Quran-burning investigation clears U.S. troops of any disrespect toward Islam

UH OH! What will the inbred Afghan savages do now? How many more American soldiers will they kill to make up for the lack of punishment?

The Blaze  Barack Hussein Obama’s groveling apology over a Quran burning at Bagram Air Field may have been completely wasted — a NATO/Afghan panel convened to look into the incident has just announced that while the disposal of the Koran was “improper,” it had nothing to do with anti-Muslim bigotry. TheWashington Times elaborates:

“It did find that there were some U.S. personnel who did improperly treat these religious texts, including some of their supervisory personnel,” said Navy Capt. John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesman. “And it recommended that they be reviewed for potential disciplinary action.” (Oh, please)

The Qurans ended up in an incinerator after Afghan prisoners were found using the holy books to pass messages to one another. The books were confiscated and later ended up in an incinerator, where Afghan workers at the disposal site discovered the Korans burning and pulled them out of the incinerator.

In other words, the report confirms what has been known for weeks – the books weren’t burned out of spite against Islam. They were burned because potential terrorists were using them as a means to communicate without American knowledge. So with NATO and the Afghan Government accepting this interpretation, the question still lingers: why did the White House apologize for what was arguably an impolitic, but nevertheless necessary confiscation of tools for passing information?

Six dead American soldiers is what all Obama's incessant apologizing did for the situation