Muslim scum attack Jews on Mount of Olives

A car with two Jewish men, one in his 70’s, the other in his 60’s, was attacked by dozens of rock-throwing Palestinian youth. The car windows were smashed and one of the men was bleeding. “Had the men not kept on driving it is certain they would have been lynched,” said former Israeli police officer.

THE UNITED WEST  On Monday February 13, Tom Trento and The United West film team was on the Mount of Olives, overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem taping a segment for a documentary on Islamic terrorism in Israel and America.

In a twist of irony, as Tom Trento was speaking about the Muslim Dome of the Rock being the absolute epicenter for global terrorism, a group of Muslim jihadis, 200 meters from us, attacked two innocent tourists, injuring both. Their crime…the tourists were…JEWS. They were attacked because they wore Jewish kippot on their heads. As a Christian I find it symbolically relevant that at the very location where Jesus preached about love for our fellow man, proponents of Shariah Islam, the “religion of peace” were following Quran doctrine to – fight and kill the “Jew” wherever you find them .

JPOST  A former police officer who witnessed a stoning attack on the Mount of Olives slammed the security situation in east Jerusalem, saying it enabled stonings to become a frequent occurrence at the ancient Jewish cemetery.

Marc Kahlberg, a 10-year police veteran who created and headed the Netanya Tourist Police and served as police spokesman during the Gaza disengagement, was at the cemetery with a group of American visitors on Monday when he heard glass shatter. He turned around to see two people wearing kippot drive up in a car that had just been heavily stoned by a group of Muslim youth.

“I see two Jewish guys – one in his 70s, and the other in his 60s, and I see that their car has been smashed and one of them is bleeding.” Kahlberg said that the two men had been attacked by dozens of Arab youths when they were driving up to the cemetery. He added that he is certain that if the men had not kept on driving – they would have been lynched.

The driver was wounded and bloody from broken glass, and the passenger was in shock, Kahlberg said. He condemned the security situation in the area, where stonings of Jewish vehicles leaving and entering the Temple Mount are so frequent that police no longer report them to the public.

“Something should be done. We need a tough hand,” Kahlberg said on Tuesday. “These were not little stones, they do a lot of damage, and they can kill.” He added that the authorities should begin classifying all stone-throwing episodes as terror attacks. “That’s attempted murder,” he said.