OH, BOO HOO. Now, whinyassed UK Muslims need an ‘Islamophobia’ hotline?

Not only are Muslim immigrants responsible for the soaring crime and rape rates in the UK, now they want to blame anti-Muslim hatred on everyone but themselves. How about a ‘Christophobia’ hotline for Muslim on non-Muslim attacks?

MAMA is a new Islamophobia hotline and website  launched in Britain for measuring and monitoring anti-Muslim attacks. 

How much more are these lazy Muslim parasites going to demand? Half of them don’t work, live off taxpayer welfare and benefits, breed like rabbits and overburden the National Health Service with their deformed and deranged inbred offspring. They have ruined Britain and are turning it into the same kind of 3rd world garbage dumps they left behind. Don’t call it ‘Islamophobia.’ Call it what it is – rational, justified disdain for Muslims.