B’WAHAHAHAHA! Since converting to Islam, Sean Stone is being shunned by Hollywood

Sean Stone, son of America-hating director Oliver Stone, converted to Islam in Iran last week and says he’s already experiencing a Hollywood backlash. (Perhaps it has something to do with Hollywood being predominantly Jewish and Iran wanting to wipe all the Jews off the face of the earth?)

NY POST (H/T Rob E)  The ceremony was held in Isfahan, where he is researching a documentary. He now goes by the name of Sean Christopher Ali Stone.

He told Page Six: “I’ve already experienced the reverse of anti-Semitism, having people within the film industry express a reluctance to work with me now that I have said a simple prayer, ‘There is no God but God, and Mohammed is his messenger.’ I am sure I have [bleeped] off some powerful people.” Speaking over dinner at Barrio 47, Sean told us, “Having read the Koran and having been around the Islamic culture, especially in Iran, I do believe that Mohammed is a prophet of the same god worshipped by other religions.

Qur’an 8:59

“The infidels should not think that they can get away from us. Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them.”

“I am of a Jewish bloodline, a baptized Christian who accepts Christ’s teachings, the Jewish Old Testament and the Holy Koran. I believe there is one God, whether called Allah or Jehovah or whatever you wish to name him. He creates all peoples and religions. I consider myself a Jewish Christian Muslim. (Well, that’s enough to get him killed under Islamic law, if we’re lucky!)

“What I am trying to do is open up a dialogue about religion. There is such Islamophobia in the West. Islam is not a religion of violence any more than Judaism or Christianity is.” (I guess it’s true, you can’t fix stupid)

He said his dad welcomed the move. (Of course he did, America-hating far left commies love Islamofascists) “My dad said, ‘Allah be with you.’ My father understands that I am trying to bridge certain gaps and bring about peace.”

But he has been shocked by the reaction from others. Sean, about to release his horror movie “Graystone,” said, “I didn’t realize I would be so vilified. It is almost like I am a criminal for having accepted Islam. I didn’t realize Islamophobia was that deep.

People have speculated that I have done this because I am from a spoiled family or that I am lost and trying to find myself. That is ridiculous. “I don’t care if I get criticized. If I can open up a debate about religion and create some understanding, then it is worth it.”




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  1. I needed this laugh …I really want to know how this is working with his new friends? “B” WAHAHAHAHA! 1st time I laughed around here.

  2. Rejected by liberal Hollywood?!

    The same Islamofascist-friendly Hollywood I know and hate?!

    The same Hollywood that supports mass murdering, genocidal ‘Palestinians’??

    Nahhh, I have a better question: when was this nutjob ever ACCEPTED by Hollywood?!

    Seems to me this mediocrity is now using taqiyya and claiming ‘Islamophobia’ as the reason he’s not being accepted.

  3. I’m sure he can open up a debate about religion and create some understanding about Islam,certainly.
    and I hope he will always be successful.

    • Sara dear, you do know about the high level of neurotoxins present in that Zamzam water you’ve been drinking don’t you? Sara? Sara? SARA!! crickets.

  4. Gee, its a good thing we live in a country with free speech.He can push his new conversion loudly and in public. And since he is relatively well-known, LOTS of people can hear him. Of course, that includes muslims…who will be less than thrilled with his ecumenicalism…

  5. So he is trying to bridge the gap for the sake of peace? Is that why he posed for the picture with the sword (or whatever the hell it is) ???? Yeah, looks peaceful to me…ppphttt

  6. Let the dickhead move to Iran and stay there who gives a fuck, sorry Oli but they can have him. he can die with the rest of them lower than shit eating larva raghead bastards.

  7. We can only HOPE the shunning is true and long lasting. If so, hooray for Hollywood for a change! I’m surprised all the lefty loonies in that boy-raping paradise weren’t all for Stone’s depraved treason. (And that’s coming from a liberal.)

    Maybe more of the H’wood denizen are actually educated to the reality of Islam? Really, Sean Stone, you expected us to accept THIS??

    Beheadings, stonings, bombings, limb amputations, hangings, honor killings, beatings, torture, genital mutilation, slavery, women enslavement, sex slavery and rape, misogyny and sexism, child marriage and rape, etc.

  8. I hope the ‘negative’ comments will lead to the birth critical thought in this naive young man.

    Where did Islam come from? What is the evidence for the claims of Islam? Is there any proof that Mohammed existed?

    Many people in the 19th and 20th centuries have said ‘god’ dictated a book to them? Why don’t you believe these latest self-styled ‘prophets’.

    Mohammed was not a Hebrew, like Jesus or Moses or Malachi. “Salvation is from the Jews.”

    Mr. Stone, if you look into these question, it will be disturbing for you.

  9. Sean stone is seeking. There is coming a time when all humanity will be given a choice, either to live their lives based on a knowledge of good and evil [all religions couldn’t exist without it] or on the principles of life. As for me, I choose the principles of life, which is what all the universe is based upon. MakeMiraculousMoments

  10. Wait a mintue, he says that Islam is not a religion of violence, etc. How deceived can he be? Oh boy, someone has pulled the wool over his eyes…..

  11. Whats Wrong with Islam, Mr. Stone?

    1)-Islamic culture cannot progress because it has no mechanisms for self-criticism.
    2)-Mohammed’s characters flaws are a liability to apologists of Islam – air-brushed Mohammed, i.e. pedophilia, polygamy, plundering, slaver, assassinations
    3)-Moslem Women are the world’s last slaves
    4)-Sharia Law discriminatory against women and others
    5)-Persecution of religious minorities
    6)-Persecution of Gays
    7)-Cruel and unusual punishments
    8)-Doctrine of jihad provokes resentment, suspicion and determined response.
    9)-Doctrine of taqiyya is unacceptable in an age of transparency
    10)-Central Koranic doctrines may not be practiced, i.e. jihad, jizyya, slavery
    11)-No Golden Rule – al-Walaa wal-Baraa is defective and selective morality
    12)-Inconsistent revelations – mental illness, bewitchment, abrogation & Satanic verses
    13)-Repression of women-modern women have much to lose under Islam
    14)Intolerance – we live in a time of absolute tolerance – Islam’s intolerance is out of step with modernity

    • Well said, “perceptor1”!!

      Let me add a few more:

      15) Hate of humour – no ability to relax and enjoy life in the slightest. Muslims have ALWAYS to be tense and on guard for what they perceive as evil (be it so or not!!)!!!

      16) Hate of everything that helps Mankind to be better (art, medicine, music, science {biology, chemistry, physics}) – pure Islam wants to take things not just back to the 6th century AD: it wants everything back to the Stone Age!!!

      17) Hate of dogs, Mankind’s best friend – thus Muslims only know HATE amongst themselves and everybody else, total inability to understand love from wherever it comes!!!

      3a) “Infidels” in Islamic captivity are also among the world’s last SLAVES!!!!

      In short, ALL Mankind has an incomparable and in-computably HUGE amount (both quantity AND quality) to lose under Islam!!!! Islam is the absolute NEGATION of POSITIVELY EVERYTHING that is good in the slightest for Mankind!!!!!

      • If/when the world is converted to mohommedism the Anti-Christ will speak the words in the Necronomicon and all of Creation will be destroyed.
        So both perceptor1 and ADHD are correct.

  12. Wow, a Jewish, Christian, Muslim! This is a first one that I heard of for me. Problem is, he must not realize that Islam does not ’embrace’ any other religion other than its own.

      • Dear Sue, How did u realize that Islam doesn’t embrace any other religion??I think most of your(i mean u and others) knowledge about Islam is just based on the lies that T.V or these kind of sites tell us.Islam respects to other religions and accepts that Moses and Jesus are prophets of GOD.so i completely understand why he says I’m a christian Jewish Muslim.I suggest u and others not to rely what u hear about Islam.study about it yourself please to find that what is true about it.

        • Mary,
          Evidently, she read the kuran, which is more than you have done~! Because it is all through the kuran, that islam is the final, last and only religion to be practiced by humankind, on pain of death, torture and / or dismemberment, and at the VERY least, the imposition of Jizya,,,
          Wise up, Mary,,, or are you one of the brain-dead moosilimas???

        • “Islam respects to other religions and accepts that Moses and Jesus are prophets of GOD.”

          That right there is evidence that you do not respect Judaism or Christianity.

          Jesus is not a prophet to the Jews and he is far more than a prophet to Christians.

          You’re simply continuing the hi-jacking and debasement of older faiths that your putrid “prophet” did.

          There is far more about your ideology that is not only disrespectful to Judaism and Christianity but outright hostile to them but I won’t embarrass you further after you’ve already exposed yourself.

          And the “… your(i mean u and others) knowledge about Islam is just based on the lies that T.V or these kind of sites tell us”

          is getting old. Many of us have either experienced islam up close and personal by living in musloid majority countries or as former musloids. Quite frankly the “t.v.” presents a politically correct, whitewashed picture of you deceitful troglodytes.

  13. I expect his next movie to be:
    For the love of Allah – an Al Queda production.
    A docudrama of muslim love ,featuring Ali Stoner ala Daniel Pearl.
    Oliver can accept the oscar posthumously.

    Poor fellow must think we find him cool and care about him.

    • Young muztard, you are proof positive that muslims are inherently stupider than the rest of humanity. I told you well over a year ago that the phrase is “village idiot”, not town idiot. Now I know why very few muslims ever dabble in comedy, absolutely no wit! Plenty of tragic drama though.

  14. I like that photo of him – liberated & smiling – across the table from two women in bagheads. What a fool! I hope that, like kharma, it comes home to bite him BIG TIME in his sorry little axx!! Of course, the mullahs are only using him/sparing him from the hangman’s noose – of rotting in one of their countless hellhole jails – ’cause of (temporary) propaganda purposes.

  15. This is an absolute testament to the brainwashing that is Islam. Same God? Allah begot his only Son on Earth? Yet The Muslims want Salman Rushdie dead for pointing out that the Quran alludes to Allah having three daughters? Islam is NOT the “religion” of VIOLENT INTOLERANCE? Yet we see proof to the contrary on a near DAILY basis? File this under ” You gonna believe your own eyes or me?”. Apparently, he chose the “me” in the preceeding query.
    He should have changed his name to Hassent Bin Sobar.
    He must be intoxicated to buy into their schtick.

  16. Well, Sean, I guess you thought you were “special”, but it turns out you’re just another lowdown dirty ARSELIFTER!! And you wonder why you are shunned?! What a dildo!! BTW, you REALLY look like a devout ARSELIFTER “warrior” holding that sword; your paedophile, murderous “prophet” would be sooooo proud!!

  17. he will be a moderate muslim. plus i dont care about him first time i heard of him… lame! it seems like hollywood is full of lefties but tehy are jewish? this is ironic.

  18. A wannabe Hollywood celebutard that converted to Islam
    and now is whining about his treatment stemming from
    guess what? Islamophobia. Sean, Sean, Sean, if you want
    to associate with pedophiles, terrorists, women oppressors
    and the like you’re gonna have toughen up and get down with
    your personal jihad, OK?

  19. What an idiot. Not only is he too stupid to see what islam is really about, but seeing how he has spent a little time in Iran, he cannot see totalitarianism if it reached out and slapped him in the face. You just can’t fake that sort of stupid. It comes from a constant exposure to leftist paradigms of thought and results in the production of sordid, self absorbed people who wallow in decadence and impulsively jump on board the most fadish and temporal causes of the moment.

    The problem with these types is that you cannot just not take them seriously and write them off as a gaggle of eccentrics, they are much too influential with their media access and all. A great many of them are part of the media establishment. I am glad however that it looks like Hollywood is shunning him for this, I wouldn’t have expected it because of their irrational penchant for nonsensical causes. If, as he claims, he predicted this shunning, it only illustrates his lack of business accumen, as well as a discerning mind towards a realistic world view.

    What a moron.

    • Randy I look forward to him returning to Iran and telling them that he is a Christian Jewish Muslim! I do hope I can get a copy of the hanging video.

      • Yep, that would definitely be the must see documentary video of the year. Imagine that, Sean Stone in the starring role of his own snuff/documentary titled, “Lynching in Iran, The Hydraulic Neck Stretch.”

        I can already smell an Oscar in the making, posthumously, of course.

  20. He should be shunned by the entire West. His passport should be revoked and he should be denied entry into any civilized country. Let him rot with his muzzi brothers!

    • Some folks have to learn the hard way,,,
      Some never learn at all, and THAT is why islam has not died a quiet (?) death~! The shaytan of islam has been very active for almost 1500 years,,, but only because of mohammad’s comment, “I have been successful through terror”,,, That is the only weapon that satan knows,,, that, and the love of life over freedom that so many feel~!
      People leap before they investigate how shallow the water is, and wonder why they break their necks~!

  21. This is kind of off subject and I am not trying to spam, I am just letting you know.I hope you see this since I think this needs to be warned about. Another Kiss the bag head book where they are portrayed as sufferers and Christians are bad guys. Makes my blood boil. This is the ignoramus junks we are up against. Being broadcast all over this site”http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/12067161-the-mirage. I am putting it on you day post because this needs to be dealt with also.Just want to bring it to all attention that read the site and get sick of this evil being shoved down our throats.

  22. It’s not the same god, Ali! You should have done some independent study of Islam before making your commitment. Now you’re stuck.

  23. Now some men convert becsuse the big attraction is having female sex slaves. Others because it is legal to abuse children.

    With attractions like that, not all men will bother with the fine print of what they are getting into.
    They just like the gloss and go for it.

  24. “Islam is not a religion of violence any more than Judaism or Christianity is.”

    You know…. I noticed that too !! THEN I WOKE UP !! He is one mentally challenged individual. Oh, yeah and LOST too. Like all muslims lest they repent.

    • We must abolish slavery world-wide! Abolish sharia-slavery now! Liberty all over! A world ruled by mohammedanism is a danger for all universa and the whole cosmos!

  25. I guess if you ignore all the terrorist attacks since 9/11, and all the killing in Thailand and Pakistan, the current bombings of the police recruits in Iraq, the bootheel put-down of the revolts in Iran after the elections, and in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, and Libya,,,
    Yeah, I guess it IS the “religion of peace”, as Dead Beings Tell No Tales, nor do they rebel anymore~!
    WOW~! There is NO LIMIT to STUPID~!

  26. ““I didn’t realize I would be so vilified. It is almost like I am a criminal for having accepted Islam. I didn’t realize Islamophobia was that deep.”

    You will find that islamophobia runs as deep as and for the SAME REASONS as naziophobia and klanophobia you twit.

    • Hi, you reminded me about the Klanophobia again and it was similar to Islamophobia too with the fear, the hiding under the big cloaks and the funny hats and total disregard for the feelings of those they wish harm. And the victims.

      They had their time of fear and the burning flesh of the victims, except for one thing, there were government authorities and police and the will of the Kennedy government to finish these fiends off for good. It came at a very high price too. I will never forget the Freedom Marches, and the murder of those three young men who stood up for freedom and were ruthlessly murdered.

      Who do we have now? It is not the same in that we have no one to turn to. No one with the guts to say the things that matter to us all.

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