BOYCOTT-DIVESTMENT-SANCTIONS: Hitler would have approved

The brainchild of Muslims and their left wing allies (many are Jewish Judenrats*), this Nazi-inspired BDS movement focuses on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by demonizing Israel while propagating the Palestinian victimhood status and lies in order to gain global sympathy.

* Judenrat was the council of Jews, appointed by the Nazis in each Jewish community or ghetto, that were responsible for implementing Nazi extermination policies within their communities. 

Norman Finkelstein, college professor and infamous Jewish Israel-hater

They believe that if universities, companies and even countries boycott, divest from and sanction Israel it will pressure the government to change its so-called “hard nosed” policies toward the Palestinians and in addition to give up land Israel supposedly “stole” from the Palestinians in 1948 and 1967.

A closer look at the BDS movement and its methodology shows not legitimate criticism but actually a racist and anti-Semitic program. 

In a world where refugees have been created and resettled by the tens of millions, including over 900,000 Jews that fled Arab states, BDS targets only Israel. Its stated goals vary but all include the “right” for descendants of Palestinian “refugees” to “return” to a country they have never seen, thus bringing about the end of Jewish Israel.

The movement takes care to give the impression that ending specific Israeli policies such as the “occupation” or “apartheid” will also bring an end to efforts to ostracize Israel. Their maximalist demand — the elimination of Israel as a Jewish state — is carefully hidden but readily apparent to a careful examiner.

It is a matter of great concern that respected universities lend their space and name to such conferences in addition to the participation of their faculty and others from around the country. In North America, whatever goes on in a classroom is deemed protected by “academic freedom,” whether it is academic or not. 

STOP BDS  BDS supporters often claim that BDS is an apolitical movement aimed only at ”making Israel comply with international law.” As a result, many of the campus divestment resolutions accuse Israel of violating international law in a number of ways. This page is dedicated to combating those false accusations. Israel does its best to comply with international law, even though the United Nations is often hostile toward Israel due to the great influence of its many Arab and Muslim member states. Below are some of the top myths cited in campus divestment resolutions:

Here’s something you can do:

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