A magazine that documents Christian persecution around the world. On the front cover is a Christian who was hunted down and mutilated by Islamic fanatics

The Top Ten List for countries trying to eradicate Christianity. Disgracefully, the mainstream media rarely, if ever, cover this kind of ethnic cleansing. One possible reason: anti-Christian bias among Western elites and stealth Muslims like Barack Hussein Obama who never mention a word about the violent persecution of Christians in Muslim countries.

Washington Times   It is more than a conspiracy of silence. It is a conspiracy of political and media apathy. There is no political or journalistic will to continually publicize and condemn religious persecution by extremist Muslims or Islamic dictatorships. Members of the Western media are overwhelmingly secular, so they often have a hard time even perceiving the religious root of persecution.

This silence and apathy create an implied consent for religious persecution. 

Over the past year there have been several reports of Christians being violently persecuted in the Middle East, Africa, and other Muslim nations. Most were wire service stories, or reports from religious media outlets like Catholic News Service. 

Churches being burned down by Muslims in Zanzibar

There was little follow-up or editorial outrage over what is now being called religious genocide, religious cleansing, or the next holocaust by human rights and religious groups alarmed at the fast spreading persecution. 

The persecution, in some regions genocide, of Christians and other religious groups is the most important international human rights issue willfully ignored by the American media and our government. 

Our self-proclaimed Christian President has not publicly addressed this issue, nor have the supposed Christians in our legislature. Our Christian Secretary of State has been mute.

But, they continue to dole out foreign, military, and humanitarian aid to countries that practice or allow inhumane persecution. With the exception of Newt Gingrich, the supposed Christian presidential candidates, who blather about their faith, are silent on this issue. 

Some examples: 

  • In Egypt Coptic Christians are being persecuted and murdered. 100 thousand Christians fled Egypt since the Mubarek regime collapsed in what the Egyptian Union of Human Rights is calling a “mass exodus.” Our president helped depose Hosni Mubarek in the cause of freedom.  
  • In Iraq, where we shed our blood treasure allegedly for the cause of freedom, Christians are being violently persecuted, murdered, and churches are being bombed, as seen in the above photo.
  • In the West Bank and Gaza, where Palestinians are in control, Christians are being persecuted. Justus Reid Weiner of Hebrew University claims 1,000 Palestinian Christians left the West Bank city of Bethlehem, the historic birthplace of Jesus. Our government wants to negotiate with people who persecute religion to supposedly bring peace, and that freedom thing, to the region.
  • In Pakistan it is illegal to convert to any religion but Islam. They have a blasphemy law with the death penalty. We give foreign aid and military assistance to Pakistan. Pakistan is a tenuous ally in the region.
  • CNN reported in Nigeria, 12,000 Christians and animists were killed over the past decade in a religious purge. 

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