MUSLIM THREAT to Bare Naked Islam and some of its readers

The following threatening comment was received here yesterday. Gee, I wonder if CAIR will send out a press release condemning Muslim threats to this website?

FYI: The reference to “naked woman” is to me. The reference to “dirty menstrual pad ism63” is actually reader Randy63ism and the one to “ugly cadlac” is to reader Pink Cadlac. This information has been sent to the FBI and the Muslim’s  internet service provider.


nil x

Submitted on 2012/02/21 at 6:28 pm

‘naked woman,’ the above name(anurima)the person does not existed,you were talking with YOUNG MUSLIM in many different names and different ISP Numbers before, in assuming that you were talking with jewish,hindus,christians,or even that agnostic ‘dirty menstrual pad ism63’ or what ever fucking idiot he belongs to. thanks be to allmighty ALLAH, i have now gathered all the vital informations that i need to know about YOUUU unknowingly From your own source and your friends in U.S.A and Japan where you spent two years there as a student later as a worker. I’m now on my way to U.S to accomplish to my mission. you should extend my message to ‘ugly cadlac‘ i will use her 19 to 20 year old son to do my work i know him we were charting together. You will see alot of catastrophes b4 you die. Til we meet.