Palestinian Muslims stone Christian tourists on Temple Mount in Jerusalem

A rabid mob of some 50 Palestinian Muslims stoned a group of Christian tourists atop Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. Three Israeli police officers who acted to protect the Christian group were wounded by the stone-throwers.

Israel Today  (H/T Maria) Police arrested 11 Palestinians, several of them minors, for their role in the attack.

The attack is believed to have been instigated by the former Muslim mufti of Jerusalem, Ekrama Sabri, who told Palestinian media over the weekend that Jewish groups were planning to break into the mosques that occupy the holy compound and desecrate them. Sabri urged all local Muslims to protect the mosques from “the Israeli conspiracy against the city and its holy places.”

Muslim religious figures regularly claim that Israel is plotting to destroy the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque to pave the way for the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple, which the Muslims now insist never previously existed.

Because of the constant threat of Muslim violence, and despite the fact that the Temple Mount is the most holy place on earth to Jews and many Christians, the Israeli police (stupidly) comply with Muslim demands for harsh restrictions on non-Muslim visitors to the site. For instance, Jews and Christians are forbidden to carry Bibles atop the Temple Mount or to utter even silent prayers within its walls. Jews and Christians are regularly detained for violating these conditions.


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  1. I see again that it was a mufti who incinerated the situation…. probably at their Friday paryers, as that seems to be the favourite time for the uneducated and moronic muftis, clerics, mullahs or whatever, to stir up hate and murder. It’s time that the Israelis (God bless ’em all!) forgot about pussyfooting around these ignorant, immature, uneducated, cowardly muslims…. get out the guns, forget about rubber bullets, and shoot to kill… and then destroy that god-forsaken al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock and reduce them to rubble… then clean out all presence of the filthy Death Cult of islam from Israel.

  2. Excuse my ignorance…..that gold dome…that IS a muslim thing isn’t it? Then why hasn’t anyone blown it apart..? They would be pretty upset if it was, so why hasn’t anyone done it yet?

    • Wendy, the Israelis were stupid not to destroy every trace of Islam in their country and to cleanse the country of every muslim who was left there in 1948.

  3. When BO and HAJI HILLARY continue to promote the Muslim Brotherhood and make the Taliban out friends what do you expect the rest of the world sees?
    IT sees and open invitation to kill JEWS/CHRISTIANS and don’t worry there will be not back lash from the BO and HAJI HILLARY Administration.
    Call HAJI HILLARY and tell her she and Jane Fonda belong on the same boat.

  4. Enough of these “politically correct, tolerance games”.

    Those reptiles should have all been shot dead on sight.

    It’s time to destroy that cancerous den of iniquity, atop the Temple Mount, and rebuild the Temple.

  5. the restrictions are ridiculous. first, the hours are limited to 5 mornings a week. only muslims on friday, their “holy” day, but no jews allowed up on our holy day. if you are wearing a star of david or a cross necklace, better tuck it into your shirt, or it will be confiscated, same with any religious book–bible or prayerbook. a lady in our group had her tiny, laminated picture of the rebbe, menachem mendel schneerson, taken away. i had my teeny tiny miniature book of psalms confiscated, it’s about a half inch square, with print so small you can’t even read it, yet, they take it. and better not pray, you WILL be arrested and dragged off by multiple cops who take orders from the erev rav “jewish” govt.

    the whorehouses to allah(satan)on the temple mount can’t disappear soon enough.

    let us all join together to build a house of prayer for all nations, a House for the Almighty G-d to dwell in forever, the eternal third temple.

    “…this is the place of My throne and the place of My footstool, where I will dwell among the children of israel forever.”
    ezekiel 43;6,7

    “and G-d will roar from zion and will emit His voice from jerusalem, and the heavens and the earth will tremble. but G-s will be a shelter for his people and a stronghold for the children of israel. thus you will know that I am G-d,your G-d, Who dwells in zion, My holy mountain; jerusalem will be holy, and aliens will no longer pass through her.
    joel 4;16,17

    “for the day of G-d upon all the nations is close; as you have done, so shall be done to you…on mount zion there will be refuge, and it will be holy; and the house of jacob will inherit those who dispossessed them.
    ovadiah 1;15-18

    “therefore, thus said G-d:I have returned to jerusalem in mercy;My temple will be rebuilt in it–the word of G-d.”
    zechariah 1;16

    “…for behold, I am coming and I will dwell in your midst–the word of G-d. many nations will join themselves to G-d on that day, and they will become a people unto me; and I will dwell in your midst.”
    zechariah 2;14

    “thus said G-d, Master of Legions: I have become zealous with great zeal on behalf of zion; I have become zealous with great wrath on it’s behalf. thus said G-d: I have returned to zion, and i have made My dwelling in the midst of jerusalem; jerusalem will be called the city of truth and the mountain of G-d, Master of Legions, the holy mountain.”

    “woe to those who speak of evil as good and of good as evil…”
    isaiah 5;20

    “I, only I, am G-d, and there is no deliverer aside from me.”
    isaiah 43;11

  6. The Moslems behave badly because Allah told them to dominate and become supreme.

    It is an order, rather than a suggestion, so they believe they are pleasing their pedophile’s god.

    The Golden Rule does not exist in Islam.

  7. Time to take back the Temple Mount. It was never “theirs” in the first place. They had never heard of Judea or Christianity in the 7th Century CE. As the CE implies it was and is the Christian Era. These fakes claim everything because this is what their mad men tell them. It is not theirs, never was, and time to kick the bums out, and their insulting cult of the black god.

    I dont know how they ever got any support throughout the ages. They are a violent mob of gangsters, and perhaps because Christianity teaches “Love”, they did the rest of us like a dogs dinner by bullying and lies.

    I hope Archangel Azarael is writing all their violence, lies and brutality and recording all they do in his big book and they will never go anywhere but to hell. Hell is their homeland, not our beautiful world.

  8. The first place Israel should destroy is the mosque and TEHn the nuclear facilities og Iran. They claim things never happened or existed WELL MF’s ……mohammud never existed, he’s like Tinkerbell, and Santa Claus.

  9. In the words of Jeremiah Wright…”God damn” …Islam! God Damn Islam! God Damn Islam!

    I pray their mosques are all destroyed.
    I pray the earthquake soon to hit Jerusalem, brought upon by Hashem, destroys the mosque on Temple Mount and leaves the Jewish sector untouched.
    I pray there is an enormous earthquake in Mecca and Medina that destroys all the mosques around their unholy site and that the Kaaba and its evil stone are crushed and buried under rubble never to be re-assembled.
    I pray there is an earthquake in Iran right under Qom, that destroys the mosque there and destroys all of their nulear facilities.

    This is my curse, God, and I pray that you bring your wrath down upon this Satanic religion that plagues this earth.

  10. Why do so many countries embrace this religion? Why do so many leaders bow down to these scumbags? This should be one reason to vote against Obama.

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