PORK EATING CRUSADERS! A big hit with the troops in Afghanistan!

With tensions at an all time high in Afghanistan following the quran burnings and urinating on Taliban corpses video, the  attention is now falling on a long line of ‘Infidel’ apparel and gear.


Business Insider (H/T Henry P) Exhausted from how they feel they’re being perceived, troops have taken to wearing patches and carrying items that label themselves infidels and offer translation in local dialect.

In the Muslim world an infidel means literally “one without faith” who rejects the central teachings of Islam. 

Military.com tracked down Clayton Montgomery at Mil-Spec Monkey, a large online seller of infidel gear, who says his most popular item by far is the “Pork Eating Crusader Patch.”

The patch includes an image of a knight in a Crusade’s tunic, eating what appears to be a large ham hock, and lest there be any confusion — a translation in Arabic.

They haven’t gone unnoticed. The website Muslim Awakening, posts a picture of what appears to be a German soldier with the patch adhered to his combat uniform. Other items are more subtle.

There is the Infidel Zippo advertised as: “This one is small enough to hold some personal meaning and not be in-your-face to everyone you meet. It’s perfect for pulling out at just the right moment to get the full effect.”


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  1. My tshirt that says:-
    Which “religion” permits all3?
    Ans:- islam
    Gets a few interesting looks .

  2. Good for him. Our politicians bowed down to the saudis’ in the Desert Storm operation. I was a contracted worker Now that is just plain unAmerican and treasonous as far as I am concerned.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this BNI!! I just sent my order for my “PORK EATING CRUSADER” patch! I’ll be sure to prominently display it the next time I do a ditty on YouTube about ASSLIFTERS, and send a copy to CAIR and “Brother A-WAD” care of the local ASSLIFTER ASSEMBLY (a.k.a mosque)!!

  4. heh dave! i have not forgotten you dave. i will be back. god bless all american infidels! check out dave’s sites they are awesome!

  5. makes me want to grab a bag of pork rinds, sit myself down in front of the computer and order me some of them great patches and other infidel gear!

  6. The one and only highlight of my four years of abuse by a muslim was the happy days when I could cook him meatballs in tomato/spaghetti sauce. Delicious, however he never guessed he was eating PORK. Yep, “get some pork on your fork you bastard”. I just loved it when those meatballs slid down his filthy throat.

    • Moslems can’t eat pork. It’s hard to call bacon made of other meat besides pork, “bacon”. It’s like saying “Most Moslems love hamburgers” when in actuality they’re eating Boca burgers made from veggies. It’s just not the same.

  7. The Arabic word is ‘kafir’ which is the ugliest slur in Arabic. It means someone who intentionally mocks God.

    This slanderous word was created by Mohammed to denigrate anyone who thought Mohammed was a fake, plagiarizing, psychotic, pedophile pirate.

  8. Another Fatal Muslim-on-Muslim Mosque Attack

    For the second time in a week, a Muslim has attacked a mosque, killing one of the faithful inside. A few days ago it happened in Belgium. This time it’s Arras in France. A Muslim came in with a baseball bat and started hitting people. One person died and another has been seriously injured. The Muslim has been arrested.


  9. MY son brought me back some from his tour.
    I wear them with pride. As a matter of fact Im wearing one now and don’t I get dirty looks from you know who

  10. Most Zippo lighters are finished in Providence, Rhode Island. At one time Providence and the surrounding suburbs used to be the jewelry capitol of the world. When the British first started colonizing to New England their where a lot of silversmiths and blacksmiths that had passed their metal fabricating skills from generation to generation.

  11. I prefer the one called Forest, it goes so well with so many things. Be smart and buy one of each, you will always have a color that is attractive on you attire. Love it

  12. I just may start eating pork. muslims can go oink themselves! Bravo to our brave and noble warriors, we Love YOU!

  13. good idea. i also heard of a very popular place that sells bullets soaked in pig gat. very popular with soldiers

  14. Good! Even though I am Retired and NEVER wore the ‘Digicam’ uniform (I wore the older predicessor, the Battle Dress Uniform or BDU), I want one of the patches!

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