EXPOSED: Israel-hating UN Media Official sends out false Gaza photo tweets

Two photos tweeted in the past 24 hours, both allegedly depicting the results of Israeli air strikes in Gaza in recent days, have been proven false.


1. The photo first tweeted by Khulood Badawi (@KhuloodBadawi) and later by Diana Alzeer (@ManaraRam), allegedly depicting a Palestinian girl killed by an Israeli air strike yesterday, was proven to have originated in 2006 and to have had nothing at all to do with Israeli action. This photo is now the top tweet for #Gaza, with over 300 retweets. It is completely false.

Badawi first tweeted the picture at noon on March 10, claiming it was linked to last night’s air strikes. Alzeer tweeted it on March 11, claiming the same.

Both were refuted by tweeter Avi Mayer (@avimayer), who found that the photo dated back to 2009 at least.

Further research revealed that the photo was taken in 2006 by Reuters, and that the girl, initially thought to have been killed in an Israeli air strike, was injured by falling off a swing. When confronted with this information, Alzeer stated that the photo was taken last night and forwarded to the press that day.

 In fact, the photo was taken by Reuters on August 9, 2006. It was originally released with an incorrect caption, and then corrected a day later:

A Palestinian man carries the body of three year-old Raja Abu Shaban, in Gaza August 9, 2006. The three-year-old girl who had been reported killed by an Israeli air strike in Gaza on Wednesday actually died of an accident, Palestinian medical workers said on Thursday. Workers at Gaza’s Shifa hospital said on August 10, 2006 that the initial mistake over the cause of death appeared to have arisen because the girl’s corpse was brought in at the same time as the bodies of the gunmen. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem (PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES)

Alzeer later published an apology and withdrew her claims. Badawi has yet to respond.

Khulood Badawi happens to work for the OCHA – the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs where, according to a UN Contact List, she works as an Information and Media Coordinator.

A Google search reveals that Badawi has a history of activism in a range of pro-Palestinian non-governmental organizations, some of them radical and politicized. While this background may not in itself disqualify her from a career with the UN, it is absolutely unacceptable that a UN employee working specifically on dissemination of information to the media and public tweets malicious and false information to libel Israel.

The original tweets, however, have already been picked up by hundreds of others and continue to circulate around the web, despite having been thoroughly disproved.

2. A second photo tweeted Maissam Nablussi (@Nablussi), allegedly showing an aerial strike in Gaza today, was proven to have been in circulation back in 2009, completely unrelated to the current round of violence.

On March 11, Nablussi uploaded a photo to Facebook, claiming it depicted “Gaza under attack today.”

The photo was also tweeted by Gaza Youth Break Out (@GazaYBO), under the same claim.

The photo was revealed to have first appeared on various websites, including that of Reuters, in 2009, following Operation Cast Lead.

After the truth behind the image was revealed, Nablussi blocked access to the Facebook post. She has yet to retract her claim regarding yesterday’s aerial strike. Neither has GazaYBO.

This isn’t the first time people have spread false information about the IDF. Meanwhile, lies are still being tweeted throughout the web.

Call on the UN to take the appropriate action by contacting the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs through its Contact page –

This appalling breach of integrity on the part of a UN employee deserves to be widely exposed. Please consider clicking +1, Tweet, Like or linking to this article on your blog or website. Getting the UN to take note is only effective when this article reaches a large readership, especially through the Google search engine. Creating a link to this page with the text “UN Employee Exposed Over False Photo Tweet” helps this article reach the first page search results for the term.

HonestReporting’s CEO Joe Hyams comments:

Once again, we are bearing witness to the extent that organizations such as the United Nations have failed to vet the integrity of their employees. The disgusting actions of this individual – invoking the imagery of a dead child to slander Israel – exposes once more the abject failure of NGOs to ensure a basic work ethic and commitment to fair and impartial conduct on the part of its employees.

The halo-effect enjoyed by the UN, where the public trusts the integrity of its staff and its Mission, demands higher professional standards than we are seeing. The UN owes the public, no less than this young girl’s family, an apology. The immediate dismissal of Khulood Badawi on the grounds of incitement is expected.

Powerful images such as these have a deep impact on public opinion. Where Israel is trying desperately to defend more than 1 million of its civilians from the incessant murderous rain of Gazan rocket terror – it is abhorrent that a UN employee working for a body concerned with humanitarian welfare would have more concern for manipulating public sentiment than a true desire to protect innocent human life. Badawi cares more for the lie, than for life.


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  2. Hmmmm, BNI and the Israelis say these are OLD photos; the Muslim “Palestinians” say they are quite recent! So, who should I believe?!…..I think I’ll accept the accounts of the Israelis and BNI rather than a bunch of lying asslifters who have been branwashed for their entire lives to believe it is PERFECTLY OK to lie like Hell to us “infidels”!!

  3. America has a Sunni Muslim in the White House that taken part in the bombing of Israel…Ahmadinejad and Obama had the bombing planned…Barack Obama is in fact the enemy of Israel and the American people…Obama’s plan is to Murder the American people and hand over America to the Muslims…

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  5. UNHCR, the regular UN refugee agency has about 6,300 employees, a budget of $81 million and it looks after 43.3 million refugees in 126 countries of the world. UNRWA, the UN agency looking after nothing but 5 million so-called Palestinian so-called refugees has a staff of about 25,000, 95% Palestinian and a budget of $800 million, $3 million of which was generously donated by Saudi Arabia. Since Palestine has one of the worlds highest birth rates, this means there are less than a million families, a million families who would be utterly devastated if peace were to break out and they suddenly had to go out and look for a job. That, in a nutshell is the Palestinian problem, that is why every peace plan is doomed to fail.

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  7. Who cares how many civilians Israel kills, only Israel I suppose. Hamas does indescrimnate firing of rockets at Israel.

  8. I’m not going to sugar coat this and never will…I don’t give a flying rats ass if this was 1 second ago, these people have brought this upon themselves. Time after time the Palestinians were given many to many chances for peace. They made their call for war loud and clear. No other Islamic State in the Mideast, or hell, the world, want a damn thing to do with them, but since they are so well inbred, why not get them to bomb innocent Israeli’s, who by the way have the right to defend themselves. Boo Boomb away, and Fooky Fooky you! Ya inbred donkey rapist.

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  9. The sad part is, and never mind the retraction after being exposed, is this will still be believed by the muslim and lefturded liberal haters even if they know it as bullshit. to these groups, truth is a most relative element to be molded and used to their own advantage. These people know the truth, they don’t care. They are fully aware of Israeli children being killed by Hamas, and Hizbollah attacks, but their lives don’t matter one whit to this unholy alliance of left and islam. To muslims, truth is fair game for taqiyya. To leftists, truth is fair game for propaganda, or simple ommission as is the standard practice of the MSM as of late. This is the leftist version of taqiyya. All of them are accessories to mass murder. They have blood on their hands and much to answer for.

    Deep down, those I mentioned above, know on a primal level, the truth. It is buried deep within with layer upon layer of cognative dissonance. This disconnect with objective reality is re-enforced with propaganda and hatred of the other, especially when this hated, demonised other is prosperous and self-reliant.

    I think the underlying cause of all this madness is simple, primal envy, and it afflicts both muslim and leftist alike.

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  12. If Israel had only taken care of the fakestinian problem years ago, this would be a non-issue, as it should be.

  13. complain to the un about an employee’s “appalling breach of integrity”? really? would the un even hire anyone with integrity? do any un leaders have any integrity?

    the goal of those that started and control the un is a one world totalitarian G-dless govt that literally controls all the money, land, water, air, food, resources, and people on the planet. and they want all the jews gone too.

    man plans, G-d laughs.

  14. I saw the story earlier today knowing you would pick it up. TV France is the worst of all.

    Anyone with a half-a-brain looking at the photo of the exploding building would know it is munitions or armements.

  15. I have a friend outside of tel aviv ,,has been under attack for 3 days and nights with rockets from Gazzer,,Her and her 2 children, have been in air raid shelters for 2 days and nights,,,WHY NO NEWS,,last night the attacks by Israel were reported,and an apology of a report by chan 4 on the Gazza attack on Israel..Sop go tell the marines with this cry baby stuff,,Israel is under attack,,,

  16. I DO KNOW this is off the subject — however, I do want to share this now due to the bombing in Israel that the Media is not covering.

    I blog on two different blogs in Israel. On one of them, they were upset that the Media had not picked up the story except to mention all the Pakistan Citizens who were killed.

    I copied and pasted blog comments from one of the blogs in the U.S. just to allow them to see how REAL American Citizens feel about them vs. Obama.

    I apologize for interrupting the blog — sometimes I can get on here and sometimes I can’t…

    • You might want to contact Glenn Beck’s news site The Blaze. He would be very interested to cover news regarding Israel that our commie news media refuses to cover.

      • Annie, that’s a waste of time unless you know someone there. Sending it to a general email address is as good as putting in the trash.

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