“My name is Daniel Pearl” (WARNING: Graphic Images)

“I am Jewish. My mother is Jewish. My father is Jewish.” He said what they forced him to say, but they beheaded him anyway, and filmed it.

Daniel Pearl’s terrorist captors said, “We assure Americans that they shall never be safe in Muslim lands, And if our demands are not met, this scene will be repeated again and again.”


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  1. I don’t care about anyones beliefs, its their life and I can’t tell them what to do. I justwantto see the beheading of James or someone else lol

  2. If Mohammed were alive today, he would be hiding his head in shame as this is not his teachings or the values of the Muslim faith.

  3. No, to all your demands…….In fact we have demands of our own. You must all eat a pig. You must pray not facing Mecca. You must denounce the Koran and the profit Mohammed. You must walk to the nearest ocean and drown yourselves. Even if you were to get past our military (not gonna happen) you would face your worst nightmare and immediate death. And that would be every armed American itching to draw a bead on one of you smelly critters . Daniel Pearl was more of a man than all of you cowards put together. Your kind are just like the cocka roacha (extinguishable)

  4. Marie is right,there are two sides to a story,sometimes even more than two sides,they say Daniel pearl was executed because he was American?How is it America takes a american marine who went the other side of the fence in Afganistan and executed 16 civilians some of them children,taken back to America where the crime was@nt comitted and tried,found giulty,and sentenced to life,Yet at the same time anther American marine “who it is said is a MUSLIM” terminates a few marines on base in America,who then is also sent through the so called JUTICE SYSTEM and sentenced to death.Its obvious he’s being executed for being a muslim.so what side would anyone say is right,does anyone realy know where this all started,and will anyone ever be around to remember where it all ended? There are many questions and there are many answers but the fact of the matter is nobody seems to realy like or want to except the trueth,because the trueth is way too exspensive.

    • Only “Americanized” Islam says they are peaceful (maybe) or perhaps the Muslim communities in places like Jordan that have decided to compromise parts of their teachings for the sake of peace… but “True” Islamist even plot and kill EACH OTHER other over their own differences; how can the world expect better treatment for non-Muslims? It says clearly in the Koran what Muslim should do (kill) to non Muslims and so I’m not sure how you can say it is peaceful when its mantra is as clear as their flag “submit or die”. With “true” Islam, only submitting your life to Allah and his religion will bring you peace..anything else = death. Only The Christian Bible promotes love all even unto death .. The Koran doesn’t. Even the old testament (same as the Jewish Torah) doesn’t blatantly advocate the killing of infidel non-believers as the Islam religion in the Koran does. I can quote you some passages if you need the direct references..

    • It’s called the UCMJ. All US military personal are subject to it. He’s not being sentenced because of his religion. He’s being sentenced because he committed acts of treason against the Government he swore to uphold and protect in his enlistment oath…

  5. Its not about religion its about how sick some people can be. Im muslim and trust me when i say this the true muslims are against all terrorism and to me terrorist acts made by the name of Islam should be punished! Mohammad SAAS wouldnt aprove of such acts. And please dont make bad comments before you get to know the true side of islam. These are bad people trying to make islam look bad and ruining the image! Dont make judgements before knowing the whole truth, theres always two sides of the story and u reqlly should se the true islam.
    One proof of my words is Jordan, i live in Jordan among thousands of christians jews and buddhas along with different nationalities origins and so on.

    • If that is true and you, being a “true muslim” and against terrorism as you ssay, then why the hell are you and other “true muslims” like yourself, NOT taking your fellow muslims to task over all this???? Why do you not police your own religion and stand up with the Christians, Jews and other infidels and fighting them??? Why are you not making a stand and proving to us that your religion is peaceful??? No, you do nothing, and so we make these assumptions about muslims, because none of you are showing us anything different and not showing your stand for peace. Wake up and start showing us that you are peaceful as you say. YOU NEED TO SPEAK OUT PUBLICLY AND DEMONSTRATE AND PROVE WHOSE SIDE YOU ARE ON!!!!

      • I love that “Why don’t you speak out against radical Islam” it’s not their fucking job, not all Muslims are religious figureheads and some are just trying to live their lives, wake up, send their kids to school and put food on the table. Not every 1.6 Muslims has to speak out against ISIS or join the army to fight them, some do you just don’t hear about it because the mainstream media doesn’t tell you. Muslim leaders come out every single day speaking out against radical Islam but like I said the mainstream media doesn’t tell you. Also any Muslim country ISIS goes to they wont welcome they’ll be fought.

        Why do you expect every Muslim to speak out against ISIS? Do you not realize they have lives too and don’t need to march in the streets everyday to prove to YOU they’re not violent radicals. Either way, every time a Muslim is on TV telling people that’s not what Islam is I bet you change the channel and say “well that’s just one, I wanna see every 1.6 Muslims in a big park saying they don’t agree with ISIS” but yet you’d still have the same view.

        Do you expect all Buddhists to speak out against terrorism committed in the name of their religion? Do you expect all Germans to apologize when some neo-nazi kills someone? No, wake up and stop being stupid, it’s not the Muslims jobs to deal with ISIS, it’s the Iraqi and Syrian peoples problem. You just expect some 55 year old Muslim in the U.S that’s lived in the States his whole life to speak out against ISIS? Sure it’d be great if he did but it’s not his responsibility. Understand?

  6. You people are asses you all sound beyond ignorant. Tell what they should do to the catholics that sit up on their podiums and preach to the many then molest children behind closed doors. Or the one who convince 100s to commit suicide. Before you judge you must first educate yourself so when you do decide to go against attract you can have facts. Describing a religion you’ve never studied is like a blind man describing a face he’s never seen. He died not because of htis religion but because he was an american. There’s a lot of evils people in this world no matter what religion. the holocaust and slavery wasn’t committed by muslims and they were tortured by the hands if there captured.

  7. whatm are the Republican,Christian ,God fearing Americans doing to STOP tyhedr sx.imy godlessobama and his mealy-mouthned, lily-Livered democrats>??

  8. Today saudi have created a human force of 1.3 billions converts in 55 nation who are raedy to kill,die and finish us all who don’t follow saudi books. Question are we 4.7 billions are ready to get killed or our leaders are fools who have no power to save us.
    Osolate these converts and problem is solved . Move all islamic converts to the islamic nation of their choice.

    • Arish, we should set up a colony for all the world’s muslims on the continent of Atlantis. That way Atlantis’ indigenous, aboriginal, piscene populations can swim and spawn with their stomachs full, and we can breathe air untainted by the foul breath of 1.5 billion muslims. A win-win for all non-muslims.

  9. I can agree with islam being a pernicious cancer upon the world, but I remember that Daniel was a journalist who went into danger in order to write, from actual interviews, the muslim side of the story as well oa the civilized side. Daniel was a firm liberal. What business a Jew had going into that situation is beyond me. It seems that daniel was infected with the same germ that keeps New Youk Jews voting for Schumer and Obama. It is a self destructive germ and will get them all sooner or later.
    Nobody deserves Daniels fate at the hands of murderous savages, who are so brave that they pull some of their headrags over their faces.Barbarians and cowards all !

  10. Daniel ‘ s end of life is proof and will forever be the standard of maybe a Jew who was too trusting of a muslim , he joins the blood of untold thousands of souls who found out to late dealing with muzzies is not by Trust always expect Treachery to go hand an hand

  11. The end of islam will begin when there are so many atrocities such as this barbarism done to Daniel Pearl, along with the over 20,000 + atrocities done since 9-11, that the world will finally wake up and say that enough is more than enough. This draconian cult of islam is an abomination to the world. All of the 6 billion infidels will pne day, join together for the common goal of eliminating the 1 billion muslim’s evil cult. I hope that day is soon here. BNI and other sites that keep making these atrocities available to the world’s population will lead the way to the end of the evil cult of islam. The 1.5 million Armenians murdered by Turkey muslims, in 1915, is just one more atrocity that the internet is making better known. Keep up the good work BNI.

  12. Such an atrocity and a tragedy. Not just the death of an exceptional journalist and human being but also of an attitude of openness, non-prejudiced suspension of judgement. Pearl prided himself on meeting everyone with an open mind, not judging them based on their association with any group — a fine, civilized ideal we can, sadly, no longer afford.


  14. Morons. So proud of being savages!

    Poor, brave Daniel Pearl and his poor grieving family. Scenes like this come directly from the Koran and from Mohammed’s obscenely violent behavior that Moslems must follow. Mohammed spent a whole day watching the ‘sport’ of beheading 900 Jews, finishing the entertainment at 10 pm. Moslems imitate Mohammed. They are stupid and shameless.

    Moslems bang their inbred brains on the floor so hard that all rationality is completely extinguished and anger and rage become permanent through brain damage.

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