OH NO! Those ‘evil, apartheid-imposing’ Israelis are at it again

Totally ignored and unreported by the pro-Muslim Western media, Israeli doctors and hospitals continue to give free life-saving medical treatment to Palestinian children and teenagers who often come from areas extremely hostile to Israel.

Israel Today  As they do on a daily basis, Israeli doctors provided free medical treatment that saved the life of a 12-year-old Palestinian Arab girl from Gaza who had a serious heart defect.

In a press release publihshed this week, Rambam Medical Center in Haifa revealed that young Aya Almasal actually died while en route from Gaza to the northern Israel port city.

Having suffered from unexplained and sudden bouts of unconsciousness her entire life, “Aya set out for Rambam to treat this problem… [but] upon leaving Gaza, she felt ill and her situation steadily deteriorated,” read the release. “As the girl neared Rambam, her heart stopped working and she was, in effect, dead.”

Israeli medics and doctors managed with great effort to resuscitate their young Arab patient and implant a life-saving pacemaker. Aya was later diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome, a birth defect that causes irregular and rapid heart rate, and prevents blood from reaching the brain, resulting in a sudden loss of consciousness.

After a month of treatment and close monitoring, Aya was discharged last Thursday “standing on her own two feet” and ready to return home and start life anew.

Rambam Medical Center alone treats hundreds of Arab children and youth from across the Middle East on an humanitarian basis ever year. The hospital noted that “a number of Palestinian patients are currently at the [Pediatric Cardiology] department, among them a three-week old infant scheduled for heart surgery, and a 40-day old baby who needs a stent procedure.”

And Rambam is far from the only Israeli hospital that provides such care to its “enemies.” A group of Israeli surgeons donate their time to a humanitarian organization called “Save a Child’s Heart” that has provided life-saving surgery to well over 2,000 Arab children to date.

United with Israel While the Palestinian people have been celebrating terrorism and the murder of innocent children recently, Israel has been quietly saving the lives of countless Muslim & Christian children in its state of the art hospitals.

The video below tells the heart warming story about two-year-old Wallah Omar from Gaza City who recently finished an exhausting series of radiation treatments at Haifa’s Rambam Hospital. Seeing the recovery of this young Arab girl in the hands of Jewish Israeli doctors can’t help but bring a smile to your face.

It is also interesting to note that the girl’s father says that he knew from the start that the Israelis would provide his daughter with excellent care.