Still wondering how millions of Jews ended up in death camps?

University of North Carolina’s Hillel (Jewish Student Organization) sides with Muslims in rejecting renowned Jewish speaker and author David Horowitz for what they call his “vilification of Muslims” – even though they are unable to present a shred of evidence that contradicts what Horowitz says about Muslims.

(As a politically conservative Jew, I am often asked why so many Jews are leftsts, who regularly side with their sworn enemies, including commies, Israel-hating leftists, and worst of all, Muslims, the historical and present-day avowed enemy of the Jews. Well, here is an example of liberal Jews, demonstrating why they are their own worst enemies:)


From DAILY TARHEEL  As co-president of UNC Hillel, I was surprised to receive an invitation from the Committee for a Better Carolina to publicize David Horowitz’s upcoming speech. I would have hoped that our opinions were already publicly known: UNC Hillel does not support Horowitz’s repeated vilification of Muslims.

Over the past few years, Horowitz has periodically published ads in The Daily Tar Heel promoting his view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which are, to say the least, inflammatory.

Though I personally disagree with the views furnished in these ads, UNC Hillel has not publicly challenged Horowitz’s political views in the past. Rather, we have and will continue to publicly denounce the ads’ anti-Muslim rhetoric.

 UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA at Chapel Hill  (UNC) Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) at UNC delivered a letter to the Chancellor on February 25 demanding that UNC divest from Israel. The letter reportedly stated that “Divestment and boycott will be a powerful message to those who continue to oppress and occupy the Palestinian people,” and outlined several demands, including disclosure of university investments, and divesting from and refusing to sell products made by companies profiting from Israel’s “occupation of Palestine.”

'BOYCOTT ISRAEL' FLYER from an anti-Israel University of North Carolina website called Stop Raping Palestine

Following each ad published in the DTH, UNC Hillel leaders have made it a priority to speak out in support of our Muslim peers. As a pluralistic organization, UNC Hillel sees inherent value in diverse opinions and therefore does not object to Horowitz being invited to speak on this campus.

However, after meeting with Horowitz personally and hearing his speech last night, I feel obligated to, once again, stand up against him. To make the broad claim that Arabs want to kill Jews — and that Islam is a militant religion bent on the destruction of Israel and the United States — is to destroy the principle of pluralism that the freedom of speech is meant to uphold.

Horowitz’s remarks marginalize Muslims and their faith, undermining the respect for minorities that makes possible UNC’s diverse but unified student body. 

We will not stand for discriminatory generalizations directed toward any group of students on this campus, especially ones with whom we have such a good relationship. UNC Hillel students stand in public solidarity with the UNC Muslim Student Association and all those whom Horowitz has offended. Hate speech has no place in our community.

This is the kind of presentation that David Horowitz gives at college campuses, which apparently is offensive to UNC Jewish students.