Dr. Zuhdi Jasser explains the Muslim-created, U.S.-supported ‘Istanbul Process,’ and the threat it poses to the First Amendment

In short, the ‘Istanbul Process’ is a plan put together by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (57 Islamic States) and the Obama Regime, represented by Hillary Clinton, to criminalize any criticism of Islam.

THE OIC has already had a vote in this direction, referring to the notorious 16/18 resolution of the United Nations Council on Human Rights that calls on all countries to fight against the stigmatization of religions. In order for this resolution to be implemented the Western nations have to follow it. Until now this has not been the case. Yet two important steps have been taken. First Washington hosted in December 2011 a meeting of the Istanbul Process. Agreeing to host this meeting means agreeing to the idea that Islamophobia should be suppressed. It means legitimizing the OCI and its fight against freedom of speech. It means agreeing that blasphemy should again be made a crime.

To say that jihadists use Islamic texts and teachings while encouraging violence in order to impose the supremacy of Islam and sharia is liable to become a crime. The complicity of the United States and Western governments on this question is a betrayal of our values and a submission to political Islam, a submission to moneyed Islamic organizations.” The main goal is to enact international laws that would prevent inciting to hatred resulting from defamation of religions.”