THAILAND: Muslims in the South are slaughtering Buddhists in order to ethnically cleanse the area (WARNING: Graphic Images)

Muslims account for a mere 4.6% of population, yet have been spreading fear among the indigenous Buddhists of the region, using violence and brutality. They have resorted to the random killing of Buddhists, including school teachers and Buddhist monks.

(Photos below are of Muslim beheadings, burnings, hackings, and dismemberings of innocent Thai citizens)

SINHALE  Muslim separatists have increasingly and openly rallied against the central government of Thailand, accusing it of ethnic-religious bias, discrimination and corruption. A brutal attack on a Buddhist temple in the town of Pattani in 2005 is seen as an attempt by militants to deepen the religious divide between Muslims and Buddhists in Thailand’s deep South.

Although separatist violence has occurred for decades in the southern region, the campaign escalated in 2004. Over 4300 lives have been lost since the year 2004 owing to Islamic insurgency.  Buddhist monks have been beheaded, children killed and civilians attacked. More than 500 people have been killed in 2004 in three southern Thai provinces. Massive killings occurred throughout the mid to late 2000s and as of 2010, nearly 4,000 people had been killed due to insurgent violence.

The death toll has increased to 2,579 by mid-September 2007 and surpassed 3000 in March 2008. By the end of 2010, insurgency-related violence had increased.  In the first few weeks of January in 2011 nine Buddhists have been killed in Southern Thailand by Islamic terrorists.  In a separate attack four members of Thai armed forces have been killed. Many Buddhists have left their traditional home in Southern Thailand in order to escape the ongoing Islamic insurgency.

Southern Thailand resembles modern day Afghanistan and Somalia because in both these nations the radical Sunni Islamists show their extreme intolerance of other faiths. In addition to Buddhists, moderate Muslims are also being killed by radical Sunni Islamic fanatics of Southern Thailand. The methodology of killing is intended to spread fear to all who oppose the Islamization of Southern Thailand.
.Professor Thitinan Pongsudhirak, a Professor of International Relations at Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University says “The gruesome fashion of beheadings of Buddhists by Muslim assailants … is not normal violence…” “it is driven by deep animosity and hatred.” Muslim extremists believe that violence, including killing civilians, is justified as a means to restore sharia or Islamic law and maintain Islamic cultural identity. According to the adherents of this brand of Islamist activism, they are engaged in a jihad or a holy struggle against Islam’s enemies, including even fellow Muslims who have abandoned what the extremists view as “true” Islam.
In the last decade, there has been evidence that Islamic institutions of foreign Muslim nations have been involved in promoting Islamic radicalization and the doctrine of Islamic Jihad in Thailand. Thai authorities knew for quite some time that many Muslim Thai activists had been to overseas Islamic schools, where they came under influence of hard-line Muslim teachers. Some were reported to have joined the jihad against the Soviet Army in Afghanistan and returned to Thailand as extremists.

This brand of Islamist extremism is not a new phenomenon. The basic sentiment of today’s Muslim extremists has flourished in the Islamic world for decades. In recent decades the newfound wealth of the oil-rich Middle Eastern Islamic countries and massive immigration of Muslims to the West, Islamic fundamentalism has been on the rise and the dormant spirit of Jihadism has been rekindled once again.

Overall, it is clear that elements within Southern Thailand desire a non-Buddhist land. The younger generation of Muslims are being brainwashed against Buddhists. This hatred and alienation of the younger generation began after many studied at international universities throughout the Middle East. Funding from the Middle East is being used to spread radical Sunni Islamic versions of Islam.

Although the hidden war in Southern Thailand by radical Sunni Islamists is being aimed at moderate Muslims and Buddhists alike,  the Buddhists it is feared face complete annihilation and one day Southern Thailand may end up like Afghanistan, Central Asia, and other areas which once had thriving Buddhist communities.

History reveals vividly how Muslims invaded many former Buddhist countries and subjugated their people subjecting them to extreme forms of violence and untold misery unless people converted to Islam. There have been problems of a varied nature in all countries where Muslims form a minority.  Indonesia and Malaysia were Buddhist countries at a certain time in history.

With Muslim invasions most of the Buddhists in these places were either killed or converted to Islam. More recently in 2001, in the name of Islam, the Taliban destroyed the world renowned monumental Bamiyan Buddha statues built in the 6th century, citing that these were ‘idols’ which are forbidden under Sharia law in Islam. These actions show disrespect, disregard and sheer indifference towards people of other religions. Such attitudes do not allow any community to assimilate with other communities, especially with mainstream communities in countries where they live as a minority.


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  1. Hi, I am an Indian and my religion is Hindu, Muslim problem is same all over world, actually Muslims have fix kind of mindset and their Mosques are main center of evil teaching, every friday they get evil teaching in Mosque, you can compare Muslims with living dead people. Any Muslim who regularly goes to Mosque can not be your friend or he can be easily converted to Jehadi. I have seen a lot of communal violence in my childhood as there were communal clashes every year in my city. unless and Until muslims are small in number they live peacefully but once they become around 20% of population they start to show their true color. So do not allow Muslims to grow in number and i request entire world to unite against this global jehad problem

    • I know some muslims with islamic religion. Some of them are good people. And according to them killing is one of the sins in their religion. In my opinion only, these violent people or demons are using islamic religion for their violence. Some of them might brain wash by their leaders. Who knows who are the true people behind this group… But i call them demons for sure.

      It is in my opinion only, all that is happening here in the world is part of our karma. We have some faults why these things happen. My basis for this is the teachings of Hare Krishna Movement. I’m not a teacher but just an ordinary reader and believer of this teaching. They teach about God and why this things happen..

      I also respect all religions cause the main purpose of religion is to love God, whoever your God is 😊…

      Wish of Peace, love and happiness to all.. Hare Krsna!

  2. I’m a Thai citizen, and Buddhist.I was lived in Pattani province but now I live in Chonburi far from that province, as much as I can say now is Muslims are still killing
    many Buddhists even monks.That’s why I cannot live in my hometown anymore, most of people in my country aware of this terror. Muslims are driving out Buddhists from our home as they did a thousand year before.They came from Middle-East and landed on the deep south of Thailand as that time there were only Buddhists in the region, and they had did the things as they doing present day.They forced Buddhist to commit Islam by threatening and killing therefor that region became Muslims Kingdom under Sultans governed but finally Buddhists from the other places in Thailand came to the region, fight back and reclaimed the authoritative powers, even Buddhists never forced them to commit our religion, but Muslims are never appreciate our kindheartedness.

  3. On the world have two extremism one is best.Another one is worst.And like this have two kinds of people one is bad another one is good depends on kindness and honest.

  4. Yes I know.In rakhine state most of muslims kill buddhists(jihad) to do islamic state in burma and then they unite with bingledish.Moreover they will kill all of buddhists in myanmar. If so myanmar will be the islamic land.But I don’t mean all of muslims like that.For me “WE ARE ONE!”.

  5. My name Gangsar, I’m Muslim and live in Indonesia… we are about 200.000.000 Muslim in Indonesia, and about 3.000.000 Buddhist, 15.000.000 Christians, 5.000.000 Catholics, 4.000.000 Hindu, and about 5.000.000 others… The Muslims also live together with all and give joy life for all of them.. nice life together…

  6. Well, Hello. I’m Thai and I’m a buddism. I’m 17 years old, living in Phuket. I have many islamic friends but they are not bad people. In fact, most of them are really really nice! Muslims and Buddhism people outside of southern Thailand live together peacefully… we love each other. I don’t think the problems in the south is 100% because of religions. Because most of students are in the same school. (so when they died, they died together, so…) We don’t really hate each other because of religion. I think they might have a politics reasons or some fucked up reasons for that.

    But it’s just my opinion. I mean…Thai Southern area are pretty scary for all of us. My friend’s dad who’s a policeman have to go there. And my friend, who is muslim, cried with me and said that she doesn’t want her father to go. I feel sorry for her. I also feel grateful that my father is still with me. So please, don’t say that all muslim people are bad. Most of them are not. When you come to Thailand, you could see that in the market, many ladies who sell food are Muslim. And they have pretty smile.

    (sorry for my bad english language)

    • There is no such thing as a “moderate Muslim”. At best, those who don’t believe in the Islamist jihad laid out by the so-called prophet Mohammed are hypocrites; those who follow the teachings of Islam blindly are a deadly danger that anyone with even half a brain cell’s worth of common sense knows needs to be exterminated to extinction.

      I pray you never have to find out the truth of this the hard way.

    • I lived in Thailand for 30 years and I saw what is really going on down south…the report is true….but the media rarely report anything as graphic as this article. That is why southern Thais are so unaware of what’s going on unless they actually live in the 3 southern provinces.

      Phuket is a long way from the trouble spot, so this young person can be forgiven for being so unaware of the problems.

    • hi man. i’m french, from france. i can ensure you that all muslims are the same. what all muslims dream about, is a muslim world. this includes thailand, too. everywhere on earth, muslims invade our free countries. they shit on democracy, and freedom is evil stuff for them. human rights? it’s all crap for them. the only laws they want to respect, in the end, is the ones from their god, not the ones from humans. you can believe what you want, but if your muslim friends are so cool, just think about it: if some day there is a public vote, what will they vote? they will go for sharia, or they will go for democracy?

      in france, these so-called “moderated” muslims wanted us to take our christian crosses off our own schools. we said “ok”. but now, what they want? muslim clothes in school and halal food for everyone. when they’re majoritary in a school, they want exclusively halal food in schools, muslim scarves for teachers and for kids. see, a moderated muslim is just a moderated extremist waiting for the day where they can turn the country into an islamist conquest.

      you want to know what’s their plan with thailand, your country? in the south, when they will be majoritary some day, they will all raise and cut the country into two. north will be buddhist, south will be a new islamic country. because the kuran doesnt recognize any geographic country for the muslim expansion. your place, is THEIR place. if they come, you have to move or “disappear”.

      your friends are friendly, because they know that in the end, they will have thailand. if thais doesnt make kids because of a lack of work or money, did you noticed that muslims do always more and more kids? kuran says “the victory will come from the wombs of our womens”. it means that they will outnumber any country they go with birth rate.

      just think about it: did you ever heard of gentle and kind (lol) muslims attacking muslim terrorists to defend islam from being used by these “wrong” muslims? no. moderated muslims and terrorists are the same, they have the same goal: a muslim planet under sharia law.

    • Hello, Friend my name is Zimyd Malyang and I am from india and we live here mix community as well. As you said that all muslim are not bad right? Yeah even we know that but when ever they get once pull from their background they instance change according how they have tough him.

  7. What about muslim slaughtering in Burma by budhist mobs. Have you seen the pictures of these crimes? Of course not cause it does not surve the objective of this disgusting website? How about Palestinians, Syrians, Irakis or Afghanies that have been killed by western countries or countries supporting these governments. Look at the history of christianity and how killing of others was done. Spreading hatred will only make things worse. Everyone is guilty in a way or another.

    • Truth, I have many stories and videos about how Buddhists are finally fighting back against muslim scourge in their country. Just enter “MYANMAR” in the search box here and you’ll see the truth that the media isn’t reporting. We support the Buddhists here.

    • Long before the crusades of europeans, when muhammad started islam, muslims killed and made slave over 500 mil christians in the east. All the east was in that time christianian. They made with them things, that are more scary then in fotos. There is one thing in their philosofy – if you are not muslim, you must to become muslim or die, i think that this is facizm and we must to end them or they end us. We will fight with it. Hello from Russia!

    • that’s bull, people all over the world live together. It is only where Muslims are that you have these problems. The Buddhists in Burma and Sri Lanka and the Christians in CAR are simply defending themselves. The Saudis are sending missionaries all over the world to stir up Muslims against the infidels. Why is it that 90+ % of the conflicts on this planet today involve Muslims?

  8. Man someone should nuke all the Muslims( no offense ) even Muslims call there own religion a killing religion..xd they craze someone should go killed all cause this is far too enough and no I’m not Buddhist I’m Christian, and Muslims hate us and kill us also mostly in our untried with more Muslims in it like the middle east.. But dint matter cuz if u are slaughter for not denying JESUS Christ u will go to Heaven..

  9. The top photo is shakes me to the core- what kind of human being can cut the heat off of a child???????? And Muslims usually do it with a dull knife to make it slow and painful,

  10. if this is what religion is about i don’t want to know we have to find a way to stop this from happening as we all have the right to live our lives in peace

  11. Islam and brutality are synonyms. They are creating havoc in India as well. The world is at danger of loosing civilised behaviour in lieu of uncivilised Islam.

  12. Why aren’t this pictures & news on CNN & BBC ?!! Why isn’t Obama out to save them, like he wanted to do in Syria ?! Why isn’t the UN preaching all about it? It’s clearly an amateur fake page & u know it .. Or else answer my questions .. If u wanna hate others, just go ahead and hate them, don’t look for excuses .

    • Nana, everything in this site is linked back to the original source. I create nothing except the headlines and short commentary. These stories are not shown on CNN, NBC, because they don’t have the guts to show the truth about Islam. But thanks to the internet, millions of people are now learning about what they otherwise would not get to see.

    • Are you really that dumb? Of course you are, it is obvious and of the same worthless, oft repeated and therefore ineffective mantra of ignorant muslims worldwide, that fairytale of actually thinking we get our information from the mainstream Western media. Really now? How stuck on stupid and totally unimaginative you islamotards are to even think that the media spreads anti-muslim hatred when we constantly criticize the media for it’s complicity in hiding newsworthy stories of muslim barbarity and murder. You idiots just don’t get it! THE MEDIA IS PRO-MUSLIM! From the BBC to CNN! PRO-MUSLIM!

      Sure enough, just like usual, one of us will comment on our media’s silence or twisting of the details on some muslim misdeed, and along comes one of you muslim imbeciles, obliviously making stupid references about us non-muslims believing alleged “anti-muslim propaganda” purportedly “invented” by our own Media outlets such as MSNBC or CNN. Are you really that stupid and uncreative? Yes, you are, and I love it! Why? Because you prove our point, quite faithfully, I may add, about muslim’s latent, inbred, stupidity and cognitive dissonance, so please, by all means, make your petty, stupid comments because this blog gets tens of thousands of hits daily. That’s a whole lotta eyes reading these stories and YOUR insane, ungrounded in reality comments to them, further proving the validity of our cause, and far better than our own words could possibly convey. There is a reason why BNI doesn’t ban most comments from muslims, it is because you muslims are so stupid as to be your own undoing, your own worse enemy, and if you need further proof of that, just go on youtube and watch some of those qurbani/bakri videos MADE BY MUSLIMS of muslims sacrificing cows, goats, sheep, and camels by cruel, painfully-slow “halal” methods, and read the comments below posted by shocked, horrified non-muslims, as well as the uneducated, retarded comments made by muslims in response.

      Really now? Keep the stupid comments coming so we can have something to laugh at, and know you this, even if muslims were actually lucky enough to fulfill Islam’s “great commission” or “manifest destiny” by conquering the world for “dar al-islam, you’ll only end up destroying it within a short space of time. Why? Because you’re too stupid to run it!

      With kind regards, (sarc)

      Pan Aaronowski

      “Amor Patriae Nostra Lex”

    • Here in America the conspiracy theory is many people believe Obama is a closet Muslim,I don,t know if Obama is a Muslim but his support for Muslims is well documented,no one can deny he supported the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt,he has also funneled money threw Turkey to radical Muslims in Syria,untold amounts of money have been spent on fixing mosques in America with tax payer money.Even schools in N.Y have passed laws to make sure Muslim students are eating observant foods in the public schools,funny thing is no laws have been passed to make sure Orthodox Jews have observant menus nor any other minority for that matter.Obama has been nothing short of a complete disaster for America ,the main stream media might as well change their name to the Tass news agency.The Democratic Party is now the democratic socialist Marxist party of America,the Republican Party is now the liberal Democratic Party and the Tea party is American Conservative party which if you are a member of your labeled a terrorist and racist.So when it comes right down to it if your for the constitution and freedom and support the tea party extreme liberals want you jailed or worse lined up on a wall and shot.I,m just one person with the opinion that the war with Muslims is being lost here in America,we are the most indebted country in the history of civilization,we are country that’s lost it’s moral fiber,that elects officials who,s only interest is to remain in power and become rich career politicians.history always repeats itself we are Rome and we are burning.

  13. Muzzie mutts, just how in the heck does fighting for your religion in any way justify those horrific killings of children as shown in this video!? Any religion that would do and/or condone such base & lowlife acts like that are surely of the devil, not God!

  14. Namoo Buddhay to all Buddhist.
    It is wrong to fear from Muslim or from any other. Buddhas Teaching says us to Protect others & to Protect ourself for this we need to to do WAR & Violence with other, So its not matter if any one dead or alive. Buddhas Teaching says we need to violent to Protect Buddhism, Buddhas Teaching, & Buddhist all over the world. So we killed all anti Buddhist activities for the protection of Buddhist.

    Jai Bhim
    Namoo Buddhay…../\………..

  15. Cnn and wikipedia? Wiki? Seriously? Even anti-jihadists who quote wiki are not credible. LOL


    Disagree with Cnn and wiki.

    Best not to get your info from the terrorist apologists at loon watch who love to half quote FBI statistics and fail to mention that the “majority of domestic terrorist attacks,” that they claim prove that islam is responsible for fewer attacks, are property damage, unpermited protests, and verbal assaults. They also fail to mention that the islamic terror attacks are bombings, stabbings, shootings and all manner of carnage intended to kill people. So they compare the statistics of apples and 3000 pound purple gorillas.

    And all that non sequitur bs about how lovely mohammadans are is just that: it does not follow your “logic” because every single terror attack within the West in the past 12 years, including the ones that were stopped before they could be started, were carried out by “lovely,” affluent, educated mohammadans. It is also clear from your cut and paste job those statistics are only for 400 mohammadans with testicles. Seriously, you’re not proving anything other than mohammadans and their leftist apologist whores are incapable of thoroughly thinking through what they are cutting and pasting as “proofs.”

    Affluence and education or the lack thereof do not cause terrorism. Ideologies and assholes cause terrorism. mohammadans are assholes with a terrible ideology.

    • Oh yes, pam, you must just wring in your hands in grief at the disparaging and angry words that are equally as bad as the whole scale slaughter of Thai Buddhists at the hands of mohammadans for the purposing of creating a separate mohammadan state within Thailand.

      How thoughtful of you to point out that angry words directed at those who commit these atrocious acts or defend them, lie for them and make excuses for them are just as deadly, barbaric and savage as the beheading of Thai children. /Sarc

      And you leftist loons can’t figure out why people who have a grasp of true equivalency wouldn’t piss on you birkenstock clad brats if you were on fire.

    • Pam, you are a vile and disgusting individual with deeply skewered moral bearings that cross over into the realm of abject cowardice. Take your sanctimonial dissonance and shove it up your ass sideways!

      • Your idea of blind patriotism to whatever pseudo-religious theory concerning the death cult of Islam is invalid. She didn’t say she was neglecting the thousands that died in these god forsake acts. She doesn’t endorse the people here trying to attack ISLAM not the people who did this. These people aren’t Muslim. Don’t try to put them in a category even near me. I’m a true Muslim. I pray, do zakat, hopefully hajj, and all that embodies Islam. Killing is not Islam. Killing is barbaric, futile and causes pain.

        • Abdul, don’t try to sell us that crap. You follow the same teachings as the terrorists do. And they are the best muslims because they are following Mohammed’s commands to kill all the unbelievers. Islam is a death cult, not a religion.

    • Abdul Rat, “These people aren’t muslim.” Yea, that’s what you all say about muslims that actually do follow the precepts of islam. I’m calling bullshit on you Mr. Rat, we’ve heard exactly that for so long from muslims only a hair breadth away from being full-on murderous thugs, just waiting for the right signal to start practicing what real islam preaches. I’m not putting these thugs in the same category as you. I’m putting you in the same category as them, a muslim swine scrotum.

      Now piss off jerk!

      • Totally agree with you Randy63ism …. all muslims are oxygen thieves and in time to come will be mainly eliminated to a point where their satanic religion islam will be a by word while dogs and pigs piss on deserted mosques.

      • Ron, even though it likely won’t happen in my lifetime, I still can’t wait for that time to come when there will no longer be muslims and their empty mosques crumble to dust.

  16. Its funny how everyone is bad mouthing people through the internet. Good job folks. Instead of doing that and cursing out religions and making generalizations about Muslims, Jews, Christians, we should instead try and see that radicals exist in every religion and that they are the ones we should point our hate at, whether they are Muslim, Christians, Jews, Hindus, any religion. All Ive read is a bunch of misdirected hatred and stubbornness which I call ignorance.

    You can spend hours bad mouthing people and religions, instead why don’t you try and make a difference. Create relief efforts, help the innocent survive across the world. This has become a religion debate which well NEVER go anywhere.

    Religion and color are excuses people use to differentiate each other, when in actuality, we should learn to respect people’s beliefs and cultures and learn to grow from them. Islam is changing, people just don’t see that because\ they see radicals and think “Oh no, we need to get rid of them and they cant be helped.” That is not true. Read the book “Three Cups of Tea” by Greg Mortenson. A christian man helped change the world and make an Islamic place in Pakistan become a better place. Religions and cultures can coincide. Its fear that separates us. Radicals will always be there. We have to make them weaker by showing them that we’ll together stay strong.

    Some of you people should be very ashamed of yourselves. There are 1000:1 good people to bad people for every religion and every culture. You’re basing whole population of people on the 0.1 percent

    Every religion and culture has the right to exist. We all exist as humans at the end of the day don’t we. These killings are inexcusable and we should take our hatred on these radicals who use religion as an excuse to kill people. We shouldnt hate muslims because thats how it all starts. We have to be better than that.

    • Cam, we ARE making a difference. Now over 40 million people here know the truth about Islam, which is not a religion but a death cult using ‘religion’ as a front.

      0.1% of Muslims are bad? Guess again, Skippy. Even the Saudis put the number at 10@, and that’s only the violent ones. The cultural jihadist, a far bigger threat than the terrorists, are in the hundreds of millions if not more.

    • Yes, kumbaya, you’re right. People do use religion to differentiate between others. mohammadans do that every time they refuse to respect the values of “the others (non mohammadans)” in whose countries they are squatting. Every bagheaded bitch in the West is declaring that she is different (better) than the non-mohammadans.

      As for “radicals” in all religions. Really? And your ratio of 1000 to 1, where did you get all that? Out of your ass? But let’s talk about radicals. mohammad, the cretin who cursed the world with islam was a kiddy-f*cking, caravan raiding, sexual slave owning, raping, murdering war monger. Now please explain to us how creatures who believe that mohammad was a “mercy on mankind” and the “ideal man” and strive very hard to emulate him are *not* themselves “radicals?”

      While you’re at please find a personality, a central character, a founder or creator of all these other beliefs you claim have as many “radicals” as islam, who is equally as radical and repulsive as mohammad.

      Until you can produce the evidence of these equally repulsive religious characters you are just another leftist twit spouting not facts but emotional (im)moral equivalencies. Don’t they teach you in the indoctrination mills that tu quoque is a logical fallacy? An intellectually weak and childish one at that.

        • Andrew, there are more than 22,000 of those attacks as my readers can see here everyday in the sidebar. Istanbul Chick has forgotten more about Islam than you’ll ever know in a lifetime. So drop the attitude.

        • What is it with you mucking forons and *not* reading my actual posts? Had you taken the time to read my post instead of just reading my moniker you would have to be a total nitwit to not understand that I am not a mohammadan. Also, for your information, I often do a quick click to thereligionofpeace when I can’t remember the ayat or surah of mein kuranmpf because I know they will have the correct info. Oh and FYI it would be Constantinople_Chick, not Byzantium_Chick. Unfortunately, I did not live in Constantinople among Byzantium Christians. I lived in Istanbul surrounded by Turkish mohammadans.

          Thank you Bonni for having my back.

        • Oh, and I missed this:

          “…10,000 or so jihad attacks since 9/11.”

          Try 20000 deadly jihad attacks since 9/11, jackass.

    • @Cambridge,

      Interesting that you cite a now questionable book, whose author Greg Mortenson has allegedly been discredited along with his foundation on the American news program 60 Minutes.

      If you are going to cite books to support Islam and how books can make the world “a better place,” why not use ‘Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books’ by Iranian author and professor Azar Nafisi to illustrate your point?

      I mean I get it, how can you argue it’s just a few radicals when an entire country and it’s regime endorse harassment, terror, violence, rape and imprisonment against people who as you say, “have the right to exist” that Nafisi’s book exposes?

      Quite frankly, you are a naive fool and you are a danger for the rest of us.

      There is no hate here. Only prudence and wisdom based upon first hand experiences of having the misfortune of living in either Muslim countries or around large numbers of Muslims for many of us.

      But, good luck with your delusions at least you get to believe that your warm and fuzzy feelings identify you as being “better then that.” However, for many of us sticking our head in a book is a luxury we have been denied as the ugliness of Islam intrudes upon us in our daily lives.

    • Cambridge, this is gonna be short because frankly, I’m not in the mood to be generous with my time to an absolute moron, but anybody who would speak of Greg Mortenson and his book at a time when Pakistani churches are being bombed and people are being killed by muslims, with the latest example only being a few days ago, has to be at least a little lacking in common sense, along with a heaping dose of mental health issues because you are just not grounded in reality. The world is what it is, and no amount of subjective wishful thinking on your part or anybody else’s part is going to change anything for the better. In fact, it will only serve to enable the evil and help it spread. Why do you think the Buddhist monks in Myanmar are doing something about the muslims in their midst? The muslims who rape their womenfolk? Could it possibly be that they are earnestly trying to prevent their country and culture from being destroyed and islamised like every other country muslims spread their cult of rabid hatred into? Why is it that a sizeable amount of the world’s faith traditions seem to have a problem with the Islamic faith, or rather, why does islam have a problem with all other religions they come in contact with? Simple, they’re supremacists pure and simple, and extremely chauvinistic towards all other religions, and they have a birthrate higher than anybody else.

      Really now, who do you think you are trying to fool with your relativist garbage about extremists in religions other than islam? Well, here’s a heaping dose of relativity for you to ponder upon, “Every action causes an equal and opposite reaction.” I would say the muslims in Myanmar are reaping the bad harvest they themselves have sown.

      Boy, karma’s a bitch, isn’t it?

    • @Cambridge. Pardon me? You said, and I quote: “Every religion and culture has the right to exist.”
      The Satanic followers of Islam are INSTRUCTED to KILL ALL infidels?
      You, @Cambridge, are the epitome of EVERYTHING that is WRONG with the civilized Western Societies’ response to this VERY THREAT to the very existence and future of Mankind.
      (Please note: I resisted the urge @Cambridge to call you a STUPID F@CKER)

  17. @Istanbul_Chick

    You really have to learn how to read dear. You react to things i’m not saying. You read it how you want it to be and then react by spewing out hatred.
    You are also very immature. As soon as someone disagrees with your narrow minded idea about muslims you don’t argue with evidence or valid point. You immediately resort to name calling and accusing people of being left, liberal or whatever.
    Since you don’t seem to understand I will try to put it in simpler terms.

    There are 3 mono theisms. Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
    All 3 have a book. Torah, Bible, Qur’an
    All 3 books have good things in them and bad things in them
    Only a small percentage takes their book as literal truth (these could potentially be the bad guys)
    For majority faith is a personal thing, they keep it to themselves (these would be the normal people)
    Something in the past associated with the religion is no basis to hate all

    Hope you understand now although the bubble you live in probably won’t allow you to understand.

    On a side note. Do most of you here that scream outrage and want to eliminate all muslims realise that that includes children and women. Nah what am I thinking, irony is lost on most of you.

    • Ok, one last time for you you obtuse nitwit. Judaism and Christianity have nothing to do with the violence of islam. Period. That is a *LOGICAL FALLACY.* What part of that do you not get. It has no bearing on the topic at hand or this thread. The tu quoque fallacy is the most childish of fallacies. You keep repeating “you too, you too, you too!” It does not support your claim that the vast majority of mohammadans are peaceful little kittens and kumbaya bullshit about faith being personal and misinterpreted. It shows that you have no provable evidence that islam and mohammadans are peaceful.

      I do not require evidence to point out that you keep regurgitating a fallacy. A fallacy is a fallacy.

      Also, you dimwitted dipshit there are more than three “mono theisms.” Talk about living in a bubble. But what do I expect from an idiot that keeps repeating a logical fallacy like it’s emperical evidence?

      You are the one who fails to comprehend anything.

      What part of *all muslims believe mohammad was a mercy upon mankind* do you not understand? They are as insane as clowns who believe Charles Manson is a prophet. Without mohammad there is no islam so you can’t divorce modern mohammadans who revere and emmulate mohammdad from some vague “Something in the past associated with the religion is no basis to hate all.”

      Hating mohammadans is based on their present belief that a kiddy-f*cking, woman-hating, caravan-raiding, murderous supremacist psychopath was an “ideal man.” People who believe that are not “normal.” What is this childish repetitious mantra of “normal?”

      It is on you to provide evidence that anyone who believes mohammad is the “ideal man” and a “mercy upon mankind” is “normal.” Bringing up “bad things” in the only other two “mono theisms” your logically challenged brain is aware of is not proof. Bringing up the “bad things” in *any* belief system does not prove that mohammadans are “normal.” Throwing out the “they keep it to themselves” bullshit is just that: bullshit. It does not prove that they are “normal.” It only proves they keep their insane beliefs in their head. Child molestors keep their beliefs to themselves as well. And rapists and murderers and racists.

      You’ve removed all doubt as to what you really are: another intellectually stunted mohammadan repeating ad nauseum the childish “you too” fallacy.

      • Again learn to read. When did I say that the violence of Islam as you put it has something to do with Christianity and Judaism? I said, and I will repeat it again especially for you, that violent acts have been done in the name of all major religions over the centuries. It’s not just muslims that are capable of violence in the name of their God.

        Estimations in studies of the percentage of muslims that can be considered radical (i.e. willing to kill, follow sharia law, and so on) ranges from 5% to 15% on. Even if we take the higest estimate it still leaves 85% of muslim who are not radical. I would call that a majority.

        Yes there are a dozen or so monotheisms but I just listed the 3 main ones. Doesn’t change what I said though.

        all muslims believe mohammad was a mercy upon mankind. Really, I’m assuming you personally asked all 1.1 billion muslims in the world. Otherwise you cannot make this claim. It’s the same as saying all christians belief the world is 6000 years old. Besides muslims believe Allah is the only God and Muhammed is his prophet. It’s Allah they worship, muhammed is important in the religion but not worshipped. So whether he was a mercy upon mankind is really irrelevant. It’s what you decided they believe.

        It is on you to provide evidence that anyone who believes mohammad is the “ideal man” and a “mercy upon mankind” is “normal.” No it’s on you to proof that all muslims see muhammed as ideal. You are making that ridiculous claim so you have to back it up. Most muslims don’t consider the prophet ideal or perfect at all. They will tell you he was just a man, he was illiterate. He was far from ideal as a person. He was the first muslim so his faith in Allah is as close to ideal as possible. However the person and his faith are different things.

        You are just one of the many brainless morons that roam the internet. You just react out of fear and repeat the things you hear other idiots say. I doubt you ever check if something you claim or state is actually based on facts. I doubt even more that you know anything about islam. I really doubt you ever lived in a muslim country considering you have no clue about the basics.

        Lastly I’m an atheist. Of the three MAIN monotheisms I consider Islam to be the worst because it has the most potential to be dangerous. I’m also not a leftist loon or whatever you accuse people of being. In my birth country (netherlands) I’m considered to be far right because I support Geert Wilders. I just have a problem with you making false statements and generalizing over a billion people for the actions of a minority.

        You are nothing but a barking dog. All noise but nothing more then that

        • Oh cheese and crackers you are egregiously obtuse.

          ” I said, and I will repeat it again especially for you, that violent acts have been done in the name of all major religions over the centuries.”

          Again, that is a logical fallacy. The violence of any religions, big or small, has NO bearing on the violence of islam. Period. To bring it up at all is intellectual weakness and sign that you have no evidence to prove that islam isn’t violent.

          You never did answer the question of if I murder you would a sane, logical or good defense be “well other people have murdered.”?

          You keep bloviating about nonsense that has nothing to do with the violence of islam.

          As for mohammadans not thinking mo was the ideal man: it is YOU who has no clue of what you speak. Good little mo’s minions believe mein kuranmpf is the unchanged, unchangeable perfect word of their allah. mein kurampf calls mo the “ideal man,” 33:21, “the perfect pattern of conduct” 68:4 and “a mercy upon mankind,” 21:106-107. And as I have stated over and over once they cease to believe that they cease to be mohammadans. And so what? You found, what? A handful of “atheist humanist” mohammadans who claim that they don’t want to be like mohammad because he was “imperfect.” There’s a whole world of mohammadans who disagree with them (they are considered apostates) and you.

          You claim that the majority of mohammadans believe mo was far from ideal yet you fail to postulate why they get all pissy when they are reminded that he f*cked a nine year old girl or ordered the executions of old men, old women, and nursing mothers. You are claiming they admit he’s a scumbag but they don’t own it?

          What you are essentially claiming is that Christians who deny the deity of Christ are still Christians and the “true” example of a Christian. Or Buddhists who reject the teachings of Buddha are good, true examples of Buddhists.

          You support Geert Wilders who says that mohammadans are a problem exactly because they follow islam and you are calling me a liar and ignorant for saying the same thing?


          mohammadan, your lies are not consistent.

        • Support Geert Wilders? You?

          Tell me, does Kyrgyzstan have a burgeoning comedy club circuit?
          Damn, with supporters like you, Geert doesn’t need any enemies.

    • Vincent, math wasn’t your strong suit in school was it? Relativism is a hard concept for you to grasp as well, it seems. Now please cite references and statistics on relative extremism in the world’s other faith traditions, ones that are actually relevant to the discussion, and proportionate to the population groups involved next time you come here and spew weak arguments before you get your own “bubble” burst.

  18. WOW! I am amazed, how i saw only 1 pic, and quickly scrolled down.

    We all must know, Indian subcontinent(whole southern asia) were best part of the world. And pusslims have made it a battle field.

  19. Who did this is a sick people, Our Islam never allowed us to do this.. Trust me dear.
    I am a muslim and our Islam requested us to respect all the Religions and to not even kill a mosquito..
    So sad some stupid people understood the Islam in a wrong way.

    Sorry world this is not a Muslim or related to Islam this is a Crazy people using Islam to makes a disorder with the other Religions.

    • Too bad for you, mohammadan, that your vile quran does not support your lies. Too bad for you, also, that hadiths recording mo’s violent, barbaric and racist actions don’t back up your lies either. Lie all you please, mohammadan, but no amount of lies will ever change the violence, barbarity and racism in your vile tome.

    • You are wrong.

      Quran (9:29) – “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdue

      People of the book refers to christians and Jews meaning the Quran does state it’s ok to fight other religions unless they convert to islam. This is just one verse. There are over 100 that talk about violence, especially against jews.

      Having said that. Just because it’s in the book doesn’t mean all muslims take that literally. Just like thankfully most christians don’t take the bible literally.

    • Well, aren’t we the budding stand up comic wannabe.
      Your timing sux, so don’t quit your day job, muztard.
      (You work for hizbollah?)

      Nuf Sed

  20. These pictures are horrific and the muslims doing this must be stopped. No doubt about that.

    However the way a lot of people here are reacting is completely insane. It’s mostly just hate and calling for genocide. Yes that’s what it’s called if you want to wipe out all muslims.

    Just because there are maniacs among muslims that commit this crimes doesn’t mean all muslims are like that. There are over a billion muslims. The majority are just normal people. Saying they are all bad is like saying all christians agreed with witch trials or the inquisition. Or all germans agreed the jews needed to be wiped out.

    There are bad people in all religions and cultures. Being outraged over this is normal, that’s what I am too. Spreading hate is irresponsible and solves nothing.

    • ” There are over a billion muslims. The majority are just normal people.”

      Wrong. There is nothing even remotely normal about any person who believes mohammad, who committed the most base and atrocious acts, was a “mercy upon mankind.”

      *All* mohammadans believe mo was a “mercy upon mankind.” If they don’t believe that than they are not mohammadans.

      So, you are just another leftist loon making poorly thought out excuses for the “majority” who are “normal.”

      • Yeah and the God of the Old Testament that Christians and Jews belief in was a really nice God. Let’s all pretend that the muslims are the bad guys and christians have never done horrible things in the past. In my opinion anyone that believes some imaginary guy in the sky created the planet and us is not normal but that’s my opinion on religion. With normal people I don’t mean what they belief in. I mean they are just people living their lives not harming others. Just like the rest of the world. I

        • Oh you pathetic tu quoque fool! What in the hell does Christianity have to do with your egregious claims about muslims?

          Nothing. It has no more bearing on your wild and false claims about muslims, then the price of tea in China, the existence of bigfoot or what I ate for breakfast. You just just used the childish and intellectually weak logical fallacy of “but you too!”

          You breathe through your mouth don’t you? You made the claim that the majority of mohammadans are “good people BECAUSE of their beliefs which are twisted by the minority.” When it was pointed out to you that their beliefs (mo being a mercy and all that happy horseshit) are the problem you come out swinging like a typical limp dicked liberal about “the god of Christianity being an evil asshole!” and some mumbo jumbo about sky fairies and how bad you think people (Christians and Jews) are for believing in some guy in the sky, that you heard from the other indoctrinated liberals.

          Then you finish it off with this claim:”With normal people I don’t mean what they belief in. I mean they are just people living their lives not harming others.”

          So one must infer that you think pedophiles are “normal” people even if they “belief” (sic) in their right to rape children. You think that mohammadans are normal and okay with their belief in “sky fairies and guy in the sky” but Christians and Jews are not normal for that same type of belief.

          You are, to be frank, a flaming f*cking mouth breathing moron.

          You whip out the tu quoque fallacy then proceed to berate Christians and Jews for the same beliefs you are attempting to defend within the ummah. All the while side stepping around the fact that Jews and Christians don’t venerate a war mongering, kiddy-f*cking, woman-hating, racist, supremacist bandit, but mohammadans do.

      • Vincent, Christianity found its redemption in Jesus. There has been no such awakening within Islam; it remains in its original state, similar to the Old Testament of Christianity and therein steals any hope for any kind of peaceful existence with it. If any of its followers appear “normal”, it is because, in a word, they are hypocrites. Certainly the kind of people someone with any true, moral compass would want to associate. NOT.

    • Vincent,

      If there are bad people in any religion, it’s also true that “spiritual” motivations for MURDERING, RAPING, TORTURING, BOMBING esssentially MAINLY come from the same IDEOLOGY called “ISLAM”, and the reading and STRICT application of the coran !!!

      Stop thinking ISLAM is just a “religion”, it’s your FIRST mistake, ISLAM is a

      • Your point? Sounds to me you never even read the Quran. The murdering, raping, torturing and many of the other things in that book we see as wrong were all in the bible. You can’t claim the ideology is Islam. Islam stole most of it from Christianity and Judaism. If you want to point fingers point at all mono theisms

        • Oh for f*ck’s sake! What is it with all you clowns and your tu quoque bullshit. It is a logical fallacy. What is in the Bible has no bearing on the topic at hand: What’s in mein kuranmpf. The “you too” mantra is a fallacy because it shows you do not have evidence to support your claim that mein kuranmpf isn’t vile. It also shows you are childlike. Children scream “you too” all the time to no avail.

          If I murder you by sawing off your head then use as my defense “well, mohammadans have sawed heads off too” is it a sound, logical, or even smart defense? No? Why not? Then why the hell do you mucking forons think that crying like little bitches about what’s in the Bible, Torah or the Betty f*cking Crocker cook and think its a sound, logical or smart defense of your f*cking quran?

    • Vincent, seems to me that you can’t handle the truth. There is nothing normal about islam, and if you have a problem understanding that, then try living over there amongst them like Istanbul_Chick and I have.

      • I can handle the truth way better then you. You seem to react based on fear. You really think all 1.1 Billion muslims are out to kill you? That they all agree with these crimes?
        Also I have lived amongst them. I have lived in Jordan and Indonesia for a combined total of 7 years. Currently residing in Kyrgyzstan which is a moderate muslim country. Don’t make assumptions based on nothing.

        • I never said they’re all out to kill me. I do say they are all primitive assholes because they all believe that mo the douchebag was the “ideal man” who was a “mercy upon mankind.”

          Anyone who believes that bullshi’ite is capable of anything.

        • Vincent, you wouldn’t know truth if it kicked you in the ass. You’ve never had them lobbing mortar shells at you either, have you? It is closer to 1.6 Billion muslims and growing faster than any other population group, so if there is fear in my reactions, perhaps that fear is based upon prudent, observable reality. You are full of shit Vincent and if what you say is true concerning the places you have lived, and the amount of time lived there, then it is pretty damned obvious that you would possess a less than objective viewpoint concerning islam being that you are surrounded by them 24/7. You can also dispense with the cultural/geographical lesson. It is a moot point. It is not rocket science to grasp that many decades worth of atheistic “Socialist Realism” and heavy-handed Soviet rule just may have had a dampening effect upon Kyrgyzstan’s islamist zeal, and I wouldn’t hold my breath on it. Given time, all that can change in a heartbeat, as the events in the Middle East have shown lately, especially in light of inept American leadership. Are you a part of that? Do you work for the State Department or a contractor for our government? Because you sound just like the “professional” idiots who have so mismanaged our affairs in the Middle East as of late.

  21. the whole thing disgusts me in the stupid name of islam. these muslim thugs are sick in the head and it is they who want to say and believe islam will rule the world. we have to stop this and dare I say it the only way to stop them is not re education but violence. its happening in my country and its happening else where. it made me sick to my stomach to see these pictures in the name of islam. islam is for peace??? what bull. I hate islam now and for ever. answer? there is no answer except a bullet in anyone who tries to attack me in the name of ISLAM. my thoughts are with all the victims of Islamic violence just because they see others as threats because they believe in different things. the Koran is sick. it preaches violence. and as others have stated on here must be stopped. and it will continue until we no longer have news blackouts.

  22. Hate And Brutality Of The Muslims Is Known Through The Beginning Of Islam As The Religion Of Violence Which Will One Bring The Destruction Of The World Unless This Cancer Of Hate Is Burnt !!

    • What is the proof that these are “some case of murder and accidents”

      See, two can play this childish and illogically circular game. I know you are but what am I?

      The proof is in the eyewitness accounts, the Thai media, and the *military and police action* after these mohammadan atrocities occurred.

      The proof can be found by actually taking the time to follow the evidence (in this case, yet more photos of the savage and animalistic way in which mohammadans tend to react to kafirs’ refusal to submit to their demands) to its original sources.

      I mean, seriously, reality here. mohammadans are not noted for their diplomatic skills.

  23. The problem in Southern Thailand has been going on for years. Radical Malaysian Muslims (that Malaysia is very glad to see the back of) have been surging across the border in numbers. As they do, they are breeding like flies to the point they now outnumber ethnic Thais and now wish to impose their will upon all around them. They have demanded employment from the Thai government who said sure but you must speak Thai. A reasonable request one would have thought. But not good enough for these radicals who only speak Malaysian and Arabic. Instead of accepting this they typically go on a rampage a kill as many Thais as they can. This is classic Muslim tactics.
    Q. How many Muslims does it take to change a light bulb?
    A. None. They just sit in the dark fir thousands if yesrs and blame the Jews.

      • Family and friends in Thailand tell me, and I’ve also read it in English language Bangkok Post, and The Nation, that the “imports” actually come from Indonesia where they are indoctrinated and trained by one of the most radical and most dangerous affiliates of Al Qaeda that exists. Whether in Malaysia or inside Thailand they live in the shadows and operate mainly at night or in dusk/dawn hours. The Malaysian peninsula is only 40% Muslim (island part is >98%). Many ethnic Thai and ethnic Chinese live on the peninsula, giving the culture there a work ethic and commercial orientation to the world. Otherwise the nation would be less than third world.

      • I agree with you. If they cannot live the law of the land they shouldnt be alowed to live there. If that is how they deal with things in their own country, then so be it, STAY THERE. why should they come to another country and dictate how the other side lives. and then dont ask for help from other countries……… leave us the fuck alone.

  24. Islamic domination theology is a very real doctrine.Every Muslim must promote the domination of Islam over all other religions, else face severe violence for apostasy, just as would any person who leaves Islam. It’s a personal choice for every Muslim, to either wage direct, brutal war in the present, or to talk peace in the present to “prepare” the infidels to be conquered in the future. What’s you choice?

    • islam is completely anti-human. Shame on you and all the other vile creatures who think mo the putrid was a “mercy to mankind.”

  25. Show me your jihad….and i’ll raise you a crusade. we done you once and we’ll do you again, our patience is running thin !!!!

  26. DeVante: SHUT UP! Do not dare to say Jews are involved in this filthy behavior. You are an anti-Semite throwback to a caveman..oh, right, even cavemen are more intelligent. I spit on you, Pttfff

  27. I bet Istanbul chick is REAL HOTTT!!! Nice to see we still have some free thinkers trapped behind enemy lines…

  28. Every Country that is sick of these Unhumans,should go to war against those fucking retarded musloids…we have the technologie,better weapons,better trained soldiers etc………..If we act NOW, we can stil clean the world forever from those discusting musloids and burn every koran with them!!

    • Your are absolutely Right friend. They should be demolished at all. I hate Pisslam. I’m from India. and here many Politicians are supporting them. But in 1947 they were only 5 Percent, but now in these days they are in 35 Percent of Total Population. These basterds killed our Thousands innocent “Hindu Brothers” only to Convert them but they rejected then they got killed, and who left they are Refugee in their own Nation.
      I hate and I want total demolition of these basterds. Whole World should be in Unity and We should push these all Pislamic fungus, desease out of our nation.

  29. It seems to me that there are many lefti people, apologist and stupid muslims who come here ignorant of Islam. Bni should have a beginners course in Islam before anyone is allowed in. It should begin with the Muslim brother hoods plan along with select Koran quotes to back it up. Then it should show how the moderate Muslims and the media abuse the system and end with the atrocities done by Muslims beginning with the present going to the past, Sprinkled with text from the Koran.

    If they can get passed that shit and still defend Islam, we should stick randy or Istanbul chick on them. I’m getting tired of hearing the same argument from the same people who can’t be bothered to research a little or have no ability to think for themselves.

    • Thank you. I too get tired of hearing the same old worn out, baseless arguments be it muslim or leftist. Such people are incapable of free thought and operate upon the pre-conceived notions of their respective paradigm.

    • Fair enough. As I already stated, I was probably over harsh with the term “hate monger.” Not completely incorrect, but there are nicer ways to point out bad behavior.

      Three buttons.
      First one: Every Non-Muslim in the world sees islam for what it is. and an all war with islam, with the intention of wiping it out, is on.
      Second one: Ends evangelical practices in ALL religions. No longer would any person of any religion attempt to spread their faith to others or care if anyone else behaved in a way their religion said not to. Live and let live would be practiced by all.
      Third one: I do not reply again.

      Which do you push and why?

      PS, I am not trolling, other than my first three words (an emotional reaction I admit) I have been quite polite. I am not seeking to argue, engage in name calling, change your opinion, or “browbeat.” Just an honest conversation.

  30. Oh cry me a river why don’t you? If you can’t stand the heat, then why did you jump into the cauldron with your first three words of pure ad hominem? Clearly you didn’t expect us to be browbeat into silence now, didn’t you? I’ll tell you why. It is because you’re a troll, and you will not silence us. Now piss off troll, you’re on our turf.

  31. Khwam sngb sukks: Who cares what you think, you sanctimonious asswipe? Islam is a scourage to all and so are enablers like you. Nobody gives a damn about your Bio either. It means nothing. For all we know, your arrival in Thailand could have more to do with indulging in the exploitative underage sex trade or a penchant for the ladyboys than any soul searching on your part. By the tone of your rant, I suspect you have more than a few demons of hate inbedded within your psyche and therefore you feel compelled to spew projectionist drivel in an impotent attempt to either deny it’s presence or exorcise it from deep within. Well buddy, we’re not you’re whipping boy, so piss off you arrogant scroat-sac!

    • Ranting is what you do Randy, don’t project your motivations on me. I came to this site as I was attempting to look up some figures about the conflict in southern Thailand, and was taken aback at some of the posts, and the misinformation, I found here. I guess I did (indirectly) call you a hate monger, but “Who cares what you think, you sanctimonious asswipe,” it seems I was at least close to correct.

      If My Bio means nothing, why seek to correct it with your insulting assumptions of why I moved to Thailand? Which was neither for soul searching or underaged ladyboys by the way, I moved here because my job moved me here. That said, it did do exactly what I wanted it to do, provide you with ammo for your insults.

      Of course I have demons of hate in me Randy, we all do. The duality of the human condition is we all have the possibility for light and dark within us. Its just a matter of which wolf you feed most (an old Cherokee proverb.) You feed your demon wolf almost as much as any jihadist with the hate you spew in your speech.

      Of course Islam is a scourge, started by a madman and a pedophile hellbent on power. What would one ecpect to come of such origins? But your solution is akin to trying to put out a fire by throwing gasoline on it. Unless you succed, and wipe out every last trace of it (close to 2 billion, not likely) all you would do is increase the violence. So your solution to end the pointless violence is to incite more violence?
      Not to mention, or to be more honest, with the direct intention to mention, you will lose your soul in the process. There is no way to kill 2 billion people and come out clean, you and all involved, would be lost. After your bloddy rampage wiped Islam from the world you would not simply be able to go back to your 9-5. You would then mostly likely just pick a new target to hate and become the new “sourge” of the earth. No different than Islam is now.

      Some more “projectionist drivel” for you:
      “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” ― Martin Luther King Jr

  32. You hate mongers do know that this is not idigenous Thai land right? It has only been occupied by Thailand for about 100 years.
    Dont get me twisted, I have no love for islamist extremist or any acts of violence committed against people of different belief system. But how is your response to murder the murderers any better? Oh, because morality is on your side? Do you not think they believe the same nonsense? I have no problem, and strongly encourage, taking steps to cease the violence. But the response of “kill em all” is as vile as the actions of those you condemn.

    “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

    A few facts about me so you can get your abusive responses correct:
    I am an American.
    I was raised Roman Catholic.
    I am now a Buddhist.
    I live in Thailand.
    I have seen this issue first hand.

  33. im not gonna reply to any comments but all i have to say is that there are pics from iraq afghanistan & around the world that are in this blog.

    i am not defending muslims or islam but noticing that is plain facist propaganda.

    people fear & hate what they dont know. so stop being ignorant if you are actually seeking the truth on the matter do your OWN research and then go on this sick rants…

    & one more thing to all the buddhists here acting like saints..
    GOT BURMA?!?

  34. Anyone who defends a religion over the other is an idiot. God is just a fiction as is Superman. And, Buddhism is masturbation of the inner-self. Violence has existed way before any of these bullshit religions. You guys need to get a life. How I got to this site beats me. I was searching for Thai food recipes…

    • Alt-F: I’m a non-theist, but even I have to live grounded in reality. Why don’t you just go back to your relativistic La La Land, shut the fuck up, and find yourself a better peanut sauce since a peanut is, relatively speaking, about the size of your brain.

      Now, please excuse me while I Alt-Delete your comments.

    • Masterbation of the inner self?
      You know nothing of Buddhism, its not that yuppie yoga class attending shit they sell in the States. Buddhism teaches there IS NO “self.”

      Im with Randy on this one. Shut up please.

  35. Aih, all muzztards including yourself deserve to be buried in pigskin burial shrouds, with your smelly asses oriented towards Mecca. That way the better to fart your post-mortem prayers to the evil, pagan, black stone in the kaaba.

  36. all the comments are clearly written without any knowledge about islam.. it’s an Islamiphobia that make all those commentators wrote all those comments in a very shallow minded attitude

    • Of course! The “islamophobia” is why people are upset about the savage, brutal, bloody slaughter of Buddhists (including children) so mohammadans can have a seperate state within Thailand.

      It’s “islamophobia” that makes people angry about the *daily* rape, slaughter, and forced conversions of non-mohammadans in mohammadan majority countries.

      And, of course, it’s “islamphobia” and not the egregious and false victim mentality of mohammadan supremacists like you who repeat the same childish mantras when people rightfully express disgust at such grotesque and all too typical mohammadan supremacist behaviors.

      You are a typical mohammadan supremacist therefore you are far too obtuse to comprehend that *YOU* are the cause of your make believe “islamophobia.”

      You bronze age psychopaths are reaping what you have sown.

      Now, just for your typical mohammadan supremacist bullshi’ite I’m going to go beat the living snot of some mohammadan child.

      You can blame my “islamophobia” on yourself. You “incited” my rage with your truthophobia.

  37. @ Abdul,,, Are you drinking the spiked kool-aid again, (OR still) ???
    Listen to your imams, your mullahs, your ayatollahs,,,
    You’re a lying sack of S&%T, and everyone here knows it. And if you have two working brain cells, so do you.

  38. Every one knows its the Muslims that are getting attacked in Thailand , Islam religion dictates being peaceful with every other religion, it’s the Jews that say that we are all Gentiles while they’re the chosen favourite humans, before all of you faggots have something to say about Islam go do some research , the Muslims have been under western attacks for a century yet they call the Muslims violent, who’s occupying who’s land? Who was it that just killed hundreds of women and children in gaza ? The western countries that arm Israel , fuck u all liars and truth twisters, it’s the white christian man that invented weapons of mass destruction not Muslims

    • Hey Abdul, save you lies for The Daily Kos. Nobody believes your BS here. The pictures don’t lie, neither do the Thai police and newspaper reports. Hey Canada, Abe (Abdul) is one of your entitlement whores.

    • Abe, why don’t you go suck a pig sac you lying, inbred freak of nature.

      I’ll piss in your footbath and insult your prophet muhammhock at the same time (May pork poo be upon him).

    • “the Muslims have been under western attacks for a century yet they call the Muslims violent, who’s occupying who’s land? Who was it that just killed hundreds of women and children in gaza ?”

      It wasn’t the Thai Buddhists you mucking foron! One wonders how you bronze age rejects twist the facts in your addled brains to make Thai Buddhists “Western.”

      As for the c*nts and their spawn in fakestinian occupied “Gaza” it’s their own testiculared mohammadans supremacists doing that by hiding behind them.

  39. 1. The First World War 17 million dead (caused by non-Muslims)

    2. The Second World War 50-55 million dead (caused by non-Muslims)

    3. Nagasaki atomic bombs 200,000 dead (caused by non-Muslims)

    4. The war in Vietnam over 5 million dead (caused by non-Muslims)

    5. The war in Bosnia / Kosovo over 500,000 dead (caused non-Muslims)

    6. War in Iraq (so far) 1,200,000 deaths (caused non-Muslims)

    7. Afghanistan, Burma etc. (caused by Non-Muslims)

    You still think that Islam is the problem?!

    What about palestine?

    • 270,000.000 deaths attributed to the bloody sword of islam since the 7th Century Arab invasions of the Middle East, N. Africa, Asia Minor, parts of Europe, and Central and South Asia. 80,000,000 of these muslim-inflicted deaths alone were suffered by the peoples of India. Yes, we still think islam is the problem!

      Palestine? It is Israel, Samaria, and Judea. Palestine doesn’t exist.

      “!Muerte a todos los musulmanes!”

    • The subject is not about WW1, WW2, Vietnam, or Iraq.

      Thai Buddhists did not start the communist atrocities of WW1. Thai Buddhists did not drop war stopping bombs in WW2. Thai Buddhists did not start or participate in Vietnam or Iraq or Afcrapistan.

      Thai Buddhists did not squat on land conquered and stolen, by mohammadan Turks, from indigenous Jews and Christians, then declare themselves a new ethnicity with a CREATED historical attachment to the land.

      The subject is about mohammadans RIGHT NOW acting as typical psychopathic supremacists, just like their putrid prophet, are claiming lands not their own and slaughtering the INDIGENOUS people.

      So, YES, islam and mohammadans ARE the problem.

      The tu quoque or “you did it too” logical fallacy is weak, childish, intellectually poor. It also the one always used by leftists and mohammadans. Which, by the way, LEFTIST communists/facists are responsible for the high body counts of WW1 and WW2.

    • Actually, wars 5, 6 and 7 WERE caused – or aggravated – by Moslems!!!

      Furthermore, Moslems DID contributed not a little bit of evil in both wars 1 and 2. [I remember the Armenian genocide of 1915 as well as how that same rogue-nation of Turkey sided with Imperial Germany and Austria-Hungary!! Furthermore, Moslems formed an entire division in the SS of Nazi Germany – and were very anti-“Allies”.]

      As to #3: that was part of #2 and should NOT be singled out separately under ANY circumstances!!!

      As to “Palestine”: that’s the ARABS’ – Moslems!!! – anti-Israel bigotry, taqiyya, kitman and cheating – contributed to by the USSR and its totalitarian Communist vision world-wide!!!!

      Nope, your historical pro-Communist and pro-Moslem REVISIONISM won’t make any impact here…

    • Yeah, the muslims are still a problem. Where ever is war and misery, there’s muslims.And Palestine you asked. Israel and the neighbouring countries belong to the jews, not to the primitive muslims.
      Stop saying you’re a religion of peace…., you are the scum of the earth!!!!

    • Political Wars are Politically Motivated. The world wars were about politics not religion. Muslims were included in both WWI and WWII. Also the Bosnia/Kosovo war involved Muslims. One third of Bosnia’s population was Muslim. The number of kuffar murdered by Muslims, in the name of Allah, formerly the MOON god of the pagan Meccans, is documented to be 270,000,000. That’s TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY MILLION “non muslims”. This does not include all the muslim on muslim murders: shi’a on sunni, sunni on shii’a, “honor killing”, etcetera, ectetera, ectetera. And yes Islam is a BIG problem not only for us kuffar but also for Islam. Also, The original Palestinians were the JEWS. And Palestine was a region in what is now Israel, which had been named as such by the Romans during their rule over the JEWS. This renaming of the region was done following a failed Jewish uprising against the Romans which occurred around 400 years before Muhammad’s birth!!

  40. muslims are terorist if they are in your country please dont let them to grow up in your country. because they when they have huge population they will react you like this. they are terorists. quran teachs them terrorism

  41. Dear Kyaw THIHA,

    I know you’re right, it’s exaclty the same in Europe, what you call the West, in the palestinian area…

    I’ll be glad to exchange mails and informations with you.

    If you confirm you accept, please, Baren… , could you give my email adress to Kyaw ?

    I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year :-)))

  42. I know Friend, that’s why, since months, I save videos with Freemake Video Download …

    If I don’t email or comment on your site, I want to wish to your family and you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEARS :-))

    Same for everyone on this earth who wants peace, no matter where you live, your color of skin, or your ethnicity, according the fact you fight FASCISM !!!

  43. All ideologies MUST be judged on the writings of that ideologies. Anyone can claim to be either or a Muslim or a Christian and commit acts of violence in its name. So when we do this we see the truth. The Gospels and the teaching of Christ are very clear. They preach love to mankind and the denying of oneself. The only two laws are to love God and love your neighbour as yourself. Now the Qu’ran. It demands Sharia Law universally and the enslavement and murder of all non Muslims. It condones Murder, rape, child molesting, theft, lying and pretty much anything you want to do if you are a good Muslim. And today the law of it is in the hands of the Imams. For instance the iatola humani thinks it is fine to have sex with 3 year old girls but if you cannot penetrate then just do some thighing. That is stick your penis between the thighs of the little girl to get yourself off. It is a sick death cult filled with the rantings of a psychopath. In a perfect world Islam would not exist. But in a perfect world, no ideology which seeks to dominate other humans of a contradictory mindset would exist.

  44. Tell you what IC,
    Since most of these posts you send me are directed at me, we can take them off the forum – I dont think anyone here doubts you, and you think I clearly misunderstand laws of life. You can “punch the shit out of some limp wristed, whiney assed, weakling leftist “male”” and educate me though email. –

    If you’re point was to scream “Any liberal belief should go to hell” on a public forum, then mission accomplished and no need to contact :)

  45. All of that and you are STILL making the same arguments that I ripped apart.

    No, “Scott” not all or most religions or ideologies preach peace. islam certainly does not. All religions are based on “Us and them.” That is not preaching peace by a long shot. It is segregation. islam takes that “us and them” bit and elevates it to a despicable level of discrimination and hostility. Without any “misinterpreting or twisting” of its texts. What part of that does your screwed up leftist brain not comprehend? The “nice” muslims are the ones “misinterpreting and twisting”

    YOU brought up the “you’re not acting like Jesus” bullshit while failing to acknowledge that the MORE muslims behave like mohammad the more dangerous they are to non-muslims and muslims they deem insufficiantly muslim. islam is itself a “radical” ideology.mohammad was a radical lunatic and the “nice” muslims and the “pro-active” muslims admire and strive to emmulate the lunatic mohammad. No two ways around it. So, just as ALL KKK members are suspect so too are all muslims who believe in and practice the same islam as their more “radicalized” co-cultists. Understand this again: ISLAM IS A RADICAL IDEOLOGY. Full stop.

    Now let’s here you claim that some KKK’ers “misunderstand” their ideology, or “twist” it to become radicals. Tell us how some nazis were “nice” and the once stuffing Jews into ovens were just “misinterpreting” the nazi ideology. So you’re saying if I don’t agree with or respect the ideologies of white supremacy, black supremacy, elitism, nazis, child molestors (Yes, they do have an organized ideology too) I had better not consider any of those evil people suspect because they’re “nice” and not actively lynching black folks, attacking white folks, pushing out those not sufficiently elite, stuffing Jews into ovens or molesting children?

    And again you’re going on about the bloody “Christians, not acting like Christians on this board.” WE’RE NOT ALL BLOODY CHRISTIANS you flaming f*cking fool! Many of use have NO ideology.

    I don’t give a flying rat’s ass if they practice some private little islam of their own. If they call themselves muslim and read the same god damned mein kuranmpf that DOES tell their co-cultists to subjugate, kill, rape and abuse non-muslims than you bet your worthless leftist ass they are suspect. Who are you to declare that they will never spontaneously start acting on the same ayats as the “jihadists?” You can’t no one can, just as no one can guarantee that the more “pro-active” muslim supremacists will spontaneously stop obeying the violent examples set by mohammad.

    And sorry, “Scott” but it would be criminal of the media to not report on the violent muslims just as it would criminal for them to not report the attrocities the KKK commited or the nazis committed. As I said before not all of us gain our experience of muslims from the “brainwashing” media. We are ex-muslims or non-muslims who have experienced inhumane treatment at the hands of “nice” muslims. What other side of the story is there to tell, Scott?

    Oh the other side of the story? How those poor muslims who are beheading Buddhists are only doing so because those evil Buddhists are abusing them? Pull the other leg you arrogant, ignorant, leftist little prick. That is the muslims’ modus operandi: Bully and abuse the others then cry like little bitches about being victims or send their little leftist whores like you to claim they are being abused by their victims. Kind of like how you were crying like a little bitch about the crusades without telling the “other side of the story” which is the crusades were a reaction to over 100 years of muslim atrocities in Christian lands that they invaded.

    You whined “How about if a Muslim nation portrayed people like this on their media: ” Not one bloody whimper out of you about their media being unbiased. You stated flatly ” How about if a Muslim nation portrayed people like this on their media: ” key word being “IF” Scott. “IF.” Which absolutely implies that you think their media is unbiased. If you didn’t think it was unbiased you would have asked “Do you like when their media potrays people like this?” So screw you Scott for being a leftist freak liar.And don’t give me any of this “English is not my first language” bullshit. Scott. Conditionals are mastered by beginners.

    While a few people do cry for extermination in a knee jerk reaction to the clear danger massive numbers of even “nice” muslims poses to native populations and their cultures based not on the “brainwashing media” but on their own experiences who are you spout all this bullshit about how bad people on this board are?

    As it is, “Scott” leftist assholes like you are just as deadly as those muslims “nice” and “radical.” The more clowns like you sell your country men up the multi-cult river without a paddle, the harder it will be for those of us who simply want to neuter muslims through non-violent belittling, mocking, and shaming them (Just as we’ve done with the KKK, nazis, and aryan kooks), or stopping muslim immigration and deporting those already here and natives who’ve converted.

    You, Scott, are NO different than those assholes in WW2 who tried to tell Europe they were “racists” for being wary of nazi Germany. They were blowing smoke for a violent ideology. YOU are blowing smoke for a violent ideology: islam.

    IGNORANT jackasses like you who’ve not read the unholy trinity of islamic texts are absolutely guilty of willful ignorance. islam is not a “religion.” It is NOT a religion of peace. You are guilty of failing to yell fire when you see and smell smoke because “most smoke is not bad.” As I’ve said time and time again most of us here HAVE read islam’s unholy trinity and THAT is what we base our mistrust and in some cases absolute hatred of islam and muslims on. The “brainwashing Media” simply confirms that the ugliness we’ve read in islam’s texts is not a result of us “misinterpreting or twisting” it.

    Bad people adhere to bad ideologies. Some may be “nice” in spite of believing in bad ideologies thus making them bad practioners. Leftist assholes like you cannot guarantee that they will not become good practioners of their bad ideology.

    So screw you for attacking everyone who opposes this bad ideolgy, Scott.

    God I want to go punch the shit out of some limp wristed, whiney assed, weakling leftist “male” now and offer him a one way ticket to the islamic hell hole of my choice.

    • IC,
      Seems like you wrote quite the message there! You sure like the offensive.

      One, I actually dont consider myself a leftist (asshole), while I do stray more left, I have several conservative views which I wont budge on. Many are indeed financial, but several others are not. I dont think this is the point here, but I will point out that my belief on this one matter does not dictate my many other political views, such as the death penalty, war, or other issues. I want to make it clear that anyone who opposes “knee-jerk” war on muslims may not be an extreme leftist – while there is surely a connection, you are assuming many things and placing arguments in my mouth that I never did say. In this instance with me, you would simply be incorrect.

      For some quick questions: I’m moderate deviating left, English is my first language, I am an American converted from Christianity toward Buddhist beliefs, though am not strong in any faith. – perhaps this will clarify any assumptions you will make, since you REALLY like to assume.

      As for the rest of your argument, you state I defend Nazis and KKK – because I put a defensive side on muslims and extermination theory. This does not mean I sympathize with Nazis or KKK, and do not believe radicals need to be stopped, or even killed. Those killing, raping, and so on DO need to be stopped – punishable by death, should the crime fit (rape, while a heinous crime, does not dictate death in the USA – typically).

      Though you have pointed out such a strong connection between muslims and violence, I do hold that there is not ALWAYS a connection. If you tell me 100% of muslims are bad, then that is another dangerous assumption. While the majority may partake in violence actions, you cannot simply deem someone as a violent person by their religion. It may make them more subjectable to be of violent nature, but is not a guarantee. This is my point. So to SIMPLIFY THAT (since you like to assume) – if 1 muslim was not violent, or does not read the full scripture, or selectively reads, then youre 100% theory is wrong

      To clarify the statement above, since your posts seem to declare me otherwise, I do not sympathize with Nazis, KKK, or violent muslims. I do not believe those who attacked the Buddhists were innocent, nor deserve help from “wining liberals” – Why do you assume that I would sympathize with violent acts? If I support one muslim – say there were a selective reader – then that is not supporting violence. I support that individuals right to live, not their religion or belief system. This follows the post above

      As for our media – my god are you touchy! I never believed their media to be unbiased. If I call our media into bias, theirs surely isnt. The most bias media would likely be Chinese and Middle East – in my current understanding. I point out how much you assume and attack these facts about me, while they simply arent true…

      You have failed to answer my response, however. Though I did make the assumption that many are Christian here (my mistake), here is my declaration, in a more simplified phrase:

      If you kill (not convert) 100% of muslims, how are you less violent than Mohamad? Exterminating all muslims would not rule out selective readers, etc, and inherantly kills innocent people.

      I am not against killing violent individuals, but I am against killing innocent individuals.

      • @Scott

        You’re so full of shit your breath stinks.

        Your FIRST sentence on this thread about muslim supremacists slaughtering Buddhists in their native Thailand was nothing but typical leftist ad hominem. You accused every one here of being a racist in a round about way with your “have none of ever known a Black, muslim….blah, blah.”

        You then called everyone who is sick to death of muslim on non-muslim violence of being stupid by calling them “naive.”

        You then went into the typical leftist tirade of “demonizing an entire religion” moral equivalency bullshit.

        So, in short, on a thread about muslims yet again slaughtering indigenous people you attacked those who have either been victims of muslim aggression or are sick to death of muslim aggression and violence. Yet you have the hubris to declare the moral high ground.

        So what if islam is a “religion”? It is also an ideology as was nazism and the ideology of the KKK. There is absolutely nothing wrong with “bashing” bad ideologies.

        So take your false sense of moral superiority and claims of “moderation” and stuff them into the nearest dust bin for they are nothing more than garbage.

        Moderates do not attack the victims of aggression. Leftists always do if it suits their agenda which is exactly what you’ve done and now are trying to distance yourself from.

  46. I am not all-knowning, and will not pretend to be. I don’t know you or these other people personally, but I dont have to. You stated early on that I believe their media is non-biased and that I defend this point: I don’t. I never said their media was unbiased, or even accurate – I actually believe its the opposite. Our media, while partially brainwashing (please don’t say its not, we all know every media has bias) is indeed probably some of the best out there. Europe would be a close follow-up, since we have (for the most part) freedom of speech and less Government censoring, comparatively (please note the last word). We are not, however, completely unbiased, and we must be aware that the media will selectively portray images, and sides of stories. Every story must be portrayed in SOME given light.

    The point of my argument is this: even if you do not respect their religion or if disagree with many of their beliefs, practices, or prophet, that does not make all Muslims bad people or capable of crime/violence. To state “this person is muslim, the must be confined, questioned, or watched” is a fallacy. Perhaps I am grasping the argument incorrectly, but this is currently how this forum appears to me

    I also did not state Jesus did harm, and Mohamad did not. I again was talking about radicals associated with religion, and not the religion itself.

    To just skip down to the bottom of your argument:

    “Jesus-never raised a hand against anyone
    Jesus-raised the dead and healed the sick
    Jesus-preached peace
    Jesus-did preach love they enemy so the more Christians behave as Jesus the more peaceful and tolerant they are.”

    (not cutting out due to content but for lenght, see full quotation for all “…”):

    “mohammad-murdered an entire Jewish tribe…
    mohammad-created a lot of dead people. Healed no one.
    mohammad-preached bronze age arab tribalism and customs including rape, theft, murder, take what you will, slavery, including sexual slavery.
    mohammad-preached hate…”

    Which of these ideologies do you and many in this group appear to embody? Tell me which of Jesus’s beliefs you embody when you preach genocide of the muslims? I am not saying that I have the perfect answer – but you all seem to have taken to many of the vary philosophies that you claim to hate.

    To sum up: I am not saying their religion is purely based on peach, “better” than christianity, etc. I am simply looking at this forum, and asking you a morally better, Christianity-based solution.

    • Look Scott, you appear to be a decent human being. Like those poor Buddhist folk. What would you have us do. Lie down and give up? Convert to Islam? Say that they are misunderstood angels? Yes the muslim moderate MINORITY are nice people we shouldn’t kill. None of us want their filthy blood on our hands. Yet these same people form the wedge that opens the doors to the rest. Because of them more Muslims will come and feel at home and among them will be hard liners, who will radicalize the rest. You who live in a safe country, just you wait till the Muslim population grows enough. Look at Sweden and London and Paris for crying out loud. They are not sinless, for all their crying, they are allowing this to happen. Please open your eyes before the next thing you see is an angry Muslim with a hatchet, who used to be your nice neighbor. I’m sure the Buddhist thought the Muslims were nice people too…….. At first.

  47. My god are you people NAIVE. You are so simple to classify a person by their religion? Have you no diversity in your town/city? Go meet some Muslims, Jews, or black people for Heaven’s sake. If you think Christianity is the only peaceful religion you are sorely mistaken. FEW religions thrive on violence, and most promote peace. And if you think Christianity is all innocent, look at the god-damn holy wars. God told you to fight? Yet the other side says the same? Jesus told you to be peaceful and find compromise and love.
    For each and every religion, there are radicals that distort other’s view. There are radical Muslims, Christians, EVERYONE. You dont believe me? How about if a Muslim nation portrayed people like this on their media:

    Puts Christianity is quite a place, doesnt it? Before you judge, read the Quran. But never judge an entire society or religion based on a few groups.

    I’m not saying war isn’t necessary. Radical groups need to be stopped. But if you tell me that a normal Muslim family are evil because they are Muslim, you are no better than Nazis. All they did was listen to their media in their country. They didnt look at outside sources. Educate yourselves on non-biased sites and sources, actually talk to people and realize the world is one. They have people there just like we have here. They have extremist there just as we do here. The Jihadists represent Islam no better than the KKK represent Christianity. They are an armed/violent version branched of a religious base Think about what you say and do not group people of a religion into a stereotype. Otherwise you push our society back 50 years and promote cultural intolerance. Just become educated.

    • @Scott the simpleton

      You rail on about those being against the “religion of peace” for being naive for labeling people based on their religion. Yet you fail to acknowledge that muslims as per their mein kuranmpf label everyone else as non-muslim.

      You claim that only non-muslim media is biased without offering the fact that muslim media is more than biased; it is out right libelous. Bat shit crazy theories about all non-muslims are the bulk of muslim media. Yet you willingly ignore that or are ignorant of it and basing your woefully illformed diatribe on your ignorance.

      The crusades. So what? That was how long ago? Not to mention the fact that they were a reaction to over a century of violent aggression, murder, forced conversions, extortion by….muslims.

      KKK while claiming themselves Christians were in fact democrats. Racist democrats (nothing has changed with the party of racists) who could not produce a single Biblical scripture to support their racist atrocities. “Jihadists” can and do produce scripture after scripture from not only mein kuranmpf but from hadiths to support their racist atrocities. You’re comparing apples and 2000 pound purple gorillas, “Scott.” Very poor and, quite frankly, childish analogy.

      Yes, “peaceful muslims” who don’t kill anyone are jihadists. When they, like you, blow smokescreens such as tu quo, and straw man arguments as you’ve so impotently offered, they are engaging in jihad. “Peaceful muslims” who wail “wwwaaaaciiiissssst” over every report of yet another “peaceful muslim” caught in the act of murdering non-muslims, they are very much deserving of the label jihadist.

      You accuse those who are sick to death of islam and muslims of ignorance of mein kuranmpf. You could not be more wrong. Those who have read mein kuranmpf(“in context”) along with sira and hadith are the ones who reject the “religion of peace” canard. Fools like you who’ve either not read it at all or who’ve only read the “peaceful ayats” as suggested by your muslim friends are the ones who are willfully ignorant.

      And what the hell does “meeting muslims BLACKS AND JEWS” have to do with rejecting the “religion of peace” canard? That is absolutely the most childish and ignorant argument you leftist freaks and your muslim masters use. Many of us ARE BLACK, JEW and BLACK JEWS. We are also Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, Christians, ex-muslim, white, black, brown, old, young, right, left, and everything in between. We come from all points of the globe. Do you really believe that “meeting muslims, blacks and Jews” will magically make us forget the hateful, racist, misogynist, supremacist, bronze age arab bullshite that is found in islam’s unholy trinity of mein kuranmpf, sira and hadiths? Do you really believe it will make us forget the atrocities that are commited daily against non-muslims at the hands of their “muslim neighbors” which some of us have personally witnessed?

      “Scott”, YOU are the one defending the nazis. We are speaking out against them. So screw you and your childish and ignorant little diatribe. We will not remain silent while those “nice muslims” practice the same ideology used by those who commit the most heinous crimes against humanity. YOU are the “racist”, “Scott.” You’re just too bloody smug in your own sense of moral superiority to grasp that.

      And just for shits and giggles since you broought up the “Jesus wouldn’t” do it line let’s compare Jesus and mohammad:

      Jesus-never married and even if he was married to Mary Magdelene, so what? She was an adult.

      mohammad-11+ wives, one of whom was only NINE when he f*cked her. Two of his “wives” were actually widows of men he murdered.

      Jesus-never raised a hand against anyone

      mohammad-murdered an entire Jewish tribe, except for the women and children who he allowed to be taken as f*ck toys and slaves for his equally criminal cohorts. Led many bloody and murderous caravan raids. Ordered the murder of his critics including nursing mothers and old men.

      Jesus-raised the dead and healed the sick

      mohammad-created a lot of dead people. Healed no one.

      Jesus-preached peace

      mohammad-preached bronze age arab tribalism and customs including rape, theft, murder, take what you will, slavery, including sexual slavery.

      Jesus-did preach love they enemy so the more Christians behave as Jesus the more peaceful and tolerant they are.

      mohammad-preached hate of those not in his little bronze age arab male power cult, preached violent retribution so the more muslims behave like mohammad the more violent and dangerous they are. mein kuranmpf calls that animal the “perfect pattern of conduct” and ALL muslims strive to be more like mohammad.

      So put that in your leftist freak pipe and smoke it, Scott, you vile little turd.

    • The Holy wars were conducted by the Catholic church which is paganism with a veneer of Christianity. It has nothing to do with the teachings of Christ. True Christianity is totally peaceful and does nothing but acts of benevolence to the world. But the Qu’ran is hostile to everything that does not submit to it. Go back and learn about the facts before to post naive statements defending Islam.

  48. Every nation must rise up to prevent islamization of the world!
    All nations should stand as one against this global threat…
    This means war, not the kind which need weapons, this is a _RELIGIOUS WAR_!

  49. it’s simple. there are two different types of muslims. one that’s developed in africa & mideast for 1,000s of years, and one bought & paid for by the west to terrorize the planet.

  50. Need to give trustworthy Buddhists firearms and declare marshall law in the affected areas. Immediate execution of muslims found in possession of firearms or swords. I copied this last one from the rules for Allied Occupied Germany.

  51. Brothers from Thailand,

    First of all, I want to say you all that I am a Burmese.
    Though we may have had bad history between us centuries ago, we Burmese people see you all as Buddhist.
    Thai southern provinces are terrorized by those terror-religion’s bastards, Thai government used their forces to respond them. The world see the fact that Thai gov is right and islam-rebels are terror.
    Now in June 2012, western Myanmar is jahadized by Bengladeshi muslims (They call theirself in a coined term as an ethnic: Rohingya). Our government take a weak action to quell the attacks. But… international main stream media(BBC, VOA, Stait Times of Singapore and even Bangkok Post) is describing Brutal Junta kill muslims. In fact, we are the one who live in the nation and we knows the best of the situation. It is very difficult for a Buddhist even to kill an animal. You all know that as a Buddhist. Several Buddhist villages are destroyed and several people killed in the area in 1942 world war II when the law is absence. The area (two townships) is islamized. This is how the muslim have a base camp in Myanmar.
    Then the brutal military junta starts, they keep calm and keep breeding. By now the two townships bordering bengladesh are over 90% islamized(no converts at all) and muslim spreads into inner townships as much as 50% in other towns in western myanmar. Now myanmar have a civilian gov so that army cannot shoot without the permission by law, they start doing jihad to cleanse all remaining buddhist minority in west. They (massive crowd) keep killing natives while they (muslims abroad) keep saying muslims are under genocide. As the myanmar gov has no dignity in international environment, people over the world see Burmese are racists and muslims are pity. International media also believing what they lied.

    I have seen much terror scenes and much cruel acts of muslims in local media, but internationally, muslims are victims.

    Now not only Myanmar, Assam province in India is also jihadized by Bengladeshi immigrants (same ethnic and same religion as those who terrorized western burma)

    I want to urge you all Khun Thai not to believe what the international media says about the Buddhist-Muslim crisis in burma. It was almost one sided killing, the Jihad.

    There are some burmese buddhist who take money and talk for muslims.
    There may also be such guys in Thai. I doubt how Bangkok post is reporting the crisis.

    Men, there are only few Teravada buddhist nations left over the world.
    We must unite at least for this damn-cruel brainless muslims or we die.

    Please let Thai citizens knows the danger of coming muslim waves from the west also.

    With metta for all (muslim exclusive)


    • Your comment is so true my friend Kyaw Thiha. I read Quran in Thai translation and It says the same thing as you see in English translation

      ( [9:29] “พวกเจ้าจงต่อสู้บรรดาผู้ที่ไม่ศรัทธาต่ออัลลอฮ์และต่อวันปรโลก และไม่งดเว้นสิ่งที่อัลลอฮ์และร่อซูล ห้ามไว้ และไม่ปฏิบัติตามศาสนาแห่งความสัจจะ อันได้แก่บรรดาผู้ที่ได้รับคัมภีร์ จนกว่าพวกเขาจะจ่ายอัล-ญิซยะฮ์ จากมือของพวกเขา เอง ในสภาพที่พวกเขาเป็นผู้ต่ำต้อย” = [9:29] Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture – [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled. )

      , but Thai translation come directly from Arab language, thus this means people of other religions don’t misunderstand Islam. Islam is what It is as in Quran. It cheers up Muslims to fight than to compromise or negotiate with other religions.

    • Qu’rân 9:5 through 9:41, with especially 9:5 and 9:29; 8:12. This last one “I’ve been made victorious by terror” is especially effective in contradicting the pretensions of the brazen LIES and BLASPHEMIES of “Muslem”!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM, now and forever and unto ages of ages!!!!!

    • At the moment, muzz-TIQUE, you ARE “fucking” the rest of the world…

      Of course, the ISLAM doesn’t do that, it only lets its members DOING IT for itself !!

      In France, you are the victims, we can verify it everyday !!

      Please, put a mirror in front of you, when insulting people…

      When Europe will collape, truth, ALL TRUTHS, will get OUT, and nothing will stop this !!

      At this moment, hope for you you run much faster than U BOLT, because this day will be “payday” for most french people !!!

      And they will commemorate it with balls !!!

      ISLAM, GET THE HELL OUT of HERE, OUT of the earth !!!!!

  52. When a muzzshit kills in the name of Satan.. err.. Allah, it’s OK for the lefties/liberals, but when we fight back it’s labeled as “racism”. But the real racists and intolerants are those nasty jihadists.

  53. Islam must be eradicated from this planet in its entirety. It’s time to wake up and realize that these rabid savages are out to kill everyone who isn’t muslim, and they must be dealt with as they would deal with others. Now is not the time to be politically correct. Now is the time to eradicate this death cult completely, before they kill everyone else and reduce this planet to rubble.

  54. ou Cheap minded who are the real Terrorists of this world spread such False stories about we muslims!
    Every muslim heart is made for Love..not for violence…and who F**K told U they follow the Shariya law and do such stuffs??? There is no such verse in Quran whee it says to kill innocents and spread Islam. And the dogs who commented bad about our religion I request you to remove them..b4 some azaab comes on U..
    ‘La Ila ha Il Lal Lahu Muhammadar Rasulul lah’

    • Your asinine comment reveals how well you read the murderer’s manual you call “holy qur’an”,,, You might start out with the simple thought of your own hatred, as evidenced and proven in this comment: ” And the dogs who commented bad about our religion I request you to remove them..b4 some azaab comes on U.. ” The only thing you moochits know how to do is threaten, and murder anyone who doesn’t bow down and kiss your a$$,,, See for examples, Theo Van Gogh and Salmon Rushdie, as only the first two to come to my mind~! Look to your own hatred, and where it comes from~! YOU are your own best proof of the hatred of islam against all who do not believe in your idiotic ideology~!
      Read Surah 9:5, Surah 8:12, and Surah 9:126, just for starters,,,
      And DO NOT give us this bullsh#t that “It’s taken out of context”,,, THAT, is no more than taqiyya, kitman, and outright falsehood~! Your ideology is based on lies, taught by the father of lies, and there is no truth in it, nor any redeeming feature permitting islam to live with nor coexist with any other belief system~!
      Your belief system is based on deceiving others, and is the ONLY belief system on Earth that not only permits but ENCOURAGES its followers to lie and deceive, for the purpose of its propagation ~!
      You say that such is not in the qur’an,,, But what is NOT in the qur’an is in the ahadiths and the sunnah, and Reliance of the Traveler,,,
      But as another example of your lies, read:
      ” 9:90 And those among the wandering Arabs who had an excuse came in order that permission might be granted them. And those who lied to Allah and His messenger sat at home. A painful doom will fall on those of them who disbelieve. ”
      ” A painful doom will fall,,, ” and yes, Don, such will fall on the adherents of the father of lies, whose name is satan, shaitan, and Lucifer,,, and who is the father of islam ~!

    • Don uts :
      Stop using takkhia !!

      We’re more and more to be aware of what your evil IDEOLOGY makes « good » muslims do !!
      The last example in France is the merah case at Toulouse town :-(((

      “good” muslim are those who want a strict application of your stuff, not the other members further to this horror !!!

      First of all, ISLAM is NOT a simple “religion”, it’s a TOTALITARIAN politico-religious system, with a religious component, and it pretends ruling any members’life , and so, from his or her life to his or her death…

      What, on 2012, calls for murdering, raping, torturing, enslavering, marrying with 10 years old and more, children ?

      According your “mein coran”, there are 2 territories :
      The DAR-AL-ISLAM (islam lands) & the DAR-AL-HARB (lands of the infidels or non-beleivers)

      We, in Europe for example, when thinking about the war, we think fire weapons, knives, machetes, swords, in fact, we see only this way to determine a war situation…

      The war notion is TOTALLY different between a “good” muslim and an occidental man, or any non-beleivers in civilized countries.

      War for muslims passes by any means to conquer the DAR-AL-HARB.

      So, for the non-islamic territories, any means are allowed, when strongest, murdering, raping, and so on, as quote before…
      If not, lies – TAKKHIA – permanent claims ( halal, mosque buildings, men & women separation, special hours for swimming pools, women with veils, and so on…)

      What is really important to know is that , in the ISLAMIC mind, the WAR is permanent, so verses, suras, VIOLENT ones – the ones any muslim should say about it, that it only applies in a conflict, a war – is a PERMANENT DUTY, a PERMANENT WAR !!!

      When knowing these elements, one’s understand that the violent verses and suras apply everywhere, in any DAR-AL-HARB “good” muslims live in…

      And one must also know that medine verses abrogates mecque ones (the oldest in fact, and peacefully ones)

      So when a muslim quotes peacefully verses, he just forget to tell you that what he quotes is replaced by violent verses and suras, and, of course, it applies in your country !!!

      Donuts, You don’t trick me, and, anyone reading this comments, and get informations about your ISLAM, will know that what I wrote is the true about your breviary of hatred…

      Some sites to get informations : – english translations of muslims declarations – videos, tv etc…

      If you read French : – a lot sites are quoted in this one

      I’m a Frenchman, I know what I’m talking about – see my youtube channel, there are English subtitiled videos about the “religion of peace & love”

      Last thing, try to convince that I lie in my comment, CONNARD de NAZISLAMISTE !!!

      I can quote any verse, any sura, medine ones !!!

      Your buddies are murdering my brothers, in Thaïland, in France, so, the day Europe will wake up, as does France, your buddies will have to run much better than H BOLTS !!!

      • Bobby, don’t waste your time trying educate the inbreds here. They only come here to make trouble.

        • Hello Friends,

          You’re right, but informing people who want to know what’s this sect is, is a very high priority :-)))

          In fact, I just don’t do it for this shxt, but for anyone who come visiting your excellent site :-)))

          Je recommande ce site à toute personne qui veut voir la vérité sur l’ISLAM !!!

          Thanks you to you BareNakeIslam for this very good work showing true about…

        • So, so right. People at bni hate. There is no doubt about that. We hate lies, rape, subjugation of women, injustice, intolerance, subversive attitudes, cowardice, treason, murder, pedophiles, abusers, e.c.t ad nausea… If yo hate these things too, congratulations you are human and an islamophobe. We don’t hate Islam for what it is but for what it does. There are plenty of books out there that spout hate. Only the Koran is taken seriously enough to cause mayhem. The people who come here to protest and bitch at us who speak about our hate would never go to a Muslim extremist websites to protest. Why bitch at us who have clean hands when there are far bloodier and hate filled Muslim websites out there.

          They come here because they have already set their minds in stone. Islam can do no wrong. Terrorists are not Muslim. Though its funny that Muslim people fund them and their children go to join them……. People like them will get their come uppance when their throats get slit walking down the street by their so called non-Muslim Muslim.

    • You are obviously not reading the Qu’ran then. It demands submission. Qu’ran Islam means submission. And unless we (non Muslims) submit we should be either enslaved or killed. That is FACT. The only time you people act peaceably is when you are outnumbered. We know what you’re doing.

  55. this site is looking for profit by spreading hates… there is a donate menu on this site….wahahahahaha all are hoax…..

    • Take your taqiyya and your kitman elsewhere, you Moslem LIAR!!!!

      It’s MOSLEMS who hate everybody and everything “un-Islamic”!!!! You think that we must accept to be under the soles of your feet merely because we’re non-Moslems??? Islam wants that – but we PROUD “infidels” (cleaner than any Moslem physically, mentally AND spiritually!!!!) REJECT ISLAM!!!! If you try to force it down our throats, we’ll defend ourselves!!!!

  56. hoax…. you are trying to spread hatred to other people in this world. not only bad people in islam, there are also bad people in cristian, in hindu, in jews… so look at to israel, look at in idia.. look at america when attacking irak.. look..and think fair….

    • The HUGE difference is that all bad non-Moslems are going against the tenets of their faiths – whereas to be a “good Moslem” is to automatically be BAD to non-Moslems and “good” ONLY TO MOSLEMS!!! Islam REQUIRES wanton cruelty to “infidels” merely because they’re “infidels”!!!! [Qu’rân 48:29]

      BEGONE with your kitman and your taqiyya!!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

  57. When I see these pictures, I want to *************************************!!

    In France, leftists go on calling them “the religion of peace” !!!

    ISLAMISM is the armed member of MONDIALISM !!

    What I mean is that the new world order wants a totally retarded population !!

    They didn’t find more retarded than these asshxles !!!

  58. Damn..
    This is why, some fukin stupid ppl wanna kill you in the name of god..

    قٰتِلُوا الَّذينَ لا يُؤمِنونَ بِاللَّهِ وَلا بِاليَومِ الءاخِرِ وَلا يُحَرِّمونَ ما حَرَّمَ اللَّهُ وَرَسولُهُ وَلا يَدينونَ دينَ الحَقِّ مِنَ الَّذينَ أوتُوا الكِتٰبَ حَتّىٰ يُعطُوا الجِزيَةَ عَن يَدٍ وَهُم صٰغِرونَ

    Fight those who believe not in God and the Last Day and do not forbid what God and His Messenger have forbidden — such men as practise not the religion of truth, being of those who have been given the Book — until they pay the tribute out of hand and have been humbled.

    At Taubah, 29

  59. While I was in Vietnam doing Photography last year..I met with some of the Buddhist Monks, and I have the utmost respect for these beautiful, peaceful people. I am horrified by these photo’s…and it brings a tear to my eyes. And I am SICK to death, of hearing muslims say- ‘These aren’t proper muslims, we don’t do things like this…’…FFS! Wake up and smell the coffee!! WE KNOW YOU DO ASSHOLES! muslims are lying filthy piles of dog vomit..and I hate them all…as they all follow the same primitive, disgusting rules, and beliefs..What religion, gives people (if I dare say that) the right to end the life of others, because they believe in a different god…..I think it is high time, some of the muslims feel the same wrath…lets see how long they tolerate it for…those boats are ready and waiting to take your hairy smelly asses back home…oh wait!! You BLEW ALL YOUR HOMES UP DIDNT YOU!?…stuff it, send em’ back anyway…gutter rats…

    Oh…here is one for the gentle people of the world…

  60. You know how we keep asking how can they be such twits. Well simple allha says.
    I have a question if there is a seal of the prophets and mohed was the last. Where are they getting the updates from?
    Just asken???????????????

  61. I hope the Thailand government aren’t stupid enough to beleive the Muslim community can control or reason with the insurgents.

    Islamic countries themselves have to resort to autocratic dictatorships to stop these militants.

  62. rather than live in fear all civilized countries need to get angry and drive the demonic parasites out of all their countries. if the politicians won’t do it then the people need to organize and put the fear into the muslim ass lifters to the point they beg to leave. like the old saying goes evil exists when good men choose to do nothing.

  63. Just wait folks. We are importing Muslims at an alarming rate. Just wait till they come to your neighborhood. Just wait till they become large enough in number. They will start doing this to you.

  64. The blood on the little Buddhist’s girls panties, tells me those islamic savages raped her before hacking off her head.
    If this is allah’s will, then piss be upon him, piss be upon islam, blood, piss and pus be upon CAIR, shit upon mohumanless, vomit and snot on the quran.
    islam can drown in my bodies fluids, putrid, filthy brainwashed, imbred mooSSlimes.
    Keep talking islam, your day is coming, and we ‘The people’ will bury islam by the light of day, in the cold dirt, six feet under.
    May Buddha have mercy on the beautiful native Thailand people, and may our governments grow the balls needed to oust oil and pisslam once and for all.
    The last time the crusades showed islam mercy, big mistake, a mistake that must never be repeated.

  65. This goes beyond evil.
    PS: The left do have an answer for this, I’ve heard them utter it; conspiracy theories and doctored photos, for propaganda on behalf of Israel. Bastards. They’re worse than these savages.

  66. No…. this is just “workplace violence” Boy those crazy Mooooslims, huh? Spreading love and peace where ever they go… haha

  67. What is happening here is pure and simple sadism. islam certainly doesn’t turn all muslims into psychopaths, but it appears it does predispose them. The monsters involved in these acts (these are only the very latest examples of savagery committed by muslims)are profoundly sick, and as is done with a rabid dog or other mammal they have to be exterminated. No trial, no jury, no pleading. Throw ’em into a pool of hungry crocodiles.

  68. Once again we see what they are willing to do to children. And obama sends the brotherhood $800 million to support this kind of activity. Most of the time that I bring this up to other people they don’t believe or if they do, they deny it to keep from being called hatemonger or islamophobe. We are living in interesting times. Where children are being butchered and sacrificed to an evil god.

  69. The pictures above are nothing new. You’ve heard of the Hindu Kush: “funeral pyre of the Hindus” following Muslim invasion.
    And Suttee: The Hindu widow sacrificing herself on her husband’s funeral pyre to avoid what local Muslims did to unprotected women.
    For insight into Muslim history, go to and click onto their “Tears of Jihad” section.

  70. What kind of a God -is Allah? This God of Islam that he condones this bloody butchery by his followers,these fanatics called -muslims?and for what?are these acts of insanity being done -in his name,the only crime these poor people have committed is they believe -Allah is known by another name -God- and is a kind loving God not the one of Islam, -Allah- filled with hate and blood lust for all who don’t worship at his alter,the ones who propogate and encourage this evil ,the Ayatollahs,Imams ,Clerics ,Sheiks will,one day will be made to account for their lies and betrayal of their people ,especially the children ,there will be no paradise for them -only fire and brimstone.

    • Allah was the Qur’esh tribes Moon-god that Mohammed’s father, Abdullah, was consecrated to as a child. His uncles were consecrated to other gods among the 300-some worshipped in Mecca. Mohammed’s first 25 years were as a penniless orphan. At 25, a 40-year old widow (a cousin) married him, kept him on a short leash and demanded performance in bed, apparently a lot! At 40, he thought he was going crazy – and he was, but his being a prophet was more socially acceptable to his wife. He promoted Allah to god of the universe and managed to “convert” 150, mostly poor followers in 13 years (due to his wife’s money?). He had reasons to be a sick puppy – and was. His repressed rage was unleashed after the Meccans drove him out, and the Jews in Medina (where they migrated to) weren’t buying his claims, which he answered with jihad through his unemployable followers. Got it now?

      • Mohammed is and was a fraud,the bible calls it a false prophit.
        Back then it was easy to get a following just twist the words of the bible and make out your it,its still happening today except muslems are blinded totaly, dont hate the people just the cult following called Islam and what ever breakaway names they come up with.
        Vengence is his, GODS. So be asured these people will not go and skip the trial to come once their flesh dies.
        The worst sin is to not believe the God of the bible,this everyone will see once in their life and for some its to late when your dead.

    • Val, to answer your question. Allah is satan and the musloids coming savior, their maddi is the anti-christ. The Bible and the quran use the same terms to describe satan/allah and the anti-christ/maddi.

  71. I was telling all this to a mate and he said that he didn’t know that Muslims where in Thailand.
    That doesn’t show lack of knowledge. But lake of information put out by the media.
    I still can not believe the number of people who support Comrade Gillard for our Prime minister. But then the only alternative is a liberal Government with the same multicultural agenda.
    God help us. as our Governments won’t

    • Gary, America’s own Thomas Jefferson gave good council: “The tree of liberty must from time to time be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure. in a Letter to William Smith, November 13, 1787, and:
      “I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.” in a Letter to James Madison, January 30, 1787, and:
      “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”
      I flew in Aussie planes and fought beside Aussies in Viet-Nam. The time to fight is long before you’re down, on your face and bloody, Mate.

      • Well said and we need strong leaders like we have never needed them.
        The west will go under without guidance from strong leadership.

    • I agree. The goverments do nothing and the media is in bed with the muzzies too.
      Is up to us to elect out goverments based on two things: they position on islam and capitalism.

  72. Damn ! BNI like the way you slap the truth back at them muzzies , know it is hard on you to work with this gore not the poore victims in these pictures but the gore that did this ! Demons themselves would have no part of this death cult named Islam .

  73. Ishaq:327 “Allah said, ‘A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you craved the desires of this world, its goods and the ransom captives would bring. But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion.'”

    Ishaq:326 “If you come upon them, deal so forcibly as to terrify those who would follow, that they may be warned. Make a severe example of them by terrorizing Allah’s enemies.”

    Qur’an:33:26 “Allah made the Jews leave their homes by terrorizing them so that you killed some and made many captive. And He made you inherit their lands, their homes, and their wealth. He gave you a country you had not traversed before.”

  74. The big brave Allahu Ackbastards from CAIR are probably using these images as porn. Bet your fingers are itching to get those scimitars out of the office closet and give them a good sharpening, right, O Sons of the Burning Desert Sands?

    Meanwhile, here in the West the Devout think their rights are being violated if some girl rapper makes fun of them. Funny how we never hear a word from such holy gatekeepers about the wholesale slaughter being conducted by another World Religion.

    But of course I’m a bad godless person for even noticing that.

  75. I’d like the Moslem apologists to explain that these terrorists are ‘real’ Moslems.

    We now know that the apologists are ‘fake’ and the terrorists are the real Moslems.

    Mohammed and his original Moslems were all terrorists.

    • Any Moslem can leave Islam…many are quietly leaving. Jihadists become heroes if they are killed.

      The problem is what has been called ‘Moslem roulette’…which Moslem is going to ‘go jihad’?

      100% of Moslems must be suspected of being terrorists, because so many terrorists have hidden their intentions.

        • The pedophile muhammad died a LOOOOONG time ago. Kind of hard to exterminate something that is bone and dust…. unless you drop an a-bomb on that black stone tomb that the musloids travel to mecca to worship.

        • Fools who don’t have any sense or knowledge speak up in arrogance which is why your life is a crumble sitting behind that screen telling us all that you and your likes are no different that caused this bloodshed. Go to school or stop playing too many war games, on your ps3 or whatever, because you are the pawns that fall for a trap and don’t realise your brain is being controlled by media.. Lo life jerks make me sick

        • There’s only one brainwashed ignoramus here Adam…Go look in a mirror…or is it haram to gaze upon your own face?

          Shouldn’t you be scouting around with your buddies looking for underage girls to screw so you can stone them for being female and letting themselves be raped??

          Do you ever read about anything that happens in your wonderfully enlightened islamic countries…Iran..Saudi Arabia…Pakistan..Afghanistan…Iraq…Indonesia….Somalia…Sudan…etc…etc…In fact ANYWHERE islam is predominant or otherwise…

          How does the saying go??

  76. Where is the Thai government in all this? Are they afraid, too? When will America wake up!! Just shows the importance of getting rid of our ‘Muslim in thief’ in November!

  77. This fills me with so much anger, and hatred, yes HATRED -you dhimmis/leftists/appeasers/PC- for these cockroaches. You murderous bastards, evil worshipers, ONE Buddhist monk is worth more than MILLIONS of you put together.

    Have a good look at these pictures people for THIS IS ISLAM, and this could sooner than you think happen to YOU, because make no mistake that this is what they’re working on.

  78. Some time back, Ms BNI, you had a post where the Buddhists were training with firearms, to fight back and try to take their country back from the moochits,,,
    Sickening as the above is, it is an example of the total belligerent attitude, the extreme ethnocentrism of the islamic ideology,,, Only satan himself could allow and condone something like this,,,
    This is below the level of savagery, yet is totally in line with the teachings of the murderer’s manual that the mohammadans follow~!
    I am reminded of the apparent approval of the actions of the men who killed Umm Qirfa in 628 ald. and the current pronouncements coming out of Syria and Egypt, not to mention the other islamic countries of the Earth,,,
    Keep it up, muchits,,, the stench of your filth is reaching to the uttermost reaches of the Cosmos,,, and The Creator G-D is NOT pleased how you are treating His Created Beings~!

    • GF, they are such a small part of the population, don’t know why the Thai Army doesn’t go in and wipe them out. But that is the problem, they are no more than about 4% of the British population and look at the havoc they are causing there. Forget about them becoming the majority, they take over a country when they get to 20%.

      • Remember when the Thai government made a Muslim commander of their army? That was about a month before a coup was launched. We’ve had no reports on the nature and make-up of the Thai government since. The slaughter, however, is growing.

        • Yeah. Remember when the US made a Muslim their president? Wonder what the end result of that will be?

      • I have had the non stop killing of innocent people in just about every country whether it is their own women, or another who chooses to leave Islam or as in the case of Thailand. These are atrocities of war, not killings. These Muslims need to go to the Hague. But, the Hague takes forever to deal out justice. Serbs are still being held in custody for the killings in Bosnia, now it is time for the Hague to look at what these monsters are doing to others.

        I am going to compile a wallet photographic collection about what these ghastly beasts are capable of. No police in my own country believed what I told them or what had happened to me. Now I am just going to show my photos and the above photos and make my fellow Australians become familiar with these agents of Satan. Our countries, yours and mine are not willing to help us because they want to appease the criminal shit they bring to our shores.

        We can all sound off, but I am just going to have to show people who don’t write into this very great site, people who are still very unaware of what these people do to their fellow mankind. The first place I am leaving some photos is at the local churches. They are remarkably silent on these issues. They know very well, and many of the victims are their own pastors and priest and nuns- especially in Africa.

        I said it before and I say it again, the day that present day German Pope kissed the Quran, that was the finish for me. He is a Nazi. Sorry to all you Catholics and/or former Catholics, this Pope is old enough to have been in the Hitler Youth. It speaks volumes when a Pope will kiss the Quran. It is giving the OK to the contents within. We all know the contents of the Quran, and would any of us even consider kissing this sadistic document? Not bloody likely.

      • No I assure you that Muslims are not a small part of population, no matter how many your ancestors have killed or leaders to come will kill for whichever reason your fed through your tv or Internet…Muslims will never decrease in size or faith,I am not defending whoever caused this havoc but I am defending a religion that truly is peace and nothing but peace,look at the history, read the book of the worlds most influential people in the world and surely the author was not Muslim so I don’t know what other reason to give apart from the fact that our beloved prophet PBUH(peace be upon him) Was ranked as number 1 out of 100, here is a copy and paste..I also own a copy of he book,The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History is a 1978 book by Michael H. Hart, reprinted in 1992 with revisions. It is a ranking of the 100 people who, according to Hart, most influenced human history.[1]

        The first person on Hart’s list is the Prophet of Islam Muhammad.[2] Hart asserted that Muhammad was “supremely successful” in both the religious and secular realms. He also believed that Muhammad’s role in the development of Islam was far more influential than Jesus’ collaboration in the development of Christianity. He attributes the development of Christianity to St. Paul, who played a pivotal role in its dissemination.” okay now when god is only going to help those that are following a true means of life success is going to be given from god, also note that at the time of the beloved prophet many people didn’t know how to read or write and yes he was one of them but yet the biggest miracle was our holy Quran which was told from angel Gabriel to the beloved prophet….. Islam has never had a beginning or an end it has been there all along Islam is just in Arabic meaning submission to oneness god,please my dear fellow brothers wether you are Jews/Christians/Hindus/ and so on do your research or just don’t bother with things you know nothing about….these people did not have to die but it is a true shame and I can honestly say out of most people here that I am more hurt….the ones that did this will pay in due time but please don’t hate an entire population that follow the religion of Islam, a wise man told me once that there will always be blacksheeps in every community, wether you are a Christian,Muslim, Hindu or whatever….everyone here is intelligent so please find another solution rather than hating name calling or cursing, that only proves the lackness of your knowledge hence in short saying such things,,…. Peace

        • I am so sick of this childish cry of “why non muslims write so much/praise/mention islam/mohammad”? As if that exempts islam from its bloody, conquering modus operandi.

          None of you bronze age arab-tribalists have even read Hart’s book. Had you actually read it you would not so foolishly hold it up as evidence of “islam’s greatness.”

          In that book Hart goes into great detail about mo the putrid’s BLOODY CONQUESTS. He included mo the putrid because of his MILITARY LEADERSHIP. He does not espouse the virtues of mo the putrid or his bronze age gang. He simply mentions that mo the putrid declared himself a prophet of his own cult. To deny or omit that fact would make Hart a very poor researcher.

          In the book the other 100 “influential” people include: Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Marx, and Ghengis Khan.

          You troglodytes not only fail to read what Hart actually has to say about mo the putrid, you also, unsurprisingly, fail to comprehend that the adjective “influential” is not always a positive descriptive. In other words: You’re all fucking morons.

          There is no accounting for people’s stupidity and evil as evidenced by the entire populations who followed the likes of Hitler, Amin, Simmons (founder of the KKK), Marx, etc. etc.

          Islam’s creator was a sick twisted cretin, thus anyone who follows his bullshi’ite is ipso facto sick and twisted. mo the putrid was influential in rallying equally fucked up people to his fucked up manifesto of power, pussy, and money.

          No amount of bullshi’ite you sling our way will change what is in your unholy texts, nor will it change the fact that imam’s across the world, quoting your foul texts and following in your foul “prophet’s” footsteps daily call for violence against non-arab tribalists. Nor will it change the fact that many of your fellow mobots are “influenced” by the unholy texts spewed out by your foul imams to do great evil.


  79. How can anybody do this shit to another human being? I cannot imagine what it must be like to be so evil and capable of committing such atrocities against humanity! Where are the human rights organizations? Oops, I forgot…they’re busy railing against Western governments. Oh, brother!

    • and railing against israel. the beheadings and mutilations are already happening in mexico near our border as hezbollah establishes itself with the help of the drug cartels.

      • …..and which is why so many of those muzzies are smuggled in through the Mexican border (have been for years), since those cartels get more money smuggling those bastards in than Mexicans.

        So what’s been done about this? Nothing of course.

    • Non-Muslims are the lowest form of life on earth and hated by Allah according to Islamic doctrine. The worst sin of all? Turning from Islam to another religion: becoming an apostate.

      • Soooo are you a Muslim making a statement or are you demonstrating the sheer stupidity and cruelty of the Muslim religion? There is something wrong with a religion that has left blood trails throughout it’s history of innocent people. In fact, I find it idiotic that people blame the Christians for the Crusades when that was actually a response to the barbaric muslims. The world has had to deal with this scourge since islam’s beginning. When are people going to pull their heads out of their asses…..when they literally have to lose their heads in order to get it?

      • According to the Qu’ran all people are born Muslim so we are all classed as apostates. Jews and Christians are regarded as pigs and dogs and are the lowest forms of life though.

    • “How can anybody do this shit to another human being?” – there are many times during life when one has to choose between doing a bad thing or witnessing an even worse thing, that makes people kill eachother. Life is many times us or them when two parts can’t agree, that’s a fact, you can’t just pick a moral high refusing to do any harm what so ever cuz then you will die.

  80. “Mind is the forerunner of (all evil) states. Mind is chief; mind-made are they. If one speaks or acts with wicked mind, suffering follows one, even as the wheel follows the hoof of the draught-ox.

    Mind is the forerunner of (all good) states. Mind is chief; mind-made are they. If one speaks or acts with pure mind, AFFECTION follows one, even as one’s shadow that never leaves. ”
    ― Buddha (Dhammapada)

    This is how buddhist see life. Islam seems to have no idea of the evil they do. Or if they do they are evil.

    • Hi hktony, I believe in what you say, I believe in the teachings of the gentle Buddah, however how do we explain Mianmar formerley Burma. I presume this is a mainly Buddhist nation. One of the great peacemakers in the world in our time was held in captivity for over 20 years.

      How does this work? It is one thing to talk about the words of several thousand years ago, and the words and meaning are revered throughout every age, so how does this work against Islam?

      Islam hates the Buddhists more than any other entity on earth. We cant stand by and let them kill our friends the Buddhists. What would you suggest? We will never get them to read or understand the words of the Buddah. We can only fight fire with fire. Very sadly I say these words.

        • islam hates nothing. islam is a vile ideology.

          muslims hate Jews, Christians, Hindus, pagans, atheists; in other words anyone not muslim.

          Most muslims are too ignorant to even know that Thailand exists. They are too ignorant to know anything other than their bronze age savagery.

          Unfortunately for the Buddhists of Thailand, the musloids of Thailand are doing what muslims do best: trying to snuff out yet another indigenous people.

          Just a quick question, Jeffery; How old is the little bagheaded bitch you were promised if you converted to pisslam? 12? 13?

        • I am a Muslim, but I am not a terrorist…. Just because the news or pictures or some media reporter tells you something doesn’t accurately have to be 100% genuine, when will most puppets realise that they are being brainwashed by all of this and ironically on the process being turned into hating beings themselves….. God has given you all a brain do one thing and ask yourselves why are Muslims all over the world being attacked in great numbers wether poor innocent or extreme? Children mothers daughters and so on??? Why doesn’t anybody speak up then,for gods sake have some shame and realise how ou are being turned into this Muslim hating machines, i thought the world had woken up when some leaks of 9/11 were exposed about it being an inside job your own country,nation of hippocrates achieved in order to reduce population and steal oil!!!biggest murderer after hitler was Americas favourite comedian aka bush/Obama… I hope you realise the gravity of this because I agree that what we see in these pictures is sick and inhumane who ever did this I being a Muslim have to say that this is not what my religion teaches me, and my holy Quran and Islam teaches us peace…..don’t go getting involved with angry barbaric beings as such who done this terrible thing for I assure you they are considered wrongdoers in my religion and to the laws of the holy Quran…….if you have killed a person for sure it is as if you have killed all of mankind…. Quote from the holy Quran,peace an blessing of god be upon all of you also to those whome probably will leave nasty comments following mines take care

        • Adam, aside from nothing you say being the truth, the last so-called quote from the quran about killing one person was stolen from the Jews, just like Palestine was. You muslim inbreds have slaughtered more than 270 million people in the world, far more than all the other religions combined.

        • So tell me..WHY would a muslime call himself Adam? Are you trying to convince yourself that YOU are not brainwashed by saying that others who see the truth of Islime are?

          Why are muslimes being attacked?? What an uninformed retarded thing to ask? Who is intimidating, torturing, murdering innocents on a daily basis just because they ain’t Muslimes?
          Who goes off on rampages all over the world killing, burning and spewing hatred at the slightest excuse?
          What is the most primitive, barbaric, backward facing, retarded ideology in the world today?

          Oh, and YES, your so called religion DOES teach this….You cannot be a good muslime if you don’t aspire to be like your so called prophet.
          What sort of “prophet” & “god” would demand the murder of innocents? None who do are worthy of belief or respect…

          The koran is a pitiful collection of plagiarized content from the Torah, Old Testament and Christian Bible with the beliefs of the Arab Pagans thrown in for good measure.It’s also full of childish tripe in no particular order.Thinking with your dick just isn’t the way to go..Like most muslimes, you know little about your own ideology as you are not allowed to think for yourself…
          YOU are the Borgs of the world……
          Assimilate or die is your motto….
          and when you succeed in your quest to dominate , then you will start butchering each other…Sunni / Shia / Ahmadi….yada, yada, yada…….ISLIME makes it mandatory for its followers to be perpetual victims…That way death is looked upon as a welcome release from the crap it continuously bestows on its believers……Prove me wrong…

        • All religion spue hate. All countries kill in the name of religion. Religion is false hope. Religion was created by evil men to control people and to make money. All religion in the hands of men is evil. And by the way, Buddhism is not a relgion.

  81. blow all muslims to hell. islam is madness has go to stop if we had our own oil for gas then we could tell them to just go kill each other muhammond was a vile agent of the devil and islan is the devils religion i know that we allhave to suffer but the devil and islam will neer win over our LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST

    • carrie, we DO have our own oil, at least 300 years worth, but the Democrats and Greenies and the traitor in the White House won’t let us get to it.

    • Wow, FINE Christian YOU are (blow all Muslims to hell). What happened to Jesus’s words “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Matthew 5:43) ??? I guess the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ YOU follow is NOT the one I know, Thankfully! Murder a Muslim and YOU can burn in hell also ! ! !

      • Being a Christian does not mean rolling over and allowing this kind of thing to happen. We are to love our enemies but we are also to resist evil and this is certainly evil. You are either a Muslim, afraid of your own shadow and hope that if you are nice to them they won’t kill you or you are living in a fantasy land where just being nice to someone will make them “nice” to you. Time to wake up and get a backbone.

        • Very true. Luke 22:36 has Jesus telling the disciples to buy a sword. Self defence is fine. Saves life most of the time against evil people.

        • Jon Perry: Read the context of Luke 22:36. Two swords where enough while prophesies where being fulfilled. Those two swords could not have been enough to defend the group.

          I’m not saying you shouldn’t defend yourself like Christians who are defending the Burmese, but one should be careful to not misuse text

      • Who says the commenter is a Christian? I am pretty much atheist, but I figure that the biggest threat to my way of life, freedom and beliefs is islam. It is a religion that needs to be eradicated because it is a theocratic belief that promotes the extermination of all other ways of life other than islam.

      • Jeffery, do a little studying. You will find that every term used in the quran to describe allah is the same terms used in the Bible to describe satan. Every term used in the quran to describe their maddi (their coming savior) is the same terms used in the Bible for the anti-christ. Islam is literally the worship of satan. I do pray for them, but God as my witness, I’d much rather see them blown to hell than have them try to force their satan worship on me and my family.

        • No you need to do your studying. The only connection to the bible the Qu’ran has is the fact that Mohommed plagiarized it, badly. The Jews laughed him out of town because of his stupid attempts at claiming to be a prophet.

      • So, what then?
        Stand by and let evil spread?

        Jeff…you’re an idiot, and you’ve proven it nicely by stating what you did.
        This is The World and here the ones who fight evil isn’t Those Above by coming down and looking majestic on a white horse with a flaming sword…it is US, with the will and desire in our hearts to stand against evil and shield the innocent and defenseless from such atrocity.
        You wanna stand idly by while muslime rampage, loot, murder CHILDREN and burn people alive….fine, you do that.
        …and when you get up there, and The God asks you why you did nothing to stand against evil and why you allowed it to prevail…well, that’s you’re problem mate.
        Good luck with it.

        Myself. I recently had to kill a muzzie, because it was a Bad situation and i wasn’t about to let a muzzie psycho with a knife have any chances, so i snapped his fucking neck, after breaking the elbow of his weapon arm.

        Save a Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jew and kill a muzzie.

        Us Pagans, we’re going to War with this Plague…and people like you jeff, stay out of the way, you’ll only get hurt you snivelling coward.

      • Buddhist are a peaceful people ..ohh. I am so disgusted with you haters. You don’t belong on our planet. Light Love, peace, compassion will prevail.

      • When it comes to Islam and their horrific acts of brutality in. The name of Allah and that scum bag Muhammad,, you are not innecluded in love thy neighbo or anything good for that matter. The Crusades should have finished off every last one of you, the world would be as much better place.

    • We do have OUR own oil, Carrie, but our commy, loser leader will NOT allow us to drill…just so you know, we have MORE oil in this country than anywhere else in the WORLD has. And that’s a fact!

  82. If there are any leftists lurking here I want to know your take on this.

    As all of you always blame the “invasions” and “colonialism” of muslim lands for muslim jihadist activity in the West I’m curious as to where you place the blame for this aggressive and violent behaviour?

    Which muslim lands did Thai Buddhists invade or colonize to cause this aggressive, violent “retribution”?

    In other words how do you spin this to deflect the blame away from the muslims?

      • I know, they usually avoid this sad state of affairs.

        Did have one try to tell me that the Buddhists were the ones instigating the violence by attacking the musloids first. Had another one tell me that it’s not muslims killing that it’s more complicated than religious violence and I was basically too stupid to for him/her/it to explain what all of the issues were in Thailand.

        I really hate leftards as much as I hate musloids. They refuse to see the forest through the trees.

        • So, then, that baby attacked first? THAT would have been impressive. IC, I wish someone WOULD take up your challenge, but they’d still be wrong. I, too, hear nothing but crickets.

        • anyone who says that the Buddhists instigated the violence told a pack of lies becuase the
          Buddhis faith teaches a “middle of the road” type of ideal because deviating to far to the right or left causes way too many problems. this is not an easy thing to do. Karma is real thing and so is what goes around comes around. with all of the vileness and hate the muslims are spewing in the name of jihad and worse it will eventually bite them in the ass, hopefully very soon

        • Hey, I am Indonesian, I know radical Muslim does killing and attacking others who are against them or not in the same faith, ask your self if you are a true Muslim go ahead read the whole quran, so i want to know as well who is your god?, what his name? i had quran and i have bible. you guys spreads the hatred and etc. For your note girl! I knew exactly where the quran from and who is your Muhammad. My question is, if you believe Muhammad is your prophet then why still praying for him go to heaven? and by the way if Isa was not God then why you guys believe He will come again to judge the world. And for one more note! Isa (Jesus) the only prophet for you who you also believe he is without sin! Just saying

        • Is there something in the water today? Did you actually read my post which was a challenge to leftist loons who enable moahmmadans? Or did you just infer from my moniker that I must be a mohammadan? Either way you are way off base. I hate mohammdans and if I could I would dig up mohammad’s corpse and skull-f*ck it in front of a crowd of mohammadans at their moon rock.

      • This is the same for burma/myanmar. The rohingya muslims in burma are not your peaceful bunch of supposedly oppressed minorities ,500,000 of them overswumped the indigenous 40,000 rakhine buddhist and caused all kinds of problems and finally things came to a head when a buddhist lady was assaulted sexually raped by gang of muslim predators and then hacked and horrifically mutilated, and when the outraged buddhists demanded the perpetrators be handed over and punished there was resistance and then the muslims started burning the buddhist towns .

        The very cowardly and dhimmified westerners interviewers keep taking the side of the muslim criminals and then all the you tube and internet video were posting all kinds of falsehood against buddhist victims making them to look like the people that started the problem ..i don’t understand how many western reporters can be so amazingly super super dumb and cowardly to try to victimize buddhist people when we are throughout history have been so very cruelly persecuted by the muslim people of the world especially in india and afghanistan which the muslim converted from beautiful buddhist country into the horribly toxic hell hole of afghanistan now !

        When the buddhist of myanmar take steps like economic boycott of muslim business to try to protect the country from muslim invasion, western reporter vilify the buddhist effort to save our culture and the peaceful and the very enlighten and scientific psychological teachings of Buddha — why the western reporters want to support a barbaric and horrifying culture of violence and ignorance that is islam, i cannot understand.

        Even tho the muslim in western country are now trying to destroy christianity and anything humanism and kind and rational ( which buddhism is!), we buddhist people cannot cannot undersstand why there are so many intelligent western people that encourage the wicked islamic people to come and invade and destroy their own country.

        We buddhist people ,we love the christian and western humanist people , because we have many thing in common, even hindu,taoism (which discuss subtle cosmos and nature by Lao Tzu), jainism, even zoroastrianism,confucianism, and many other spiritual path, even your native american spirituality of the great spirit …we all have many thing in common…goodness, kindness, loving life, respecting nature and obeying golden rules…we are all sharing very similar goals all base on loving other people and even animals and plants and nature…but not the islam people, all their prophet do is kill, make sex on children,rape,loot rob caravan and more killing …and why is their koran so full of killing and violence, and always talking about the sex life of their warlord prophet…what kind of prophet is that ..always killing , making sex with slaves and prisoners.

        ….why is it the modern islamic people do not use their common sense to analyze their unholy book and unholy and wicked prophete? Buddha always say don’t even believe in me , you have to use your common sense and rational thinking power to analyze and you have to experience it and if it bear good outcome then you know it is a good thing to follow, if the outcome is bad and there is much death and destruction, then it is not a good thing to follow.

        I am amazed even very educated islamic people do not question their own books and religious teachings, it is as if they switch off their brain…that is probably the reason why many islamic country are in a very bad shape and the inhabitants want to migrate to non muslim country, but then why they want to bring the wicked ideas that have caused them so much grief and poverty and still want to transplant the poison to the western successful countries and even to non muslim non western countries that are successful .I am amazed that many educated western political officials always pretend that islam is so wonderful, when they know deep in their heart that it is a very backward and primitive and violent religion that is based on backward arab folklore and middle eastern tribal faery tales !

        Hindu and buddhist people have many faery tales ,we call them jataka tales,but use them as teaching tools to teach children about what is good and bad…it seem like the muslim are believing many faery tales , but thinking they are from God ?! and unfortunately beleiveing in the very violent and wicked faery tales ! which by the power of the mind the ideas and faery tales become transformed into the 3 dimension reality of everyday life and become violence, hate, murder and more hatred. To buddhist it is as if muslims are liiving very bad nightmare based on very bad quality faery tale like one thousand and one nights and making the rest of us in the world suffer their bad nightmare also.

        ..i see the muslim trying to convert the chinese and korean and japanese and taiwan and singapore ,and australia and new zealand ,and other more successful non muslim country in asia …why you want to destroy all the good country. Muslim must stop doing that or else the rest of the world will one day rise up and throw you out and quarantine you in isolated backward islamic country and forbid you to travel. Buddhist generally dont hate anybody, i think we pity muslim and feel their mind has been infected badly by a very negative and destructive ideology which will create very bad karmic conssequence for them in the present and in the future.

        • Rajan, you will find, if you enter “MYANMAR” into the Search box here, several stories telling the truth about the Rohinga Muslims.
          BNI readers support the Burmese Buddhists in their fight against the Muslim scourge.

      • Istanbul_Chick: You say, ” I would dig up Mohammad’s corpse and skull-f*ck it.” Hmmm… I digress, but if your a “chick” would that mean you wish to give Mohammad a bj?

        • You think you’re funny, but you’re not. You’re not very imaginative either. There are many number of ways I could skull f*ck that dead sack of supremacist shi’ite. I could relieve Morsi or the Obamanation of their willys and use those. I could utilize a broom or mop handle. I could employ the services of a jackhammer. Or I could slap a condom over your witless head and let you and old dead mo get to know each other up close and personal.

      • Rajan… you are right. but I have already research about Rakhine and Rohingya, actually In myanmar, there are no Rohingya, I saw only Bangladesh Muslims. why the name of Rohingya they are using and spraying news around the world?. because Bangladesh Muslim want to be get the citizen in Myanmar as Rohingya, So They doing fake history. In real Rakhine peoples are very helpless and good morality Buddhist peoples. Every news are taken money from Islamic community and show fake news. UN also beside Muslims, In UN the peoples who are working mostly are Muslim, so I requested non-muslim peoples to help Rakhine nationality. Rakhine Buddhist are helpless.. govt also do not solve that problem perfectly and Aung san suu kyi also supporting Muslim peoples. Help them please.

        • Rohit, there are a lot of stories about the Islamic jihad going on in Myanmar. Go to the Search Box here in the Sidebar and enter “MYANMAR” and you’ll find several.

    • The more you divide the more you conquer.. old western/Jewish ideology.

      Radical Islam is bad and dangerous, but its not as bad as Judaism/Zionism or the modern KKK’s!!

      Radicalism is epidemic in Europe, America and Israel!!

      Now who is supporting these groups?
      Many parties are, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists !! They are all interested in conquering..and they dont give a slight fuck about those who die in such manipulating plots!!

      We are all victims of ignorance!! and those who commit murder in the name of god.. Muslims or not, must be punished (executed)!!!

      • What an appallingly ignorant and plain stupid comment, DeVante. Having lived in Muslim populated countries I couldn’t find your comment more absurd. There is NOTHING as violent and horrid as Islam. To compare it to the KKK and Zionism is a joke. These are mere children games in comparison. How did Zionism appear in the first place? From battles with Islam. Muslims not only stole every piece of land and history owned to the jews, but they exterminated entire populations unless they converted. Islam doesn’t exist in peace and friendship with ANYONE. The jews are victims of Islam and not invaders. How do you ‘invade’ your own land? Get a grip of reality.

        • Israel is not different from Hezbolah or Hamas or Iran! they all want to create racist religious countries!

          except that Judaism is the most lunatic!

          Perhaps I can supply you material on Sabra and Shatila massacre in Lebanon. when the Jews,Christians, Shiite and suni Muslims slaughtered thousands of innocent Palestinian families!

          its a fact and can be found on Google you know!!

        • I often see in picture of WW2 images of death body victim of the nazis or even victims of KKK in the 60’s.But i never saw something as disgusting as images of victims of the muslims.There something that touches the bottom of the evil in the way they slaugther the people. It looks like street gangs executions, and in my own opinion they are for the entire world justly what a street gang is for a city.The same type of behavior and not only for the slaugthers the do,but also for their psychology.

      • Very true DeVante. I was discussing this with my husband the other day, and my children, to a lessor intensity. Religion or spiritual beliefs are a private thing. It is not for anyone else to push onto another person. Lets say that I love a particular band. The music makes me feel amazing and I want everyone around me to feel it too, to believe in it and the listen to it as much as I do. Lets say they dont feel the same way and dont wish to listen all the time. I do not then, have the right to force them to hear it, or enjoy it or experience it the same why I have. Religion, is the same. Fundamentally its just finding what we need to believe in, or what lifts our spirits, gets us through the day and makes us feel good and strong. More to this, being a spiritual person, should allow you to respect others, not judge differences, keep your hands to yourself, be kind. And help when required. With humans general need to have something bigger than themsleves to believe in, comes the vultures. Those that prey on this need, brainwash and manipulate, harm and threaten. For these people, religion is like gold. Be they people that are greedy, power hungry or fearful of differences in others. They use religion to gain all these things. I vote for taking down religion as we know it, ALL OF THEM. Youe are free to practice your beliefs in you homes. But they can no longer over-ride the laws of the democratic land. They are no longer tax havens. They can no longer impact on anyone else in a threatening manner. So with that, the books that were written as rules of these religions, are not longer acknowledged as any more than one person (man) writing a story. And then adding in a whole heap of rules that make all the innocents have to follow for fear of damnation. These books, the bible and so on are fiction, should be placed in the fiction section of the liibrary, for we know not that they are true, we have no evidence to prove this so.

        • Wrong. Here come the enablers of the vultures. People like you are morally reprehensible with your “throw the baby out with the bathwater” approach. The only thing that accomplishes is to obfuscate from the immediate issue therefore putting more people’s lives and safety at risk. Not only that, but it is sheer cowardice on your part, and others who hold such similar views. Personally, I’m a non-theist, but even I can clearly see which religion kills more people, oppresses more people, and demands more absolute authority than islam, an absolute scourge in the post-modern world. Buddhists don’t do this shit, nor Hindus and Sikhs to any appreciable degree. Ditto for Christianity. And Judaism? The muslims would like us to think they oppress and murder. Then to beat all, you advocate depriving people of their right to corporate worship according to the dictates of their conscience.

          Now as far as islam is concerned, one person’s rights end when those rights infringe upon the rights of others. Since islam seeks dominance thru dawa and jihad and the imposition of sharia law, it is intrinsically incompatible with democracy and Western Civilization values. This is quite unlike Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and a slew of other ‘isms, which have shown many times over, their capacity to thrive in harmony with Western values.

          The summary? Islam must be banned from the Free World.

        • there can be dealing with a group of people who want to kill you…there is no excuse for the images I see here..these muslims are scum like no other..they faught along side of hitlers troups as well..Muslims have only one agenda..TO BE THE ONLY ‘RELIGION’ IF ONE COULD CALL THAT BARBARIC SOCIETY THAT.And they will kill..lie…steal…cheat…have sex with underage girls..they are truly the plague on the world today….and our idiot president backs them up…which makes him complisite in all of those murders…Islam is the enemy of the entire world…

        • Why don’t you move to a Muslim country and practice Sharia law. You become your husband’s property to do with as he wants and, if you complain, he can kill you to save his honor. If people would read the Koran, it tells the Muslims that they are to slaughter those that do not adhere to their customs. No one can compare to a Muslim who beheads someone and holds that head for a picture to cower others into believing their religion. The Thai population is on of the most peaceful countries and I can not believe anyone would do to children and adults, what the Muslim have done to the Thais. The Buddhist religion is built on peace and well being for all human life and yet they are slaughtered in the name of religion.

        • I hope if u ever are being slain by one of these sick bastards u DON’T CRY OUT FOR GOD!!!!!! My suggestion is READ THE BIBLE THRU & THRU…and ask for forgiveness….it is not MADE UP as u so IGNORANTLY ASSUME

      • If DeVante were at all correct, there would be no need for middle east peace talks, because the West Bank and Gaza would long ago have been emptied of Palestinians. Jews have been slaughtered and driven out of most or all Muslim countries. If Christians were interested in conquering, Japan would be a US territory, along with all the oil-producing areas of the mideast.

        • I don’t like these people, to me they have very strange ways. why would you want to give your very young daughter to an old man and kill her if she protests. they seem child like in there thoughts, and act like adults that havnt grown up proper. throwing stones demanding to behead someone because that person dares to say anything about them they havnt progressed in 2000 yrs. and if there was no oil at all in there countrys they would still be living just like they did 2000 yrs ago and fighting each other trible wars. and if they ever take over the world proper and all the other countrys have gone they will fight each other because I don’t think they could live any other way. and if I want to believe in the bible they are the Devils army.

      • To call you ignorant would be a severe understatement as well as an insult to ignorant people everywhere. I can only hope that you along with all the left wing worthless fucks who helped elect an anti American jihadist sympathizing con artist as president are the first ones that die in the next terrorist attack

        • Bravo, Jonz. That was a brilliant and scathing rebuttal to the leftist twit’s typical liberal bullshit.

        • As I read all your comments, some of you are making jokes,cool, some are sincere. but as a private contractor out here trying to catch these assholes and seeing these dead Buddhists and young kids, and being an American buddhist and former military its tought to see. why don’t you guys get out here and see what its like then make your comments

      • Devante – the KKK is worse? Are you kidding. I don’t recall the KKK doing anything like in those pictures. The fact is the number of dead from the KKK was quite small. And as far as your tirade about Jews: that is the same stuff the Nazis were shoveling to justify their final solution. Just like the Arabs said when Israel was granted Statehood: “let’s finish what Hitler started.” and they attacked the infant State of Israel and were soundly whipped. Let us also remember that the Arabs sided with the Nazis in World War 2. This calls into question the entire Pro Arab/Anti Israel movement as nothing more than a revival of Naziism.

        • Tactitus- I am talking about the concept of killing in the name of God. Not comparing the amount of harm done. Judaism is the mother of all evil. Its the first religion to preach the killing of other humans (goyims) in the name of god. the rest of Abrahamic religions are following such such religious lunacy, but as violently as Judaism.

          As for Arabs, they never created politics, they are well known to be followers, cheap ones too. Taking sides with Hitler didn’t have that impact, since Hitler had the Arabs next on his list!

          When did the Arabs fight Israel? The cowards never did and never will. I believe the cracked establishment of Israel Will vanish soon, because of its in-humanitarian ideologies and they ccan’t militarize a whole nation for ever.

        • DeVante, if you were standing in front of me right now, I would promptly bitchslap the anti-Semitic taste from your mouth and make you kiss my half-Jewish ass. (right butt cheek)

          Turd-burgling ass monkeys such as yourself are so stupid you believe you can actually pick up a turd by the clean end.

          It’s no wonder you stink.

      • Wow – DeVante, better to be thought a fool than to “speak” and remove all doubt. There is no doubt here that you are ignorant and a fool….Do some real research and then speak.

        • Rqndy63ism and L M – your reaction is totally understood, when people like you can’t elaborate there point of view intellectually, asuch violent reflexes are expected.

          As for bitch slapping me, you know that if we ever meet, anywhere on this earth, I won’t hesitate for a second to shove my foot in your ass, even if that was in tel Aviv. The question is, can a coward jew like yourself make it to the middle east and bitch slap me? Its not that I’m the hulk or anything, its just that I have a noble cause to defend, I have a past, present and future. You only exist in the Torah, nothing else!

        • LOL Hypocrisy thy name is DeVante.

          First you call out Randy and L M for being violent and “intellectually inferior”:

          “when people like you can’t elaborate there point of view intellectually, asuch violent reflexes are expected.”

          You respond with “I won’t hesitate for a second to shove my foot in your ass,”

          As for you typical mohammadan hubris, your bat crap Jew-hating conspiracy theories are signs of *your* intellectual impotency. We’re talking tin-foil hat territory.

          Of course, you’re too obtuse to understand your own hypocrisy.

        • You need to know your vocabulary; self defense is different than hypocrisy!

          The subject of discussion here is violent in Islam, below are passages from the bible, tell me if you can find anything similar to it in the Quran.

          Because God liked Abel’s animal sacrifice more than Cain’s vegetables, Cain kills his brother Abel in a fit of religious jealousy. 4:8
          “I will destroy … both man and beast.”God is angry. He decides to destroy all humans, beasts, creeping things, fowls, and “all flesh wherein there is breath of life.” He plans to drown them all.6:7, 17″Every living substance that I have made will I destroy.”God repeats his intention to kill “every living substance … from off the face of the earth.” But why does God kill all the innocent animals? What had they done to deserve his wrath? It seems God never gets his fill of tormenting animals. 7:4″All flesh died that moved upon the earth.”God drowns everything that breathes air. From newborn babies to koala bears — all creatures great and small, the Lord God drowned them all. 7:21-23God sends a plague on the Pharaoh and his household because the Pharaoh believed Abram’s lie. 12:17God tells Abram to kill some animals for him. The needless slaughter makes God feel better. 15:9-10Hagar conceives, making Sarai jealous. Abram tells Sarai to do to Hagar whatever she wants. “And when Sarai dealt hardly with her, she fled.” 16:6″I will not destroy it for ten’s sake.”I guess God couldn’t find even ten good Sodomites because he decides to kill them all in Genesis 19. Too bad Abraham didn’t ask God about the children. Why not save them? If Abraham could find 10 good children, toddlers, infants, or babies, would God spare the city? Apparently not. God doesn’t give a damn about children. 18:32Lot refuses to give up his angels to the perverted mob, offering his two “virgin daughters” instead. He tells the bunch of angel rapers to “do unto them [his daughters] as is good in your eyes.” This is the same man that is called “just” and “righteous” in 2 Peter 2:7-8. 19:7-8God kills everyone (men, women, children, infants, newborns) in Sodom and Gomorrah by raining “fire and brimstone from the Lord out of heaven.” Well, almost everyone — he spares the “just and righteous” Lot and his family. 19:24Lot’s nameless wife looks back, and God turns her into a pillar of salt. 19:26

        • First of all you are still a hypocrite. You were not talking about “self-defense” you mohammadan mouth-breather. You took to task, called out, pointed your finger at Randy and LM and then proceeded to do the same thing you pointed your fanatical finger at them for. That *is* hypocrisy.

          Secondly, what exactly does the Bible have to do with violence in islam? Nothing. Nada. Zip. It’s as relevant to the topic at hand as the existence of Bigfoot, the Yeti, or the Loch Ness monster. Oh, did no one tell you that tu quoque is a logical fallacy? A big fat childish and intellectually weak fallacy. It’s like talking about how wonderful the tea in China is and some asshat bringing up the tea in India. The awesomeness of Chinese tea is not dependent on what the tea in India is like.

          Same for your foul creed. I could bring up the violent human sacrifice of any number of other creeds, and not one of them would exonerate islam of it’s violence.

          How weak your cult is that fools like you must bring up the sins of others in a lame assed and childish attempt to blow a smoke screen for your own egregious sins.

          Let me put it this way so your neuronically challenged cranium grasped it. If I slowly saw your head off would “Well muslims have beheaded a lot of people” be a good, sane or right defense? No? So why the hell do you knuckle draggers believer that using the “but other religions are violent too” exonerates you clowns?

        • I can tell by your tone your pissed off, its not my fault that Judaism is far more violent than Islam.

          I am not here to defend Islam since I am not Muslim. I believe in humanitarian ethics, not religions. Abrahamic religions brought more harm than good on humanity. Judaism is by far the worst.

          See, in 1920’s the CIA, MI5 and Mossad created the islamic brotherhood in egypt which lead today to al-Qaida. There’s hundreds of points that puts Christians in the same bloody category of Muslims, like the use of nuclear bombs on Japan by american christians. Which is worse? Beheading a couple of people or exterminating a whole nation? Or Israel who’s commiting genocide against Palestinians in the name of god?

          Youre right, Islam is violent to a certain extent but pales in comparison to Judaism. At least Allah is merciful, unlike Jehovah, a lunatic personality that loves BBQ, lliquor and women. And enjoys the suffering of none jews! How’s that humanitarian?

          God brought a seven year, “very grievous” famine on the whole earth for no apparent reason (except maybe to make Joseph wealthy). 41:25-32, 54

        • Hey, you bone headed numpty, your Jew hatred has caused you to realize that what you quoted is in the Christians’ book as well.

          And again with false equivalency. Are you really so stupid to think that Jews or Christians’ sins exonerate mohammadans’?

          I will repeat slowly your limited intellect can understand: *Jews and Christians have NOTHING to do with the violence of islam.* Period. EVEN IF Jews and Christians had commited over 20,000 terrorist attacks, against civilians, in the past 12 years (which they haven’t), you bringing it up has no bearing on the topic at hand: the violence of the unholy quran. What part of that do you not understand? It is the worst of all logical fallacies.

          And the hell you’re not trying to defend islam.

          There’s a place for mouth breathing, knuckle dragging morons like you. It’s called stormfront. They’ve also, like the nazis, made an exception to their “whites only” rule: they too are allowing you ass lifting zombies into their violent racist club solely for your shared Jew hatred.

          And really, you “not a mohammadan” just how is allah the impotent “merciful”? That statement is a hoot an a howl, unless of course, you are, as I suspect, a mouth breathing convert. Poor little, Jew-hating social retard who couldn’t get laid at womens prison conjugal visit day had to convert to “merciful allah’s” pussy grabbing cult to attention from someone other than his own hand.

          Oh LOLOLOL I missed the whinging and whining about “Amrika’s bombing of Japan!” and “genocide” of fakestinians! My bad, you’re not a convert. You’re an unfixable mohammadan twat who’s been steeped in islamic bullshi’ite your entire life! When you get your asses shot for trying to suicide bomb civilians, that’s not genocide. That is dying by your own stupidity. And what’s worse than bombing Japan? Oh, how about Japanese rape camps, Japanese cannabalism of prisoners (including women and children), biological warfare, experimentation on Chinese civilian prisoners, The Asian Genocide? Again, the mother f*cking tu quoque fallacy is just that: a fallacy.

          Of course being a mohammadan neanderthal your neural pathways are non-existent and you will never understand what a logical fallacy is and why one does not make your point unless your point was to demonstrate how egregiously stupid you are.

        • Doesn’t surprise me. He played the Jew-hating liberal/convert well until his typical bombing and fakestinian genocide bullshi’ite.

          He’s just another of mo’s zombies pretending to be anything but a mo zombie in the mistaken belief it will add credibility to their Jew-hating, religion of peace mantras.

          There are not enough adjectives in the English language to adequately describe how egregiously pathetic they are.

        • TeosSon, I don’t use any chat protocols. I’m rather busy with school and family. I’ve only had the time to post these past 4 days because I am quite literally a woman stranded on an island. My state was hit with heavy rains and the only roads in and out of town are under water or washed away. You can ask BNI on this thread or any other active threads to email me your email address and I’ll zip you off an email when she relays it to me.

        • Hahaha don’t get angry at me, I didn’t create common sense, people are smart enough to know the difference between propaganda and reality.

          I wonder where do you operate from, is it an office in Israel? Or in America? Perhaps the UK? How much do you get payed to spread false information? If its worth it the headache, I would like to join the clan and fuck Islam up!!!

          Or you maybe mentally unstable, I feel sorry for you, you’re pathetic.

          Anyway, you have a nasty mouth, you must change your name to Istanbul whore. 😀


        • Well, you’ve removed all doubt. You are indeed a born and bred ass lifting zombie.

          I haven’t “spread any information.” Pointing out your use of logical fallacies is simply commentary, not “spreading information.” Of course being one of mo’s zombies you are also too thick to grasp that fact.

          Yes, ass lifter, run back to the madrassa. Your bullshi’ite has utterly failed. You need to go put the one single brain cell shared by the entire ummah to work to come up with more fallacies rather than sound arguments.

          It’s always fun to watch your masks slip.

        • is this guy really suggesting that the advocacy and practice of killing those of different religions is somehow akin to a bullshit story about a deity who killed everything? That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Now I hate almost all religions equally and moderates are no better than extremists since they are the reason it’s not okay to criticize religions, but do not compare lines saying god killed everything to the pictures of what you see above. One is a story, a story about the mythological creator of the universe destroying everything, the other is extremist Muslims (extremist=people who read Quran word for word/people who take their religion seriously) doing what can only be described as butchering and cooking people. Realistically this can happen with plenty of religions because there are a lot of religious doctrines that advocate these sort of things, the biggest difference is there has been zero reform, and zero advancement for thousands of years in the Mideast regions. The less order and structure there is the more people fall back on religion, the less knowledge there is, the more people fall back on religion and take it to ridiculous extremes. Until moderates are out of the picture though we can’t criticize these religions and blame the religions for in a real and common knowledge type scenario.

      • I dont think i have ever seen someone as stupid as you
        As a good muslim jihadist who is full of ignorence and lies you took the truth and changed it complitly but its not your fault you are too stupid to know the truth, sabra and shatila was not the making of israel or any jewish party it was made by muslims and christianes THERE WERE NO JEWS INVOLVED at all!! The torah does not preach to killing or occupie lands and never will, all that quets you made from the torah is got nothing to do with what you said, the murder was a sin of wich kain hade to put a mark for the rest of his life, the flood was beacose of man evil doing, i have never saw in the news an israeli IDF soldger with a palastinien head in his hands, you are a stupid man in with a dark heart who loves the killing iver the living, study the history notice the truth tell it as it is and if i will see you in the street of gaza even i will shove me foot up your ass you keybored pussy

        • Lol i doubt that a pussy like you can you enter gaza! Between, Hamas is no different from the Israeli occupation force. You are all murderers, muslims and jews!

          Bashar al assad is another version of sharon, golda maer, Ismael haneyeh, hasan nasar allah, mahmod abbas, George bush you’re all murderers!

          Judaism islam and christianity are lunatic religions!

          Except that judaism is the worst! Can you find a similar verse that endorses genocide in any other religion on earth? from Samuel 15:3: “This is what your Lord Almighty says … ‘Now go and strike Amalek and devote to destruction all that they have. Do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, child and infant, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.’ ” poor animals.. or are they gentiles to?

          Judaism is the mother of religious lunacy! I dare you to provide a passage from Islam that preaches the killing of others like the torah does!! I dare you and everyone reading this!!!

          On the other hand, I can provide you with more than 1300 racist and violent verses from the torah alone!

          Now suck a goyim dick…and choke on it! 😀

    • i just saw this, but sure i’ll take all you self-projecting, dualistic-“thinking” dividers on. i don’t identify as “left,” but rather a progressive, non-dualistic ecunemical “buddhist.” the problem w/ most of the posts are the tendency to stereotype an entire diverse demographic into a “one-size-fits-all” which reflects one’s mentality/animal instinct. rather than see fundamentalism & radicalism, whether its so-called jihadists, KKK, zionism, crusaders, etc., etc., for what it is- extremism, period! whether its buddhist, atheist, monotheist, etc., violence for power & control is simply the issue, and not which religion (including capitalism, socialism, etc.) they choose to justify their violence with, period. if you think buddhists are never violent, then its time to stop making ignorant presumptions & actually do some research! violence is part of our animal instinct- albeit sociopolitical systems may exacerbate it. just because you give something a name, doesn’t make it what it is, e.g., just because n. korea calls themselves “democratic people’s republic of korea,” doesn’t make it a democracy! likewise w/ religion- just because they have a bunch of nice rhetoric or theology, doesn’t mean they actually practice it. never judge a religion by its followers! it is the followers that choose their practice, as just as some justify their violence by religion, there are muslims, christians, jews, buddhists, sufi, atheists, etc. who also justify non-violence through their faith/philosophies- go figure! IF the thai government took or didn’t take unjust actions against a muslim minority, that dosen’t make it a buddhist action/inaction! if the chinese government makes a policy on childbearing, does it automatically become confucian?? all this fingerpointing creates more divide-and-conquer. if the intelligent used their energies wisely, they/we would just condemn ALL violence in the name of religions, that would clarify who are the true extremists, as well as those who are using violence in the name of religion, when its actually a more complicated political and/or economic motive fundamentally. “jihad” can be interpreted as “holy war against others (literalists) or “holy war within oneself to do what is right (symbolic).” another form of violence is lumping an entire group of people into one definition, guaranteeing miscommunication, misunderstanding and ultimately instigating the tensions that lead to the violence the self-righteous cry about in the first place. i find all this violence regardless of religion-du-jour appalling- justifying such violence isn’t “left”- its just neo-liberal apologism & wrong. this doesn’t make me an “apologist;” it makes me more consistent than those that would condemn an entire group of people while overlooking others- w/ just a dumb look on their face when they are asked about muslims, christians, jews, hindu, etc. who renounce such violence. by all means, bar me from this group- i’m more interested in what is true, rather than being right…perhaps this is just another group (or just a few very loud people in a world where few are listening to them) trying to differentiate itself from others to feel better about self? i recognize that i have all that violence & all the peace potential within me, and that like everyone else, must choose which side you will perpetuate within and without, with or without religion.

      • All of that utter tripe and you managed to fail to answer the question as to how you justify the actions of these mohammadan monsters murdering children to establish a separate mohammadan state.

        As for your typical leftist/mohammadan mantra:

        “…rather than see fundamentalism & radicalism, whether its so-called jihadists, KKK, zionism, crusaders, etc., etc., for what it is- extremism, period!…”

        followed by more typical leftist/mohammadan bullshit:

        “…never judge a religion by its followers! it is the followers that choose their practice…”

        So, Christians who were reacting to more than a century of mohammadan violence are “radicals” and “fundamentalists” who are “extreme” and belong in the same catogry as white supremacists. Same with “zionists” who simply are Jews who want their ancient homeland, which was taken by mohammadans, returned to them.

        So, in one foul breath you’ve labelled Jews and Christians defending other Christians from violent mohammadans as “fundamental, radical, extremists” on par with jihadis who *ATTACK INNOCENT CIVILLIANS INCLUDING CHILDREN* not for violence committed against them but to *ESTABLISH* a seperate mohammadan state in their victims’ native country.

        Then you have the typical leftist/mohammadan gall to tell us not to judge a religion by it’s followers! Religions are ideologies. Ideologies can be bad which in turn produces bad followers. islam is one of those bad ideologies despite there being a few “nice” mohammadans.

        Here’s another gem of your mohammdan logic:

        “…just because they have a bunch of nice rhetoric or theology, doesn’t mean they actually practice it…”

        Which succinctly, albeit exaggeratedly describes islam. It has a bit of “nice rhetoric” for show purposes yet none of you clowns actually practice it. islam if overflowing with “bad rhetoric.” It has “bad rhetoric” in spades. It has “bad rhetoric” that encourages “animal behaviour.”

        You went on a tirade about people being basically animals then expect us to not believe that the animalistic rhetoric of mein kuranmpf doesn’t encourge that “animal behaviour” any more?

        And knock off the bullshit about jihad. GREATER jihad which is murdering kaffirs is described and proscribed in mein kuranmpf many more times “lesser inner struggle” jihad.

        Yes, you are certainly a leftist. A mohammadan leftist.

        If people needed proof that the left is in bed with insane islam and its lunatic practitioners you are the glaring proof of it.

        • this is my last post, as life is to short to waste talking w/ walls that only exist to hear themselves. it is clear how delusional most of these posts are. for example, i NEVER justified violence in the name of islam, yet because i don’t agree w/ you like a good nazi that therefore i must support it?! i clearly condemned violence in the name of any religion or ideology, yet because i don’t limit my intelligence w/ your dualistic “with us or against us” “logic.” this is the logic of elementary school children and those w/ damaged or underdeveloped cerebral cortex that don’t have the capacity for complex thinking. moreover, the need to reduce those who don’t agree to you as “mohammadan leftist” or whatever label helps reduce our humanity to make your ego feel “right” is evidence that this site attracts the desperate to feel right- rather than argue on the basis of reason, evidence, facts, etc., because you have such little of that (as opposed to reactionary emotionalism and rhetoric), you have to denigrate the person, rather than deliberate the ideas, points, etc. not only have you lost this argument, you have further confirmed that those who attack islam as if it were one uniform people, are just as zealot as those who are stupid enough to blow themselves up in the name of their “rightness.” then you have shit-talkers like randy63ism- i’ve been a soldier. have you? i would take him on, but there’s nothing to take but a bunch rants. for example, “you don’t know islam.” hmmm, rather than even take that chickenhawk seriously, i can only think of all the muslim i’ve met, who have been fine human beings…shattering all of your stereotypes. i have no doubt there are those who believe they can murder in the name of islam…but i’ve seen people do in the name of other religions, other governments and belief too. go ahead, you all, go make yourselves feel right, i got much more productive things to do w/ my time that hide behind a computer screen…may you all find peace within and not feel the need to denigrate others to make yourself feel righteous, peace.

        • Wow, nothing but projection from you! Excellent. YOu didn’t disappoint.

          Oh yes, I know, most of the muslims I’ve met were “wonderful human beings” too except for their utter racism, hatred of the other, and belief that mohammad was a “wonderful human being.”

          I’m sure there were leftist surrender monkeys who called “nazis wonderful human beings” who are being stereotyped because of a “few bad apples.”

          And you *STILL* haven’t explained how you justify mohammadans murdering Buddhists in Thailand to establish a mohammadan state in Thailand.

          You babbled on a lot but said absolutely nothing original. You’ve just regurgitated the typical leftist/islamist tu quoques and ad hominems of contemporaries.

          Just like a good little mohammadan/leftis lapdog you think you “told them!”

          You’re nowhere near as clever as you fancy yourself.

      • “One size fits all.” Now that’s real rich coming from a person who did precisely that, pigeon hole all religions as having a violent element. The problem with that relativist attitude is in it’s denial of simple mathematics. You just cannot find more murder, terror and oppression in any other faith tradition than islam, and furthermore, you know it, therefore you will go to ridiculous lengths to find examples of bad behavior on the part of non-muslims in the distant and not so distant past. That holds about as much relevance in the post-modern world as medical blood-letting. This is how people like you think.

        Your approach is nothing short of a cowardly way of not addressing the issue at hand. An easy out by burying your head in the sand so to speak, and it illustrates how pathetically little you really know about islam. BTW, your analogies are weak. Of course nobody is going to equate a Communist Chinese social policy of being “Confucian” in nature. I really doubt many people here really believe Buddhism is synonymous with pacifism. Zen Buddhism is particularly known as a warrior’s faith, yet it doesn’t call for the wholesale murder of non-adherants either. The vast majority of muslim violence is done in the name of islam. The islamists have been literally screaming this from the roof tops for quite some time, but stupid people such as yourself still cannot bring yourselves up to the task of simply listening to them. How ‘effin obvious.

        Talk about self-projection. You’re rife with it.

      • Uchinanju: I’m in Tulsa Oklahoma. If you want to find out just how “chicken shit” I am, then i’m your huckleberry. Please come look me up.

      • Double take! I just had to come back on this one thing you said to Istanbul_Chick. You said “…not only have you lost this argument…” That one little hubristic snippet is quite telling. You’re a legend in your own mind, aren’t you? And clueless as Hell too! Dude, she just handed you your ass on a silver platter, and on her first comment to you! What are you, a masochist? You get off on public humiliation or something? Do you feel sexually inadequate or something? Well, I guess so, you are after all, a leftist and since you are, you suffer from mental illness and quite a bit of cognative dissonance as a result. We don’t call them libtards for nothing you know, and you just had to step off of the shortbus and into the viper’s den here at BNI.

        Do yourself a favor and go lick your wounds elsewhere before cerebral gangrene sets in. You of all people cannot afford another lobotomy.

        • again, without any arguments other than the reactionary soundbytes one must believe to belong to your kiddie club, the best any of you can offer is to attack the person, in absence of any intelligent reasoning. go ahead and keep rambling on (to yourselves), this is last time i waste my time i bother to look at this den of fascist narcissists….lol! come to oklahoma to take on mental 3rd graders who have to meet online because you have no real community…now, i know the theocrats who frequent this page are delusional. good bye waste of time. you’re know better than those murderous zealots who murder in the name of islam, christianity, zion, hinduism, capitalism, communism, etc. you have no creative solution, so you just replicate the problem: violence. great solution that’s been- if war solved our problems, they would have ended centuries ago- duh!

        • @uchinanju: You have brought no facts to the table, only cerebral flatulence and a condescending attitude. Being how you are a leftist, intelligent discussion with you is a waste of time. It is the equivallent of talking to a brick wall, so yes, I will tag that brick wall with verbal graffiti, the ad hominem was invented with people like you in mind. Now as far as theocrats go, I wouldn’t know, i’m agnostic, but I can clearly smell a ‘leftist fundamentalist” right now and it’s name is uchinanju, a veritable turd-burgling ass monkey who flings all manner of left wing poo.

          Now, how many times are you going to say “this is the last time i [sic] waste my time i [sic] bother to look at this den of fascist narcissists” and make good on your promise? Just go. Get to stepping and don’t get your tail slammed in the door on your way out.

    • I’m a leftist……but i have no illusions about the Islam religion. The religion itself inspires corrupted thinking and heinous actions. Those who defend Muslim actions like this often don’t know enough about the religion or situation or simply find it unbelievable and think there must be a logical, rational reason.

      • @C. Allen: And you are one of the few leftists out there without blinders on. Bill Maher has no delusions about islam either.

        Thanks for your comments.

    • IC There’s no such thing as ” muslim lands”. You’re prophet, Muhammad, was born to a polytheistic, single mother aka baby momma here in the “West”. This occurred in Mecca, a land of other polytheists and Jews in the year 570. That would be 570 years after Christ’s birth who, btw, was a Jew. Muhammad made up Islam for his own benefit, making believe the Qur’ah was physically handed to him by Gabriel, the Jewish Angel. Brotha’ Please. Your prophet was a prophet of Satan, spending his life murdering, pillaging, plundering, and raping. All “muslim lands” are stolen. He even married a little girl, age 6, named Aisha, with whom he did the nasty on her 9th birthday. It;s funny how the Islamic Holy Land is Mecca, that Islam’s god is Allah (the pagan MOON God), that Ramada Bombathon begins in accordance with a particular phase of the MOON, and that all Islamic Nations’ flags bear the image of the crescent MOON. There were 360 pagan gods, one for each day of the year, who the Meccan polytheists prayed to, Their statues encircled a black chunk of space glass. All the gods except the MOON god were removed by Muhammad when he stole Mecca. Today the holiest Islamic site is the very same pagan temple, renamed (drum role) the KAABA!!! Ta ta taaa! It is a wonderful place where the followers of the MOON god dance around in circles. What might they be dancing around you say? Well, that would be the pagan piece of space glass of course. IC, save your taqiyya for the stupid kuffar. Oh, And don’t forget to put your burka on before leaving the house and tell your Islamic brothers to stop chopping other people’s heads off. God Bless. Oops, I meant MOON god bless.

      • @Mark the comprehension challenged infidel

        I am not a mohammadan. Nowhere in my post did I support or make excuses for mohammadans. I *HATE* mohammadans. I also hate the leftist twits who make excuses for mohammadans. That was what the post you replied to was all about. You may have figured it out if you had read it instead of just assuming from my moniker that I was a mohammadan. If you did read it and inferred that I was a mohammadan from my challenge to leftist enablers of mohammadism then may whatever god(s) you believe in help you.

      • Mark, there are actual muslim lands. There are countries which are Islamic republics and they enshrine islam and the sharia in their constitutions.

        What most muslims are talking about when they say “muslim lands” is anywhere that a muslim has ever been. They regard Spain as a muslim land! They also believe that because some “revered” ancestor of theirs once took a dump in southern Thailand that they are the rightful owners.

      • You said it all Mark. The muslims don’t even know what they are following, what their roots are, nor what makes sense, they are brainwashed by this lunatic, with severe mental/social diseases, prophet.

    • Perhaps they should blame Israel or the Jews (what does it matter if there are no Jews in there, they are always to blame, somehow)????

    • Liberal here. I have no respect for Islam looking at the world as a whole we would already be at peace if Islam did not exist. Also sorry for replying to an old post. Political correctness is killing our society’s.

      • We’ll wait until the end of time. All the leftists have to offer is (im)moral equivalencies. Like little children, all they know is tu quoque. “You too!” with stamping of their birkenstock clad feet. As if that excuses anything. Just once I’d love to hear or read a lefty offer a logical, well thought out, and provable argument other than “I know a lot of nice muslims!” Lefties are under the delusion that anecdotal blatherings are solid evidence.

    • Islam is the religion for mentally blinded humans. They just can’t find the truth of the world. They often say “Brotherhood” but in the other hands they even kill their own relatives. They’re just crazy creatures.

      • No doubt that islam is indeed a mental illness. I often say one has to be bat sh*t crazy (or simply evil) to think that mo was a “mercy upon mankind.”

    • Leftist loons? Your pigeon-holed rhetoric is just another example of humanities diseased mind state. Left, right, middle, and all the things inbetween, the blame game is absurd.

      The vibration of fear makes fools of us all

      • Vibrations of fear? Leftist loons don’t scare me. Nor did I blame any of for anything.

        I asked you clowns a straight up question because leftists are the only aggressively vocal group (other than mohammadans themselves) who are capable of and willing to place the violence of mohammadans onto their victims.

        Thanks for showing how grammar and spelling challenged leftists deal with frank and direct questions about their newest pet project: they lash out with incoherent and irrelevant ad hominems. You are indeed a loon.

    • Istanbul chick..i forgot to mention that even tho’ the violent muslim are killing and raping in south thailand..actually theey also kill ‘moderate’ muslim, and muslims who do not want to participate in their violent jihad. Still many buddhist all over the world still do not hate muslim people….that is because buddha said not to hate, because hate is negative emotion and produce negative thoughts which bring bad karmic consequence.

      Many monks and lay buddhist people follow this ideology ( which also the great maha boddhisatta of the west which is Jesus say the same you think so shall you reap. Buddhist consider and rever the Jesus which is supreme or maha boddhisatta since he give his own life to save others , he sacrifice himself ,he has no ego and truly Jesus is supreme buddha, not like mohammad who do only very bad things like fight wars, make sex, and cut of 800 jews’ heads many wicked things..reminding buddhist of a rakshasha demon or even Devadatta who was a very wicked man or anguliyama ..also a very wicked bandit who kill innocent people and make necklace out of the fingers of his victims.

      ..but we believe even very wicked muslim jihadi people will somehow someday in many aeons to come will work out their karmic debt and can become a buddha incarnate. Many buddhist now all over the world ,we radiate metta – karuna or loving kindness and universal love and compassion towards islamic violent jihadi type people , we believe that the thoughts are what create the reality in this 3 dimensional existence,

      if we radiate and meditate very powerful good thoughts and vibration we can change the 3 dimensional matrix of this reality and overcome the evil that is conssequence of the islamic mental derangement. The islam is a mental idea coded in words which disturb the thinking process of the muslim victim. The muslim is victim of the wicked teaching of their religious leaders and the inventors of the koran and hadith. Ideas are thoughts and thoughts are very powerful, more powerful even than the atomic bomb ….so from cybernetic view point best way to neutralize islamic ideology is by power of thoughts !

      • “.i don’t understand how many western reporters can be so amazingly super super dumb and cowardly to try to victimize buddhist people when we are throughout history have been so very cruelly persecuted by the muslim people…”

        Because the Western liberal media and leftists are the true “islamophobes.” They fear mohammadan mobs getting pissy and raping and killing so they lie, lie, lie and deny everything about mohammadan violence.

        As for happy thoughts changing mohammadans and their insanity I have to respectfully disagree. I don’t follow Buddha, Jesus or anyone. While all of you are free to pray for those loons, I and others like me, will deal with mo’s rabid mobs the only way they understand or respect: that is with exponentionally greater violence than they dish out.

        Then you can pray for our souls or karma.

      • “Religious people always claim that it’s just the ‘Fundamentalists’ of each Religion that cause Problems.. There’s got to be something wrong with Religion itself if those who strictly adhere to its fundamental principles are violent bigots and sexist” – David G. McAfee

        “Religion is an insult to human dignity. Without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things.
        But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.” ― Steven Weinberg

        “Religion gives people hope in a world torn apart by Religion” – Jon Stewart

        “Religion offers false hope for the poor and pretend wisdom for the stupid” – David G. McAfee

      • Only “A mad man” would tell us such utter tripe as to not “judge a religion on a tiny minority.” We know your game well.

        Now piss off muzturd!

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