[UPDATED!] SHAHS OF SUNSET: Now, HERE’S a TV show about real ‘All-American Muslims’

The SHAHS OF SUNSET is set in Beverly Hills and from what I’ve seen and heard, there will be no calls for a boycott of this show….. except from certain members of the Muslim community.

Debuts Sunday, March 11th, BRAVO TV 10:00 PM EST

 So I watched the show tonight and it is light years away from that farce from TLC – ‘All American Muslim.’  In truth, the Shahs would have been better suited to be called All American Muslims. 

The show is about Persian (they never call themselves Iranian) Muslims and a few Persian Jews and they are all friends. What confirmed to me that these people considered themselves Americans first, not Muslims first, was when the real estate broker was showing a client an unfinished home under construction. When they walked in, it was a mess, and the Persian broker said to his client, “This looks like Kabul after WE invaded it.” You never hear Muslims saying “WE” when it comes to the war, it is always, “when America” or “when the military” invaded. 

Yes, most of them are rich and spoiled (like the Housewives casts) but you never think of them as Muslims, only Americans of Iranian/Persian descent. The women wear sexy clothes, they play music, dance, sing, have sex, and drink liquor often. The character Reza is gay and and one of the women said about him, “If Reza lived in Iran now, they would kill him for being gay.”

I said it after I saw the previews of this show and I can confirm it now, if all Muslims in America had the attitudes of these people, blogs like this one would not exist.

I say BRAVO to BRAVO TV for putting on a show about the real all American Muslims.


The Daily Beast  Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, hundreds of thousands of Iranians have immigrated to Los Angeles, giving the town the nickname “Teh-ran-geles.” Many of them live in lavish apartments, drive fancy cars, and splurge on designer clothes. But Seacrest says he was less intrigued by Persian wealth than the community’s close-knit ties. “The great thing about a show like this,” he says, “is that it promotes something I believe in, which is friendship and family. We like shows about that.”

The Shahs cast members have known each other since their days at Beverly Hills High School, and now that they are in their mid-30s, they still act like cliquish teenagers. GG, the girl who refers to herself as the Persian princess, nearly falls over in her Louboutins when she fires a gun at a shooting range. Mike (the guy with the abs) and Sammy (the guy with the belly) claim to be million-dollar real-estate moguls. MJ dotes on her two Chihuahuas—they have their own stroller and Facebook pages. Her gay best friend, Reza, loves Gucci, Prada, and the catchphrase “Hello, we’re Persian!” Everybody picks on Asa. And yes, they scamper up and down Sunset Boulevard.