Iranian women get naked to protest their role as second-class citizens

A group of Iranian women living abroad have recorded a video message in which they defend women’s rights – while posing topless. The women speak straight to the camera, explaining their reasons for posing nude: “My nudity is a ‘no’ to stoning to death,” “For those who want to but can’t…”, and even: “Why not?”

“The Islamic laws Iranian women are subjected to are what’s pornographic, since they define women as sexual objects”

Maryam Namazie  Today – 8 March 2012 International Women’s Day – the Nude Photo Revolutionaries Calendar is being launched in homage to Egyptian atheist, student and blogger Aliaa Magda Elmahdy who posted a nude photo of herself, announcing the post on Twitter under the hashtag, #NudePhotoRevolutionary.

The calendar is the idea of campaigner Maryam Namazie to support Aliaa Magda Elmahdy and join her ‘screams against a society of violence, racism, sexism, sexual harassment and hypocrisy’.

Namazie says: ‘What with Islamism and the religious right being obsessed with women’s bodies and demanding that we be veiled, bound, and gagged, nudity breaks taboos and is an important form of resistance.’

The calendar is designed by SlutWalk Co-founder Toronto, Sonya JF Barnett who says: ‘I felt that women needed to stand in solidarity with Aliaa. It takes a lot of guts to do what she did, and the backlash is always expected and can quite hurtful. She needed to know that there are others like her, willing to push the envelope to express outrage.’

These women are continuing the trend that started with Aliaa Al-Mahdy, a young Egyptian activist who posted a naked photo of herself on her blog in the name of freedom of expression,sparking a huge controversy last November. They say they were also inspired by Goldshifteh Farahani, an Iranian actress in exile in Paris who bared her breasts in a video honouring young actors selected for the Césars, France’s equivalent of the Oscars.

However, this new video is a promotion for an even more risqué calendar, showing female activists from around the world posing fully nude, from head to toe. The organisers say the proceeds of the calendar will go toward women’s rights organizations.

On nudity and the calendar, Mallorie Nasrallah says: ‘When a tool of oppression can be turned in to an assertion of power, it is a beautiful thing. Nudity when celebrated harms no one, and when made shameful and barbaric harms everyone.’ Nina Sankari says: ‘In solidarity with Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, I would like to stress that our bodies (and thoughts) belong to us and to nobody else.’ Anne Baker says ‘Men in frocks constrain, control and intimidate women the world over in the name of God … it has to stop.’

Greta Christina says: ‘Sexual freedom is an important freedom — but it’s one that commonly gets ignored or trivialized.’ Maja Wolna says: ‘Irrespective of sex, sexual orientation, religion or culture we are equal. Personal dignity is a foundation of human civilization.’ Amanda Brown says: ‘Dogma will never determine where I sit, what I wear, or how I live’ and Poppy Wilson St. James says: ‘I find it strange that it is more acceptable to seen on screen violence and guns than even a nipple. There is something wrong with our mindset if that is what we accept as the norm and shy away from nudity which is a completely natural state.’

According to Emily Dietle, ‘If it weren’t for people who took a strong stand against misogyny and for free-expression, we’d still be in an age where showing your ankles was taboo.’ Alena Magelat says: ‘Our naked body is our challenge to patriarchy, dictatorship and violence. Smart people we inspire; dictators are horrified’.

The women in the calendar stand firm in solidarity with Aliaa Magda Elmahdy and the countless women across the world who are denied basic rights, freedoms and dignity.

Join the ‘Scream’ on Facebook and on Twitter under the hashtag #NudePhotoRevolutionary.

To Download the Calendar, click here.

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28 comments on “Iranian women get naked to protest their role as second-class citizens

  1. I watched the you tube video and then read several (probably too many) comments and It really saddened me to see all those comments of (presumably) western Men who have been brought up totally deprived (maybe depraved)
    of full frontal nudity during their childhood, they are obviously the stereotypical product of prudish mindset parenting. At any rate, I found a new toy as I wanted to respond to what was obviously a Muzzie writing an English comment I used Google translate to write this “Do you understand about DNA ? and even in religion, All human existence comes from the one, and migrated from east africa to the rest of the earth, you insult western human civilization, you insult your own family, There is but one creator, on this we agree, we are all his children, when you take a life, you have murdered His Child, for this there is NO forgiving” it winds up looking like this in Arabic the converter also does Persian and about a hundred other languages هل تفهم حول الحمض النووي؟ وحتى في الدين، كل الوجود البشري يأتي من واحد، وهاجروا من شرق أفريقيا إلى بقية الأرض، وأنت إهانة حضارة الإنسان الغربي، كنت إهانة عائلتك، لا إله إلا الخالق، وعلى هذا الاتفاق ونحن، ونحن كل ما قدمه من الأطفال، عندما كنت تأخذ الحياة، وكنت قد قتل ولده، لهذا لا غفران
    And I think that gives us another way to put some of our own thoughts out there. AND to see what they are saying when they think they are hiding things, My own thought is to try and be the better human being and try being constructive Don’t get me wrong ! I have NO love for these abominations! but then we don’t have water boarding available for us to use, just figure it could be a good tool. Am I wrong?

  2. And of course, they are also doing it for th poor young boys and young men who are being hanged after being sexually abused all their lives by the menfolk in the Mosques, etc. ‘for being homosexual’ say their murderers.

  3. Good for them! Finally!

    Can you imagine, their desperation, in their injustice, their lives, driving them to this circumstance, to undress their beautiful sacred bodies to get the attention of the ones who are elected to defend their rights? Their (and our) children’s rights?

    Poor things.

    Poor, poor things. They are brave.

    I just wish they didn’t have to let any of those horrible monsters see their bodies, they do not deserve to –

    yet I know nothing else would have worked to get the eyes and ears of the world on them for a change. Poor things. Yah help them and their children.

    • Ingrid, problem is, none of these women are in Iran so it won’t do any good until they get rid of the tyrants there.

      • Always remember, and remind others of Zahra Kazemi, a Canadian woman who WAS in Iran, held in Evin prison, for the ‘crime’ of photographing it. There, she was raped, tortured and finally bludgeoned to death by the religious police.

        The Canadian Consulate was allowed to attend day one of a scapegoat’s show trial, but not day two. The fall guy got off scot free, and the battered corpse was dispatched to a remote area, against the wishes of her adult son.

  4. Great protest. Love the “men in frocks constrain, control, and intimidate women in the name of god the world over” line. We’ve got plenty here who would call these brave women “sluts”, and I don’t mean just the muzzies. But at least they would be able to keep their heads attached to their bodies.

    • You have a great point there, Revere, when you said, ” We’ve got plenty here who would call these brave women “sluts”, and I don’t mean just the muzzies. ”
      What SO FEW are seeing is, when a GROUP goes on a “rampage” as this, there has to be a very deep grievance behind it,,, And I’m seeing women being fed up with being treated worse than cattle,,, and the fruit of their wombs treated as nothing more than cannon fodder, or martyred for a vengeful, hateful ‘god’

  5. These women expose their vulnerability to appeal to decent people with a CONSCIENCE.

    Moslems have murdered their own conscience by thinking a pedophile, mass murderer, torturer and highwayman is a moral example.

    The facade of Islam is cracking. The prisoners of Islam are breaking out. The Great Wall of Islam is about to fall.

    Mozzies, the mullahs have betrayed you. The mullahs know they have lied to you.

  6. I don’t think the enemies of civilization are listening yet. We need to see a lot more of this kind of thing.

  7. All history attests that man has subjected woman to his will,
    used her as a means to promote his selfish gratification,
    to minister to his sensual pleasures,
    to be instrumental in promoting his comfort;
    but never has he desired to elevate her
    to the rank she was created to fill.
    He has done all he could to debase and enslave her mind;
    and now he looks triumphantly on the ruin he has wrought,
    and says the being he has thus deeply injured is his inferior

  8. The majority of Iranians want rid of the barbaric nutters who rule them. Why did Obama stop funding dissidents? The West should give them all the support they need.

    • Les, he cut off their funding right when they started the Green Revolution in 2009. The US had been giving them a few $$million every year, since the revolution in ’79 but Obama totally cut them off when they needed it the most, so as not to offend the mullahs.

      • Well, BNI, he DID say, he would side with the mozlem~!,,, Proved it right there~! I cannot get out of my mind a picture of a truly beautiful Iranian lady, in a burka with painted nails and lipstick, both of which are no-no’s in islam~! Little things are adding up~!

  9. Well done those ladies, Islam is not for the aesthetic or the civilized. Yes, appreciating the beauty of the human form is the realm of the intelligent and the civilized. @ things that are non existent in Islam.

  10. Am one hundred percent behind these brave women ‘ They have the power to bring down the cult ! take us untold bullets and time to do what they can do unarmed and bare naked , Would be a just end to the fourteen year old boys club.

  11. Iranians have always been a little different. That’s that Persian heritage shining through. And they hate the Arabs’ guts.

    Iran may actually be key to turning this Islamic nonsense around. And Iranian women may be the catalyst.

  12. Of course they are living abroad… otherwise they’d be stoned to death!! Not that I’m a fan of nudity but… WAY TO GO GIRLS!! I keep saying that Islam will have to be reformed by the women!

    • Kelly I FULLY agree~! I am saddened that they have to take the overboard approach to come back to equality, but logic and common sense have proven of no value to the mozlem male~! This is the beginning, and well into the beginning, of the changes required in the islamic regime and ideology. MANY, I fear, will not survive the onslaught, but the Cry for Freedom and Liberty will NEVER be fully silenced.
      Five Thumbs Up on your post, Sir~!

  13. OT Women ‘injured’ in Saudi university protest

    An investigation has been launched after at least 50 women were reportedly injured when a protest at a university in Saudi Arabia turned violent.

    The women are reported to have been injured either by the security personnel or in the crush of bodies.

    The students were angry about bad management, that rubbish was allowed to pile up at the university and at the lack of basic facilities for women.

    Videos :

    • “POLITICAL islam” is a tautology, polislam is totalitarian fascism, a cult with a pseudo-religious wing.

      But consider my portmanteau word: “sinislam”. This is the evil melding of the loony left (sinister) and fundamentalist islam. Each thinks it can ‘use’ the other (like the defunct Tudeh Party in Iran), but the extremist islamists will win and exterminate the LL and their gay, Israel bashing supporters.

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