NEW JERSEY: Big, fat, Muslim Asskissing Gov. Chris Christie’s state says ‘YES’ to sharia law

Terror-linked CAIR and other Muslim supremacist groups like ISNA, ICNA, MSA, etc. are cheering! As is the Muslim-in-Chief.

 One New Jersey judge has already used sharia law in a ruling but was overturned: Anti-sharia advocates alarmed by judge’s decision

NOTE: this article was written by a Muslim lowlife – Yusef Khan. Emphasis mine)

Examiner Among a series of setbacks for the McCarthyist-style anti-Shariah movement, New Jersey became the newest state to drop its ridiculous A-919 bill penned to prohibit the application of “foreign (sharia) laws”.


Fabricating an imaginary threat of an impending Shariah law that would somehow take over each US state, leading Islamophobes met with initial success as they attempted to influence various lawmakers into considering such a bill for implementation.

As of late however, anti-Muslim hate tactics appear to be falling flat on their face as NJ becomes the latest state – after GA, FL & MN – to withdraw its so-called foreign law bill drafted to protect it from the non-existent Shariah threat.

New Jersey need not follow other states that have either passed or attempted to pass similar legislation that has the principal objective of demonizing the faith of millions of American Muslims,” said Dr. Aref Assaf, president of the American Arab Forum.

CAIR-NJ Chair Nadia Kahf had the following to add, “Rather than strengthening constitutional protections, these bills undoubtedly violate religious freedom and weaken the independence of our courts.”

We thank Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi for her decision in support of religious freedom and constitutional rights.”








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