Wild Bill for America vs CAIR Jihadists

Uh Oh, watch out, Wild Bill, your Youtube account might not be up for long.

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15 comments on “Wild Bill for America vs CAIR Jihadists

  1. I have to admit that I am probably the world’s worst Christian, but I am a Christian, I have often wondered of the last several decades why you have to read the Koran in Arabic to understand it while the Bible can be translated to any language and all can understand it. For some reason, Allah just seems a bit impotent…oh…forgive me…Mohammed was taking care of all the young girls at that time….

  2. Yep! No doubt about it Bill, the asslifters of CAIR (COUNCIL of ASSLIFTER INTIMIDATION REALATIONS) WILL no doubt be out to shut you down on YouTube for TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT THEM!! Hang in there Wild Bill and DON’T let the asslifters get you down; and DAMN SURE don’t let them keep you down!!

  3. …and they’re really stupid too! Proof that moslems are stupid is they’re willingly, unhappily enslaved by the devil’s mouthpiece Mohammed. I hope you all get to visit with mo in hell, maybe he can put in a good word for you with his boss, Satan.

    • RRA, I have done several stories about her. She virtually always comes out on the right side of Muslim issues which is why she is under constant death threats.

    • RRA,,, we need stealth reporters,,, or ‘moles’ as we used to call ’em,,, double agents,,,
      Whatever works, and Thank G-D for those who find the truth, and do the best they can to get it out,,, Moles live under constant pressure,,, Thank her, and bless her for long life~!

      Wild Bill,,, You got it right~!

  4. Islam is a lying bunch of barbaric sociopathic murdering scum. No one who loves freedom will tolerate their barbarism. WilD bill i watch and believe in you on Fb all the time..Fb is also compromised.


    Mozzies we are all OBSERVING you now. We now know your MODUS OPERANDI.

    Islam is a predatory DEATH CULT that relies on lies to first hoodwink, then enslave whole nations.

    It won’t work in the USA.

    Americans despise traitors.

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