Muslim bandits make out like bandits when they wash up on the shores of Australia

BOATLOADS OF GOODIES  await the Muslim invaders, all claiming to be asylum seekers, when the truth is, most of them aren’t seeking political asylum, but looking for generous handouts and perpetual welfare benefits. Free washing machines, microwave ovens, DVDs and plasma TVs are among a 60-item welcome gift pack for asylum seekers offered rent-free homes in the community.

Daily Telegraph (H/T Diane H)  To fulfill a promise to move an influx of families out of detention, the Gillard Government is now fitting out each home with up to $10,000 worth of furnishings and electronics.

They are given food hampers upon arrival at rented homes where they wait for their claims to be processed.

Weapons found on asylumseekers

$1 billion to keep asylum seekers

The revelation comes as border protection authorities reveal they have intercepted two more boats carrying asylum seekers overnight, five boats in the past week, and middle – and high-income families struggling with cost of living pressures brace for cuts to private health rebates and the impact of the carbon tax.

Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare said this morning HMAS Leeuwin intercepted a boat carrying 65 people north north-east of Christmas Island late last night.

HMAS Ararat intercepted a vessel carrying 71 people west of Christmas Island early this morning, bringing to five the number of boats intercepted since last Saturday.

Everything from beds, fridges, mattresses and lounges to an alarm clock radio, clothes hangers and containers for biscuits are being bought in a “household goods formation package” that contains more than 60 items. It includes a television at a minimum size of 53cm.

An average family of five is eligible for $7100 worth of goods, while larger families of more than nine people can be provided with up to $9850 in furnishings, the Opposition has revealed after Senate estimates this week. Special consideration is given to providing computers, internet access, mobile phones, bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, iPods, games consoles and sewing machines.

There are 97 homes being rented in Sydney suburbs – and funded by taxpayers – at an average cost of $416 a week with families arriving to a hamper of bread, butter, milk, eggs, other “essentials” and cleaning products.

Asylum seekers are living in Ashfield, Auburn and Bankstown, Blacktown, Cabramatta, Dural and North Curl Curl. Families with a baby can access a $750 pack of basic supplies. Phone and electricity connections are also paid for.

The assistance is on top of free doctors’ visits, dental care, pharmaceuticals, education and payments of up to $433.25 a fortnight to sustain asylum seekers unable to work. Almost 1600 asylum seekers are housed in community detention across the country.

One of the Detention Centers destroyed by impatient Muslim asylum seekers

Opposition Immigration spokesman Scott Morrison said the revelations would disappoint families struggling with cost of living rises. “The cost of Labor’s border protection failures is a slap in the face to every Australian family trying to cope with rising costs of living, made worse by Labor’s carbon tax and their abandonment of private health insurance,” Mr Morrison said.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said the government was being responsible in providing asylum seekers with basic provisions while their claims were being assessed. “We have a duty of care to provide essential items such as cleaning supplies, furniture and bedding, and baby items such as prams, for vulnerable asylum seekers in community detention,” a spokesman said.

Asylum seekers late last year were asking for housing, visas and internet access when they arrived.

For more than five years the Red Cross has been contracted to provide the packages, but the numbers of people in community housing has exploded since Mr Bowen pledged in October 2010 to move most children out of detention.

Sometimes the animals get out of their cages

Liberty Australia  The government is coercively taxing Australians to provide asylum seekers and refugees with tax-payer funded housing and welfare is immoral.

The simple fact is that 85 per cent of humanitarian refugees are on Centrelink benefits within their first five years in Australia and only 31 per cent of these refugees were considered “employed” after five years. These payouts are costing billions, and adding to our mounting debt and deficit.

New statistics from the Immigration Department show that refugees accepted under Australia’s humanitarian program are overwhlemingly unemployed, and recieving government handouts. For example, only 9% of Afghan and 12% of Iranian adult refugees are employed.

Then there are the costs associated with processing in the first place. The government last year estimated a $239 million Department of Immigration and Citizenship price tag for detaining and processing asylum seekers in 2011-12. But given costs for 2010-11 topped $760 million – up from an original estimate of $470 million – and the detention system is still bursting at the seams, the 2011-12 figure is now expected to be much higher.

The situation is spiraling out of control and the government has been forced to spend $2.5 million a month on housing many asylum seekers outside of detention centres. There is even $1.42 million per month being spent on charter flights to spread asylum seekers around the overflowing detention network.

Some of the goodies given to the Muslim parasites

The $10,000 welcome pack for asylum seekers who wait for their refugee claims to be processed. Range $7100-$9800 depending on size of family:

Washing machine


Lounge, min 4-seat

Table & chairs, min 5 piece

Coffee table

Radio alarm

Wall clock

Heater or fan

TV, min 21-inch

TV stand

DVD player


Bed base, mattresses

Bedside tables

Mattress protectors

Wardrobe, if none built in

Clothes hangers

Pillow, pillow cases

2 blankets per person


2 sheet sets per person

2 towels per person

2 face washers per person


Rice cooker


Electric kettle

Frypan or wok

Pots and pans

Knife set

Dinner ware including plates, mugs, bowls, cutlery and glasses, min 16 pieces

Chopping board


Baking items

Glass container set

Measuring cups and spoons

Salt and pepper shakers


Salad bowl

Food storage, 15 pieces

Canister set: sugar, bread, biscuits, tea, coffee

Kitchen utensils: Slotted spoon, ladle, egg flip, potato masher, wooden spoon, vegetable peeler, scissors, can 
opener, tongs, whisk, grater

Dish cloths

Tea towels

Pot holder, oven mitts

Mop and bucket

Broom, dustpan, brush

Toilet brush

Iron and ironing board

Indoor rubbish bin

Vacuum cleaner, bagless

Laundry basket

Clothes pegs

Shower curtain

Shower caddy

Cleaning bucket

Smoke detector

Fire extinguisher

Fire blanket

First aid kit



Additional heaters/blankets

Additional fans


Computers and internet access

Mobile phones

Bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades

Sewing machines

Student desks

iPod or other music storage device

Game consoles

Baby kit: Mattress, blackets, towels, baths, high chairs and prams worth $750