GERMAN media totally ignore the brutal rape and mutilation of a 16-year-old German girl by Muslim savages

‘Gates of Vienna’ blog has asked the blogosphere to do the job that the pro-Muslim biased left wing media refuse to do. AGAIN!

The translated article from SOS-Österreich (H/T Gates of Vienna)

Radio Silence? 16 Year-Old Girl — Raped, Tortured, Crippled

March 5, 2012
by Der Patriot

During the last 24 hours we have received numerous emails, asking us to report on the brutal and perverse rape of a 16-year-old girl in Worms, which has not been reported at all by German media.

On February 23, SOS-Österreich was one of the first blogs to report on this inhumanly violent attack.

Since unbelievable or horrifying reports come to us almost daily, the incident in Worms was forgotten. Only after several references in our comment section, and/or direct mails, as well as some intensive “googling,” did we notice that only diverse blogs — but no public media in Germany — reported on the rape and mutilation of a young German girl. Is this silence strange, or not?

The blog Honigmannsagt writes that the press of the Federal Republic has put an embargo on this story. This is an appeal to them! Please, bring this case to the attention of the public.

In accordance with §12.1 of its code, the Federal Republic press has put a gag order on this story.

It needs to be broken. We join the following appeal by the party Die Freiheit of Hesse: After almost three weeks the silence has been broken: Even this inhuman, bestial act of gang rape of a 16-year-old girl by Turks or those of Turkish immigrant background is exceeded by a brutality beyond imagination.

We ask everyone, please broadcast this — send it to your regional newspapers. There must be an outcry and the long overdue discussion of how to deal with this kind of behavior. We are not talking about an isolated incident. It is happening everywhere in Europe — from England to Sweden.


On February 15, 2012, at 8:30 PM an unimaginably ferocious act was committed on a human being — a bestial, barbaric act. A 16-year-old girl was tormented, beaten and gang-raped in a parking garage in Worms. But that was not enough for her tormenters. They raped her with a bottle and then broke the bottle and jammed it into her, severing her intestine and slicing open her womb. She was found unconscious, severely wounded and unclothed. Only an emergency operation saved her.

The results: Because of the severe mutilation in the genital area, a permanent ileostomy was performed (creating a permanent, artificial anus). She will never lead a normal life, have a sexual life, have children. At the moment, it is a question of supporting her spiritually and finding psychological care for her. Her family will have to be there for her at all times and let her know that she is needed and will always have someone who loves her — suicide is a great danger. In a similar case, the girl tried to take her life and had to be committed to a psychiatric institution.

There were two perpetrators, a 17-year-old male and a 19 year-old male of Turkish immigrant background. One of them, however, “only” watched, and has been released.

It is really of secondary importance whether the perpetrators of such a terrible rape are native or immigrant. It is utterly inhuman. But we have one question: Would this case have been gagged by the press if the perpetrators had been named Michael, Karl or Peter? Not likely.

Whatever the names, whatever the ethnic background, there is no fitting punishment for this brutal act of torture.

Muslims always consider themselves Muslims first, no matter where they live


126 comments on “GERMAN media totally ignore the brutal rape and mutilation of a 16-year-old German girl by Muslim savages

  1. Just a suggestion…what we do in South Carolina when someone commits such a crime…Get the 12 gauge and a large quantity of shells and call it open season on any of the scum you see. Take the power back!

  2. This is the true muslim culture and quran practiced. They are doing the same in India. Nobody dares to mingle with them so as to avoid getting these idiots offended and creating problems. Muslims are scary to normal humans. You can not even talk to them like normal humans. World has to rise against muslims.Even while we post our comments, we are fearful.

  3. This horrific crime reminds me of a documentary I watched lastnight called The Murder Of Anita Cobby.
    Miss Cobby, a nurse and beauty queen was abducted as she walked home from getting off the train in Blacktown in Australia in February 1986.
    Five men were charged, convicted and sent to prison.
    Justice Alan Maxwell who had been a Judge for over 40 years said in all his time on the bench he had never tried a case so heinous, and described this crime as one of the most horrifying physical and sexual assaults he had ever tried in Court.
    And the motives of these five men were not hidden, so why hide the motive of a muslim man when he rapes?

    When the men were arrested mobs of people rocked and shook the police cars these animals were in, so much so that even some of the Police were afraid. Many in the gathering uttered death threats, and called these men various vile names, and there is no doubt in my mind that had anyone gotten their hands on any of these five animals, they would have been blugeoned to death in a matter of minutes- before all the world to see. In a picture near the Court, there could be seen an effigy with a noose around it’s neck.

    After the conviction tens of thousands demanded in a petition to reinstate the Death Penalty. Today if we hung an effigy we would be facing a hate crime, and would be immediately arrested for uttering death threats and likely sitting in the same cell as the sicko.

    What the hell is wrong with our society that we do not gather like this anymore and protest such unspeakable depravity and cruelty? And furthermore, the motives of these five animals were not hidden from the public,nor did the media downplay the crimes committed against Anita Cobby. So why should the German media hide the true motive for this vicious attack on this poor innocent girl? Because the perpetrator is muslim? And the girl white? EXACTLY~!~!~

    Well, I am damn sick of media whores and pimp politicians suffocating the masses with political correctness to further their sick agenda. I despise the doctrines of political correctness and they do not have me duped, not now, NOT EVER~!~!

    This is outrageous bullshit in it’s extreme form, and it is time we called a spade a spade. This f***ing animal raped and tortured and mutilated a young WHITE girl because he is a MUSLIM doing what muslims do best-imitate their pedophile prophet.

    • donna, in a word, it’s political correctness that has silenced us.Being politically correct should be a hate crime.

        • EXACTLY!!!!

          Where has this whole concept of “political correctness” come from other than TOTALITARIANISM, especially Communism?!???

          As to who owns the media, nowadays it’s Communists and Moslems. [Alas, not a few of these Communists happen to be extreme left-wing “Jews” like György Soros, who can’t understand that it’s NOT 100 years ago and that they’re NOT in Imperial Russia (which is where they got their start in that form)… Either way, those “leftists” don’t speak for the whole, or even a major part of the Jewish people, thank goodness!!!]

  4. We better make a stand now before more of these horrible things happen! Word must be spread about the real teachings of Islam. The current people on top who give special privileges to these savages must never again be voted into high positions. If a bloody revolution is the only way to get them out of Europe, then so be it! Peoples of other religious backgrounds who want to fight for freedom, let us FIGHT now!

  5. STAND UP AND FIGHT. We, in AMERICA, have an ILLEGAL pretending to be our President. He has criminals working for him. He is a RACIST, who hired HOLDER, and admires “Reverend Wright”. Unfortunately, BLACKS support the “brother”, and that shows you don’t have to be educated , but can Vote. Look who is behind all this===SOROS. Google this POS, and see what he is all about. We have ILLEGAL Mexicans here DEMANDING we accept them, and support them. They, along with the musSLIMES are infecting our streets. A lot of people are ARMING, buying weapons/ammo because of what they see happing within their neighborhoods. Hopefully this November, we can get enough people to VOTE OUT this IDIOT, and restore AMERICA to its greatness.

  6. The none Islamic world should not show one ounce of respect for a Muslim. We hear of the difference between the radical Muslim and the moderate Muslim….Fact is, they are both under the demonic grip of Satan. The Muslim, moderate, or radical, they are still Islam, the only difference is that the moderate Muslim is waiting on the sidelines to attack the none Muslim.

  7. Just keeps getting better…no wonder there starting mass deportation and cutting immigration in half in many places there. Not soon enough and these inbreeding sick ass cave apes have just screwed up immigration for all Muslims all over the world. They also are pushing toward a Civil War and the mother of all CRUSADES! No wonder there starting mass deportation should have sunk the boats they came on to start with.

  8. this is happening all over the uk there is a ban on the meadia reporting about dirty stinking muslim peadofile gangs they should be hanged in public for this

    • What has destroyed Western European nations is the selfish greed of our ruling elites. I do not blame immigrants for taking from us when it is so easy to do so. The blame lies with our own people, those who rule us, those that have degenerated our societies for their own gain. They are the people I would come looking for when “they” are forced to act against and declare war on all muslims. This war is a certainty and should have been avoided.

    • Dave, I want to see them get justice here and now, preferably the same kind of ‘justice’ they inflicted on that girl.

    • Thats not good enough Mary.. They should get what they do the Cappodocian women, Throw them down a hole, smeer the genitals with rotton flesh, then fill the hole with starving rats. They have been known to eat a woman right up to the womb and beyond while she is still alive.

      No one has any idea what these Turkish swine are capable of doing to women… And they get away with it.

      This should be across the newspapers of every country in the world. I am sick of the media in our countries.

      But, what can we do? I feel so helpless.

      • “They have been known to eat a woman right up to the womb and beyond while she is still alive.”

        Therese, is that the rats or the Turks?

        • could be both (metorphorically speaking) They are capable of the worst atrocities known to mankind. Just ask any Greek or Armenian, the People of the Balkans and around the rim of the Mediterranean. They specialize in turture and depravity.

        • They were not only active “around the ‘rim’ of the Mediterranean”. I believe that thousands, maybe tens of thousands of British and ANZAC troops were raped repeatedly by Turkish forces, after Gallipolli, WWI. They would say:

          1. We’re mohammedans – it’s what we do – it’s not gay if its intention is to humiliate (The Kite Runner), and the recipient doesn’t enjoy it.
          2. You invaded us.
          3. You lost.
          4. “We are the best community raised up to mankind. Ergo…
          5. You are dhimmi bastards, and deserving.

          I don’t believe that story made the MSM, and the victims wouldn’t want to speak about that.

  9. Maybe until the law ‘can/is willing’ to take care of it,
    young women should walk with trained German Shepherd dogs, who are blessed with a total disregard for politically correct insanity,
    and if the Muslim perps make ‘any’ threat or hostile movement, release the dogs and let the renowned German Shepherd loyalty do the rest …

  10. As heinous as this barbaric and savage act was, as an ‘outsider’ (American), I put the blame on LIBERAL EUROPE and the maniacal laws designed to protect the animals called Muslims.

    These are little more than animals — protected by moronic fell-good laws that restrict freedom of speech and make life (and apparently a lot of death) in Europe what it has become.

    Europe has lost the lesson of World War II.



    • Woah – hang on a minute there Ed and back up a few yards….What America (God Bless You) does today, Europe does in two weeks time. Any dumbing down in society/arts/music/politics, USA leads the way. Have you heard of Dearborn, Colorado? Your President apologising for accidental burning of the kuran and offering your Countrymen up for prosecution in Afghanistan ? CAIR? ACT?
      You won’t bail us out again? You weren’t interested until (1)The Lusitania incident (2)Pearl Harbour.
      Stop fiddling whilst Rome burns, my American friend. Stop imagining yourself as John Wayne…Peace be upon him ;-)…we are in this together and the common enemy are muzzlins,politicians, libtards and the left-wing gutter press.

      • Chris, both my wife and I are WWII Veterans….she in the WAVES and I in submarine service..2 1/2 years …and I later had many Japanese friends!
        I did not support “obummer” as he has never served his country in any capacity and was elected by the liberals.
        Oh, it is Dearborn, Michigan, NOT Colorado.

        • Thank you Ted – and your brave wife. I stand corrected. I don’t know what on earth I was thinking when I wrote Colorado! What I do know is, that this plague is allowed to ride roughshod over anyone they please, with impunity. With the blessing of the Police!? This will only get worse in time. Look at Paris and parts of London where they take to the streets to pray.

        • Hey, Guys we are all old enough to feel the hand of EVIL at work here.
          The Global one world gov. is the ultimate goal here. It just happens to be the Caliphate. And BO wants to be the Caliph. He was Knighted by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia as s Warrior of Islam , When he supposedly lost his contact.
          Also remember the Wahhabist’s are the ones spreading poison throughout this nation and others with the promise of cheap oil. While we in the USA sit on oil fields that I have known about since the 70’s that make the Saudi fields look like my back yard swimming pool.
          So if we need to stand back to back who the F*** cares if your USA or England or the Canadians or the Aussies, I only care about, Do you believe in GOD Almighty. If you do Lock and Load.

        • Those of us who don’t believe in god are ready to lock and load as well.

          Atheists would be the first victims of muslims, even before jews.

          Sadly a lot of us are on the left and support the muslims. But the other half will fight alongside the rest of the civilized world.

      • Chris,

        EDL members flew all way from England to be with us at the ground zero mosque protest in 2010. A lot of class, we are in this together and we owe a lot of our culture to the Brits. God Bless You Guys

    • I agree Ed, we are sick of this rampant liberalism here in the UK and Europe. The establishment in the UK is rotten to the core, starting from the very top. David Cameron thinks that we should adopt ‘a Muslim way of life’ here in the UK !!! The only party that REALLY opposes Islam in the UK is the BNP, and this party is constantly smeared by the media and ‘authorities’as they are perceived as the only threat to Islamization.

  11. Absolutely horrifying! I cannot imagine the agony this young lady has experienced. If it were one of my daughters, I’d wind up either on death row or serving a life sentence, depending on the state I was in at the time I dispensed my particular brand of justice.

  12. The MSM in all the countries have been bought off or scared off.
    Its time we start sending these stories to individual journalists and then hold them personally resposisible for not running these stories. This includes the Editors and the Owners.
    I think this will get their attention.
    Remember there are 140,000,000 Americans in this country to stand against the mohommedist attacks and the attacks on our freedomsa.
    The fouth estate has failed in their charter so we need to remind them of their duty that has been entrusted to them.

  13. The only good thing that could come from this is a broader, swifter awakening of dhimmi dupes all over Europe.

    But thanks to the lock-down control of news by Marxists, no one hears a peep. They know exactly what they’re doing.

  14. The media ignores this story, because they know if they report it, the Germans will be pissed off, and if they printed every story, there would be a national outrage and heads would roll, and it wouldn’t be the heads of the Germans. The media is protecting the muslims, and by protecting the muslims, they are saying that what the muslims are doing is fine by them, they don’t want it to stop, and they are on the side of the muslims.

    • I suspect the media protects these sand Nazis because they secretly admire the original Nazis and their goal of exterminating Jewry.

      No doubt the nithings who raped this girl share with Adolf Hitler his attitude towards Jews. No doubt they wish they could have been part of Hitler’s movement.

  15. Evil prevails when good men do nothing. Everything will go on as normal, because the people en masse will not step up and out and rage against the establishment that has provided this climate for these animals to commit these heinous crimes. Every muslim in our countries should be so very afraid to step out of line less we beat them with the same amount of mercy they offer us.

    Just punishment is his anal rape with a broken bottle, but he will be put in a cell with access to all forms of communication and halal compliant foods…..and of course a prayer mat and a koran. Sheite!

    • Maybe he will be put into a cell with several ‘hardened’, sex-starved inmates, Preferably the same ethnicity as the girl.

  16. I remember in Fall River, Massachusetts there was the famous Big Dan’s rape case that was made into movie called, “The Accused.” In the early 80’s 4 portuguese men brutally raped a a young women on a pool table while patrons in the bar watched and cheered. The media had no problem with printing the ethnic backround of the accused, but I do remember the portuguese community in Fall Fiver getting upset about it. By the way Jodi Foster and Kelly McGillis starred in the movie “The Accused.”

    I’m not sure why I’m sharing this story???

  17. This is happening it seems across Europe and no leaders of any country say anything BUT they all jump up and down if a muslim scum is looked at in the wrong way or trips up in the street. – our lives have been destroyed and there is no future for the west now that we have been invaded by the worst scurge the world has ever known on this scale. – muslims

  18. unfortunately, this kind of thing will continue because in Islam nothing is wrong, everything is permitted. Until people say no and stop not only the immigration but the lawlessness this will continue

  19. Hiding these brutal atrocities is not in anyones best interests. Some who seek a peaceful society may fear stirring the flames of hatred against Islam and the consequences of this. Other right minded people would recognise that it is only in acknowledging that a problem exists that there is some chance to face it head on and resolve it. Or this will fuel further atrocities.

  20. The BOMB BELT pictures feature two identical jihadist figures: the first one has ‘REALTIY’ on his belt; the second one has ‘CLICHÉ-STEREOTYPE’ on his belt.

    Our suspicions about Islam are in fact the REALITY because we are not deluded.

    The REALITY is that Islam is a DEATH CULT encouraging violence towards outsiders:

    Koran 48:29 –
    Muhammad is the messenger of Allah
    Those with him are violent (ashiddaa’) against unbelievers
    Compassionate amongst themselves.
    Richard Bell’s translation)

    Mozzies, we have observed you.

    • ‘Try not to hate but then there is scum like this in the world.”

      Why waste your energy? Hatred ultimately hurts the hater. Realise evil is not going to change but that it hates exposure.
      So exposing Islam is the best service you can do. It helps in several ways – makes the islamofascists even more determined in their aims (and thus more obvious and easier to spot). It helps tip the balance for those unfortunate people who are otherwise intelligent and good human beings but have had the misfortune to be born into the muslim miasma. And it helps non-muslims see the evil that is at the core of this fascist cult.

      It just requires a switch in perspective. You don’t have to try to not hate. See them for what most of them are: pests. A farmer’s blood doesn’t boil when he sees rabbits. He just deals with them.

      I think the hatred is that because we expect enlightened behaviour and common sense from them. Wake up – it’s not going to happen before all their illusions are shattered.

      • Hamid-When we hate the -evil,not the -evil doer,you can’t stop hating -evil,so as not to hurt the- evil doer-Abdul Rashid Badr.

        • When we get rid of all the Ishmaelites (muslims) and the Edomite/Kenite/Canaanites in this world, then we can live in peace and prosperity. But sadly it won’t happen until Yahshua returns for His ‘REAL’ ISRAEL,the Anglo-Saxon Caucasian peoples of Adam.

  21. RAPE OF KAFIRS IS NORMATIVE ISLAM, rather than an aberration.

    These boys may have thought they were doing a good deed for Mohammed!


    • Islamic doctrine: Koran and sunna (Mohammed’s biography and “traditions”) are considered perfect and eternal. Since the “final prophet” link to Allah is long since dead, how can you reform perfect or eternal?

    • muslims claim they respect and have severe rape laws. that doesnt even exist for muslim rape victims let alone for kaffirs. in pakistan 2 girls are raped every hour

      • From what I’ve heard from several secondhand sources, the muslims
        “severe rape laws” involve punishing the rape SURVIVOR with 50-60
        lashes of the whip in the public square!

  22. Well in and ideal world the law would look the other way,while I as a father took the law into my own hands,what ever that may be,,,!!!

    • It’s a disgrace that any-one should have to take the law into their own hands.
      A disgrace to those who profess to uphold it.
      What else should a patriot do though, when he finds it laying about neglected in his street? Walk on blindly and leave it, and everything they know to be right, go down the drain?
      If you’re not dead, it’s no use laying down for islam, or it’s useful idiot lefties. They can’t give you peace.

  23. Jesus… Heads need to roll for what’s happening, especially in Europe. If that happened to my daughter, Id get my hands on an AK47 and go to the nearest Muslim ghetto cesspool and start WW3.

      • The problem with this type of response is that
        rather than attacking the sub-humans who did
        this to her, you are attacking OTHER Muslims!
        While I have no problems with the idea of a
        slow agonizing death for the “men” who did
        this to her, retaliating against other un-
        involved people for being of the same religion
        is the kind of thinking that leads to Holy
        Wars, and ALLEGEDLY the 9/11 attack.

        • WW, if they follow the quran, they are the same as the terrorists, just that they haven’t been activated yet. The terrorists follow the exact same teachings as the rest of them. Some practice violent jihad, and others sit and
          wait for the stealth/civilization jihad practiced by groups like CAIR to take over. You cannot be a god muslim without believing in jihad.

          But you make the very common mistake of thinking that Islam is a religion at all.

        • An interesting response, but should we let the
          fact that the child molesting priests are
          Catholic compel us to punish other Catholics
          in the manner we wish we could punish them?
          And if we don’t like Fred Phelps and his hate-
          ful homophobic Westboro BAPTIST Church, should
          we take our anger out on OTHER Baptists?

        • WW, the Bible does not condone child molesting and priests are punished when they are caught. The Islamic holy books advocate sex with underage boys and girls and the paedophiles are never prosecuted because it is not a crime in Islam. That’s the difference.

          Listen WW, apparently you are a leftie. And lefties are about as welcome here as paedophiles are.

          Get lost.

        • Before I “get lost”, PLEASE note that both of
          my previous posts (while disagreeing with
          others) were phrased respectfully, NOT
          insultingly. I somehow mistook this website
          as one that was open to the free exchange of
          opinions and ideas. MY BAD!!!

          “priests are punished when they are caught” ?

          This is news to me! But do you feel we
          should punish ALL Catholic priests for the
          actions of the pedophiles?

          And if DISAGREEING with the idea that some-
          one should be gunned down with an AK-47 for
          the actions of SOMEONE ELSE makes me a
          “leftie”, then I suppose I qualify.

          Until you tried to insult me, you had some-
          one who was interested in reading your
          views. Now? Not so much.

          Have a nice day.

    • We are already in WW3, and it’s a nasty war with only one side “playing by the rules”, i.e. wearing uniforms, recognizing the Geneva Convention, etc, etc..

      Personally, although an atheist, I would like to see an “eye for an eye”. Do to the turks what they did to that poor girl. Need someone to do it?

    • then everbody would say you’re racist and the media would purposefully leave out your daughter’s brutal paralyzing rape

  24. The guy who “only” watched was clearly a “moderate” Muslim.

    They were right in the thick of it, but did absolutely nothing to stop what was going on.

    It’s no wonder why “moderate” Muslims and Leftists get along.

    Both are tacitly involved in the suffering of human beings.

    • Very astute observation. This needs to be forwarded to the press for the “moderate Islam” file. The trouble is, they’ll only record it as a statistic – without any details.

  25. I can say with no doubt whatsoever if something like this takes place in my community I will take care of the problem myself.
    It is time that EVERYONE takes a stand againts these savages.

    The second individual that claimed “just watched” is just as guilty and should NOT have been released. What the hell is wrong with Germany?
    We are at a crossroads.We must stop importing scum that jump on support systems and never assimilate.Often times these scum have more rights and privilages than the native citizens. When will this madness stop?
    It will stop when the natives stand together and force it on the so called “Powers that be.”

    • T-Roy
      Well said. I am amazed that people are not out in the streets demanding justice.
      Are we finally going to wake up when they start breaking down our doors.
      Are we sheep being let by donkeys with a Judas goat leading the donkeys.
      The answer to that is YES YES YES
      (WAKE UP) Rub your complacent eyes and ACT

        • Unfortunately you are you are right. I get so frustrated people are not doing anything.
          But if they don’t know how can they act.
          The MSM has such a strangle hold on the public that indeed they don’t know.
          Thank god for the net and people like you are out there telling the truth.
          I talk to people and they ask, “how come you know so much about world events” I tell them check out the net and you will see for yourself plus get all the facts not just some of the facts. Keep up the good work BNI

        • the media won’t touch this story for fear of the backlash from muslims, and the rest of the world that has drowned in the sea of political correctness.

        • thats because the media is controlled by corporations or by the state and the world elites want to let as many muslim in our countries to take over and create a muslim state. they all want us to believe islam is about peace and tolerance. ya right. I was in Norway 3 years ago and one Norwegian girl was raped and paralyzed in the same way and it wasnt on the news. She was raped by 11 afghans and the other muslims watched and cheered. its not just the fundamentalists ones or the poor illiterate ones but the others share the same mentality and its all of islam to blame.

    • Since Germany has a law, known to the public as: “Unterlassene-Hilfeleistung”, allowing the prosecution of anyone who fails to help a person in need (not stopping your car, failing to notify the police if you see a crime being committed, etc.) the release of this man for ‘only watching’ is illegal.
      Unless they have changed the law to accommodate the shariah?

        • they also get a free pass in Canada America Australia and New Zealand and South and Latin America as well .the world elites want a new world order with islam to enslave us all. this is just the beginning. the american media rarely shows crimes by muslims and censors majority of what happens in the mid east and we cant get al jazeera here either.

    • he is also to blame as he knew about the brutal gang rape and did nothing to stop it or help the girl. muslims are the worst immigrants

  26. Islamic fundamentalism is the worst of all,cause they warp the minds of their orthodox masses to a point that,whenever they find a chance to let out all their pet up sexuality and insane prejudices against the western liberal way of life,it tends to go beserk,murderous and sadistic…even while living in progressive countries !

      • Gary,No -the problem is -us for allowing this -we are all -talk and no action,in all countries they have become-too many-too vocal-too demanding,immigration has to stop-now,especially here in Australia,have you noticed there is never any comments in our papers now concerning muslims or Islam?I believe free speech has been censored,I no longer believe we are being told the -truth-about a lot of things,by those in power.

        • It is quite obvious that there are no comments recognizing that the”Roman” inquisition is still active, and of course the “kafir” or infidels are the target of these barbaric inhuman people of Islam who are being used as the front men for the Devils work.We should all be reacting in all countries who are being invaded by them, and if they do not sign to agree on acceptable terms for their entry ,we should be reacting with a forcefull “GO HOME OR ELSE” activity and the political leaders that allowed this situation to develop should be sent to exile in the countries of the offenders origin.If this happened in OZ to one of my family there would no need to wast public money in response.

        • same here in america. the media wont even tell you that in the south americans still lynch blacks. like the rochdale justice system and authorities, they covered up the pakistanis raping the underage girls and this german gang order helps cover up the real islam. here in america the media only says “blacks” “hispanics” or “asians” but we all know its muslims. I also saw a group of whites attacking a chines man in Boston brutally and wasnt int he papers the next day because I spent hours looking for it. a lot of girls and women are being raped now and killed and they are saying their rapists are foreign blacks and most likely arabs and other muslims/indians etc and the media or crime statistics never reports this. even black americans and native americans are harassed and attacked by muslims and african muslims, especially somalians. moroccans and egyptians and pakis are not liked here either for obvious reasons.

    • “Islamic fundamentalism” is meaningless. Muslims everywhere must obey and imitate Mohammed in all things for all time. Doing so is called sunna; failure to conform can get any Muslim killed by other Muslims (so called “honor killings” are but one example). Islamic “holy” doctrine refers to non-Muslims as “kafir,” the lowest form of life on earth, to which Muslims can do anything with impunity – except take as friends.

    • its not just he fundamentals, its all of them. there isnt even a moderate islam. the moderate muslim also believe the modern ones need to be killed. its all of islam.

  27. the uk has approx 82.000 convicted prisoners in jail, here is a breakdown for2010-2011 of the religous makeup taken from the home office in charge of prisons. buddists 33,jews 211,hindus 390,sikhs 420, muslims fourteen thousand, six hundred and twenty!!!! these figures were correct at the time of printing. so your story of the poor german girls suffering at the hands of muslim third world scumbags is no surprise, nev(uk)

        • The trouble with this information is that according to the pie chart, roughly half of the prison population for the period you describe comprises of so-called ‘Christians’; not exactly helpful information when a comparison with Muslims is made.
          The problem with showing these kind of demographics is that they only show a person’s official adherence to a religious system. There is a world of difference between a person who has merely been baptized into a religious denomination and has no heart relationship to Jesus (such a one may commit all kinds of crimes) and one who actually knows and truly follows Jesus in daily practice. Such a person can not and will not commit a crime because by giving himself constantly to his Creator, he is ruled by the love of God.

        • Do not apologise or make excuses for them. The figures may be a bit misleading in as much as they should have been given in percentages of their population numbers. I think it would show a far higher percentage of muslims convicted of serious crimes and that does NOT include the ones who are hidden by the system and sympathetic media and judiciary, Also, how about a comparison for sentences between whites and ethnics? The Rochdale perverts got approximately ONE YEAR for every NINE RAPES of children. We know the sentences are low for this sort of thing to protect the perverts in our political and judicial systems, but not as low as they are for muslims

        • f@wian: no its perfectly accurate. whites are the majority there so its no surprise they commit more crimes. but muslim there commit more crimes out of all non-British people. also not all white people are “Christian” as in practising Christian and church going. this is as stupid notion you muslims have that all white people in western countries are automatically christian.

  28. This is just another example of the islamic male perverted mindset aided and abeted by the left-wing news media.
    My heart goes out to the young lady and her family even as I hope the perps get the death penalty, in or out of incarciration, and his family is made to feel so uncomfortable they return to buzzard turkey.
    Similar things are happening here in the US and, like the left-wing German media, they are ignored if at all possible.
    America will become much worse unless we get the islamic voted out.

    • they may get maximum 5 years in prison. 3 iraqis did this to a 50 year old woman here in colorado and got 15. it was all over the media. there shouldnt be a gag order because they use it to hide the evil things muslims do. I doubt they will be severely punished considering european courts care more for muslims and criminals than its own victims. this also happened to a norwegian girl when I was there in Oslo raped by 11 afghans and the other muslims cheered and clapped. she is now paralyzed as well both annally and vaginally.

    • This is one of the most awful and terrifying things i have ever read – we can’t imagine what this poor , young German girl must have been put through .

      This goes to show what Islam is really about , in my opinion, from a few of the things i’ve read on this website and from what’s happening here in England – the grooming and raping of very young , working class , white girls , which has been going on for over 10 years , and the Police nor the social services have done anything , that is until The Times Newspaper exposed it a few months ago .



      I thought it was only us stupid English people who were being targeted by Muslims , and i thought it was only the British Government and press who were completely ignoring what’s happening , regarding attacks and killings of English people by Muslim gangs and paedophiles – not very religious at all is it ?
      God help all Europeans – we are all in the same boat . we have to do something before things get even worse .

      Muslim countries operate in a very different way to Western counries , and look what they do to each other in their own countries – then we have to bail them out and help save the own people from further torture and death .
      Do we really want our countries to become like theirs ?
      Our Governments really must take all attacks and killings on Europeans seriousely now , or we won’t have anything left of our cultures , religions , or values , and that is really frightening and it will effect the Governments and the families of the press – we will all be effected by this if our Governments do nothing .

      • linda, Welcome. You’ll find a lot of your fellow countrymen here. Take a look at the CATEGORIES section in the sidebar under ‘Islamic Britain.’ WE support the EDL here and the British Freedom Party.

      • You will have to thank the Jewish owned media for that I’m afraid. It is the Jews that are creating Multiculturalism around the world – yet demand that Israel is a “Jewish state” – do you not yet see the hypocracy?

        You have no right to wish to be the culture you once were, you can find many a video, especially on about how the Jews are changing our demographics.

        If you read the translations of the Talmud, such as Professor Israel Shahak’s work, “Jewish History, Jewish Religion, the weight of three thousand years” – you will find that it is the “white” race and our religion that they wish to destroy, and have been trying to destroy since the beginning.

        • HOW DARE YOU???? Those who follow the Talmud are QUITE FEW – plenty of Israelis and other Jews DON’T follow it, thank goodness!!!!

          Boy oh boy, I HATE Moslems masquerading as Jews, Christians, atheists and the rest!!!!!

      • muslims do this all over the world. same here in America and Canada and that shooter in Rio de Janeiro was muslim but the media didnt report it because they dont want you to know that muslims also commit terrorist attacks there. they want to keep letting muslims in our countries to help them take over and enslave us all with islam. this is just the beginning. but you europeans are too apathetic to your culture and you allow these things to happen. here in America we still lynch blacks lol (again the media doesnt report it. thsi is the real islam. they do not care for women animals human rights democracy or non-muslims. do not fall for the taqqiya. they even believe in mass immigration to take over in numbers. thats why they have to have so many kids to create a population to keep fighting and dying. islam is intrinsically violent. they are the worst immigrants.

  29. “Whatever the names, whatever the ethnic background, there is no fitting punishment for this brutal act of torture.”

    I beg to differ!

    • We are in this mess because of the Jews, if they weren’t forcing out the Muslims with their wars of conquest (using the Western powers to conquer the Middle East) we wouldn’t be in this mess.
      The Muslims are in our nations because their countries have been destroyed. How about we tell the Jews to go straight to hell and take their Muslims with them? As it is only Christianity that preaches unity and LOVE. It is the Jewish controlled Goyim who pretend to be “religious” to get blind zealots behind them for WAR.

      • Seriously f*ck off and die, mohammadan. So sick of you lying aholes pretending to be Jewish/Christian/Hindu/Atheist/Buddhist and then spewing, to the letter, the same mohammadan bullshi’ite as your more honest mohammadan supremacist co-cultists.

        Jews taking over all of the middle east? Tiny Israel is the whole of the middle east?

        Second time I’ve heard or read the word “goyim.” Guess what you muslim cretin? The other time it came from one of your co-cultists too.

        Your mohammadan countries have been destroyed by…YOU. You are lazy, ignorant, ass backwards, entitlement whore primitives. All you do have is only through the inginuity, hard work, and generosity of non-muslims. Jews and Christians included.

        It is the dhimmi Christian/Jewish/agnostic/atheist lap dogs owned by mohammadan oil money who are shipping in legions of you ass backwards savages.

        • @BNI

          That was my first impression. The whole “destroying the middle east” nonsense was a huge clue.

          The “goyim” as well.

          After reading the rest of its posts, you’re right, it could be either.

          Usually the neo-nazis don’t give a rat’s patootie about the middle east. Which leads me to still believe it’s a mohammadan.

          Also, mohammdans in America are fans of Dukes. There was a “community outreach” taqiyya group in Florida that prominently displayed quotes from Dukes on the main page of their website.

          Then again, there’s been at least one known, active neo-nazi that not only joined the Jew-hating ass lifters and got his ass caught in a terrorism sting.

          I suspect he’s not the only neo-nazi cretin that joined mo’s mad cult.

          I believe we’re both right.

          It’s a neo-nazi that’s become an ass lifter.

      • You are absolutely correct. We had our chance years ago and we missed it. However, YHVH tells us in His Word. That when He returns His reapers will pull up the tares and burn them with their father in the Lake of Fire. Those kenites will see their day, but unfortunately we will now have to wait on Him.

      • P-G…you really are totally, utterly ignorant of History and Facts aren’t you??
        Jewish Wars of Conquest….oh yes, they were such terrible times…
        Or might have been had they happened in Reality and not inside you deluded mind.
        Last time I checked, the Jews have never gone on a path of conquest.
        Leave the IDF out of this, Israel has every right to defend herself, and that’s exactly what she does.

        muzzies are in our nations because of Leftism and PolCorr. And while there are some Jews who follow along that sickening path, so do many others of all faiths and ideologies.

        muzzies destroyed their own nations…that’s what they DO, they’re like Locusts, but worse, they are Defilers and when they’re done with an area, it’s unlivable. islam is a twisted and perversity-laden ideology of Tyranny and conquest–look up it’s history.

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