Muslim correctly says, “They just don’t want us here in France”

Halal Slaughter, the barbaric method of Muslim slaughter that causes intense suffering to animals is becoming a hot political issue for the right wing National Front Party.

Quick – a fast-food French restaurant chain has become sharia-compliant by removing pork products from its menu and serving only halal-slaughtered meat at many locations. 

The Roubaix branch is one of several restaurants at which the chain, Quick, took non-halal products and pork off the menu in November…Quick decided to take a bacon hamburger off the menu  replacing it with a halal version that comes with smoked turkey.

But the mayor of Roubaix, a French town near the northern city of Lille , has launched a law suit against the food chain, arguing that it constituted “discrimination” against non-Muslims.

Guardian  French right wing leader Marine Le Pen switched her presidential campaign back to immigration on Sunday, by claiming all meat in Paris was halal, as she tried to head off President Nicolas Sarkozy‘s attempts to lure her supporters.

At a congress of her National Front party in Lille, Le Pen said she had proof that all meat in Paris was halal and that she would lodge legal complaints against distributors for misleading consumers.

“This situation is a real deception and the government has been fully aware of it for months,” she told reporters at the conference. “All the abattoirs in the Paris region sell halal meat without exception.” The main meat industry association, Interbev, denied the allegation and said most meat in Paris was not slaughtered under halal or kosher practices.

The National Front, founded 40 years ago by Le Pen’s ex-paratrooper father Jean-Marie, is still fuelled by anti-immigrant rhetoric. Among her ideas for protecting welfare are toughening citizenship requirements, shutting borders and forbidding foreigners from access to any social aid.

Nicolas Bay, Le Pen’s adviser on immigration, said it was important that issues such as the halal meat claim were made public to show how Muslim values were increasingly influencing local policy and endangering France’s secular tradition.