FLORIDA School Board votes to allow terrorist front group CAIR to indoctrinate public school students with Islamic propaganda

Hillsborough County School Board blindly ignored 10,000 emails to each official, votes to allow Hamas-linked CAIR to brainwash children with a whitewashed version of Islam. Allowing unindicted co-conspirators in terror financing activities, who are known for defending people whose actions are hostile to America, to teach unedited propaganda to students is borderline treason.

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Florida Family Association sent out two email alerts and posted an online article which reported that Hillsborough County School Board members were allowing CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) officials to indoctrinate school children with propaganda including their version of Sharia law.  

Florida Family Association’s Take Action Message Report indicates that EACH school board official has received approximately 10,000 emails urging them to stop allowing CAIR officials from addressing students.  That number does not include emails these officials have received from individuals and other groups apart from Florida Family Association.

Several organizations including local Tea Party leaders challenged the Hillsborough County School Board on February 14, 2012 to stop local CAIR officials from addressing students.  

School board member Dr. Stacy White offered a motion to have CAIR and a committee “discuss” this situation with no specified stated resolution.  Susan Valdez seconded the motion.  April Griffin tried to gut the inane motion by requiring that all groups be included in the discussions thereby extending the issue to a non-issue.   

School Board Chairman Candy Oslon, Poster Child for Ultra Progressive Politics, gave another one of her extremely biased bashings of reasonable thinking people.  She proclaimed that“Most Muslims are moderate” to justify CAIR officials speaking to students and scolded rational thinking concerned Americans who criticized Steinbrenner High School teacher Kelly Miliziano for inviting CAIR officials to speak to 500+ students.  Chairman Olson also lost her cool during the January 24, 2012 meeting when she took a low shot at conservative Americans concern regarding CAIR talking to school children by saying “I don’t think we can protect our children from the fact that there are extremists in everyreligion.”  Click here for the Tampa Bay Times report.  Olson was quoted on tape saying that if you don’t like the actions of this school district then you can always move to another county.

During the February 14, 2012 meeting school board members rejected Dr. Stacy White’s weak motion by a 2 – 5 vote.  This rejection vote effectively approves CAIR officials addressing students without regard for the content of their presentations.

Having a TEACHER provide ALL OF THE FACTS regarding Sharia law is called education.  

Allowing CAIR officials, known for defending people whose actions were hostile to America, to provide unedited propaganda to students is borderline treason.  

Folks we are watching Islamization of America in action. CAIR is telling students only what they want them to know about Islam and Sharia law with the full grace of elected school board officials. As in other countries and cities it starts small and ends badly.

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to object to the Hillsborough County School Board’s decision which allows CAIR personnel to continue make unedited and biased presentations to students.

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Please click here to send your email to object to the Hillsborough County School Board’s decision which allows CAIR personnel to continue make unedited and biased presentations to students.

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