Since when is graffiti that says ‘Go home, foreigners’ a ‘racial, Islamophobic’ slur?

A mosque in Belgium affiliated with Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs has been the target of a racially-motivated (Duh, what race is Islam?) attack for the second time in the past year. 

Today’s Zaman  Last July, an image of a pig attached to a wooden cross was left in the grounds of the Alaaddin Mosque in the Marchienne-au-Pont neighborhood of Charleroi and the Turkish flag outside the building was torn.

Now, less than a year later, a similar attack has taken place at the same mosque, where a number of racial and İslamophobic slurs, including “Go home foreigners,” have been sprayed on the walls of the building and grounds. Those involved in the attack have not been identified.

A spokesman for the mosque said the local Muslim community felt deeply aggrieved by the attack and the slurs directed towards them and their religion. Further, disappointment was expressed by the DİB that authorities made no effort to follow up on the last attack or bring the perpetrators to account for their actions.

Evidence of a probable self-imposed attack with little or no real damage

The incident is part of a growing trend of Islamophobic attacks, which have become increasingly common in Belgium over the past decade. (What do you expect when muslims in Belgium are demanding sharia law? The people are not ‘Islamophobic, they hate Muslims for a variety of valid reasons)