AFGHANISTAN: Bacha Bazi Boys to Fashionista Men

Now, young Afghan men who were forced, as boys, to perform dances dressed up like girls and have sex with male customers, are showing their feminine side.

Male fashionistas bring their styles to ultra-conservative Afghanistan, where as recently as 2001, trimming or even styling your hair was punishable by the hardline Taliban regime.






7 comments on “AFGHANISTAN: Bacha Bazi Boys to Fashionista Men

  1. i imagine these young boys have been raped as children anf forced to dance as women for homo men and NOW it is a crime? yikes

  2. Won’t be long before our great one aka saviour adopts the look . Fagotrie is the norm with the present ruling party,buttbangers ,blow me downers etc .LOL

  3. And the purpose is?? So that they can look ‘pretty’ for the women they stone to death, because they were raped by the “fashionistas”??? And that, because they enticed the rape by showing a polished fingernail??
    Whatta society,,, whatta world~!

  4. Obladee Obladahah Fancy Shirt looks like Justin “Spawn of Satan” Trudeau, one of those anointed by the Canadian Liberal party to become Prime Minister. His father, Pierre Trudeau brought Canadians multi-kulturalism.

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