A magazine that documents Christian persecution around the world. On the front cover is a Christian who was hunted down and mutilated by Islamic fanatics

The Top Ten List for countries trying to eradicate Christianity. Disgracefully, the mainstream media rarely, if ever, cover this kind of ethnic cleansing. One possible reason: anti-Christian bias among Western elites and stealth Muslims like Barack Hussein Obama who never mention a word about the violent persecution of Christians in Muslim countries.

Washington Times   It is more than a conspiracy of silence. It is a conspiracy of political and media apathy. There is no political or journalistic will to continually publicize and condemn religious persecution by extremist Muslims or Islamic dictatorships. Members of the Western media are overwhelmingly secular, so they often have a hard time even perceiving the religious root of persecution.

This silence and apathy create an implied consent for religious persecution. 

Over the past year there have been several reports of Christians being violently persecuted in the Middle East, Africa, and other Muslim nations. Most were wire service stories, or reports from religious media outlets like Catholic News Service. 

Churches being burned down by Muslims in Zanzibar

There was little follow-up or editorial outrage over what is now being called religious genocide, religious cleansing, or the next holocaust by human rights and religious groups alarmed at the fast spreading persecution. 

The persecution, in some regions genocide, of Christians and other religious groups is the most important international human rights issue willfully ignored by the American media and our government. 

Our self-proclaimed Christian President has not publicly addressed this issue, nor have the supposed Christians in our legislature. Our Christian Secretary of State has been mute.

But, they continue to dole out foreign, military, and humanitarian aid to countries that practice or allow inhumane persecution. With the exception of Newt Gingrich, the supposed Christian presidential candidates, who blather about their faith, are silent on this issue. 

Some examples: 

  • In Egypt Coptic Christians are being persecuted and murdered. 100 thousand Christians fled Egypt since the Mubarek regime collapsed in what the Egyptian Union of Human Rights is calling a “mass exodus.” Our president helped depose Hosni Mubarek in the cause of freedom.  
  • In Iraq, where we shed our blood treasure allegedly for the cause of freedom, Christians are being violently persecuted, murdered, and churches are being bombed, as seen in the above photo.
  • In the West Bank and Gaza, where Palestinians are in control, Christians are being persecuted. Justus Reid Weiner of Hebrew University claims 1,000 Palestinian Christians left the West Bank city of Bethlehem, the historic birthplace of Jesus. Our government wants to negotiate with people who persecute religion to supposedly bring peace, and that freedom thing, to the region.
  • In Pakistan it is illegal to convert to any religion but Islam. They have a blasphemy law with the death penalty. We give foreign aid and military assistance to Pakistan. Pakistan is a tenuous ally in the region.
  • CNN reported in Nigeria, 12,000 Christians and animists were killed over the past decade in a religious purge. 

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28 comments on “IRAQ MAKES THE TOP TEN LIST!

  1. It seems the media is controlled by the white house. But whats worse the demarcate party has been taken over by morons.

    They don’t want to hear anything about him or what he saids himself that makes him look stupid. Like he said he wants all older cars off the road and people buy hi-breads.

    Hi-breads break down all the time plus the gas is going up. But he said the saving at the pump will save enough money to pay for the car.

    Don’t he understand Iran Russia and China is using oil as a weapon. Thats why food is high and unemployment is high and everything we get is going up because of oil.

    Yet hes adding people who loss benefits as returning back to work. People are going into garbage barrows to get things to get money to feed their children.

    Too top it off he has stopped every program to stop oil from coming into this country like from Canada. So now hes worried about Canada so he has done work on the border up there.

    Why when that traitor makes a move to take over they will come to hell us . But Mexicans will come to help him.

    I have not heard Republicans say anything about oil either but they are fighting with the senate as usual . Truth we need 5 refineries build right away and explore every option of getting oil till hi-teck catches up because its not there yet.

    That way we can end foreign oil. Plus take our oil off the market set the price. When our oil needs are met the remaining oil can be sold on the market.

    But oil companies and future ventures on the stock market has to stop making money on our back.

    Then they get Dumbo to bail them out. That would put America on the road to recovery. But people need to understand Reaganomics didn’t and doesn’t work now.

    The guy who make it up said it didn’t work but looked good on paper. One thing is how we calculated unemployment .

    He added the military to civilian statistic so the unemployment would drop on the civilian side so the government wouldn’t have to kick in the 3rd part of the unemployment.

    Problem the military has been pink slipped by Obama. That brings figures up higher than the old way but still lower. Which means inflation or double dip inflation is out the window.

    We are in a full blown depression and things are worse now than 1930. The government knows thats why the bail outs. But it didn’t work because the key problem is not being taken care of oil.

    They put out programs that rose prices up now they are going higher. And food stamps are not covering food now so the government wants to end it.

    People hear things but don’t understand it can happen here. In north Korea because of corruption there was a shortage of food no money to buy so people were dieing on the streets.

    But this is America it can’t happen. It will happen . This election never stopped when Obama took office . Both sides were still campaigning. And doing the blame game.

    Obama said the government is a mess because of Bush. Well he ran on change so the problem is his now and he made it worse. Ya we need a change. Be like Africa and middle east a war every 6 months.

    No we need to get back on track. Our country was based on freedom. Obama is taken it away. Plus the same thing is going on around the world. Wars are breaking out like when Rome fell.

    Well when Rome fell things were bad because of greed and stupidity and madness. Same thing now but worse we got nukes.

    Rome fell we went into the dark ages with Arabs running around killing. We fall now may be the end. Radiation in the ground kills food. Not a nice way to die.

    But the shame when people are killed like in Germany the good died. The bad went off to kill again. The grand Mufi of Iraq in 1930 was a moron and his people knew it.

    But he changed their religion after being a S.S. officer and built the hate for Jews. Sorry but he needed to be caught and killed then for war crimes but wasn’t. Look at the mess we are in now.

  2. Jesus IS LORD! AND Jesus reigns! Amen AND AMEN!! And I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for our ARSELIFTER-in-CHIEF to say ANYTHING about PERSECUTION of CHRISTIANS ANYWHERE in the MIDEAST!!

  3. BNI
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    Again Thank You BNI
    God’s Speed and Thank You…

      • Thank You BNI…I was able to come directly here this time, but still not through the replies. It’s not to much a big deal, but got concerned when it was affecting my direct link up to here. Great Job and Thanks lots!

  4. The idiocy of the ideology of islam places the mozlem on such a pedestal as to be beyond reproach, and therefore any sense of shame.

    They are supreme~! Therefore, what do they need to feel shame for? What IS shame? (sarc)
    It is a concept totally out of the realm of the mozlem psychology~!

    DragonFire01 mentions, that “Christians are sitting back and waiting for Jesus Christ to do it for them and I don’t think it’s going to happen that way”, and he is correct~! In my studies, it is apparent to me that G-D uses His faithful servants (NOT SLAVES~!) to perform many of his miracles, and nature and natural occurrences to perform many others,,, It will be interesting to see if he uses the sins of mozlems (inbreeding) to perform miracles we cannot yet fathom or perceive?
    Just a few thoughts,,,

  5. Shaming doesn’t work with fanatics.It seemed ethnic cleansing was working real well in Serbia. I saw an article on the Russian Nazi party. It looked like those guys were on the ball as far as trying to keep the number of islamic fanatics down in certain parts of Russia. It just takes enough people to get pissed off at their mooching and wanting everything their way to start acting.

  6. Dear sweet Lord, that poor woman. I have seen allot of the horror committed by these soulless Head hunters and Donkey rapist, but the one above, disfigured by what may have been an acid bath, spooked me. I mean, she seems happy? Her faith is clearly her conviction? And Rabbi D. R. jerkins, your right, they are beyond reproach, they are truly psychopathic murderers! These are horrible…

      • Dear Sir, Must disagree. Shame is effective. Moslems hate being shamed…they respond by burning something down or murder.

        Many Moslems are silent because they are ashamed. Islam is collapsing quietly…not advancing.

        This website shames Moslems. They can’t bear the shameful truth.


          “The voice of the intellect is a soft one, but it does not rest until it has gained a hearing. Ultimately, after endless rebuffs, it succeeds.” – Dr. Sigmund Freud

  7. In terms of both quantitive and qualitive evil, I can think of no other religion but islam.

    In any top ten list of history’s most evil religions, islam most definitely earns the number one spot.

    It is amazing that the Christian woman in the picture can manage a smile after the horrible attack she suffered from satan’s demonic minions. God bless her.

  8. Meanwhile day by day we wait for just one of major world religion’s to take a stand condem and push back at islam brand it a unholy cult ! Give their Believers some hope ! If it starts another holy war so be it.

  9. they waited until we left Iraq like they said they would and decided to attack. unfortunaely many Christians are sitting back and waiting for Jesus Christ to do it for them and I don’t think it’s going to happen that way

  10. Ms BNI,
    I have sent this on to my mailing list, with the request that it be sent on to each person’s list,,, At least one of my contacts is an ordained chaplain in the Military, who has served two tours in Iraq,,, Nuff Said, indeed~!,,, He is like a brother to me, and young enough to be my son~!

  11. I don’t know what to say. I couldn’t take my eyes off the photo of that poor woman. I have searched my Soul to find the right words. There are none except to say, the bowels of Hell will swallow those up responsible for this horrendous act against this poor young woman.

    • God said this would occur in the end times and we are seeing it before our very eyes! If the U.S. continues to ignore this, it will become rampant in our very own country and is, in reality, the goal of Islam and satan. Lord please open the blind eyes in our media and the nation, as a whole to what is occurring! Thank you BNI for consistently reporting on this! I get so upset by the amount of people who just don’t want to hear about it or just turn a blind eye! I don’t know how to wake them up! They are like zombies and they think they are all safe and secure, here in the U.S. They can’t see or hear what is happening and they think that just because they are not “taking sides” against Islam, they will be protected. They will be butchered unless they convert or perhaps they won’t even be given a chance to convert, before they are tortured and massacred! These liberals are leading people right off the edge of a cliff and they are blindly following! What a tragic thing! They don’t see…I can’t make them see or listen…I keep trying though. I pray that one day, before it’s too late, they will wake from their ignorance.

        • Oh I do, BNI!! And thanks to you and this website, they get bombarded with my posts! Just waiting for my “friends” list on facebook to dwindle because of it, but at least they wouldn’t be able to say I didn’t warn them!

        • Red, passing out this information does tend to lose friends. Then again, perhaps they never really were your friends to begin with?

        • Sadly there are those who just want to go along in life not thinking about the bad stuff happening. They don’t want to see it or hear it, so they choose not to. They prefer to think that everyone is nice and that by them being nice and tolerant, they will never be harmed by evil. I just want to shake them sometimes!

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