BUH BYE! Iraqi owner of vandalized store in Kentucky to return to Iraq

Store vandalism happens all the time. That’s why stores carry insurance. Sharia law does not permit followers to purchase traditional insurance*, so perhaps the Iraqi man’s store was uninsured?

WDRB  LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) — The Iraqi-owned business that police say was the target of a hate crime will not reopen.  The business manager for Jacob’s Smoke Shop says he filed paperwork with the secretary of state to officially close the business.

Vandals broke in and ripped apart the Shepherdsville store last month, spray painting “Hate Arab” and “Go Home” on the floors and walls.  Community members have now posted words of encouragement on the front of the business.

Terror-linked CAIR (The Council for American-Islamic Relations) called for the FBI to investigate. “The apparent bias motive for the destruction of this business should be investigated and the perpetrators must be brought to justice,” said CAIR SpokesIslamist Ibrahim Hooper.

The owner, Ali Alboodi, moved from Iraq only nine months ago and opened the smoke shop in December. Aboodi reportedly had a run-in with teens earlier this month that ended with the kids shouting: “Go back to your country.” Ali Alboodi told police he feared for his life and was returning to Iraq.  

*Traditional insurance is not permitted as a means of risk management in Islamic law. This is because it constitutes the purchase of something with an uncertain outcome, and because insurers use fixed income as part of their portfolio management process to satisfy liabilities. A possible Sharia-compliant alternative is cooperative (mutual) insurance. Subscribers contribute to a pool of funds, which are invested in a Sharia-compliant manner. Funds are withdrawn from the pool to satisfy claims, and unclaimed profits are distributed among policy holders. INVESTOPEDIA