ANOTHER Chubby Muslim Convert Girl threatens to sue employer over headbag ban

When told by employer that the company dress code does not allow her to wear her headbag at work, Chubby gets ready for a fight.

Compared to all the other Muslim Convert Girl Chubbies we’ve seen here, this one is truly bizarre. We get to see her in action at the end.


49 comments on “ANOTHER Chubby Muslim Convert Girl threatens to sue employer over headbag ban

  1. Again =( Most of the women I have seen here in my country seems to be so ugly that they do not get any man over here and maybe therefor convert. There are a few good looking but I can not say for sure that they have full intelligens either, well but something must be wrong.

  2. She is so ugly she needs to just be hauled around in a bag like a garbage bag full of puddung (the one boxing) or (all of them) lol

  3. Lolol what a fat mess she should spend more time cleaning thathat pig sty of a room. And I hope the store throw those vizing gloves in the bin after that swine had her filthy ass cleaning hands in them just think of all those germs residing on her shitty hands yuck :-)

  4. Easy way to get paid, convert to islam, get a job hat has uniform requirements, work like a sloth, refuse to follow instructions…refuse to wear uniform or handle non halal products or assist blind people with seeing eye dogs, they get fired then sue.

    Uni form – uni meaning one, not special exemptions for Muslims.

  5. The guy is her father. She is fat ugly and stupid and a fake. Bet she never read the Koran. But no guy in their right mind would support her.

    She said she don’t want peeves looking at her. She already knows guys don’t want to see her. Bet she gets nude in chat rooms and begs guys to look.

    But she is lazy don’t want to work so make this up and get money off her boss. This tape will shot down her case. And his tape a lawyer will have a field day with it.

    One thing she didn’t show her face at the first while setting her boss up . Because she was not made up. But she did prove Islam is a Religion of peace (not).

    She should know if you bring a false case you can be counter sued and get a judgement. The law saids its not you can’t afford to pay its you must be pay. If not jail time.

    The state will pay so much per day till its paid. Could be years she could lose a lot of fat in jail and find love in a good jail.

  6. I’m a “fat, white, pig/slob”. Just want to say it isn’t always as easy as saying “lose some weight, exercise”. Some of the baggage doesn’t show on the scale. But then, I am not looking for a man. I’m on a journey to learn about myself. I seem to have skipped that and went straight to marriage and children. Kids are grown, and I am single. If I find someone to share my life with along the way, great. If not, also fine. It’s hard to say whether this woman was not taught properly by her parents as she was growing up, or if other influences were involved, but it’s a fair bet her self-esteem is non-existent. To think she felt converting to Islam was going to help her in any way – she must have been desperate. She’s definitely an oddball, that’s for sure. Boxing gloves? Weird. I’m not sure I have made my point, but I feel like I am rambling, so I’m quitting and going to sleep. Oink.

    • Bonni, I don’t really object to your headline. I just feel that the intelligent people who post here are not putting much thought into their ridicule.

      • Shelley, virtually every female convert to Islam in stories posted here is fat. It’s an observation that I think bears repeating for its underlying motive in convincing these women to convert to the most misogynistic religion on earth. If they
        all were 6 feet tall or had a lisp, I would remark on that too. But their obesity seems to be a catalyst for their doing something that is so not in their best interest.

  7. I bet her job is like one of those jobs that isnt a career. shes not doing anyone a favor by making the economy worse and two the job probably isnt worth anything in the long run… besides arent muslim women not allowed to work? whose the man taking care of her…god forbid boxing ?huh

  8. Is she high on coke or something? Why would you act like this in public, let alone a video? She is as ugly as me; the difference being that I do NOT make an issue about how I look with empolyers, esp threatening them with legal action. I am hardly in a position of strength in that regard. I would be thrilled NOT to have her on my staff, so oh please, wear a headbag so I can dispense with you. Hell, even her dad looks embarassed by her. Sheesh. Woof.

  9. Have you ever noticed something? I saw a baghead the other day, while out with my Mother…bless her heart, she is 74, and has the utmost hate for Muslims now…anyway, she said to me..”Wendy, look at that Muslim over there…(she must have had a bun under her bag or something)…she looks like E.T. when she turns on the side…OMG…she was SO right! Her bag stuck out at the back of her head so far, dead set, she looked like E.T……..So I guess that means muslims are aliens…

    • Wendy, and you didn’t walk by and sneer at her or call her something under your breath? Shame. It is important that we make them feel unwelcome and unwanted because they are freaks.

  10. These ugly fat-pig white women are such easy prey. Besides muslim “men”, illegal aliens also are drawn to them because they’re so clueless, pathetic and desperate. As for this father, what a f*cking moron!! I’d disown my kid if he/she perverted to islam. No if’s and’s or but’s about it. They’d be on their own!

  11. Take take take thats all these ragheads ever do. They have the balls to come to all the Christian countries just to take & stir up trouble. Let them go back to them hell holes they came from. We should have made the desert a glass parking lot.

  12. Okay, so the stupid baghead bitch wants a fight?! Give it to her! It shouldn’t take long, placing this nitwit on a quick weightloss diet, and knocking about 50 pounds off her fat ass REAL quick!!…And legally, the baghead has NO case!!

  13. She had the nerve to call her dad a ‘quiter’? She is the quiter. She quite being a human being so she could become a muzzie pig maker. From the looks of things, she all ready has a full pig pen in her body. I’m beginning to think these young girls are joining the muzzies cause they can wear all these yards of material and try to hide the fat. And her dad?? This man is very embarrassed being with her. He stays away from her like she has VD and is scared she may pass it to him with the air she breathes. He probably knows how people feel about these muzzies and he doesn’t want any part of it. This girl is a super grade of black-sheep for her family.

  14. Her father looks miserable. I don not know her state’s laws but I know it is usualy illegal to record a phone conversation without permission. Her boss gave a proffesional response and I am going out on a limb here that her recording of him was probably illegal.

    • TJ, no it’s only muslim women that should not be hired, nor should muslim men. They all find reasons to sue their employers for religious reasons.

      • Or simply because they might want/demand to pray 5 times, or because they don’t eat for a month and then start to faint on the work floor..
        Or simply because by wearing their head bags these muslim women are, quite frankly, an insult to every man because he is being seen as a potential rapist.
        So there are plenty of reasons not to employ such an obvious MORON on your work floor.

  15. Her dad needs to go whoops upside her head and knock some sense into her. Personally, I don’t give a damn how chubby she is, but it sure does seem to be the more robust gals who seem to convert to this nasty satanic creed, and then make videos. Do they think this is the only way to find someone who will accept their larger size? To put a bag on their head and the Muzzies will come running? NEWSFLASH: there are some decent NON-Muzzies out there who appreciate larger women…they’re called “Chubby Chasers.” So to any chubby women out there who might be considering converting to Islam to find a mate, go find yourself a nice chubby chaser instead…he will adore you, whereas the muzzie will use and abuse you.

    • Hey, Cranky!

      Actually, these hefers convert because some musloid tells them olds or fats are sexy in his culture. AND they usually marry them for the greencard.

      Chubby chasers, on the other hand, don’t marry them. They f*ck and chuck because “fat chicks are like mopeds, fun to ride but you’d never let your friends see you riding one”. Crude, I know, but that’s from the horses’ mouths. I’ve to more male relatives than you can shake a stick at.

      The fat fetishists who really like fatties do so because it’s a fetish and usually ends up in an abusive relationship. Just google feeders and eaters. This I learned from a tubbo in Istanbul who was telling me that Turkish men love “fish fleshy” women because it’s sexy but American men who do it are “freaks” and she told me about the fetishists. I was more than happy to break it to her that “fish fleshy” means women who are 10 pounds max overweight.

      Normal, mentally healthy men and women are not attracted to people who have no sense of self-control or self esteem.

      These women who convert are beyond chubby. They are obese because they’re too damn lazy to put the plate down and exercise. No one is attracted to that unless it’s a fetishist.

      We all need to be mentors to the younger women who are headed on the path of self abuse so they don’t get snatched up in the “love jihad.”

      It’s too late to help the ones like this meathead.

  16. Most American Moz-converts stay in it for 2 years and then learn THE TRUTH about the misogyny, racism, and hatred of Jews and ‘others’.

    Hey, Girlie, Islam isn’t the benign thing you think! Moz women are horribly abused BY ORDER OF ALLAH.

    Mohammed was an evil sex pervert who claimed he never had enough women! He was a pedophile who planned to marry A BABY before he was murdered (poisoned by Hafsa and Aisha).

  17. All muslimes have sfb. They are either born with it or catch it when they convert.
    Unfortunately we will be hearing about this muslime pos again.

  18. Her fake nails are atrocious! In addition this clearly demonstrates just how pervious the Muslim community is. They teach entrapment, racism, and devious criminal behavior. All she is, is a jaded regected human finding solace in a savage cult. Where she will produce useless little terrorist.

    • I saw that too! Cheap whench! False nails…who is SHE trying to impress…SHE MUST BE AFTER A BOYFRIEND! OOooo!…’Mohammerd! go get that bucket of stones ready!!!”…….lol

  19. i guess she heard about the other lawsuits and wants a piece of the pie. Her father looks embarassed to have a Muslim daughter.

  20. is there a female version of bozo the clown if so this one is on her way to a charge of extortion ! cair her lawyer should have warned her not to act before the reaction .

  21. Oh isn’t she a lovely one! She is without a doubt one of the ugliest women I’ve ever seen.

    YEs, musloids, we know “most converts are women.”

    Keep it up! We don’t want blue collar fatties like her. You’re doing us a favor by taking out our trash.

  22. Number one: I don’t know about other states but in Texas, it is ILLEGAL to use a recording UNLESS.

    She set him up.
    Telephone recording laws – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    It is in general not legal to tape conversations in a court room. … As per Rule 428 of the India telegraphic rules, no person without the … There is no requirement in laws to make other parties aware of the recording, but the … Businesses may record with the knowledge of their employees but without notifying the other party to …,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=4bd463be09dc681c&biw=1747&bih=927

    • For a recorded conversation to be admissible for legal proceedings, three people must have witnessed it.

      The caller, the person called and someone else on the line acknowledged by the person called who is informed that a third party is listening to the conversation.

      I think this is the law.

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