THE NERVE! Syrian Cleric appeals to Israel for help in treating wounded Syrians

Of course, the Syrian Army would never allow the wounded safe passage via the Golan Heights.


35 comments on “THE NERVE! Syrian Cleric appeals to Israel for help in treating wounded Syrians

  1. To make it a safer World ,First we need to get Rid of those superstitious Muslims with their Crazy Blood thirsty God , Then will Get rid of Those Jews and Christians too.. There is no Easter Bunny,no Santa Claus.. your all a Threat to the Safty of the World…

    • And Amata, you’re NOT a threat to the safety of the world??? It is evident that English is not your primary language, so we’ll cut you some slack there, HOWEVER, I will NOT cut you slack in your reasoning~!
      While the extreme fundamentalists of ANY religion can be or become terrorists to non-believers of any religion, to do so flies IN DEFIANCE of the Teachings of ALL religions and ideologies, except that of islam~! The ideology of islam is the ONLY belief system in the world that does NOT have a form of what the Judeo/Christian ethic terms, “The Golden Rule”,,, and further, is the ONLY ideology that demands its adherents proselytize by force and terror~!
      AND FURTHER,,, ALL belief systems recognize the sanctity of other belief systems FOR THEIR ADHERENTS, except,,, Right – islam,,,
      mohammad expanded his congregation through the use of fear and terror, and is doing so to this day~!,,, EVERY religion that used any form of that in their history has matured and grown beyond that imbecility, and no longer is so infantile and immature,,, except islam,,,
      Think on this, Amata,,,
      I don’t care if you’re atheist, agnostic or reptillian,,, if it fits you, fine with me~! But realize your beliefs are YOUR OWN, and I do NOT have to internalize them for myself,,, The insanity of islam doesn’t see things that way,,, and THAT is where the trouble lies~!~!

  2. Lol… Please treat our wounded so they can blow themselves up in your hospitals. Anyway… I’ll be attending a talk about the Arab “spring” by an Israeli speaker… I hope I can get some on video and send it over.

  3. well, it wouldnt suprise me if they are trying to pull a Troyan Horse and get access to the Golan.
    Israel will always help, and they know it.
    I would say f*** them. I had enough of them.
    There are enough of them!!
    Time for us to understand that they have no concepts of decency or truth or chrity or anything like that. They will only do what is on their benefit/advantage. End of.

  4. As an American Jew who lives in Israel,I would have to say that I wouldn’t blink an eye if Israel does reach out to help the wounded!Israel has treated many Arabs from countries technically at war with them and most of this is never spoken of.

    Palestinians from Gaza come daily for treatment to Israeli medical facilities,despite the fact that there have been attempts to kill Israeli soldiers guarding the checkpoints!.

    In my opinion the cleric was trying to shame the Arab world into helping them by saying they would turn to Israel.After all they want to bring down Assad’s government,and that means they are aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda.

    No,the Syrian government will not allow the wounded to cross into Israel from the Golan Heights,as they well know,but heaven forbid that the Israeli leftists think we could be of help because they would turn out in force demonstrating that Israel do all they can for humanitarian reasons!

  5. No doubt, many fine, compassionate Jewish doctors will go.

    Jews believe in the Golden Rule. Moslems do not. ‘Allah’ left it out of his message to humanity. ‘Allah’ was a madman-pedophile’s sock puppet.

  6. This is “aiding and abetting the enemy” of the first order. Do they leave the hospital and say “Gee, y’know, those Jews really are good guys…” or do they say “thanks for nothin’ suckers!” I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if one of them starts killing those that just helped him even before he leaves the hospital.

  7. I think the speaker was at first trying to shame the Sunni Arabs into giving some medical and financial support to the Syrian Sunni insurgency by mentioning Israel. IMHO the Syrian civil war is a proxy war for the Saudi versus Iranian feud over who has most influence in the Muslim world.

  8. They are devoid of decency and are wholly unlike us. Why shouldn’t they ask after all they are “superior” to everyone else in the entire world.
    “Help me so that I may mend and be better able to kill you in the most horrific manner my monkey mind can conjure up!” Seething, puss oozing, odiferous, piles of pig waste all!

    God save us from the unimaginable horror of an Islamic hell on earth in America!

  9. The guy with pinic table cloth has very suspicious lip movements(faint grin). He looks like the cat that just swallowed the canary,I notice that expression on muslims faces a lot.

    • That is because he was tweaking the other Isdamnic nations for not coming to their aid against the Assad regime. He was taunting other ‘slimes, not begging Israel for assistance.

  10. As usual, muslimes want everyone to come to their immediate aid then, when you have done good to them, they will return at some pint to murder you.
    muslime twist, do unto others before they can do it unto you andn make sure they don’t live and IF an infidel turns the other check, slap him harder on the other one.
    Sorry piles of camel dung, just like the egotist muslime in the w.h.

  11. Those pricks’ double standards really know no bounds!! To hell with them, let them sort out their own mess, NOBODY should get involved anymore! I heard yesterday the Arab league asking for UN peacekeepers being sent in Syria, oh sure, let’s help to facilitate those muzzies grabbing power there too, HELL NO!!!!

    Time all of these countries were left to their own device and destroy one another.

    • Shalom,
      Actually, Israeli physicians might have enough integrity to do so, as they have in the past.
      A physician’s oath requires the physician to render such aid as the physician can to anyone who is in need. This includes enemies.
      The propriety of someone else’s actions does not determine the rectitude of your own. Israel is worth defending BECAUSE it has the integrity, the strength to render aid to those who would in no way assist them during their own times of need.

      • Rabbi, in all due respect, it is NOT integrity to aid your enemy so they can fight another day. It is suicide. This integrity/decency is the reason the “Palestinians” still exist to fight another day, week, month, decade. Instead of surgical strikes or going door to door searching for terrorists, Israel should have made the lands they illegally occupy into a parking lot. Enough is enough!

  12. The muslims will probably put bombs inside the bandages of their wounded. Cheek, Hide, Nerve, call it what we will. What a quick way to destroy many Israeli hospitals and the staff within those hospitals.

  13. But it does underscore the entire world’s understanding and acceptance (even through gritted teeth) that only Israel can match – and usually does – the USA’s first-response and generous national heart when it comes to providing first aid and comfort to victims of wars and natural disasters. In fact, it’s a tacit understanding that Israel is, in reality, far superior to those sand rats that only understand death & destruction.

  14. Talk about unmitigated gall; I’m stupified and my mouth is agape in disbelief at the arrogance and barbarism of these “people”.

  15. And did you notice the face-hidden fighter sitting there, ready to shoot and kill anyone not of their ilk???
    HELL NO, the Syrian army won’t let them through~!
    And he even broadens the appeal to the Arab League, and to Israel, their sworn enemy whose destruction they demand,,,
    And the islam regime turns a deaf ear, as they have always,,, The Arab League likewise,,,
    “You made your bed~!! LIE IN IT~!”,,,

  16. This is ARSELIFTER AUDACITY to the MAX!!!….The “shrouds” part I certainly wouldn’t argue with, but the rest…Eh..Up yours arselifter!!

  17. This is insanity. WE WANT TO KILL YOU by bombing you; killing as many as we can — then you WANT YOUR ENEMY to give medical treatment to your wounded so they can continue killing you? That is insane.

    • Pali-pukes have been sneaking across the border for years for medical treatment. But you are right, Upaces, they hate Jews…only good Jew is a dead Jew….BUT the Israelis have better doctors so they “must help us out!” AND after I’m well I’m still gonna hate your guts!

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