OH, BOO HOO! Somebody in Canada pulled on a Muslim woman’s headbag and now police are calling it a ‘hate crime’

Kingston, Ontario police are asking for the public’s help after a woman allegedly pulled on another woman’s hijab (headbag), which police are calling a hate crime assault. (Seriously? She tugged at it, she didn’t pull it off or assault the Muslim woman. Grow the hell up!)

CBC  Police said a woman was finishing her grocery shopping at a store around 5 p.m. ET on Jan. 28 when another customer came from behind her and pulled on her hijab. They said the suspect yanked the head covering so hard it forced the victim to bend backward. The suspect then let go and left the store without saying a word.

The female suspect is described as: Caucasian, 40-45 years of age, long black hair and slim. She was wearing a red ski jacket with black shouldering, dark pants and dark shoes. Her male associate is described as: Caucasian, 40-45 years of age, with short brown hair. He is wearing a long blue jacket that may have horizontal white stripes at the top of the collar and on the arms, and blue jeans.

Surveillance images of the suspect an associate and the victim can be viewed on the Kingston police website.

Below are surveillance video still captures of the female suspect and male associate. The two may be regular shoppers at this location so if believed to be seen please contact 9-1-1 and provide Communications staff with the occurrence number 12-2890. If the male and/or female are departing the area do not intervene but please ascertain the last known direction, licence plate if a vehicle is used, and even cab company and number if a taxi is taken.



60 comments on “OH, BOO HOO! Somebody in Canada pulled on a Muslim woman’s headbag and now police are calling it a ‘hate crime’

  1. Obviously, the Headbagger is traumatized for life. Nothing free money from the Taxpayer can’t cure. Bet she’s not so traumatized that she just can’t live among the Infidels though. Bad, but not THAT bad. Why IS that?!

  2. Simply tugged at? Pfft. Well, two can play at that. I’m an Usher at my church. I waer a suit to perform my duties, contrasted to my usual collared shirt. So if I’m performing my holy duties as church usher and some Muslim yanks at my blazer jacket or tie… which qualifies as religious clothes because of my duty as Usher, right?

    So if he keeps pulling at it, ge’d get arrested for hate crimes?

  3. One thing for sure – the suspect is not a muslime since the baghead still has its’ head – so rule out one suspect.
    Comparing the size of the “victim” versus the “suspect” – that suspect must be one very strong woman since the bagheaded camel seems to be a 2XXL size.
    That’s it – the suspect was really trying to pull her/him/it to the floor but the girth of the “victim” was simply too much !
    Noted how far away the “associate” was standing – guess he did not want to take a chance on being crushed if the “victim” toppled !

  4. Hey, lady! Didn’t you know we f—ing infidels are not allowed to touch the ASSLIFTERS?!….And if the Mall Security or local law enforcement try to press charges for a “hate crime” against the “perp” in this case, then you ARE a bunch of BALLESS DHIIMMI bastards on the same level as the baghead ASSLIFTER trying to claim she was “assaulted”!!

  5. I love the title….”Oh Boo Hoo”, had me rolling on the bloody floor……

    “You don’t tug on Muhammad’s hijab…you don’t spit into the wind….you don’t …..

  6. I would have pulled that stupid headbag off myself if I was in the store. This is only a reaction to the real hate crimes perpetrated by Muslims across the world. Where were you fools when the Copts and other minority religions in Islamic lands were being butchered by those foul, Muslim swine? Instead of wasting valuable time on such a trivial matter, why don’t you fools spend more time catching the real criminals. (Most of which happen to be Muslim.)

  7. Maybe the innocent perpetrator was just trying to wipe the bacon grease off of her hands.

    (You know how packaging sometimes leaks in the grocery store.)

    In any case, I don’t know why there should be a presumption of racial or cultural bias (and thus “hate crime”).

    The perpetrator should be entitled to the presumption that it was not a hate crime until it can be proven otherwise. A headbag is merely cloth, a kind of hat. The fact that it’s a religious symbol doesn’t mean the perpetrator was necessarily targeting the death cult member on that basis.

    If someone were to punch a black guy in the face while arguing about the weather, should it be a hate crime just because his skin is black?

  8. In America you can attack a athiest during a Halloween parade and get off the hook even when the perp said he did attack him. What the hell is going on!

  9. I didn’t see an arm or hand reach anywhere near that muslimes headbag. Did you BNI? If I am right, then this is a case of headbags word against “suspects” word. If this is how these people want to play, then whats the old saying? Two can play the same game, correct?

    • Mother5, some people have said that certain security cameras only take pictures every few seconds. Apparently they have no photos of the so-called suspect pulling on the headbag. Should mean: case dismissed.

  10. I didn’t see any contact, but maybe I have to go to the optometrist. I would think a hate crime would be like if the muslim brood mare was fucking beheaded or something like that by the grapefruit. What a waste of law enforcement time. nuff said.

  11. wow ol bonnie and clyde had to pull off a lot of bad behavior to get on the police bad boy and girl list ! have people lost there marbles.. rules of the jungle have went Pc .. no room for our kind anymore i guess.

  12. Agree with shaz — where are the surveillance shots of the “crime” if it allegedly happened inside the store? Why is the “victim” ignoring the “suspect” and “associate” who allegedly just attacked her?

    The “victim” is wearing a coat with a large fur collar and appears to be taller than the “suspect”, who would therefore have had to reach up and over the collar to even get a hand on the headbag. To “yank” a flimsy head kerchief back that hard would probably require getting a handful of hair as well, but the “victim” doesn’t mention that.

    Perhaps this is one of those surveillance cameras that only takes still shots every few seconds, but even then surely there would be a shot of the “victim” and perhaps others in the store making a fuss about the “crime” that allah-legedly just happened.

    Whatever the case, this is a waste of police resources. And a reminder: when reacting to bagheads, be sure to do it where there are no spy cameras they can use to construct a sharia case.

    • RRA, not only is it a waste of police time, why is it worthy of space in the Canadian news? Oh, wait, I forgot, it’s the Muslim apologists of the CBC.

    • I think you may be right there Nat. Notice how the color so easily blend among the displays -see the eggplants there?

      An honest mistake that I too could easily make :-)

  13. Surely the Police won’t waste time on an incident of this nature,this is something that happens every single Day in Primary School over here,not worth the Police Paperwork,who knows,maybe there was a fly on her headbag,and the Lady was trying to”flick” it off,(knowing how much Flies are attracted to Filth)but i don’t want to go putting words in anyones Mouth…no not me.

  14. Wow serious? So one of them can shoot infidels while spewing Allah oinkbar, and it’s workplace violence, but a tug on a rag is a hate crime?
    Personally I wouldn’t touch one of those things without surgical gloves, a gas mask and dousing myself in disinfectant afterwards.

  15. If reserved Canucks are up to this, it’s a sign that the country didn’t like the four recent honor-killings in the Kingston canal.

    The women were murdered because they refused to cover their heads (amongst other excuses).

    Canadians and Americans are learning that discriminatory SHARIA LAW permits honor-killling!

    Canadians are horrified by the SHAFIA MURDERS!

  16. Kingston is in Ontario. Ontario heavily protects its muslims to the detriment of all its other citizens.

    Therefore, there should be a concerted effort to encourage muslims to move to Ontario.

    • Um, I’m an American ex-pat living in Ontario, Canada, and don’t like your idea at all, Susan. How about we get them back to the ME where they belong?

  17. BooHoo is right!!A hate crime!!They can not be serious.This is the most ridiculous happening I have ever read.So the lady pulled her scarf off,big deal..Is our countries getting so crazy that one can not even breathe anymore.This isn’t the country I grew up in and I am so happy I do not live in Canada!!Its worst there.

    • One question…how is it worse in Canada when we Actually have a PM who is aware of Islam and is now clamping down on them? Muslims can no longer sue anyone for saying anything against mohammhead….We don’t have Sharia law in our Legal system. That isn’t an option in Canada.Islamism has been declared a threat by CSIS and the Canadian Government is taking it seriously!

      Ontario is not all of Canada BTW…there’s lots more Canada to the West!

      Perhaps you should do some research on what Canada is doing!

      I wouldn’t want to live in the USA right now!

  18. This is gone too far. People (human being) are getting frustrated with a very good reason. They realize and start to understand the hate and danger of those inhumane Muslims.
    As a man I won’t do that because I’ll be charged with sexual assault. When are the authorities behave with sympathy and understandingto wardss the original peaceful citizens?

      • Yeah B, “the good ol’ days” when we had real heros like the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo astronauts. I remember going to Catholic school in Queens in the 60’s/70’s and the nuns rolling the TVs into the classrooms so we could watch it.

  19. are you serious ….stop wasting bloody valuble Police resources cos some bag lady got her muslim garb pulled……news flash NO BODY CARES !!

  20. don’t see where the “suspect” is pulling on her headbag in any of those shots! seems that would have been “caputured” on film?!!
    like I said, always playing the victim, always booohoooing; just pushing themselves and how much they can get away with! ALWAYS Suing they are Such CRAP!

      • LOL (rubs hands)! That ought to be interesting if it even goes that far, considering that Harper, unlike Oboohoooma, doesn’t give in to hamas-cair that easily.

        Sorry muzzies, you ask for things like these to happen, tough luck and your fault. That’s what you get when you keep flaunting your ostentatious signs of “I belong to my death cult and don’t give a damn about your laws and culture and we’ll force our ways on you infidels ’till we keel you all dead.”

    • Would you honestly expect to see the or read the truth on this site? I am sure there is probably perfectly clear image of the act in question, but this hatefilled site would never show it. I have seen so many lies and hatemongering from links to this site I think people that visit or believe anything it reports are morons. Get a life people.
      And damn me for opening the link before I realized it was barenaked BS

      • Oh and I bet if the woman had turned around and yanked something on the other womans head you would be crying foul !

      • Hey, dhimmi Kerston, those photo clips came off the police website. Had there been any proof of the baghead having her headbag pulled, it would have been on there. Damn you, is right. Don’t scum up this site again.

      • That’s right you idiotic dhimmi, everything here is a lie, we’ve all made it up, spent a fortune hiring actors to shoot videos of all the beheading you find on this site, in a huge conspiracy to lie a bout that wonderful peace loving cult you choose to defend.

        You want to call us haters? Okay then, so what do you call all these killings and threats to lives and ways of lives of Christians, Hindus, Jews, Agnostics, Atheists, Humanists, Apostates and all the rest that isn’t muzzie? LOVE?!

        No wonder we’ll all eventually get a knife to our throat with ‘convert or die’ if most have your attitude and persists in denying there is a serious problem/threat from these poeople! I’d better stop here ’cause I’m so mad I’ll really say something nasty!

      • actually I have cross referenced and coroborated many stories here on BNI and have found then to have more credence than stories in the MSM.

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