LINGERIE Revolution in Saudi Arabia

For the first time in the Saudi Kingdom, only women sales help will be allowed to work in lingerie stores. Up until now, only men could sell underwear to female customers, which makes no sense whatsoever, especially under sharia law, where women are not even allowed to speak to men who are not in their family.

SKNVibes  From now on, only female staff will be able to sell women’s lingerie in Saudi Arabia, ending decades of awkwardness in the ultra-conservative Muslim Kingdom where women are expected to don black cloaks at all times out of the home.

“I and many other women like me were always embarrassed to walk into lingerie shots because men were selling the goods,” said Saudi shopper Samar Mohammed. She said that in the past she often bought the wrong underwear “because I was sensitive about explaining what I wanted to a man.”

A royal decree issued by King Abdullah in June last year over the objections of top clerics gave lingerie shop owners six months to get rid of their male employees and staff their stores with women only. The ban on male staff is to be extended to cosmetics shops from July.

“All preparations are under way to fully implement this decision,” he said, adding that more than 7,300 retail outlets would be affected by the ban on male staff, creating job opportunities for more than 40,000 Saudi women.

The labour ministry’s original proposal to allow women to work in lingerie sparked a storm of protest from the kingdom’s top clerics three years ago. They issued a fatwa, or religious decree, barring women from any such work. Women, who for years had complained about being forced to buy their underwear from men, hit back with a campaign on Facebook called “Enough Embarrassment.”

Another Saudi activist, Reem Asaad, who launched a campaign to boycott lingerie shops that employ male sales staff, said her efforts were aimed at “sending a message to decision-makers.” 

Saudi men worshipping at the display window of a women's lingerie shop

The strict segregation of the sexes outside the home that is enforced in Saudi Arabia by the kingdom’s powerful religious police means that women are effectively barred from many jobs. The conservative clergy remain deeply opposed to their working in lingerie stores too. Top cleric Sheikh Abdel Aziz al-Sheikh warned shop owners that employing women was a “crime and prohibited by Islamic Sharia law.”

He said that allowing women to work as sales assistants was “shameful” and would result in “major problems” as eventually they would inevitably interact with male strangers.

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  1. It won’t be the Saudi men becoming employed, but the Filipino men who have been doing the selling, that’s the real issue. Saudi men in general do not work but employ foreign workers to do the work. Having recently been to Saudi, only because my son worked there, no loner I might add, I experienced talking to women working in lingerie shops, instead of watching dirty old men doing the shopping for wives and mistresses. I can’t help thinking if women are now unable to work having experienced the freedom of talking and selling to the outside world, this could be the tipping point for a revolution in Saudi. Hey Ho.

  2. Hey There Barenakedislam,
    I was wondering on a similar note,, I was in Saudi Arabia during the last three years and according to my personal experience, it is very difficult to practise photography in Saudi Arabia.
    Kindest Regards

  3. The most frequently asked question in lingerie stores now will be: “Do you work here?” How will they be able to tell the difference when all women in the country have to wear the same uniform?

  4. So now they can happily go undie shopping, there goes them going commando underneath that thing, so less flies too…

    • Oh, and that pic of those idiots lusting at, sorry, worshiping the display? LMAO!!!!

      Hope that ‘uncovered’ woman to the right got out of there fast ’cause whatever these guys were up to, doesn’t look healthy!

      • Seconded, what a bunch of clowns. Shouldn’t there be a shot of them being hanged for apostasy as a result of them worshipping something other than their invisible friend?

  5. 40,000 saudi men are now going to be unemployed. perhaps their wives will get first crack at the jobs their husbands are losing so they will still have money to support their families. the upside to this for employers is women will probably be paid less than men so the stores will make more profit.

    of course, any hardship caused by this situation can be blamed on the jews.

  6. Muslims are just crazy. They can’t make sense of their own ‘religion’, because it doesn’t make any sense. I find it very amusing that these women in black, ugly garb buy sexy lingerie for their ‘man’.

  7. this article makes absolutely no sense. the women had to buy undersear from men, because women working at a lingerie shop is shameful. The clerics are worried that females would be talking to strange men? That would be a dead giveaway to the men geing gay or isn’t saudi Arabia coming down hard on gays as Iraq is?

  8. THE END OF ISLAM has begun.

    Once women move into to jobs, this DEATH CULT will lose more and more strength.

    Women will finally revolt and bring it crashing down by refusing to be intimidated.

  9. I apologize for the errors and typos in the prevoous posting. It’s hard to spell correctly with coffee coming out your nose.

    Pee Ess: Why the hell can’t we use spell check ? It doesn’t work with postings on this site.

    • Pee Pee Ess:
      How can they be embarrassed when they only have to pull up their veil and tell the guy they’re really somebody else. He sure as hell can’t tell who they are. If I were them, I’d talk dirty to him.

  10. The fatwa against women having contact with “strange” men was probably correct in that any man buying bikini panties and push up bras was very possibly “strange”. Especially if they used the fitting rooms.
    and there is the nororious knowlege of the unbridled horniness of Saudi women when dealing with strange men. Why I’ll bet that some of them report that they barely get away with their honoh intact after dealing with those lingerie selling women. (snort !)

  11. The chinks in the armour are getting a little larger,,, but one still need a microscope to see the “Freedoms”,,,
    I still cannot see nor understand why men should feel they are so superior for the simple fact of them being male~! THAT, has NO sense whatsoever,,,
    AND yes, I’m a man, myself~!

  12. I suspect the muslimes males will soon demand sexy garments for their camels, donkeys and goats now that they have seen the latest in what their other sex slaves may be wearing.
    Have seen some of the pics of muslime females and can not image how a “bikini” would look on a 200 pounder! Would it even be visible ?

  13. I question the stated fact that Saudi Arabia is conservative…that would imply it was right wing..that women have freedom is not true…so this means that the more tyrannical, autocratic and dictatorial they become, the more conservative they are…leads to a lot of misunderstanding….not properly named for my money….

    • Kristen, conservative in this context has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with religion. Fundamentalist wackos would be a better description.

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