre to stifle criticism of Islam. But not talking about it won’t make Norway’s problem go away. Norway is probably the most acute case of radical Islamization in Western Europe. With a relatively tiny population of under 5-million, Norway’s leftist government has embraced Hamas and scorned Israel, and thrown wide the gates to the radical Muslim agenda.

Prominent Norwegian lawyer Brynjar Østgård wants to stop Islam in Norway and thinks Islam threatens Norwegian culture and social order. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Islam’s incursion into Europe must be stopped – NOW! The talk and half-blind naivety must stop: we must think LONG TERM, or else the civilization that has taken 2000 years to build in Europe will be destroyed. WHEN did our government get the mandate from the people to throw away our culture, our home and our future? I know such a mandate was never given. (Just so it’s clear: you can’t really distinguish between Islam and Islamism – one follows the other)”


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  1. do you fail to realize WHY norway is a prime target of radical islamists?

    Oil wealth my friend. Oil wealth.

    Just give up or take to the streets yourselves to demand your rights in your own country.

    Oil wealth is buying a LOT of international meddling in other countries.

  2. Ok it is time all Norwegians are banned from Turkey, Tunisia, Canary Island, Spain, Morocco- because they are loud, disrespectful to the local culture and traditions, they violate local laws and they litter the streets and become drunk and misbehave- Norwegians go back to Svalbard on holiday- if you don’t like foreigners in your country stop visiting and buying second homes in other countries,,…You are not welcome- stay in Boring Bodo, Tromso and Harstad– your country is boring as it is cannot imagine what it would be like without migrants you stuck up petty minded uncivilised medieval racists.

    • @Seimus,

      Racism? What racism? Islam is not a race.

      it is amusing that you are comparing the 21st century Norwegians to followers of a 7th century cult as uncivilized.

      The Canary Islands and Spain are not in the same categories as Turkey, Tunisia and Morocco. Unless you see Spain as Al-Andalus?

  3. I see your problem. Because with the intelligence level both the articles on this site and the comments from the “belivers”, you really face a treath of replacement. And perhaps extintion. Not only from muslims, but from everyone! The only way you can survive, is by complete isolation from the modern world. If you have to compete with other people, you will loose. Even to imigrants from a 3. world country. Because they outdo you in every aspect. So how does it feel to get all the benefits from our proud civilization. And then experience that a selfmade man or woman without education and with only two empty hands are better than you? No wonder that you all are bitter and have to find someone to blame for your failures.

    And yes, I know muslims here in Norway. I even work with one of them. She is from Bosnia and have lived in Norway for 14 years. She is smaller than other Norwegian women, but what she lack in size she makes up with intelligence. So she has her master degree and is currently working with a Norwegian-Russian business project. She is 31 years old, without children and behaves just like any other Norwegian girl. And she is talking about setteling down when she is about 35. Because then she recon that she have payed down all her debt on her education and her flat.

    So guess what? I’ll take muslims imigrants any day before the white trash that only complaines about how bad life is while they roll out of bed to pick up their unemployment support. Perhaps I should hook up with the muslim girl at work? So we can get pretty light brown babies that gets the height and strength from their father and intelligence and work moral from their mother? They are so going to kick your white kids a– at both school and work. And besides. Since we have just declared that Norway not longer is a christian state, who cares if they get a muslim or christian upbringing? After all, we are considering to rebuild our churches so they can serve as multi-religion churches. So first we bloted to Tor. Then we buildt churches on the places of worship. And now we just add Allah to the list. Nobody here in Norway belives in god anyway, so its no big deal.

    So isnt it nice to hear about how well we progress and adapt to the new world? While you cover in fear, we only get stronger. Because we are vikings. We dont care who we fight for or who we pray to, as long as the money is good. We fought against christianity, we fought for christianity, we fought against muslim and for muslims, we fought for the Allies and we fought in Waffen SS, we fought for NATO and for Sovjet and even today we fight for the ones who has most money. Today that is ourself…. So thats our legacy. And that is why we always have and always will survive. So when everyone have forgotten your belifes and you legacy is dead and burried, my light brown grand-grand children will talk about their viking ancestors. We win. You lose. And its nothing you can do with it. Life is good. :-)

  4. First of all, i would get my facts straight if i were you. The thing is, to never discuss something if you havnt done good enuff reseach!
    As a Norwegian, who accualy been following everything regarding the massacre and the case against Anders Behring Breivik, I can easly see how things are twisted to make it seem much worse than the situation really is. One of such remarks in this post, were “Norway is probably the most acute case of radical islamization in western europe.” This is as much bull as Jesus walked on the water. I do not know who, or where, you’ve manage to get as wrong information as that. If you had done a real reseach, you wound see quite easly that, of the scandianvian contries, Norway is probably the less acute case.
    Then, look at the extremist, were do they come from? Well, usualy were there is none, or near to none, education. The extremists are often from por contries, of from por villages. Often they come as refugees, fleeing from war.
    What have happened in Norway, as well as the other Scandinavian contries, is that the intregation of foreginers has faild. That again has made a barrial between SOME Muslims and us Norwegians.
    One thing we Norwegians did in the nineties was to accommodate refugees from Bosnia, in a hotel far up in the moutans. The refugees were supposed to stay there untill the conflict in former youguslavia had stopped. Our politicians fail to see the conflict as a long term situation. The refugees were living on that hotel up to three years, isolated form the world sourounding them. Then suddently they were expected to integrade to the Norwegian society, without knowing anything about Norway.
    If you look at the rape-cases, it accualy was 100% foreigners who were behind those rapes. What nobody deard to talk about, was how meny of thouse who sufferd of war traumas (or post traumatic stress), and what kind of help they’ve got in Norway. If you look at USA, you’ll see it there too, and in USA it’s not only the foreigners who suffer, a whole lot of vets do the same thing!
    This is not an excuse, it more like an explaination of the reason why they do it.
    Some years ago, while I was living in Sweden, I came in contact with a sout-african who moved to Sweden in the early nineties. He told me that he had sufferd so much due to the trauma he had experianced in battles, that he accualy were near to kill a guy who walked behind him once. He started the very first war trauma senter in Europe, located in Stockholm. He said to me; If a contry are to open its borders to refugees, they must understand that they [the foreigners] wil bring problems with them. Such problems the western goverments don’t expect to find – such as post traumatic stress!
    If we in scvandinavia continue to ignore thouse things, it wills eventualy fire back at our selfs. And in my opininon, that’s exactly what happened with the rape cases!
    The whole Christians versus Muslims are based on lack of knowlage, on both sides!
    I’ve been working for seven years as a bouncer at different clubs and pubs in my town, and the only case were therse been a thretning situation with Muslims, does prove my pont (read it here;
    Yeh… by the way, if you are intressed in such, do some reseach about Malmö in Sweden, there you have what you call an “acute case of islamization”.

    • Save your crap for the lefties, Fred. If you type “Norway” or “Sweden” into the Search Box here, you will find countless news stories of the soaring crime and rape rates, and destruction of your societies being caused by muslim immigrants. And the reason they allowed to live is because of idiots like you.

    • Fred,
      Ya do a lotta yakkin’ and spoutin’ off, but one think I notice is, you do NOT provide ONE LINK of outside PROOF for any of you alleged assertions~!
      You evidently are so proud of your “superior” knowledge, that it should be taken without question???
      The only link for information is leading to your own site? That is piss-poor scholarship, indeed, and not even worth following up on~!

  5. Unfortunately, there is not a pro-Western, anti-Islamization politicial party in Norway. Not anymore. The Norwegian Progress Party used to be a real alternative to the pro-Islamist mainstream parties. But all that has changed now: Progress Party, like so many other parties, is now pandering for Muslim vote.

    The translated article from Aftenposten:

    “Progress Party hoping to win the immigrant vote

    According to FrP (The Progress Party) chairman, Siv Jensen, there simply aren’t any valid reasons for immigrants not to vote for the party. Yesterday at the annual conference of the Oslo FrP, she was encouraged by members of the youth party to change her rhetoric in order to attract more voters from the immigrant communities.

    “We need to stop denigrating Islam,” leader of the youth party of the Oslo FrP, Christer Kjølstad said during a debate over which strategy to use in the lead up to the next general election in 2013.

    “There are many immigrants out there who would have voted for us, but have decided not to because we denigrate their religion,” Kjølstad said. He stressed the importance of distinguishing between religion and culture.

    Another representative from the youth party, Siri Ulleberg, continued along the same lines:

    “I was exposed to immigrant cultures in the area where I grew up in Oslo east. I suggest that we organize courses for FrP members in which we teach them the differences between religion and culture. Islam in itself is not dangerous; only extreme Islam is.”

    Trond Hjelmerud from the Southern Nordstrand chapter talked about his own suburb where 98 percent of elementary school students are immigrants.

    “We have no major problems, but our policy on immigration has been unpalatable for many of our new compatriots. We need to start talking to them instead of just talking about them. Many immigrants tell us. ‘Your only goal is to throw us out of the country. You don’t want us here.’”

    Immigration moratorium

    Party leader Siv Jensen also talked about immigrants’ misconceptions about the party. She said that immigrants were constantly told that the Labor Party wished them well, and that the FrP only wished them harm. At the same time she warned against increased immigration, referring to the recent wave of murders in Malmö and the massive integration challenges that the city is facing.

    “We need to have a temporary moratorium on immigration in Oslo. We need time to integrate those who are already here. We need to get this situation under control.”

    “So your message is that the FrP must work harder in order to secure the immigrant vote?”

    “Yes, that is correct. I am very clear that we need to have a strict asylum and immigration policy, and that those who stay here illegally must leave. But at the same time we need to get better at integrating those who live here legally, and there is no reason why they shouldn’t vote for the FrP. Many of them are shopkeepers and self-employed, and they shouldn’t buy into the popular myth about the FrP.”

    “Are you encouraging them to remove the ladder for new immigrants?”

    “No, I’m talking about making the best out of the situation.”

    Doesn’t take it to heart

    Siv Jensen has previously been heavily criticized for referring to “stealth-Islamisation”. But she doesn’t take the criticism from the youth party to change her rhetoric towards Islam to heart.

    “I have always been very clear about the difference between religion and culture in my speeches. I have never denigrated immigrants. What I have talked about is combating repressive and totalitarian forces,” she says.

    After the party’s support was cut in half in the local elections last year, the retrospective examination went far beyond its rhetoric towards Islam. Re-elected leader, Christian Tybring-Gjedde referred to 2011 as an “annus horribilis”.

    “Seven percent of the overall vote in Oslo is terrible and quite frankly embarrassing,” he said.

    Party leader Siv Jensen also talked about attracting more female voters. She reminded the conference that the typical Progress Party voter is a businessman.

    “Highly educated women of my own age find the FrP unappealing,” she said.”

    • Goodbye, I am very saddened to hear that, especially in light of the fact that anti-Islam parties seem to be gaining momentum in other countries of Europe.

      • Yep. And it’s pretty weird that in Norway, the right-wing (!) youth are in favor of Islam. You know, everywhere else especially young people oppose Islam.

  6. Follow the bags of money that have arrive in the mail bags.Look for the off shoes accounts, aliases and so and you will see where and how your libs. have been bought of.

  7. Ofcourse they havent learnt anything from breivick! The media didnt gave him a chance.
    When have they broadcasted or published his manifesto? They closed the case quickly, labelled him “crazy” so the general population would dismiss the happening as the action of a lunatic. There was nowhere to be found the explanation on what was the camp about, what drove him to do it… nothing! How can the world learn from something that has been silenced?

    • Completely true. If the British people were allowed to bear arms – like it entitles us to in the Bill of Rights – the government would be far more considerate of the democratic majorities opinions.

    • Sadly this can be soley placed at the door steps of the E.U. being dhimmized during the supposed oil shortages in 1972, look at the treaties they all signed to continue the flow of oil products into their country, it was the immigration issue the arabs made to render their problem children, the E.U’s problem, in the non-p/c statement, we allow you to let our problem children and their cult, to enter your nations, we give back to you the opportunity to buy our oil.

  8. Every country this evil ideology migrates to and colonises,is blackened and ruined ,it is happening -everywhere-because we are allowing it to happen ,all migration should be stopped -now,they control by threats and fear,we must stand up to them,stop building mosques ,no to Sharia,and those who ingraite themselves to Islam, this once beautiful country Sweden has been destroyed by this doctrine of -jihad and hate,we musn’t let it happen to -our countries.

  9. Please, please, anyone. How can we stop Muslim immigration into our country when our Senators, Representatives, and President will not listen?

    All I get from them is “This has always been a country of immigration.” Both Republicans and Democrats.

    That’s like telling smokers they should continue because they always have smoked. Meanwhile, the major cause of lung cancer is smoking. We see people dying from it everyday. Yea, go ahead and smoke because you always have.

    We see the government warning us about homegrown terrorism, but let’s bring more Muslims in so we can have more homegrown terrorism. Let’s bring them in so they change our culture, our government, take away our freedoms.

    It makes no logical sense. How can they be so blind?

    • Barbara, wed have to elect somebody like Allen West. But even with him, I doubt we could stop all muslim immigration into this country, but he would kick out all the Muslim Brotherhood groups like CAIR.

  10. If Norwegians are that cowardly and stupid, why not let them die out? Is this not Darwinism in action? Why would we want to keep such a pathetic breed of people around?

    • Kevin,
      I know where you are coming from but it is not the normal citizen of Norway that is the root cause of their immigration problem. The leadership of Norway are at fault for being traitors to their own genetic race, their proud history and culture. When darwinism occurs it will the removal of native leaders to Muslim leaders – and the general population WILL be up in arms at this.

  11. And America is not far behind !!
    I hope I never see one of these butchers, male or female, I would immediately and rapidly move away from them just as I would with any other rabid animal.
    Sad to see the destruction of a formerly beautiful Country.
    Guess they need a good sweeping out of their politicians as we in America do.
    Time to get the trash out of the w.h., House and Senate – dems, dinos, rinos and gonadless repubs. NEEDED sane, ethical leaders in all formely free Nations.

  12. Mr.Breivik is starting to sound less crazy and hateful than Norway’s politicians.

    Next they will post a sign :
    Welcome to Noristan.
    Check in for welfare is on the left
    Rape our daughters line forms on the right.

  13. We hear another voice crying in the (Norwegian) wilderness, speaking revolutionary truth in their time of universal deceit (taqiyya: Divine deceit to advance Allah’s will).

  14. My grandparents came from Norway….It makes me sick to see this happening. What in hell is going on? Why do ALL the Western civilized countries continue to let this happen?
    Obama and his ilk are pushing this in America as well and True American citizens are being treated like third-hand citizens….right behind Illegal Aliens and Muslims. I have have had e-F*CKing nough!
    The far left in the USA are so F***ing blind they can’t see the our country will be destoyed from the inside in short order if we allow this to continue. I for one am not ready to allow this gutting of America. Better watch out what you wish for left-tards. It will most certainly bit you on your ass….and you will eventually lose your heads!

    • Money comes to mind and oil that is badly needed in countries without the resource of its own. Norway is snow bound for much of the year and they would freeze without it. Why else would any sane person on the planet have Muslims in their country.

      • Therese, actually, Norway has a huge supply of oil of their own. They are not beholden to the Middle East for anything.

  15. Koran 33.59 authorizes rape of unveiled women.

    The Koran is the only sacred text of any religion that authorizes rape.

    The Islamic veil is a symbol of jihad and the Stockholm Syndrome in brainwashed Moz women.

  16. Norway, along with Sweden and the rest of the liberal, appeasing European countries will get what they deserve and I could care less.Get slapped and turn the other cheek and wait for the next one. Maybe the muzzies are actually smarter than these liberal,effeminate wimps.

  17. My god…you see these muslims on boats, looking desperate, coming to westernized countries for safety, trying to get away from the laws of their land, that ONLY follows islam and sharia, then the minute they touch land, the koran comes out, and all these laws surrounding muslims come out to play, which are then forced on everyone around them. And to get their point across even more, they start demonstrating, and taking away the peace and quiet of the country, replacing it will hatred, demands and cruel torturous beliefs…
    What amazes me, is, if WE can all see what is going on, why can’t the Governments of these countries- including my own see it?
    Before 911, I didn’t take much notice of muslims. I very rarely saw any to be honest where i live.
    Now, the place is crawling with them, and this is in just a little over 10 years! If the Governments do not put their foot down soon, and open their eyes- they are going to be hauled out of their position of Government, and some smelly, hairy goat man cleric will be sitting in their chair……

    • Unfortunately Wendy, governments will not put their foot down, this much is painfully apparent. Those who will put their fut down will be people, but this unfortunately probably not before wars have broken out.

      I get into constant arguments nowadays with people whose heads are buried in the sand, and who are refusing to face facts. I tell them loud and clear that I personally hold them -and the traitors in charge- responsible for the days when I will have to go fight to preserve/reclaim what is rightfully ours, because people like them and those in charge would not/refused to act to prevent this from happening.

      Long gone are the days I was hoping I’d never in my lifetime would have to take arms and defend my country. War is coming and there will be no surrender, no retreat.

      Damn you dhimmis, traitors and appeasers! Fuck it people, WAKE UP!!!!

      • Keep that powder dry, Alain, you are not alone in this thinking. We WILL hold all those who are responsible for these treasonist actions to account. They know NOT of what they are doing. I guess after a few of them don’t make it back home to the nightly dinner table, maybe then, they will take notice, they have been repeatedly warned, with no concerns of the welfare of it’s people, who are they going to blame for this, why of course, the PATRIOTS, i.e us so called suspected terrorist as mentioned by our own government. Semper Fi. Brother, like I said keep it dry and at the ready. Their intentions are not in line with ours, those who would make slaves of us are the only ones who lose in the end. History is a replete with such examples.

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