No sooner are U.S. troops out of Iraq, and the slaughter of homosexuals begins again

New barbaric attacks have started against Iraqi homosexuals in many cities like Baghdad and Basra. Religious savages are torturing gay victims by repeatedly hitting their heads and beating their bodies with concrete building blocks until they die, or throwing them to the street from the roofs of high buildings.

Workers Liberty  The actions of killings, torture, and dismembering against those who were described as “adulterous” by Islamic Shia militias, besides hanging lists on the walls of several sections in Al-Sadr city and in Al-Habibea region, had all terrorized the society at large and especially the Iraqi LGBT community, knowing that those attacks are directed against anyone suspected with gay practices or appearance.

“The first killings took place on the sixth of February 2012 and continued or rather escalated till the current days. One of the hanged lists in Al-Sadr city included the names and addresses of 33 person, while other lists included other tens of names in other areas. News confirmed that 42 gay men were tortured and killed so far, mostly by concrete blocks, while some by dismembering.

“The Islamic militias in Iraq believe that the religious family should consist of a male husband and a female wife, and is the cornerstone of building a pious Islamic society. Such an institution is handed to the males to rule and control.

Under such an institution, they deny the right-to-life, or rather they command a death sentence against all who do not fit under the religious description of a family.

“Based on those rules, the campaigns of honor killings happen against women and LGBT under the same token. Just as women face honour killing as a result of extra marital affairs, the lesbians and the gays face the same destiny because of their sexual practices which do not relate to marriage.

“We call on all freedom-lovers of the world, the women’s and human rights organization and governments in the advanced world to put pressure on the Iraqi government to provide protection to the lgbt in Iraq, and establish legislation for defending their right to life, and criminalizing all aggressions against them.

We demand also a full enquiry into the groups and criminal behind the killing campaign and that they get full punishment from the legal and correctional system.”


















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  1. LJ, I fully agree but the islamic muslime in chief needs our Military to speed up the process of a muslime takeover in those places where any freedom might lurk.
    When the muslime brotherhood has sufficient power to do so our Military is reduced but sadly, even at full strength in those places, they have so many restrictions they can not wage a real war against the islamic muslime enemies of freedom.
    What a terrible price our Military pays because of obamanation and the gutless wonders in Congress and the pentagon.

  2. I counter protested a large group of socialists that were pro Islam. They had Muslim people with them at the protest. But when I asked what stance Islam has on Gays. The Muslim people walked off and left the socialists dumb faced.

  3. some in this country want us to get involvedin Syria. another Muslim country. When are going to learn? Panetta is a jackass

  4. This is horrendous! We must break off diplomatic relations with any country with such practices, just as we have with Iran.

  5. I don’t care about Iraq, Iran, Israel, Saudi Turkey, Pakistan, Ubakistan,Omen, Yemen, Syria, Lybia,Palestine,Egypt or any mideast country. They have ruined our country with their constant BS and we have ruined our country by sticking our noses where they don’t belong because of greed! Let’s take care of the USA and stay out of the two thousand year old wars that will continue until the planet is destroyed. America First !Let them kill each other off any way they want to!Better them than our son
    s and daughters!

  6. The Western gays who support the boycott of Israel must be craven cowards. They obviously believe that if they support and appease Islam they will be left alone. Deluded, cowardly fools just like many of the first generation of feminists who are silent about Islam today.

  7. Muslim envoys walk out in protest from UN gay rights debate

    GENEVA – African and Arab states walked out in protest on Wednesday during a UN Human Rights Council debate on gay rights, saying that they could not legitimise homosexuality.

    On Wednesday, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, the Arab group and the African group made their opposition clear, by walking out during the meeting.

    “From this perspective, legitimizing homosexuality and other personal sexual behaviours in the name of sexual orientation is unacceptable to the OIC,” he added.

    • Gay Americans have to start wrapping their liberal brain washed minds around this stuff. They need to save themselves, support their own all around the globe. It’s not enough that we all support them, they have got to admit that the evil/hate is moving onto our shores due to a religion that makes it a directive to kill homosexuals. Here in the USA, we are all about love the sinner and hate the sin and don’t ask and don’t tell. I don’t want to know what you do in your own bedroom and I won’t tell you what I do in the privacy of mine either. On the streets you will not see me openly demonstrating my heterosexuality except once in a blue moon and I expect nothing less from anyone else. I can live with that. To kill, flesh and blood, a human life, because of your depraved and unjust religiopolitical ideology…INSANE!

  8. Welcome Back, BNI… I hope your server troubles are over for now… was it a DoS?

    Anyway, I think that all western forces should leave Iraq right now, and put many sanctions in place to throttle that godless country. Let them have their tribal and clan wars and butchery… they will eventually wipe themselves out and their economy will fail. That’s all that savages like these deserve. Death, depravity, cruely, murder and corruption is all that muslims understand… let them live with it… let them lie in their own bed that they have made with their filty Death Cult.

  9. DEPROGRAMMING is the way to save Moslems from this DEATH CULT.

    Good Moslems worship DEATH…love DEATH…seek to cause DEATH and become DEAD so they may have sex in paradise with slaves.

    Moslems, have you no shame? Have you no decency?

  10. This is just sickening; the Progeny has a friend who left his leg behind in Iraq {he has an 80 lb. titanium prosthesis} – he was a U. S. Army medic, and he’s gay ………….. I think it’s pretty safe to say he will find this ……………….. enraging ………………

    Semper Fi’

  11. Dear BNI,,,
    The saddest part of all this is simply this: According to the kuran, hadiths and sunnah, as well as the teachings of the imam, mullah and mufti ( AND the Ayatollahs ) they are doing nothing more than what their ideology is teaching them~!They, in their minds, are doing Nothing Wrong – Rather, it is the REST of humanity which is following the path to hell as unbelievers~! There is NO room in the middle of their two brain cells for any other pathway, but the destruction and degradation of the gay and lesbian individual,,, and they’re right,,, and if you don’t believe it, they’ll kill you to prove it~!
    The Humanitarian segment of the Species Human cannot conceive of the depth of depravity of the islamic fanaticism,,, It simply cannot be comprehended by a sane, rationally minded person, and that is more the pity,,, In the islamic mind, they are supreme, and all else is trash and dross,,, Once that point is understood as a starting hypothesis, then the understanding of the mozlem mien can be started,,, To understand them from a rational, sane and humanitarian perspective is to have lost the war before the first shot is fired, so to speak,,, and that is why we are in so much trouble in all the democratic nations of the earth at this time~! The islamic / satanic perspective cannot be understood by any other means than from its own premises~!

  12. I’m Christian and I admit I don’t support homosexuality, but this is beyond wrong. No one deserves to be killed based solely on their sexuality. We need to get rid of Islam in this country NOW

    • There you have it folks…….. A Christian who does not believe in homosexuality.
      But believes in live and let live and that’s the difference between Christians and Muslims
      I know which holy book comes out as number one.

  13. Only godless heathens do these horendes horrific acts of extrem savagery to other people, O wait my bad in Islam you do these barbaric killings for your God. Islam is an asault on humanity. Anyone who defends it is promoting these tragic and savage acts of Violance. Islam is the sum of its actions. Violance is Islam and it is 100% legal accepted and promited. Time to face reality America. If Islam is allows to attack humanity, civilization will be destroyed

  14. ” … attacks are directed against anyone suspected with gay practices or appearance.”

    With the number of metrosexuals here in NYC, it’s a good thing we don’t have Sharia law here in the United States … oh, wait … never mind.


  16. yet they don’t seem to mind the unnatural act of having sex with their favorite goat or donkey? how is that a traditional marriage ?

  17. Welcome back BNI !

    Seriously, I found myself in withdrawal without this blog.

    I know it’s been a tough go for you, but if CAIR thinks they can pay to bring you down they have grossly underestimated their target.

    No matter what happens in future you can count on many of to support you, all you have to do is ask.

    Let’s all be Breitbart and Bonni!

  18. The devolved savages continue to devolve. Any time spent trying to bring democracy & freedom to these barbarians is time wasted and lives lost for nothing. I hope the West has finally learned to leave the muslim hordes to their own devices in their own countries. If we’re lucky they will eliminate the problems themselves.

    Now if we could just get the governments to quit importing these problems into our countries.

    • Well the problem is, ISLAM is growing like wildfire in OUR COUNTRY. We dont stop it and we can kiss our assses goodbye.

      ISLAM and FREEDOM DONT MIX. Like oil and water, you can shake it together all day but as soon and you put it down it separates.

  19. They have sex with animals — who knows how many diseases they carry.
    They do their little dance (I saw on here one day that made me feel very uncomfortable); and yet they kill Gay people.

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