SYRIA: Are we seeing a pattern here?

First, the so-called ‘rebels’ try to overthrow the secular government. Then the Army fights back, killing innocent civilians who serve as human shields for the rebels. Them the videos start appearing on Youtube. The West expresses outrage and starts arming and funding the rebels. And sending in NATO forces. Behind it all are the Muslim Brotherhood, George Soros, and the enablers from the Obama Regime.

Ultimately, the secular government is deposed, just as it has been in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya. The Western media and the Obama Regime celebrate “Freedom and Democracy breaking out all over the Middle East.” Then the well-funded, highly organized Muslim Brotherhood moves in and holds elections which, of course, they always win. On the heels of the Brothers’ phony promises of freedom and democracy comes the Islamofascist utopia of sharia law. In the end, the people will find themselves much worse off, both economically and socially, than they ever were under the secular government. Soon after, religious minorities will be forced to ethnically cleanse themselves or risk being annihilated by the Islamofascists. Of course, Barack Obama will pour hundreds of millions more taxpayer dollars into these countries to help his new found friends, who actually are the enemies of America.