[UPDATED!] PRAYER REQUEST for our friend and fellow anti-Islam blogger ‘The Mad Jewess’

The Mad Jewess Surgery Complications, She is Being Tested for Cancer

From  The Mad Jewess website: The Mad Jewess needs our prayers more than ever now. They are testing her for Cancer. The routine surgery discovered other infections. The tumors ran up her ovaries to the liver. They were so large they were strangling her bowels. The previous surgeon did not remove all the infection years ago it was still oozing puss, the peritonitis poison which also cause the growths. This is what added complications to her present surgery that perforated her bladder. She is in ICU for 2-3 days until the tests are completed. Then, expect another 7 days. They had to call a general surgeon into the surgery also. It last 3 hours.

We need to send a multitude of prayers now to God for her. I am very distraught but do believe in the power of prayer.

To The Mad Jewess, all your friends at Bare Naked Islam are praying for you to have a quick and complete recovery.

UPDATE! Good News


  1. spellbound84 says : Update As of Saturday AM

    David, the Mad Jewess husband left me a message. As of Saturday morning, March 10th, they have still not ruled out CANCER, She needed pints of blood because her hemoglobin was low. They did take her off oxygen. Her family is by her bedside and is very upset. The Doctors have NOT RULED OUT CANCER. She has lesions and puss with holes in the bladder. But, we have to wait because the weekend is here and nothing gets done. Monday at the earliest or maybe Tuesday or Wednesday, they will have updates.

    Please Keep your Prayers for for her.

    Love, Donna

  2. spellbound84 says : 

    Just received voice mail from MJ husband David, Cancer has been ruled out.

    Our prayers have been answered

    Thank you,