Not only would Allen West make a far superior Commander-in-Chief…..

He even sings better than the despicable Barack Hussein Obama.

On his 51st birthday, West does a pretty good rendition of ‘Pretty Woman.’


24 comments on “Not only would Allen West make a far superior Commander-in-Chief…..

  1. This is who America needs for prez. A man of true honorable character. A great looking family, not like the current Carpetbaggers in office.

  2. “We Want a Brokered Convention!
    Bolton and West 2012!”

    Now there’s bumper sticker I could get in front of! Just think of the difference those two men could make in the direction of this country.

    OT, but here’s about the best discussion I’ve read about whether to use terms list “Islamist”:

    Check out the link to the list of things defined by Muslim authorities as “kufr” or “disbelief” (by “Smredneck5 about halfway down the “comments” section). Points 16, 17, and 18 clearly state that it is “kufr” to obey any law except the sharia.
    No muslim, no matter how “moderate” can dispute that and still claim to be muslim.

    • RRA, I prefer Islamic supremacist better than Islamist too and will try to remember to use it in the future. I also use IslamoFascist quite often.

  3. I think he should stick to Gospel, but I like his spunk!! And the refreshing part: He doesn’t have any skeletons in his closet or any scandals to hide! Go, West!

    • Joy, the left does have one thing on West, or so they think. They claim he had to retire from the military because he “tortured” a terrorist, when in fact, he shot a gun off near the head of a prisoner from whom he was trying to get information (and ultimately did). He did it to frighten the terrorist scum and apparently it did. The Left calls him a torturer for that. I call him a good soldier.

  4. We had a problem with Social Security, which we tried to solve for about 8 months with no avail. Mr. Allan West’s office solved it in a matter of 2 weeks.
    This is a personal experience with a TRUE Christian American. I wish and paray that he becomes the president of our great country.

    • Rubio can’t he isn’t an NBC his parents never became a citizen till 4 yr after he was born, even though he was born in Miami he still isn’t a NBC.

    • Wasn’t there a piece here last week about the possibility of a brokered GOP convention ? That might make it possible to “Draft” him……. Not to sure that would “Please” those people who complained so loudly, when He DID HIS JOB in Afg. But hey, they are the politically correct libertard crowd !

  5. He is brilliant;
    He is gracious;
    He is educated;
    He is charming;
    He is a Patriot:
    AND, he can sing!
    AND, he would make a GREAT PRESIDENT!

  6. Not only would West make a better Commander in Chief he would clean house if elected. I’m quite sure he could sing a heck of alot better than what is sitting in our house at this time. He did say he would accept VP if asked in Nov. would love to see him and Newt take the nomination at the convention in Aug.

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