What’s this? Singing, dancing, boozing, and drag queens are no longer haram (forbidden) in Afghanistan?

Islam forbids men to imitate women and women to imitate men, and in fact it emphatically forbids that, to such an extent that the Prophet cursed those who go against the human nature with which Allaah created them. Islamic ruling on this kind of sexual perversion is that it is haram, a major sin.

Islam teaches that singing, dancing, and musical instruments are haram because they are Satan’s tools, while the punishment for one who drinks wine is  is eighty lashes. Yet I have posted countless videos of Afghan men drinking, dancing and having sex with young boys dressed up as girls as well as Saudi men enjoying the finest brands of liquor. I thought that once a boy reached 18, he could no longer be a boy toy for Muslim men? The cross-dresser in this video is not under 18. Once again, we see the blatant hypocrisy of Muslims. ISLAM QA