THE FINAL NAIL! TLC’s low-rated ‘All American Muslim’ show has been cancelled!

There will be no second season for ‘All American Muslim’ which presented a totally whitewashed view of the Muslim world in Dearbornistan.

Detroit Free Press All-American Muslim, the TLC reality-TV show based in Dearborn that ignited a national controversy, has been canceled and will not be back for a second season.

Cast members said they were told by TLC the show didn’t get high enough ratings to continue, but some said they are skeptical of that claim since the show’s ratings were equal to those of many other shows.

The show came under fire from anti-Muslim bloggers who called for a boycott of advertisers on the show. The department store Lowe’s pulled ads from after reportedly hearing of complaints from conservative Christians and Jews who were upset that that show did not portray Muslim-Americans as extremists. Lowe’s said in December it pulled the ads after hearing negative complaints.

After Lowe’s pulled their ads from the show, supporters like hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons helped launch a nationwide effort to back the show that drew support from a range of religious and civil rights organizations. They launched a petition drive and held protests asking Lowe’s to reinstate their ads, which the department store never did. (Even better, as a result of all the ‘bad’ publicity LOWE’S got for pulling their advertising from the show, they are reporting bigger sales than ever since the uproar began)