NYC Imam is trying to make April 26th, the birthday of the Paedophile Prophet Muhammad, a national holiday

Mohd Qayyoom, head of the Muhammadi Community Center in Jackson Heights, Queens, said he believes having a national celebration for the prophet’s birthday would enable the growing Muslim population in America to have an annual celebration and would foster a spirit of cooperation with those of other faiths.

Times Ledger  “We’ll give the message of peace, we’ll give the message of interfaith harmony,” Qayyoom said.

Since the Islamic calendar is lunar, Muslim holidays are never held on the same day each year. But the historical birthday of Mohammad is April 26, 570. Qayyoom said holding a national celebration on that day will allow American Muslims to celebrate at the same time every year.

“We want one day, an annual holiday like Christmas,” he said.

While Qayyoom plans to formally announce his campaign April 22 at the second planned Interfaith Harmony and World Peace event in Jackson Heights, he said he is already starting it. He said he has contacted Jackson Heights’ elected officials and plans to reach out to leaders of other faiths.

“Everywhere I’m talking, they’re welcoming it,” Qayyoom said. (There are a lot of left wing loons in NYC)

One of Qayyoom said if Muslims have a holiday when they can hold parades and games every year and their non-Muslim neighbors can celebrate, it can bring an understanding between the peoples. (Oh, please, what kind of drugs is this guy on?)

“Prophet Muhammad said, ‘I am not the prophet of only Muslims. I am the prophet of all human beings,’” he said. (Since when are Muslims human beings?)

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68 comments on “NYC Imam is trying to make April 26th, the birthday of the Paedophile Prophet Muhammad, a national holiday

  1. MOEHAMMED, LARRYHAMMED AND CURLYHAMMED, THE THREE STOOGES. It is difficult to reason with a stone age primate. 1400 years of Islam and they still crap in a hole dug in front of their mud houses.
    Go piss up a rope you single eyebrowed Cretins.

  2. Let us by God, establish s a national holiday: an annual celebration of the death & damnation of Muhammad Ibn `Abd Allāh Ibn `Abd al-Muttalib to be celebrated on the anniversary of the great event, according to our calendar, on the eighth day of June in every year.

    Let the celebration be observed with prayers of thanksgiving of the riddance of so insufferable an AssWhole and for the emancipation of the billions of descendants of his first victims.

    Let the celebrations include picnics, parades, patriotic speeches exposing the damnable doctrines & practices of Islam.

    Let the celebrations end with displays of fireworks.

    Until the establishment of the national holiday, let every freedom loving American celebrate the great day by shouting:
    “Praise God from whom all blessings flow: Mow went to hell, let Islam join him!”

  3. It would be best if you don’t hear any, so don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard them, … they are creepy and soulful, sort of ominous and eerie…

    (not pleasant)

  4. Have any of you here heard the strange sounds?

    Strange earth sounds? Maybe this has to do with the earth grid (ley line grid of energy) but I don’t know; it could be a number of things, no scientists have any answers. See the you tube ‘What is this Loud noise?’ of a mother and father recording it…

    The hum in Costa Rica…Costa Rica news caster with moon in the background

    Rumbling sound in Colorado.AVI

    Strange sound in Colorado before earthquake is another one, boy with binoculars looking for source of where sound is..

    and now, just on March 1, I think, is a town in Ireland demanding to know where the sounds are coming from, and for the government to ‘make it stop’! (haha, that is ironic if the Satanists are the ones doing this).

    but it could just be the earth groaning, maybe the Satanists aren’t doing it, or the government at all, (haarp?, directed energy weapons?) but perhaps it is only the suffering of the whole earth and creation – waiting for this shit to be ended – all the rapes, destruction, blood in the ground, crying out, even the rocks and atmosphere and trees and earth crying out. That is somewhere about the earth and rocks crying out in groaning in the Bible…don’t know where, but maybe Grouchy Fogie knows.

    now, a whole town in Ireland

  5. It is set apart, the 26th, April, but really it is all part of the Feast of the Beast climaxing on April 30 (night) to Beltaine, (May 1).

    It all begins in earnest on April 19 (sacrifices, special by conflagration, like Waco and Oklahoma City, remember? children)

    They divide the Feast of the Beast up, but the 26 is set apart (but not as m;uch as Beltaine, or the Grand Climax of April 30 night before)

    Basically April is BADDDDD all the way thru if you notice, I don’t know if there are any non-Satanic days really, (April 2 up to Good Frid,& Easter?)Then, May starts off with a horrible rite, so please beware after that, also, as its all about bloodshed and torment, to the Solar Deity/Goddess. The earth grid needs it to be fully opened up to the LUciferian energies that their adherents use against us. (against all of us)

  6. April 26??!!!! Special rites specially evil rites to the Beast

    Feast of the Beast

    that is indeed interesting this would be the date of Mohammed the vile himsefl..

  7. Yes, that would be jolly good fun-a day of pig pickins, lots of alcohol and assorted debauchery just for you mo. Don’t ya just love it?

  8. We don’t give a rat’s ass about that pedo momo of yours Qayyoom and al, so request DENIED! And as for that utter BS of yours :

    “…would foster a spirit of cooperation with those of other faiths.”

    You mean like that kind of cooperation they have in Saudi’s hellole perhaps? Oh but wait, they DON’T ALLOW any faiths there, only their death cult.

    They never let off insulting our intelligence and tend to forget who the degenerate inbreed morons really are, do they!

      • That’s just a long term battle plan that got carried out. If someone predicts that his servant will go to the market, gives his servant written instructions to go to the market, then when his servant goes to the market that makes it a prophecy? And the last one is wrong.

  9. He’s NOT my prophet or your prophet unless you’re muslim. I wish people would stop calling him ” the prophet” as if he was the accepted prophet of everyone. It conveys an honor on this pedophile, rapist, murderer that he doesn’t deserve. It also presumes he is everyone’s prophet and I view it as supporting a form of creeping sharia.

    Let’s call him “THEIR prophet” because that’s what he is. I even go so far to change any quote i write to “their”. How about you?

      • Loved reading those comments! And not everybody who feels like we do actually take the time to post comments, so you know there are many, many more out there who are waking up. Yay!

        • So don’t give up the fight to awaken the people of this nation to help save the world from the EVIL that has planned for thousands of years to dominate this planet and then destroy it.

  10. The holidays they have are already vicious.

    They destroy their health for one month by eating only before bedtime and forcing their poor kids to do the same.

    After, their open up and torture live animals to celebrate being able to eat normally again.

    Therefore, by asking for another holiday, what else are REALLY planning to do?

  11. Best if we all wear black arm bands with “Kill all Paedophiles” on that April day. Anyhow he was not born he was hatched.

    Of course Muslims will not get paid leave for this, unless they want to work on our Christmas day. We have national days for Christians and have had for centuries and as citizens of our countries Muslims should get paid on there own holiday, if they take it off, but they can work for us on Christmas Day and get paid.

    I am sick of them in Australia taking off the four day Easter break, which we worked for and worked through our Unions to get and be paid for. They are treated just like Christians and are paid. If you are a non believer, you should not take the Christian holiday. You should work. This is only fair.

    They don’t like us playing Christmas Carols in the shopping centres so they can shut the loud speakers off at the mosque on our special days too.

    Just go to hell all you Muslims where you all belong and stop ripping the rest of the world off. Most Muslim feasts begin after dark anyhow, so they can work during the day.

  12. Thanks for reminding me of the date. I’m seconding Lenin-McCarthy on National Burn the Koran Day. Somebody ask Weasel-Face Qayyoom there where we can get some free ones.

  13. Hey Mohd, go F yourself. But, my fear is obama might just think it’s a great idea. It ain’t gonna happen, though. Americans are now (or becoming) way too on to islam’s intensions and designs. We’re sick of it, and we’ll have none of it. I’d be on the front line of some “serious” protests if it did come to pass. Thank god for our right to bear arms.

  14. To think that I nearly share my birthday with that arsehole Muhammad! (Mine is April 27).

    Well, if they really do want to celebrate Muhammad’s birthday, they should celebrate it in grand style, with parades, picnics, dancing, with loud roucous and rhythmic music, complete with nude and topless dancing women (no niqabs, burqas in sight), women spectators should be allowed to flash their breasts for little trinkets, men can walk around nude too. There should be public sex, straight, gay, masturbation, you name it. The holiday should be filled with all kinds of obscenities. Erotic art, including painting and statues of human figures and sex depictions.

    Drinking and gambling should be requirements for the holiday and to top it off, a pork roast barbecue!

    In other words fill the holiday with everything that Muhammad hated!

    But I know I would like that for my birthday!

  15. If that were to happen I personally would Pray to the Father, the Son, and The Hold Ghost, to set the Destroyer lose upon this nation and its people.
    I wouldn’t have one regret for total annihilation after this nation granted a national holiday for mohammed the most EVIL.
    In this I am not jesting.

  16. Muslims are not allowed to celebrate birthdays, this is forbidden because it’s not Islamic. So why would an imam want to offend Mohammed by breaking one of his laws? Mohammed’s birthday has never been celebrated in any Islamic country over the last 1,400 years — so why start now? If Muslims want to start celebrating his birthday in Islamic countries, they can — but Americans are indifferent to when Mohammed was born, and actually his birthday is an offence to us — we wish he had never been born.

  17. What an auspicious date to burn korans worldwide. Surely we can push this word and set new standards of koran burning and desecrating that vile handbook of inbred cretins…Everybody join me in taking the pledge…Print out a koran page and wipe your dogs ass with it…Then burn it.

  18. I think this man should try to persuade the Saudis to allow the celebration of Christmas. After all, there are a fair number of Christians living there.

    Christian (mainly) soldiers drove Saddam’s forces out of Kuwait but still Christian churches are not permitted there. Time and again Muslims demand the privileges which their own countries deny us.

    • Ha ha! That was funny.

      Celebrating birthdays are harem in islam. As Christians, we’re not really supposed to celebrate them either. Regardless, there’s no way in heck that the US would EVER celebrate mohammad the pedophile day. Koran Burning Day on the other hand… hmm?

      • Let us make God blessed sure it will not be celebrated as a national holiday!!!

        Congressman: your vote for a national holiday to celebrate the birth of Moe guarantees my vote for someone else in the next election cycle; bank on it.

  19. I thought these loons have a lunar calendar, a consequence of which is that muzzie events vary solar year to solar year.

    How then can this muzzie loony imam choose the fixed date of 04/26 to be Big Mo’s birthdate?

  20. «One of Qayyoom said if Muslims have a holiday when they can hold parades…»

    They usually call this holiday “Eid e Milad” and it is already celebrated in (too) many cities of the Western world by the Shia communities… Only masochists could want to celebrate with them… to get an idea of what kind of “parades” he is talking about watch some of these videos (moreover it’s seems that those celebrations are mainly for men… ) :

    In Toronto Canada :

    In Bologna Italy :

    Manchester England :

    In Birmingham, England

    In Brussels Belgium :

    In Barcelona Spain :

  21. This delusional mad mullah doesn’t realize that ALL news about Islam is BAD news.

    I hope he encourages MORE people to read the Sira and discover the megalomanic, psychopathic, plagiarizing, pedophile pirate.

    The more people learn about ORIGINAL Islam, the more people are horrified by this DEATH CULT FOR INBRED MEN.

  22. Oh Boy ! What a good idea ! A notional holiday to celebrate the birth of a guy that married a six year old and was gentleman enough to wait until she was the ripe old age of nine before he actually raped her. Of course, he had been “playing” with her for three years so she had a good idea of what was coming.

    Gee, we can celebrate his birth right after we celebrate the holiday dedicated to Jeffrey Dahmer, Wayne Gacey, and Richard Spec. Nothing like a non-stop party, is there ?

    • how about also celebrating the bdays of mao, stalin, lenin, and marx? oh, wait, once obama finishes his socialist fundamental transformational change in america, we will be celebrating their bdays, or else.

  23. “We’ll give the message of peace, we’ll give the message of interfaith harmony,” Qayyoom said. (sounds like a script taken from our beloved imam rauf f*ck-face)

    How ’bout March 10th the same day as OBL, these two “HAD” pretty much the same moral character. Besides this would be the poke in the eye type of thing the muzzies love to pull.

  24. All Moslems are delusional and need deprogramming if they have read the Sira and can still accept this vicious DEATH CULT.

    Mohammed did not bring peace…Mohammed told the village of Mecca ‘I bring you slaughter!’

    Bukhari:V9B84N59 “Whoever says (Mohammed is a prophet) will save his property and life from me.'”

    Soooo…peaceful…soooo attractive…death threats!

  25. Hey all of you out there – pls get the book called “The Islamic AntiChrist” – even if you are not a christian…GO GET THAT BOOK…a eye-opener !!!!

      • Many people are figuring Islam out due to the daily bad news of honor killings and jihad attacks (18,000 since 911).

        BNI is changing public opinion and Moslems are reading this forum ‘religiously’ as well.

        The ugly truth about this evil cult is filtering through to Mozzies as well.

        They know Mohammed is the BIGGEST LIABILITY of Islam.

        They are desperate! There’s no way to solve the problem called Mohamophile!

        • On April 28, if that pastor in Iran ain’t freed, burn the G’d’d Koran & Images of the AssWhole who conjured it up.

          Then make April 28 a national day of remembrance and September 11 a national holiday for cursing Moe & Isdamn.

          Let everyone, for the love of liberty, participate in International Judge Muhammad Day September 11!!!

  26. OK ASSLIFTER; You want to make Muhammad’s birthday a national f—ing holidy?! Fine..BUT NOT IN THIS NATION ASSHOLE!! ASSLIFTER, take that SHIT to Saudi Arabia!!!

  27. When These Bastard Islam Animals Get A Brain And A God Given Soul That When They QUIT MURDERING People Because Of Their Christian & Jewish Faith…..
    Somebody Might Take Them Seriously!
    {“We’ll give the message of peace, we’ll give the message of interfaith harmony,” Qayyoom said.} BULLSHIT! If Your Not A F**king Bastard Islam Muslim…..Your Nothing As A Human Being In Their Eyes!
    Richard ~~ Hard Tymes {Gmail}

  28. oh really, well he ain’t my prophet and this is INCREDULOUS! playing the victim card as usual, booohooo we need a holiday – soo sick of their crap spewing – ASSIMILATE to this country or get OUT!

    • Doesn’t mo’s birthday wander through our calendar, because of the mohammedan’s stone age, or should I say lunatic, lunar calendar?

      So sometimes ramadan is in winter – easy – and sometimes it’s in summer – oh, the hunger, followed by the gorging.

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