[UPDATED AGAIN!] FLORIDA bows down to Islam, rejects bill that would have banned sharia law

Terrorist front group CAIR is celebrating! A bill that would have banned the use of sharia law in Florida court decisions is dead for this session.

Miami Herald  Hamas-linked CAIR pressure group strong armed Senate officials into rejecting a bill that would have prevented Islamic law to be used in ruling on the outcome of cases involving muslims.

SB 1360, which critics say targets Muslims, would have voided marriage, divorce and custody disputes grounded in foreign law.

The measure did not come up for a vote in the Senate, although the House bill passed by a 92-24 margin.Sen. Alan Hays, R-Umatilla, the bill’s sponsor, advanced the controversy by distributing booklets to other senators titled “Shari’ah Law: Radical Islam’s threat to the U.S. Constitution.”

Other groups also gave out anti-Sharia posters in the Capitol last week. They argued the bill is unnecessary and offensive. Hays and Rep. Larry Metz, R-Eustis, the House sponsor, say the bill doesn’t single out a single religion.

Muslim Asslifters (MuslimCapitolDay.org), led by CAIR, demonstrated for sharia law at the Florida Capitol on March 2nd.

Apparently the MSM jumped the gun on this one in their jubilation over defeat of the sharia bill.


Miami Herald: Posted by Brittany Davis at 10:36 AM on Friday, Mar. 9 

Today the enemedia entered a new phase. Make news up that hasn’t happened, in order to make it so. The Florida newspapers today “reported” the sharia law dead. lml. Why are these newspapers and their “reporters” spreading disinformation and lies? SB1360 is ON THE CALENDAR FOR TODAY

The wire services pronounced the the bill dead this morning. How could it be on the calendar for today if it was dead?

And BTW, the bill has nothing to do with Jews, but they love to throw them in there. They attempt to conflate sharia with Canon law and Jewish law, although they are not even remotely alike. Sharia asserts authority over non-Muslims. Jewish law and Canon law do not. Further, there is no compulsion in Jewish law or Canon law. Both are voluntary. There is nothing voluntary under the sharia.

After easy House passage, anti-sharia bill gets shot down in the dhimmified Senate. Hey, Florida Senate, you bowed down to the anti-American, terrorist-supporters at CAIR, you will get yours in the next election.  

 Sunshine State News  Assailed by Muslim groups and quashed by Senate President Mike Haridopolos, an “anti-Sharia” law bill died in the Florida Legislature on Friday.

TRAITOR: Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos

Senate Bill 1360 would have restricted state courts from considering foreign laws in most cases. Authored by Sen. Alan Hays, R-Umatilla, the bill was identical to HB 1209, which easily passed the House 92-24.

But Hays’ bill became ensnared in a late-breaking political controversy when proponents distributed fliers and a pamphlet decrying the alleged intrusion of Islamic law into America’s courts.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations and another Muslim group, United Voices for America, condemned the leaflets, as well as the legislation — even though the bill did not specifically reference Sharia or any religious law. 

A delegation of Muslim sharia proponents met with Haridopolos’ chief of staff earlier in the week to demand that Hays’ measure be postponed pending an investigation of the fliers.

Haridopolos, R-Merritt Island, made no public statement about the controversy, but refused to call the bill for a vote in the waning hours of the 2012 session Friday.

David Yerushalmi, author of similar legislation being considered in other states and a defender of Hays’ bill, deferred comment on the situation pending the close of the session.

“The people’s representatives will do their job as they deem appropriate. If it passes, good. If not, there’s always next legislative session with a new freshman class,” said Yerushalmi, who is legal counsel at the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Security Policy and author of “American Laws for American Courts.”

Hays, who was not immediately available to comment, distributed the pamphlet entitled “Shari’ah Law: Radical Islam’s Threat to the U.S. Constitution.”


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  1. Bonni,

    here’s the untold story of what happened that evening when they were supposed to pass SB 1360:


    Looks like the whole story was a bit different than we all thought. Good thing is, Senator Don Gaetz will be the next Florida Senate President. He was the co-sponsor of that bill.

    Once the next elections come up, people should be reminded it was Mike Haridopolos and Miguel Diaz de la Portilla who were responsible for the failure.

  2. America USED TO BE a melting pot where the worlds people would come to become Americans. Sure, my forebears retained smatterings of the old homeland, but they assimilated. They became Americans.
    It’s not bigoted to point out the obvious when we say that these people do NOT want to be real Americans, that they have no interest in what we call freedom or liberty, except how they can twist these things to their own advantage. Nor is it phobic to fear what this growing onslaught of people with values firmly based in the ninth century will demand as their numbers grow.
    I, for one am demanding that my state Senators disclose how they voted on this un-American bill. It’s about time these shysters started pandering to those of us who hold American values sacred.
    As for the followers of Islam, I say leave them there so we won’t have to fight them here!

    • Jim, I understand that the FL Senators did not vote on it at all, which is why it died. New Senators can take it up again.

  3. Upon due diligence, I found two of the three fliers they are bitching about. The third should come soon by email. One of them is too brief and abstract. The other cites the Qur’an, which is the source, not the code. Neither contains anything objectionable.



    * “This is a great success not only for the Muslim community, but for all Americans who believe in the Constitutional protections of Freedom of Religion,” said Hassan Shibly, Tampa executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations,
    * “This sends a strong message that we will not tolerate legislation intended to demonize, attack, and marginalize religious minorities in America,” he added.

    * http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics/2012/03/anti-sharia-flyers-circulate-senate-hallways.html
    o Download Students for the Constitution Flyer[1],
    + http://miamiherald.typepad.com/files/students-for-the-constitution-flyer1.pdf
    # Excessively abstract, without references & citations to Shari’ah or its sources.
    o Download SOAR PI Flyer[1]
    o `http://miamiherald.typepad.com/files/soar-pi-flyer1-1.pdf
    o http://aclj.org/sharia-law/danger-shariah-law-free-booklet
    # References are to Qur’an verses, the source, not the code. Otherwise truthful, accurate & objective.
    + Not viewable on line, they want to get you onto their mailing list.

  4. STOP FL SB 1360 THE ANTI-RELIGION LAW | Because it’s un …
    4 hours ago – VICTORY, SB 1360 DEFEATED. We showed them our tenacity and resolve. We showed them we have united voices that will echo from across Florida and the …

    STOP FL SB 1360 THE ANTI-RELIGION LAW | Because it’s un …
    4 hours ago – VICTORY, SB 1360 DEFEATED. We showed them our tenacity and resolve. We showed them we have united voices that will echo from across Florida and the …

    CAIR Hails ‘Sharia’ Victory in Florida, Presses Broader Agenda in …
    7 hours ago – CAIR Hails ‘Sharia’ Victory in Florida, Presses Broader Agenda in Congress … Alan Hays’ SB 1360 to a vote in the closing hours of the legislative session

    • It’s just postponed until the next session. The bill passed overwhelmingly in the FL HOR, and it will do the same in the Senate once it is put up for a vote. The governor has said that he will sign it.

      muslims lose, again! It’s only temporarily postponed. It will take a little more time, but it’s going to become Law.

  5. I’m still waiting to hear from Senator Alan Hays, the bill’s sponsor, on this matter. I’ll post here when I get a response from him.

  6. i got an e-mail from act for america that said all the phone numbers we called were sent to a call box while cair calls went straight to operators. i sent countless e-mails all through this process. i have been a life long conservative republican but they have sold me out once too many times. i will leave the party after the 2o12 election and i think so will the tea party and hopefully start a third party that actually represents the people. you the margin it passed the house and it should have been a no brainer for it says to uphold constitutional law and florida law over any international law. they have sold us out and i don’t forget. they better hope i don’t run in to them personally.

  7. Billboards promoting atheists, our highest government officials calling for U.N. approval before taking any international action, our justice department blocking any grassroots attempt at foreign intervention in our judicial process are all examples of stealth jihad. The people of this great country must educate themselves, their families and neighbors of the dasngers we face and pass this information to others in the community. From the bottom up we can defeat this menace if we stay stong, fearless and above all pray for G-ds help.

  8. Obama is no more “naive” than the marxist traitor Fonda was, and for the same reason. Both wish the destruction of this country.

    And there are apparently too many stupid people in Florida for it to be explained merely by the disproportionate senility rate. The cowardice and dhimmitude level in the state legislature is, however, obviously out of control.

  9. “Muslim Asslifters”

    I am old and slow. I just now figured out that the antecedent for that must be.

    I don’t think this blog will represent my vies of the world at all.

    Sorry to have intruded.

  10. I am, just for the record, not “against” sharia law.

    I am against ANY law that is not consistent with the law that can be traced back through our Constitution.

    • CGW, I know, I see it all the time. I won’t read this because my head will explode. But everyone else should.

  11. BNI, there is some question about the veracity of this report, as the FL Senate is still in session at this hour. Note that it is a blog entry, not in the “News” section. JW took down its post of this entry earlier this afternoon.

    I believe that the jury is still out on this one.

    • CGW, I will be very happy to correct this post if it is wrong. I got this in an email from CAIR who were breaking out the champagne.

      • You WHAT?! These disgraceful m*****ers have the nerves to mail you their propaganda victory crap?!

        Well then, I call on all BNIsers here to return the compliments and flood them with emails every single time we infidels get to stop them dead in their tracks when we ban/stop some of their invasive crap!

        Open a mail account just for that purpose, go through a vpn and let’s play them at their own game!

        • Alain, no, actually I asked to be on their email list, but didn’t use the barenakedislam email. You know, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

        • Ah yes I got you, the wise sneaky game, my favorite! :-)

          Me bad for my previous suggestion then, Mea Culpa!

  12. Those people are so f@#ked up in the head that it leaves me speechless. What they’re saying doesn’t even make logical sense. This is why their whole ideology has been a failure at producing anything of substance to mankind but for war, misery, and slavery. Please leave our country because filthy subhuman savages ain’t got no right to be here, anyway.

  13. We need to start documenting politicians that have voted against American law in American courts. They MUST be held accountable for their treasonous actions against America. To hold them accountable on America’s day of reckoning. Which, thanks to Obama, is rushing towards us. The time has come to stand for America as our forefather’s saw fit to create her under the “Internationally acknowledged” Golden Rule. Or die trying. This WILL NOT STAND long. (message left on YouTube as well)

  14. “We want justice we want peace”?1…One thing you mindless asslifters got right, AMERICA IS BETTER THAN THIS (this being you loudmouthed asslifters who seek to destroy a free republican democracy and replace it with SHARIA HORSESHIT)!…..F— YOU and the dhimmi dimwit dipshit judges that rule in your favor!! You want to practice ASSLIFTER LAW; then take your sorry asses out of America, and to the LAND OF ASSLIFTERS!! Because as you said, ASSLIFTER, “THIS IS AMERICA”!!!

  15. Speaking of our everyday person on the street and next door,.. we know you all don’t agree with this, or you would not be here fighting it with truth.

    Yah help us all…to do what we should have been doing long ago, and forgive us and have mercy on us, for see, we are turning from our apathy and indifference, help us to help our brethren in this war against us and against our Creators. Thank you – Bare Naked Truth warriors, we are faithful, and we are loyal like all Dogs are.

    May Yahu of the Universe Bless you all and keep you all safe for the duration.

    And remember even if we were to die in this fight, we are not dead forever. We will meet in the realm being prepared for us, now, at this moment, as Yahushua said he is preparing for us.

    I love you all. May we drink a toast to Randy, Pink and B, and that their threateners are vanquished in a huge megaquake?

    • Regarding the ruling on women, Aisha said to Mohammed, “YOU HAVE MADE US DOGS!”

      Mohammed made women of equal value to dogs under Sharia!

      (Mohammed also gave orders to kill all the black dogs…this is quite a status for women, especially if they are black women under the RELIGION OF DISCRIMINATION.)

  16. Shalom,

    This is pathetic, PATHETIC!

    Our enemy (self-proclaimed and proud of it – the Muslim enemy that is)

    are celebrating our indifference, our apathy, our lack of education, our lack of strong borders, lack of spine, lack of balls, lack of spirit. Celebrating! Celebrating our soon-to-be-downfall, at their and their collaborators’ hands.

    How horrible.

    I say, watch out, Equinox and the day after, March 20, and March 21, day after. (‘Beware the Ides of March’ should maybe be ringing in our ears right now…just thinking

    The day after, as that has been historically a time when eartquakes have happened, after the fact of the people doing the bad rites. Then, after that, even is the Satanic 322, (date: 3-22 ?) March 22, which is the time they say that the pattern of mega-quakes lands on. We don’t know where, but we have indeed been warned. Then, there is Good Friday and EAster, so please watch out after both of those days (as they are connected directly with the celebration of the Sumerian/Canaanite/Egyptian God’s wife/mother, the Queen of Heaven, Ishtar, Inanna, Isis, Ashtarte and her son’s conception). All in all: How can Yah forgive us, we have ignored and scorned Him, His truth, and we play like we don’t care what our enemy is doing to our country’s freedoms, constitution, and plans to do with our countrymen and our children.

    Wrath is coming. Do you feel it?

  17. For THIS session. Next session, there needs to be quadruple the number of people protesting the anti-americans who are trying to ruin our country.

  18. shot down again ! is there any state where this bill passed in any form ? a group of us are lobbying our state to get one passed before they the muslims start moveing in , got us a lawyer but we want to sponser a bill that works.

    • Make it work. Do your due diligence, pave the way with information & education.

      1. See to it that every candidate for the state legislature has a copy of at least one codification of Shari’ah. Yes, that will cost you $30. per seat; do you want to win or lose?

      2. Make sure that every Goddamn lie told by opponents is answered immediately and in detail. Each and every one of CAIR’s press releases must be deliared. Yes, that will cost big bucks. Do you want to win or lose?

      3. Obtain commitments prior to the primaries; oppose every candidate who rejects the concept and support those who accept it. Advertising costs big bucks; do you want to win or not?

      4. Get a copy of the model legislation; run it by competent lawyers to ensure compliance with the legislature’s procedures and the state Constitution. Provide copies to the media and all candidates for the legislature.

  19. Do you suppose this was discussed recently when Jeb Bush and his father met with obama?
    Good reason to stay out of Florida.
    Wonder if there will soon be islamic garments all over the theme parks there ?
    Americans must be told and the smart ones will avoid even crossing the Florida borders.

  20. This shit is on page 522 of Reliance of the Traveller. It means that a Muslim can compel his pre-pubescent virgin daughter to marry the man of his choice at the time of his choosing.

    m3.13 Guardians are of two types, those who may compel their female charges to marry someone, and those who may not.
    The only guardians who may compel their charge to marry are a virgin bride’s father or father’s father, compel meaning to marry her to a suitable match (def: m4) without her consent.
    Those who may not compel her are not entitled to marry her to someone unless she accepts and gives her permission.
    Whenever the bride is a virgin, the father or father’s father may marry her to someone without her permission, though it is recommended to ask her permission if she has reached puberty. A virgin’s silence is considered as permission.
    As for the nonvirgin of sound mind, no one may marry her to another after she has reached puberty without her express permission, no matter whether the guardian is the father, father’s father, or someone else.

    If your Florida Senator voted against the bill, he voted for that shit; vote against him in the primary and general elections.

    • Under Sharia, ORPHAN girls may be KIDNAPPED and FORCED into marriage (i.e. raped into marriage). The kidnappers simply bribe a mullah and then get a legal marriage licence, then the poor captive girl can’t get out of it.

      This is the Sunna of pedophile pirate.


      Politicians, are you listening?

  21. Citizens of Florida: If your state Senator voted against the bill, ask the G’d’d AssWhole exactly why he wants this Goddamn Shari’ah enforced in your courts:

    m8.2 A guardian may not marry his prepubescent daughter to someone for less than the amount typically received as marriage payment by similar brides, nor marry his prepubescent son to a female who is given more than the amount typically received. If he does either of these, the amount stipulated is void and the amount typically received is paid instead (0: in both these cases, as a necessary condition for the validity of the marriage contract).

    Reliance of the Traveller, Page 533, God damn it!!!

  22. Citizens of Florida:

    The following Islamic law comes from page 532 of Reliance of the Traveller. If your spouse converts and you do not, your marriage is dissolved.

    Ask your Florida State Senator exactly what part of this he does not comprehend and what part of it should be enforced in the courts of Florida. See to it that the AssWhole has a well financed Conservative opponent in the primary election.
    m7.4 If any of the following occurs before inter~..
    course has taken place, then the marriage is
    immediately annulled:

    (1) one of a couple who are idolators becomcs a Muslim;

    (2) one of a Zoroastrian couple becomes
    (3) the wife of a Jew or Christian becomes a
    (4) both husband and wife lcave Islam;
    (5) or one of them does.
    But when one of the above things. happens after intercourse, then a waiting period (def: n9) must intervene before the marriage is annulled. If both husband and wife (A: are, or) become Muslim before the waiting period finishes, then their marriage continues. And if not, then the marriage is considered to have been over since the change of religion first took place.

  23. This little gem comes from page 529 of Reliance of the Traveller; it is Shari’ah concerning marriage. Florida residents: please ask your state Senator what part of this he does not comprehend and what part of it he wants enforced in your courts.

    m6.7 It is unlawful for a Muslim man to marry:
    a Zoroastrian woman;
    an idol worshipper;
    an apostate from Islam (murtadd, def: oS);
    or a woman with one parent. who is Jewish or Christian, while the other is Zoroastrian.
    (N: It is not lawful or valid for a Muslim man to be married to any woman who is not either a Muslim, Christian, or Jew; nor is it lawful or valid for a Muslim woman to be married to anyone besides a Muslim.)

  24. I am so sick after reading the Miami Herald article about SHITRA LAW. EVERYONE in Florida must call and write to repeal this legislation.

      • The defeated bill would prohibit adjudication of foreign law in conflict with the state & federal constitutions. It would not interfere with observation of the five pillars of Isdamn.

        Isdamn & Muslims are not mentioned in the legislation.

        Shari’ah allows a Muslim father to force his pre-pubescent virgin daughter to marry the man of his choice. Who in the God damn Hell wants that enforced in our courts?

        Shari’ah allows a Muslim to divorce any of his four wives by tripple talaq. Who wants that enforced in our courts?

        Shari’ah denies child custody to Christians and Jews, terminating custody if the mother remarries. Who wants that enforced in our courts?

        Shari’ah divides an estate in favor 2:1 to male heirs and denies inheritance to non-Muslims. If your rich uncle converts to Isdamn and dies intestate, you get nothing. Who wants that enforced in our courts?

  25. Jane Fonda Lives in the White House

    Farid Ghadry Blog

    When Senator McCain was captured, imprisoned, and tortured by the North Vietnamese, Jane Fonda, the extreme left anti-war activist, visited Hanoi in support of the North Vietnamese Government fighting US troops in Vietnam. Upon her return, she talked of how well-treated US POW’s were. Later, McCain contradicted Fonda’s statements by stating he was tortured because he refused to meet with her. Fonda responded by calling McCain a “Hypocrite and a liar”.
    To further highlight the Fonda tragedy, on August 3, 1995, the Wall Street Journal published an interview with Bui Tin who served on the General Staff of the North Vietnam Army. In the interview, Mr. Tin highlighted the importance of the anti-war American movement on college campuses and how cardinal it was to Hanoi’s central plans for victory. “It was essential to our strategy” he said during the interview.

    Besides Senator McCain’s valor on the battlefields, his multi-faceted experience including his firsthand knowledge of violent dictatorial regimes, and his understanding of the minds of Americans who apologize to our enemies and who fall prey, because of their naïveté, to their deceptions makes him better suited for any foreign policy initiatives than the current lot. Considering how stubborn Obama has been to act against the Iranian regime in 2009 and the Syrian regime in 2011, we have a Hanoi Fonda in the White House.

    As an American-Syrian and an active civic-minded voter, I am one to believe that we either vote for great Presidents or some awful ones. The in-between Presidents we vote for pave the way for a better or worst Presidency.

    Having said that, the US is going through an awful presidency today that bows to corrupt rulers and apologizes to US enemies. I can see Senator Obama flying into Damascus and then returning home to defend Assad the way Pelosi and Kerry did before him and the way Fonda defended North Vietnam against her own government. I personally think J. Edgar Hoover was born a tad too early.

    President Obama is as naive as Fonda was during the Vietnam war but with an infinite capacity to harm US interests because of his stubborn beliefs he can negotiate any problem no matter how deceptive his enemy is. And when all else fails, just bow low to America’s enemies in the hope our President can claim to be victorious.

    Senator John McCain of Arizona has far more experience as Commander-in-Chief than the current President because of his war record. Maybe then our President should listen to his advise and adopt his experience in the field of dealing with repressive regimes built around a communist ideology of terror.

  26. We must not give up in our efforts to stop Islamic law being shoved down our threats. For now it applies only to Muslims but as they grow in population it will apply to the dhimmi or unbelievers. I also believe as they grow in population their demand to force sharia law onto us will turn violent. Our country will be ripped apart like the Balkans. I know that not all Muslims want Sharia law and we must support them in their efforts to help us fight this threat to our freedoms.

      • Western civilisations need a Vlad Tepez who drove the Caliphate out of Europe in the Middle Ages.
        Pussyfooting about and making whitty remarks will get us no where and there is little time left.

  27. Bills banning sharia law are neither unnecessary nor offensive, but VITAL into preserving the US, its constitution and laws! They must be passed in every single state, for to allow any foreign law to apply over and supersede the law of the land is nothing short of treason.

    Equally vital is to get rid of all muzzie loving senators, judges, officials, traitor in chief and ilk, constantly proving the extend to which they disrespect their country, and aiding its destruction from within.

    Last but not least, vital to dismantle and ban all the cair-like organizations who, for far too long, have enjoyed way too much power when it comes to mingling into the affairs of the country.

  28. If Muslims want to live by the LAW, so be it,
    they can live by the U.S. Constitution.
    That is all they need to do. They do not need Sharia if they are TRUE Americans.

    • Shit law gives protection to nobody; it gives unlimited power to the caliph and subordinate satraps.

      AssWholes succeed with those false and malignant assertions because there is excessive ignorance of the provisions of Shit Law.

      For liberty’s sake, quote Reliance of the Traveller, Risala & Hedaya, cite them and link to them. Spread awareness of their accursed content.

  29. Santorum was saying he would consider Gingrich as V-P.

    It’s America’s only chance to safeguard its laws and culture: vote republican and Santorum.

    • Rumor has it, Santorum will lose with a 10 point loss to Obama. Gingrich won’t help him.

      Romney is a moderate and can get some votes from the democrats. The Conservatives will vote for the GOP nomination to remove Obama.

      • Newt knows alot about this Islam stuff and has even said he would prosecute CAIR. He also has the stones to tell thses people where to go. Mitt can’t/won’t do that.

      • God bless you, I am a Conservative and I
        Goddamn well will not vote for Romney!

        When a LibTurd runs under a false flag of Conservatism, it degrades the brand, redefining Conservative = Liberal.

        I will be Goddamned and burning in Hell before I will be a part of that! I did not vote for McCain and I will not vote for Romney and whomever will is no Conservative.

  30. what is it that these people just NOT GETTING?!
    Perhaps once they, the muslims, start imposing their great sharia law on them, and oh they will, only then maybe(?) it will open a few eyes–
    Guess what idiot’s this is NOT the freakin Middle East, We have our OWN laws, what don’t you get?! Just Incredulous that people are this stupid, and I do mean STUPID!! All out of Political Freakin Correctness!!!?? To hell with that, it’s what got us into this freakin mess in the first place, well Actually the OVOMIT is what got us into this with his Bro’s in the Hood as in Moooooslim Brotherhood!
    WE ARE DOOMED! another four years of him we are doomed! Don’t say you wern’t warned-let me know how it’s going when you daughter’s are veiled and banging their heads 5 times a day!

  31. God help the USA! The future looks bleak. Just look at Europe now.
    They use freedom of speech which will not exist once there is a muslim majority.
    Please learn by the mistakes we are making in Europe and don’t dishonour your men folk who died in 2 World Wars to protect your way of life.

    • Heck, freedom of speech, conscience and dissent do not really exist when any of the liberal left agenda are in power or have the majority.

      That’s what POLITICALLY CORRECT means: you either go along with what we have decided is CORRECT or you will suffer political, economic and sometimes physical consequences due to pressure, violence and intolerance of those holding the political power.

  32. What the hell are these elected bastards doing? They just lost millions of votes. I want to have Polish and Russian laws as well. How about Germans laws. Why not use all the other nations laws and we could just forget America. Obama must be gone.

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